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Title: There's Always Hope.
Description: Cuh.

Swoosh - January 8, 2006 06:51 PM (GMT)
((Coming from And so it begins... at the Woods))

"I'll be right behind you two, don't worry."

Although she was in no doubt that Ryan had not been literal with those words, Cassie still ritually checked the path leading up to the dark caves, as if hoping to see Ryan running down it with Lyndi and Arsenio, a goofy grin on his face, shouting that everything was OK. But whenever she looked, the path was just as empty as her dreams.

Sighing, she rested her head on her hands as she sat, cross legged at the entrance to the caves. It wasn't the nicest of places to be waiting; there had definitely been a fight here recently. The gunshots on the ground had left a suggestion, and coming upon Andrew Munteanu's body had comfirmed their fears, but it appeared that whoever it was had gone. Still, the fallen body of her former classmate gave Cassie chills to no end.

And now here she was, waiting for Ryan with Drew, a boy she had known for less than half an hour. They hadn't said much to each other; in all fairness Cassie was still having trouble trusting this boy entirely, after all she knew next to nothing about him. Who was to say that he wasn't responsible for the massacre that had happened here? Still, everyone had to start somewhere. There had to be an element of trust to be had, or the game, the sick twisted game they were playing, had won.

Looking over at Drew, she raised a bottle of water up.

"You thirsty?"

((I assume when asano gets back on Drew'll be here as well))

asano - January 14, 2006 02:52 AM (GMT)
((Continued from: And so it begins...))

[Asano's triumphant return! ...not x_x]

Drew'd folllowed the girl the whole way, though he'd not really thought of anything the whole way there. It was as if he'd gotten shell-shocked...well, maybe he had. What was true was that now, being able to sit on the ground, he was collecting his thoughts. The cold bite of the rocks served to focus them further, though his mind was still a mess of epic proportions.

What the fuck...was that? My God, I'm already seeing bodies of people...of people I don't even know! What the hell's going on here?! And, shit, what was that earlier? Arsenio...! Dammit! Who the hell was that guy? I have to hand it to Drew. His thoughts were amazingly coherent, if a bit random.

He shook his head lightly, giving every sign of someone who was just trying to handle it all, trying to hold it in, and trying to deal with everything...and not doing so very well. x.x;

" thanks...I have my own..." He reached into his bag, withdrawing his own bottle of water. Even in his current mind state, he wouldn't dare deprive someone else of something so necessary to living. Heh, living on this place, in this game. What a fucking joke.

"" Drew = shitty leader, by the way.

He took a long-ass drink of water. Sure, he would conserve some, but right now, he needed it.

Swoosh - January 14, 2006 04:49 PM (GMT)
She shrugged lightly.

"Fair enough," she said, before taking a small sip herself, her eyes never leaving the path that lay out in front of them.

Looking back, she wasn't sure she had made the right choice. She had left Ryan to fend off a psycho on a motorbike with just a knife. The other boy had already proved he was more than willing to end another's life; whether or not Arsenio had died, Cassie was unsure, but it was obvious that the boy had no qualms about killing. Would Ryan be safe?

And if he died, would it be my fault? No. I can't think that way. This game really isn't designed for tag team action; true, having someone around is useful, you can talk to each other, help each other out... but in the end, it's every man (and woman) for themselves.

...and isn't that just the most morbid thought I've ever had? How can I think of Ryan and everyone like they're any less worth than me? How can I think about just letting others die?

Drew's voice interrupted her thoughts and she forced her eyes away from the path back onto him.


I don't know. What do we do? I was never any good at leading, or making decisions... god, my last one nearly got Ryan killed. But then again... I can't keep hiding. This game isn't going to go away if I cover my eyes and pretend it's not real... it's time I faced up to the facts. That girl back at the Bathroom... she was twisted, but some of the stuff she said was right. It's clear that some people on the island are playing; not everyone is as docile as I am, and I either have to accept that and act accordingly... or die because of it.

