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Title: Sunshower

riserugu - December 9, 2005 12:16 AM (GMT)
((Continued from: '99'))

Breathes came at a rapid rate as Glenn made his way up the hill toward the lookout point, his head and body pounded with pain as finally the sight of the top came into view. And the younger Hughes twin let out a sigh, as he pushed forward hand still holding onto Mallory’s own since they had left the schoolhouse. Only letting it go when they came to the top and Glenn took a few steps forward, breathing in deeply and glancing around. The point gave a good view of the whole island, the ocean surrounding them clear in the distance. The setting sun casting an orange glow against it, making it and the island almost seem as if it was on fire.

Glenn tilted his head a bit, looking over the scene before turning a bit, smiling at Mallory. “How are you doing, your leg still doing okay?”

He blinked a little though, his mind reeling back to what was had happened at the hospital. The sudden bouts of pain, sickness, and the sad feeling all over, sighing a little again he rubbed a spot along the back of his neck. Frowning some, ‘Something inside me is trying to tell me something… and whatever that something is… it’s making me so sad.’ Glenn thought rubbing his neck still, before glancing about some. In hopes of seeing Jeremy or Heather coming, though seeing nothing he settled himself down into a sitting position against the ground.

Placing a hand against the bullet wound in his side, pain shooting through at the touch and he bowing his head a bit as he gulped it back, and looked back up toward Mallory with a small smile. “I guess we wait until Jeremy and Heather get here.”

Swoosh - December 9, 2005 12:10 PM (GMT)
((coming from, um, the School Building. Topic with the Korean stuff))

Mallory nodded numbly. "Uhh... I guess so." She gave Glenn a small smile.

She was far from OK. Her leg was in agony, and being forced to run on a wounded leg was one of the most painful things she'd ever experienced. Not to mention all the bullets that had been flying around back there. A few of them had come dangerously close to hitting her fatally; one of them had hit her in the arm which was now bleeding heavily, but in retrospect she had been quite lucky, given the sheer amount of bullets flying around, she could very well have been a bloody mess on the floor right now.

But she wasn't OK. She still couldn't believe her former classmates were willing to get so involved in the game. She barely got to know any of them while in school, but she would have never of thought that some of them were willing to kill.

I guess I can't trust anyone. I was right before... but Glenn...

The journey from the school building had been a quiet one. Neither of them had said anything, Mallory had assumed Glenn was concentrating on getting the hell out of there. It hadn't been scary for her; running away from a group of killer kids with guns, in comparison to everything else that had happened to her on the island, was relatively tame. Perhaps she had become desensitivised to fear, or perhaps she was finally understanding the ways of the game. The pain was making her feel dizzy and nauseous, but the last thing she wanted was to throw up in front of Glenn... she closed her eyes tightly, willing the feeling to cease. She wasn't OK, and neither was he.

"You're hurt," she said simply.

Duh. That's like the SOTF motto.

Wobbling slightly from her injured leg and feeling sick, she looked down at Glenn.

riserugu - December 10, 2005 12:36 AM (GMT)
Glenn sighing some as he went about removing the bag from about his form, frowning a little. He had lost two of his weapons, and only had the 2x4 that he had been given at the start and the knife he had taken from the murderess back at the hospital before she had been killed. Then Fred had left, and then everything seemed to go down from there when they got to the school, and now their group of six had become one of two.

Looking up when Mallory had spoke, he continued to smile, shrugging his shoulders in an uncaring manner. Hand still pressing against the new wound, the blood not stopping none the less. “It’s alright, it’s not that bad anyway.” He muttered, breathing in again, closing his eyes briefly before reopening them a moment later. “And anyway, You’re hurt yourself.” He said, glancing to her arm.

Patting a piece of ground before him, “Here, sit and I’ll clean and fix up your wound for you and then you can help me out with mine, okay?”

Swoosh - December 10, 2005 05:28 PM (GMT)
Mallory smiled- it was a more genuine smile than the one she had given him before. It was also one of the few genuine smiles she had ever given in her life. Rather haphazardly, she managed to manuever herself into a sitting position, considering she had a wounded arm and a injured leg it was no mean feat.

True, they weren't in the most promising of situations. Their future (or what was left of it) looked pretty bleak. But as long as she had Glenn with her, she didn't really care what came their way, because she knew they'd get through it together. Holding out her arm slightly so that Glenn could tend to it, she looked at him directly, a serious but smiling expression on her face.

