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Kaishi - June 21, 2005 11:09 PM (GMT)
Hopefully, this FAQ will answer your questions (if any at all) pertaining to Survival of the Fittest. Please know that if you have any questions, either PM me (Kaishi) or post them in the "Support/Suggestions" forum.

Q1: How do I kill people?!?! I wanna tear off some heads!
A1: Woah, there...first of all, calm yourself. You can't just kill anyone. To kill someone, first of all, you'll have to take note of whether or not their name is on the list of kills for that day. If their name is, then contact that person via PM, or on the "RP Discussion" board (although I suggest PMing them). If they give the okay, then you may kill them. Also, you may kill that person if they say that you can, even if their name isn't on the list of kills, or if they just put it into their topic. How they die, though, is up to them.... Meaning, you can't just say: "Blue shot Red in the head, making his brain splatter everywhere". You can say: "Blue shot at Red, aiming for their head. Blue hoped that she wouldn't miss". It's up to Red whether or not their brain splattered everywhere. :P

Q2: Oookay, then. How are you assigning weaponry and what not?
A2: There's a list already generated. I'm not playing favorites. It's just the luck of the roll, really. At first I wanted to just number the listing, but earlier on I decided that that just wouldn't work out, seeing how some people would probably want large numbers. So, now I decide it via a dice roll. Just hope for that lucky roll. ^_^

Q3: Where's that Mr. Danya guy? I want to kill him!!
A3: Unfortunately, he isn't even on the island. He's far off in an undisclosed location, broadcasting the show to the good ol' USA.

Q4: Why doesn't America stop the show? And why don't they pinpoint the area in which the broadcast is coming from and kill Mr. Danya and all his men?
A4: Answer coming soon!

Q5a: When we wake up on the island, are we all in the same spot, or what?
A5: No, the good men from the airplane made sure that no two people were too close to one another. Everyone is scattered (pretty) evenly throughout the island.
Q5b: Then, how come we can't shoot the "good men" while they scatter people about?
A5b: People are scattered around only by being shoved off the plane. It isn't like the guards are carrying people or anything... Although you can take some shots at the planes, it won't do much of anything. Besides, the guards are outfitted in specially designed, and enhanced riotgear that ensures their safety, and ensures your death if you mess with them. So, don't, okay? :D

Q6: Alright, alright. I read everything, but how do I join?
A6: Go here. The link should take you to the "Character Registrations" forum, where you can register your character by filling out the Character Template. After your character is deemed fit enough for the roleplay, your character shall be added to the "Character Roster".

Q7: Do you welcome roleplaying newbs, and beginners?
A7: Of course we do. Although the roleplay is a little more centered on those on an Intermediate/Advanced level, beginners are welcomed with open arms. Don't *ever* be afraid to join a roleplay just because you think that your roleplaying level isn't as good as the rest. Don't compare yourself to others. Just have fun with it! Roleplaying isn't a competition. It's an oppurtunity to do something fun that involves creativity and writing. So, take the oppurtunity, have fun, and run with it! :lol:

Q8: Will you be filling the forum with more locations for us Survivors to visit?
A8: Yes, of course. You can even suggest some at the "Suggestions & Support" forum. But, for now, I'd rather keep the number pretty small so there aren't that many empty forums. Once it all gets filled up (basically) then quite magically, there will be more locations to visit.

Q9: What personal supplies are we allowed to bring along?
A9: Anything really, but please be weary that NONE of the items that you bring along can double as a weapon. For example, if your character brings along a pencil (what?) you can not use the pencil as a weapon. You were designated a weapon, and that's the weapon you are going to use. Be weary that if you carry along a lot of extra things, then you'll be weighed down. And as you should know, when you're weighed down, you'll be an easy target for your fellow classmates (not to mention the students of the other schools)!

Q10: How do I get picked to die?
A10: You are picked to die just like you were assigned your weapon. Through a simple dice roll. Look at question #1 to figure out how you should go about dying. If you have more than two characters, you can always switch them around. Say, if Character A was chosen to die, then you could always switch out Character A with Character B. WARNING! You can only switch around characters chosen to die ONCE! This is to ensure that NO ONE abuses this little option.

Q11: No one is replying to my topic! What do I do?
A11: Okay, PM Kaishi. I'll delete your topic, if you'd like, and then you can go reply to another topic. I'll save your topic for a later time in a document, so you don't have to worry about losing your precious writing forever. In other words, you could always PM me again and I'll give you your writing. ;) There's also another could always simply double post in your topic, having your second post consist of something like your character leaving that area.

Q12: What state is Barry Coleson High located in?
A12: The grand state of New York.

Q13: I'm having problems roleplaying with someone. What exactly should I do?
A13: Well, to really answer that question, I have to know what problems exactly you are having with this roleplayer. If it's problems with them godmoding, then please alert me. Especially if the problem gets out of hand. If your problem lies with your roleplaying partner's roleplaying abilitiy, then you're going to have to deal. This roleplay accepts roleplayers of all abilities, be them advanced, or not. You're going to have to learn to deal with beginners, and people who don't really understand.

Q14: I saw someone break a rule. What do I do?
A14: Truth be told, you really shouldn't take anything into your own hands. Sure, you may not want someone fighting your own battles for you, but you really should alert a higher up. Be them a Mod, or Admin...just tell someone and they will handle it.

Q15: I'm having problems with <insertmembername>. What should I do?
A15: Immedieatly alert a higher up, whom will talk to the member that you are having with personally. Just whining about it won't get anything done, although it is good to vent sometimes. But, it's best to keep the problem between you, a figure of authority (such as a Admin, or Mod), and the person that the problem lies with. There's no need to pull others into it.

Q: My question isn't here! OhmifreakinggoshwhatdoIdo?!
A: First, you take your medicine --- just kidding! I specified at the top of this page on what to do if your question isn't here. Simply scroll up. ;)

More questions and answers to be added at a later time.

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