She bit her lip. "I'm not good with the whole decision making thing, but I suggest we go into the caves. Ryan and... Ryan'll still find us, it's just... we're sitting ducks out here. Anyone finds us and boom, we're dead."

As if assuming Drew'd agree with this idea, she began collecting her various belongings and put them back into her bag. As she reached for her map, she glanced sidewards at where Drew was sat.

"I'm sorry... you know. About Arsenio. I don't know if he's... I didn't really know him that well, were you guys friends or something?"

Bloody_Fists - January 14, 2006 06:41 PM (GMT)
((Continued from: Finally Some Peace and Quiet))

The walk had been harsh, tiring and most of all ridiculous. As much as he liked his new friend he really didnt want to be carrying her, But it was his fault to begin with, He did knock her out, But that wouldent of happened if she didnt go all skitzo on him. The thoughts played through his head for the most part of the journey, along with how he would hope to protect her and find jeremy. More responsibility than he could handle

"Im just a brute. i attacked jeremy and that other kid, and ive already knocked nev out twice, and all they do is help me out as much as they can. what am i doing even doing here anyway? i dont deserve it....what have i ever done to be here?" These were the thoughts dwelling on his mind, and eating him up inside.

He could atleast see the caves now. and also some dark figures at the entrance. God damn impulses, they would come into play once again, most likely fucking it up for the both of them.

He dropped nev gently to the floor, only to again pick her up. He swept her up into his arms, a knight in shining armour some might think, but, no, he was quite the oppisite.

The bo staff placed between his back and his bag he called out. "HEY.....I NEED SOME HELP"
To be hoest scott knew this was just the dumbest thing to do, but he had to really. He could find out up close if they were killers or from a distance. he prefered the second choice as would anyone, and plus, nev was still out, the odd murmer passing her lips let him know she was still breathig.

Albel Nox - January 14, 2006 06:48 PM (GMT)
Nev's eyes opened slowly. Those chestnut eyes gained the little light there was as they adjusted. "Scott?" She rubbed her eyes with her arm and began to shiver. She pulled her body closer to his as she seeked warmth, remembering that her jacket was ion her bag.

asano - January 16, 2006 07:28 AM (GMT)
The boy figured that Cassie should at least learn what they had to deal with, so he said "I'm take out my weapon now, so no surprises." With that, he grabbed the barrel -yes, barrel- of his pistol, bringing it out to show the girl. He couldn't remember if he did this before, and couldn't remember her weapon either. Meh!

"So, what's yours?" He asked, slowly putting it back in his pants' belt loop.

As she spoke about Arsenio, he wanted to say something witty like Friends in five minutes, but like friends over a lifetime. Nothing came out like that, and all he said was "...yeah, yeah, we were friends, I guess." Friends of literally less than an hour, and Arsenio had actually sacrificed himself for Drew's safety. That's the kind of thing you kick someone's ass for.

He was about to say more when he heard the voice, and immediately put a now-shaking hand on the pistol's grip. He whispered to Cassie now. "What...what should we do about that?" It seemed cold, but after his first encounter with other students, he didn't want to meet more if not needed. -.-

Swoosh - January 16, 2006 06:53 PM (GMT)
((I just wrote a much better post than this, and the Internet swallowed it. I think I may cry now... also, apologies for length x___x))

The voices too raised her alertness to a maximum. Gripping on her baton tightly (although what good would a baton do against things like guns??), she eyed Drew's gun pensively.

She had to admit to herself (although obviously never to Drew) that she had been more than relieved when the boy showed her his gun. Not that Ryan was particularly inadequate, far from it- he had done a good job in keeping her alive so far- but if she was going to rely on someone else completely to stay alive, then firepower would be useful. A knife would only keep them alive for so long... and Cassie would have more of a chance getting off the island.

Although she was still clinging to the hope that somehow more than one person could leave (maybe, at this rate, herself, Drew, Ryan, Lyndi and Arsenio- shoud the last three still be alive) she couldn't deny that, in order for this to happen, some people would have to die. It was a horrible thought, and she had already decided a while back that she would not be the one to pull the trigger, to pierce the skin; but she had finally accepted what this game was all about. If Drew had a gun he would be more useful in the killing- as morbid as it sounded- than someone with a pitiful knife.