"Um, Glenn, I, uh..." What was it she was trying to say? Why was she finding it so hard? "Uh, do you have anything I can wrap yours up with?" She finished lamely.

riserugu - December 10, 2005 11:39 PM (GMT)
Pulling his bag toward him he unzipped it, going through and removing one of the first aid kits he had in there, the two having been gained from Eddie and Miranda’s bags way back at the hospital. Opening and bringing out one the roll of bandages, and rubbing alcohol. Removing the cap, as a thoughtful look pondered over his face at Mallory’s question, pursing his lips before smiling again. “I’m sure we have enough bandages here.” He said, using a free hand to rub the back of his head. “Least I hope so…”

Smiling none the less, he took a hold of her arm, glancing to her with a sudden frown. “Ummm… This is probably going to sting, so I’m sorry ahead of time, hurts to punch you can punch me when where done if you want.” He mused, pouring a decent amount the liquid on the wound before waiting a minute and starting to wrap it. Trying to remember what he was supposed to have learned back in his health class at school, of course it didn’t help he had barely passed that class but really… wrapping shouldn’t be that hard, least he wasn’t having to sew or remove anything.

“How’s your leg holding up?” He muttered faintly, glancing to it, he hadn’t bothered cleaning it when he had wrapped it before. So he wasn’t sure if it was holding up as well as it might should, all the running from the school probably didn’t help at all.

Swoosh - December 11, 2005 02:30 PM (GMT)
The liquid on her arm stung like a bitch, but the last thing Mallory wanted to do was to hurt Glenn; she winced and bit her lip until the pain subsided somewhat. She had grown almost accustomed to pain now; perhaps it was through her hellish experience on the island, or perhaps she was just stronger as a person. Either way, she kept quiet throughout it all, only hissing slightly.

As Glenn applied the dressing, she brushed her hair out of her face almost absent mindedly, looking at him the whole time. He really was something else. She didn't like to think what sort of state she'd be in if she hadn't of found him; smiling, she reached into her pocket, touching the packet of tissues he had given her when they first met. She squeezed them tightly as Glenn finished with her arm.

"Well, it's not bad, but it's far from good. Your bandage seems to be doing a pretty good job if keeping it together," she laughed weakly. True, it also hurt like hell- the pain searing through her leg many would have classed as unbearable- but Mallory tried to ignore it as she reached for bandages for Glenn.

"Do you, uh, I mean..." she suddenly found herself blushing. Unable to find the appropriate words, she jerked her head upwards while looking at his side, gesturing for him to remove his t-shirt.

MismatchedEyes - December 11, 2005 05:07 PM (GMT)
((Coming from: '99'))

Antonio was most likely dead or wishing that he was by now and one more person had been taken out of the running or maybe if Peri had really struck lucky Eh-Sun would have delivered a fatal blow to antonio and then to Stevan or maybe it was the reverse.It would truly be a piece of luck if all three had been wiped out of the game,Eh-Sun truly looked like a player and she was armed just as well as you would expect a killer to be and Stevan it was not even worth questioning where he stood in this sick childrens game.

A shady seat underneath a tree would be found on his way on the trail of the escapee`s and that Ingram oncemore would be filled with those small 9mm rounds. He had simply been following where he had seen two of the wounded students flee and so this should be an easy kill well thats if the shotgun wielding female wasnt watching over them like some sort of a bloodied guardian angel.

If he found the two or not he had to leave there was far to many firearms for him to feel safe.One accidental shot and everyone would begin firing him included until nobody was left standing.

Emerging through the trees he could just about make out the shape of the lookout point in the distance, that lucious red grinn would oncemore be worn as his steps faded out and he stood silently listening for something.Anything.

Bloody_Fists - December 11, 2005 10:20 PM (GMT)
((Continued from: '99'))

Stevan had decided to follow peri this time, make sure he didnt get a bullet between the eyes.
he saw him there standing in the bushes and trees. what was he waiting for now a pincic?

He casually but slowly walked up beside and and whispered "Hey buddy"

riserugu - December 11, 2005 10:48 PM (GMT)
Glenn watched lightly as Mallory reacted to the pain from the rubbing alcohol cleaning her wound, frowning a bit he returned to wrapping that the pain would reside in do time. He really didn’t want to hurt her in any way, but this was needed to prevent infection from setting in. Which in the end could be worse than the pain from the wound itself, but pressing thoughts back he continued wrapping. Once finishing, looking it over lightly to make sure that he had done it tight enough before letting his hands fall back into his lap.

Listening to her words lightly brought him smiling again. “I’m glad to hear that, personally I thought it was a rather horrid job, being in the rush and all. But really, we’ll most likely have to re bandage it as well sooner or later.” He said lightly, rubbing his hand along his chin a bit before looking back toward Mallory as she spoke again, starting to make gestures about something. Glenn blinking some and tilting his head at the sight before he found himself making an ‘Oh…’ sound, and looking down at his Muse shirt.