I can't actually be seriously thinking along these lines... I can't just sit back and watch people die, I can't!!!

But couldn't she?


The walls swam into focus as Cassie opened her eyes. Reaching over to grab her alarm clock, her arm swooped down on nothing but air.

Huh?... where are my things?... where am I???

Sitting bolt upright, she looked around. This was definitely not her room. Glancing off to her side, she saw a weird looking machine. Before she could get a chance to figure out what it really was, two people burst through the door, one of them Cassie instantly recognised as her mother.

"Cassie!" Her mother descended upon her, giving her a bear hug. "I've missed you SO much... oh my goodness... Cassie..."

As her mother continued to hug tightly, a shot of pain flashed through Cassie's head and she winced, prying herself away from her mother's grasp.

"Mrs Webber, please be careful, Cassie's bone structure isn't fully healed," a woman with a clipboard said in a tired voice.

Bone structure?... Cassie reached up a hand and touched her head gingerly to find it covered in bandages.

"Mum... what?..."
"Do you not remember anything, sweetie?" her mother said, smiling sadly as she sat further down the bed. "You were in a car crash... you've been in a coma for almost three months now."

Cassie gaped as her mother continued to smile at her with a maddenly patient air, as if this information might cause Cassie to start screaming and throwing her teddies out of the cot.

The journey home from school... Cassie could remember it now. The music, the bright sunny day... the other car... the screeching of tires... was that really three months ago?? The nurse walked over to where Cassie and her mother were sat and started reading out from her clipboard.

"There was severe bloodloss, and the damage to your head has been more or less-"
"Where's Dad?" Cassie suddenly demanded. She didn't much care for the medical mumbo jumbo and needed someone else to verify it for her.

The two women exchanged uncomfortable glances. Mrs Webber nodded and the nurse, obviously taking it as some sort of hint walked out of the ward and closed the door quietly. Mrs Webber turned to face her daughter, who was glaring at her in angered confusion.

"Sweetie, there's something we have to talk about..."


And so now it was a choice. And it was up to her, again. There was three choices; they could run. But where could they run to? Deeper into the caves? Into the dark, into the dank- into the unescapable? That was not an option. Perhaps they could stay and try and reason with the source of the voice? But if 'the voice' was playing... no amount of reason would help.

...And to win this thing... you have to kill. You just have to. Everyone here knows that....There's no 'we' in this game. There's only room for one winner. You know it. So you can drop the fantasy that you and your boyfriend over there are gonna go home together, cause you're not...

Cassie looked at Drew and shook her head wildly. She couldn't make the decision- not again. She couldn't sentence anyone to death. She wasn't going to tell Drew what to do- since being found, her entire game strategy had been to depend on others, yet everyone else had obviously been thinking along the same lines...

Drew, it's up to you. I'm not choosing whether you become a murderer or not.

"I don't know!!" she mouthed silently.

Bloody_Fists - January 16, 2006 08:06 PM (GMT)
What more could he do really but call out for help, Beg? if it came to that, then yes he probally would, Right now he would do anything to see a friendly face.

All the while he was walking towards them, nevs weight slowed him down. He could easily see that the two figures were a girl and a boy. Luckily they hadnt decided to kill him and nev on the spot, but instead they just talked. Were they actually there or were they hallucinations from the lack of rest?

Fuck sake, just come and help me...please?

Nev's hugging onto him made it that much easy to carry her but still, it was a challenge for the boy.

"Please" He called out to the two, right now, he actually couldent care if he died. He knew it would happen, from the minute he qoke up here he knew, but he promised himself to stay alive for as long as possible. As the last day panned out and everything that happened to him, he just wanted to give up.

Really, i havnt been through shit, compared to others my days been a picnic.

Albel Nox - January 17, 2006 06:00 PM (GMT)
Nevera tugged at his collar. "Scott, I can walk you know." She really didn't mind being carried, but he had been carring her for a while along with all of their belongings.

She thought about Jeremy and wondered where he could be. She thought to herself; I sure hope he is safe.... I don't know if I could leave the island without knowing if he made it or not. Jeremy... She looked up into the sky and then ahead of her where the boy and girl were.

"Help would be nice wouldn't it. I am getting a little hungry and we still never got to eat back at the small house...." She buried her now reddened face in Scott's chest as her stomach growled loud.

asano - January 18, 2006 02:09 AM (GMT)
Drew watched as impassively as he could as the two figures moved, and when he heard the boy's voice again, he shook his head. I can't believe this. His hand slowly crawled to the grip on his belt, slowly and inexorably moving towards it, much like the sun marching across a flat plain. It would be so easy, and was human impulse. That's what they always joked about, right? Always joking that...that all humans truly had, at their hearts, was an urge to survive...which always came at a cost...just pull the gun out, aim, and pull the trigger. The hardest part would was just a simple squeeze, and their problems would drop by two...So simple.

As he saw the girl bury her face, he stopped, horrified. Had he just...seriously considered drawing his gun? Had Drew, the nice boy of Huron, just thought of...shooting someone? And that easily? That quickly, that easily, he'd already thought of using force to survive. He was a danger, it seemed. Had his mind been damaged already by this game...or had he always been weak?
I'm...a danger. I...could just hurt Cassie...I...
Fuck! No!
The thought cracked through his mind, but it was not his voice telling him this. It was something else...was it...? No. It couldn't be.

The voice lashed out at Drew's fragile mind once more, sparing no niceties for the boy. The style of assault was unique to one person. Drew...was imagining Tobs backing him up.

You're only weak if you let this get to you, you fuckin' idiot! If you bug out and leave Cassie alone, leave anyone else who joins up with you alone, you're all good as dead!


But fuckin' nothing! You stayed with Arsenio, and okay, shit, he died. Don't let that get to you, or he'll beat the living fuck out of you when you see him in the afterlife! You let his death be in vain, and you're just weak.

I got---

Goddammit, it wasn't your fault. He walked out, on his own, to help YOU guys. Leave Cassie, and his death will already be partially worthless. Die, and it's for nothing. She dies, it's for nothing. Anyone who was with you dies, and the value of his life lessens.


Fuck, if you try to say you're a danger one more time, or say one thing even related to that, I will fucking beat your skull in the next time we see eachother.

There truly was no response to be had for this reasoning, none that Drew had in mind. For good reason. Tobs had always been someone that Drew looked up to, though they were the best of friends; for his mind to tell him this through Tobs showed the urgency of it all. It was like a waking dream. Yeah, that was it; a dream while one was awake; that's what Drew just had.

Now, I'm sure you're all questioning Drew's sanity about now, but this was just what he needed. Drew was very easy to sway, but if he got an ass-kicking (mentally, verbally, or physically), it was not soon forgotten. Drew wouldn't make the mistake of wanting to seperate for the sake of others again. The wrath of his very mind was too much for him to incur again. xD

So, he placed his hand on the gun's grip, now secure in what he would do. He stood, holding his hand at his side, looking a bit like a cowboy of old. "Cassie...," he whispered. "I want you to...get as deep in the cave as you quickly and you can." He spoke quietly enough to make Cassie herself strain for it. This was quite like him, at the heart, or so he believed.

Stepping forward to draw the attention from her and to himself, he brought the gun around, holding it in a steady grip to his side. It was obviously pointed at the ground, and he hoped the figures in the distance would understand that he was only showing it to ensure his security. Though, the fact he had a gun could just make him a bigger target, but he didn't think of that yet.

He gulped before speaking. "You two. I want place your weapons on the ground...and put your hands over your head. I promise I won't hurt you...unless you try to hurt me. Please, just put the weapons on the ground." Drew said 'me' on purpose, hoping they'd dismiss Cassie as a shadow or something if they weren't friendly.

He didn't know it, but this was exactly how Toby had treated his first meating with another student. Except Toby had bluffed. Drew had a gun.

[Did I make Drew seem psycho there for a minute? x_X;]

Bloody_Fists - January 18, 2006 10:49 AM (GMT)
(( Yes, i thought scott would get his face shot off))

When the boy spoke, Scott stopped. He could clearly se the gun sitting firmly in his hand. He could pull the trigger at any time and scott would of been holding nev up as a human sheild. Fuck sake, he yet again made the wrong choice, Running off in the face of danger anytime he could seemed to be his thing, Anyone who didnt know him would of though he got off on this kind of thing.

Any hope in his face dropped, and replaced by a blank empty face. That gun looking more and more threatening each second. He crouched down and let nev stand on her own two feet for a while. His arms felt like air, the pressure finally lifted and the weight gone, he felt as though he was floating somewhat.

He simply shrugged his shoulders and put his hands up. "I dont have anything, i had a brick but i lost that..." Remembering nev still had her weapon he spoke up again. "All's shes got is the stick".

He slowly moved infront of nev, if any shots where fired they were going to impale scott, not nev. What more could he do? He couldent fend the boy off if a fight broke out, neither could they run, they were stuck. Nev was all he had really, the only thing for him to keep going, the only reason to keep living.

Forget about yourself and just protect her.
"Were not armed, or dangerous, we just need help, sleep, protection....friends" He spoke out, He'd never had to do this before, his friends were always by his side, but they werent here, time to do your own thing.

Albel Nox - January 18, 2006 06:25 PM (GMT)
Nevera looked up at Scott as he moved in front of her. She cocked a brow and looked at Drew. She was terrified, but hid her emotions. She began to remember something that Kousaka had told her:

"Don't ever show anyone that you are scared. The world is a big place and scared people never live. Just act like you can take them on, and if you die trying, it was just your time to go."

A tear escaped her eyes as she remembered this. She wondered if anyone especially Scott or Jeremy. She had a glass eye on her left side. She tried to forget about that because it caused her more pain thinking about her Uncle. She sighed and wrapped her arms around Scott's waist.

"If we die, Scott, we die together." She said witha smile of confidence.

Bloody_Fists - January 18, 2006 07:46 PM (GMT)
When the girl grabbed his waist, he didnt know what to think, But then it came, comfort, that what she was looking for, and somehow he had to deleiver.
"No, If someone dies...its me, you run, i die thats the way its going to happen"

He spoke as he gaea quick glance bank to the girl before returning his stare at the boy. That gun of his looking unreal, although he'd been shot at, he'd never actually seen a agun before, it was kind of...terrifying.

His arm,ss were placed back onto the girls hips, the more of her he could cover, the less chance she would be hit, and thats what mattered, nevs protection.

This was probally his timne to bite the bullet, ironicly. Glanback and forth between the gun and the boys eyes, he couldent help but wonder what it was actually like, to have a bullet embedded in your stomach, chewing through you like a shark. Painful, that must be it.

He stared at the boy and tried his final plea.

"Please", hois head drooped, looking at the floor as he spoke, "We...just terrifyed out here. Weve through a fair bit since.....I got here, We had a friend, and i dont know if hes dead or not, were just" he didnt want to say it but, really, it would be the truth, and the only thing that came to his head"....were...desperate"

asano - January 18, 2006 10:53 PM (GMT)
[o.o; Maybe I should do this more often...>_>;]

Drew's hand began to quiver slightly, but not from the pressure of wanting to kill the others. It was from bluffing so completely for so long, and about death on top of that. Bluffing was hard for Drew; bluffing when it involved pointy things and pain was even worse.

Drew stepped forward again, more into view. "A brick...and a stick?" He shook his head, as if disappointed. Really, he was sickened. If you had to fight like this, at least get the dignity of having a weapon worth keeping. A stick...all you could do was choke someone with a stick, really. Worthless.

The gun, still pointed at the ground, moved. Drew brought his arm back a bit, now aiming more towards the ground next to him then the ground near the others. In other words, the gun was pointed far away from them. "Al...all right. You can come over here." He sidestepped just a bit, essentially doing the same thing Scott had done. He was going to block their view of his companion, hoping she could hide in time, just in case something went wrong.

"I won't shoot...I won't hurt you. Just don't...try to hurt me, kay?" His voice was beginning to show the stress of the situation, though not much. He was fighting to keep control of his face, of his emotions, until he knew if he could trust the others. Okay, not trust, but...let his guard partially down.

The gun, so threatening, was now pointed at the ground just a few inches from Drew's right foot. Not so threatening like that, he imagined.

Swoosh - January 19, 2006 01:55 PM (GMT)
((Guys, I'm away for ONE DAY and it's all crazy posting! What's up with that? XDD))

Upon Drew's instruction, Cassie had indeed fled into the dark caves, a feeling of deja vu creeping in.

Yup, that's my role in this games. Guys tell me to run and I run. I'm the running girl, go me.

The caves, as they were indeed described, were dark, and Cassie stumbled slightly as she raced into the depths. Water began to splash up her legs but she kept running. What was she running from? Was she leaving Drew to die, as she had left Arsenio to die... as she had left Ryan to die? Had she abandoned them all?

They deserve it... A new voice awoke in Cassie's head, one she hadn't heard since she had started this game six days ago.

They deserve it, they all deserve it. They say they're going to stay and then they leave- they always leave. They always leave me... they always leave me... they always leave me...


"So he just left?" Cassie repeated herself for what seemed like the 100th time. Cassie's mother looked at her daughter sadly.

"Yes... Cassie, it doesn't make him love you any le-"
"But you see, that's what I'm not understanding. You say my daddy loves me, yet he just... he just takes off when his family needs him the most. When I need him the most." Cassie looked at her mother with a challengingly raised eyebrow. "Come on, mom, tell me how that's demonstrating his love for me."

Cassie's mother shifted uncomfortably.

"Cassie, he just... he just had some things to sort out. He couldn't really cope with everything... give him some time. I'm sure he'll come back..." her mother trailed off. Cassie's head was facing away from her, a bitter, hurt expression on her heavily bruised and bandaged face and a solitary tear streaming down her cheek.

"Mom, could you leave me alone please? I need to sleep." Her voice echoed with hurt. Her mother nodded sadly, seeing that there was nothing more she could do to comfort the girl, and closed the door behind her with a click.


Everyone was out for themselves. That's the way this game was. People abandoned you, people stabbed you in the back. People used you and then they ditched you. People betrayed you and people killed you. But was that only limited to the game they were playing? Could that not be said about real life as well? Cassie had certainly experienced it first hand with her father... were human beings just creatures designed to be cruel and solitary?

Shining her torch across the floor of the caves, looking for somewhere to sit, Cassie's light shined brightly upon two corpses. It was impossible to tell who they were- one of them had been completely eviscerated and the other one's throat had a nasty gash in it. Despite everything she'd seen, Cassie still felt a wave of nausea.

People backstab... they use you... they abandon you...

...when I needed him the most...

They're cruel... they're only out for themselves...

When I needed him the most...

They always leave me... always leave me...

Flinging her back against the wall, Cassie covered her ears. If Drew really was going to die... she couldn't just leave him out there. She knew what it was like to be abandoned, but this was much more serious than that...

"I can't hear you..." Cassie murmured to the voices, her hands still clamped tightly over her ears. "I can't hear you..."

Ginsenshi - January 19, 2006 05:58 PM (GMT)

Kouji came from the small house breathing heavily, "Damn brick, oh my head." Kouji sighed, as he held his head.

Kouji wondered the caves, losts and blind in the darkness, trying to find his way to the light of day or someone to help him out.

Albel Nox - January 19, 2006 06:26 PM (GMT)
((That's what happens when you aren't around Swoosh!! lmao))

Nevera blushed as he touched her hips. She brushed her hand against his to knock them off. "Careful!" She looked over his shoulder at Drew with a short smile. She moved next to Scott.

"We have another one that may help us out, come on! Let's go to him!" She said happily and lightly patting his shoulder.

She had a strange feeling within her, one she felt before, but she wanted to make sure it was that feeling before she acted upon it. Her brown hair flowed in the cold breeze as she shivered slightly.

Ginsenshi - January 19, 2006 06:43 PM (GMT)
Kouji sat in the darkness, not moving not wanting to get lost even more, "Now what do I do?" Kouji asked aloud hearing his voice echo.

~Now what do I do?~

Kouji then wait and sat, closing his eyes to the world around him, clearing his mind, suddenly feeling a weird feeling as if someone he knew was near,

Swoosh - January 19, 2006 07:03 PM (GMT)
((Um... this might sound really stupid, but isn't Kouji dead? O___o))

Albel Nox - January 19, 2006 07:15 PM (GMT)
((I dunno...... O.o))

Bloody_Fists - January 19, 2006 08:12 PM (GMT)
((Yeah he's dead, killed him myself))

Ginsenshi - January 19, 2006 11:42 PM (GMT)
OOC: What is some posting for me then, because I thought a character can only dead if their online to RP in there death and I won't kill myself like that, sure it wasn't Kousaka, ur thinking of? Because u guys have confuzed me with him.

Bloody_Fists - January 19, 2006 11:47 PM (GMT)
((Go check the thread at the school house, the one swoosh linked to above, thats where doed because you werent online for a long time, plus the rights were given away, koujis name is even on the list of deaths and where they died, go check it out.))

Swoosh - January 20, 2006 04:48 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Bloody_Fists @ Jan 20 2006, 12:47 AM)
((Go check the thread at the school house, the one swoosh linked to above, thats where doed because you werent online for a long time, plus the rights were given away, koujis name is even on the list of deaths and where they died, go check it out.))

((Oh, so you didn't ask him then?...))

Bloody_Fists - January 20, 2006 05:04 PM (GMT)
For the last time swoosh, yes i did, Now when can we just start this roleplay again? because this is starting to piss me off

Albel Nox - January 23, 2006 05:53 PM (GMT)
((Um.... can we get back to the RP????? Please......))

Swoosh - January 30, 2006 05:59 PM (GMT)
((Well, I strongly suggest so, seeing as this is now a danger zone, nya? Um, not too sure about the whole Kouji thing... seeing as his name was announced in the latest homeroom I suggest that Ginsenshi's post is kind of ignored until Kai decides something... *shrug*))

The announcement rang out loud and clear, even to Cassie who was deep in the cave with her hands over her ears. Danya's voice stopped her from squirming and struggling with a start. Becoming almost natural now, she listened to the names of her fallen classmates. Although relieved to hear both Ryan and Lyndi absent from the list, on the whole she remained rather apathetic to the news of yet more death.

It was only when the latest danger zones were announced did Cassie really take an interest. The dark caves... which she was currently standing in... was a danger zone? Pushing herself off the wall, she automatically reached up to her collar. If she were to stay here for much longer, it would explode. She had to get out of there...

She raced back out into the opening of the caves, splashing water as she did so. Seeing Drew with two others up ahead, she pushed herself harder. Whether or not the newcomers were hostile or not was the last thing on her mind, they just had to leave as quickly. Running up to where they were stood, she managed to shout through her exhaustion.

"We have to get out of here!" she cried, skidding to a halt beside Drew. She didn't look at the other two, she didn't have time. None of them had time, especially not for pleasantries.

Would they make it? She wasn't sure where one zone started and the other one stopped- for all she knew, she could still be running when the collar detonated. But she had escaped death once before, and she had to try for the second time.

Albel Nox - January 30, 2006 08:26 PM (GMT)
Nevera's eyes widened as she heard the annoucement. She looked at Scott and began to tug on his arm in a rapid motion.

"Scott, let's get the hell out of here, or our collars will explode." She began to pull at him as she began to make a run for it.

Bloody_Fists - February 2, 2006 10:47 AM (GMT)
He was kind of shocked to see the new girl run from nowhere. Thy were just like scott and nev, protecting each other for all their worth, not giving up on each other. It was like they'd walked into another world and saw themselves in the game.

The announcement went of and he didnt care for the list of deaths, Instead it was the danger zones that stuck in his mind.
As nev ran he grabbed on to the fingers, hoping to hold her back for a quick second. "Look, We just the same, exactly the same, looking for help, trying to find allies? needing protection, We can help each other out in this?"

He spoke fast and clear, thje found confidence in the boy was some sort of a result from playing this game, too bad he'd never get to use it in the real world.

((Continued in: Memory Lane))

Albel Nox - February 2, 2006 05:53 PM (GMT)
Nevera stopped as she aws tugged back. She force knocked her back into Scott's chest. She looked the two others and looked at the ground. She thought for a minute and relized he was right. They were the same. Two people, protecting each other. She squeezed Scott's hand as she looked into his eyes.

"Yes, we HAVE to help them. No one should be here, alone or without someone. We must all, survive this together. Someway we can!" Tears flowed from her chestnut brown eyes once again. "There is always possible in the impossible!"

asano - February 2, 2006 08:18 PM (GMT)
Drew blinked lightly as the announcement began, but immediately blocked it out. He didn't want to hear the death lists once more, nor did he want to hear that bastard Danya's voice any more than necessary. He knew it was cold, very cold, but there was only one thing he could do in the matter.
Ignore the death lists and concentrate on Danger zones.

Just as his face began to register shock at the new zones (Holy fuck, we just got settled down!), Cassie came barreling out of the cave. He flinched slightly as he heard the yelling, turning his head somewhat...yep, that was Cassie.

So, Drew hadn't heard things. They were in a Danger zone, and if they didn't get the hell out of there, they'd get a nice, friendly hug. From the explosives packed into their collars. And then they would give a nice, friendly hug. To the ground.

"Let's get out of here!" He was *not* planning on dying in or near a dark, scary cave. - -'

Swoosh - February 2, 2006 08:30 PM (GMT)
Somewhat relieved that Drew was more or less on the ball, Cassie nodded urgently.

"Come on," she said; gripping her baton tightly she turned to run off only to see the two still in front of her, looking as panicked and flustered as you'd expect. Now that she had actually taken the time to look at them, she instantly recognised the girl as Nevera and the boy as Scott- both from her old school.

If she had not been in the situation she had been in- faced with imminent death- she might have been relieved at this revelation. Although she wasn't close to either of them, she knew they were both OK kids. Although of course, the game might have changed that too, like she had seen it do to so many others. But there was no time to fret over that now- faced with the choice of certain death from a terrorist group, or possible death from former classmates, she picked the latter.

Just leave them here...leave them here to die... leave them like he left you...

Desperately trying to ignore the voice, she shouted over to them both. "Scott! Nev! Let's get out of here!"

She didn't have time to introduce them to Drew, and she was certain that they didn't care for name exchanges right then, and so giving them all one last look, she took off, running as fast as her legs would take her.

((continued elsewhere. Jeez, that's the second time I've had to flee from a danger zone. Do I have the worst luck or what?))

asano - February 2, 2006 08:45 PM (GMT)
[Because I haven't the brain power to compose another post (*drained* ;_;), um...yesh. Drew followed Cassie. >.>'
Hey, I've got bad luck too. This is the second time I've had to flee, and I've only been here so long...XD]

((Continued in: Memory Lane))

Bloody_Fists - February 2, 2006 11:40 PM (GMT)
((Followed swoosh and asano))

Albel Nox - February 3, 2006 05:54 PM (GMT)
((followed Drew, Scott, and Cassie lol))

Swoosh - February 7, 2006 03:28 PM (GMT)
...((continued at Memory Lane @ Eastern Shore ^___^))

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