Shrugging some and gripping at the sides he pulled it up and over his head, shaking his head some as he tossed the shirt down at his side. Looking down at the wound itself, and wincing a bit, damn thing looked worse than it felt at the moment, “They making a bloody mess out of me.” Glenn muttered, taking the shirt back into his hand and using one of the ends to clean away some of the blood around the wound.

Swoosh - December 11, 2005 11:10 PM (GMT)
Mallory's mouth formed an 'o' as Glenn took his top off.

Not too obvious... idiot!

She suddenly found herself wanting to look away from mild embarrassment, but instead ficed her sights on his injuries.

Smiling, but desperately avoiding his eyes, she tried to imitate what she had watched Glenn to do her before. Rather clumsily, she wiped his wound with the alcohol.

"Yeah. I know it stings, if I'm making it any worse I'm sorry... I've never really done this before. Kinda makes me wish I'd paid attention in Health class," she said with an apologetic shrug of her shoulders.

Also, it's kinda hard to concentrate because you're TOPLESS... way to keep on task, Mal, seriously...

More or less satisfied it was clean, she began to carefully wrap the bandage around his waist, her fingers brushing lightly against his chest as she did so. She blushed even deeper. In contrast to her pale complexion the affect was quite alarming.

"Please, tell me if I'm doing this wrong," she said. "You seem to be the medical expert here..." she laughed lightly. As she tied it up, she felt her face cool down slightly. Good... now I won't look like I total idiot... Relieved, she made to sit up and found her face inches away from Glenn's. Her eyes widened as she jerked her head away from his.

"I... uh, I mean... um.."

MismatchedEyes - December 12, 2005 12:36 PM (GMT)
( Sorry to ruin the party Ladies )

That Ingram would be spun around to aim at chest level at the approaching student only to be lowered and replaced with annoyed look as he saw it was stevan, had he killed Antonio as told? Hopefully. The look of that greaseball was certainly a determined one that was for sure.

A Wave of two fingers would be given to motion for Stevan to follow him as he moved in that crouching run he had taken to for much of this game.Two wounded students without any weapons and they were speaking somewhat loudly? they deserved everything they got or so he would force himself to belive. He was doing them a favour in freeing them from this game.

The Jeremy boy had a firearm and the girl had a shotgun but neither were to be seen but still he would keep his weapon raised infront of him with white hands holding the Ingram tightly as he navigated his way through the trees and bushes.

Occasionally he could make out the two figures in the distance and would alter his course as to avoid coming face to face with the two. A couple of degrees changed would make the diffrence of walking upto their faces or placing a round into the back of their heads.

Course altered numerous times, he would finally arrive where he had intended to end up and there stood a bad omen of this game. Weapon raised at head level at the topless male, he stood around five foot from them and sure they could try running but could they outrun a bullet?

With a small smirk playing on those pale features of his he would give off a barely audible "Boo" and his grip would be adjusted his weapon giving off the sound of a heavy metallic weapon being brought to firing position.

riserugu - December 12, 2005 10:45 PM (GMT)
He had found interest in looking off beyond the lookout point as Mallory went about trying to bandage his wound, eyeing their surrounding, though mainly the water that he found was keeping them to any from of freedom. Course the damn loonies that ran the game, not to mention the idiots that where playing… to which Glenn could only hope justice was swift upon if they win or lose.

Then again if they did when, it wouldn’t be to much different from being dead already… once they had killed someone that had pretty much signed their souls and humanity away. Yes, these people where quite far from human now…

Glenn’s thoughts stopped for a moment as the stinging from the alcohol washed over, he closing one eye with a light flinch before trying to softly laugh it off. “It’s nothing… really… doesn’t hurt that bad.” He mused softly as well, no use giving away their spot before they could move again.

Glancing off once more, he only turned back once he felt her tie the bandage off looking back to see the work, though in the end found himself simply blinking as he noted the small amount of distance that Mallory and his own face had become. A shade of red flashing over his cheeks, as she leaned back and he went about grabbing and pulling his shirt back on.

“It’s nothing… I un… nice job with the bandaging, lot better than I could have done.” Glenn mumbled, working the shirt back on his over his head.

Though pausing his blinked as something odd caught his ears… something that sounded like someone was moving, or messing around with metal. Blinking he glanced about the area in general… trying to pick up on anything out of place.

Swoosh - December 12, 2005 11:07 PM (GMT)
Mallory smiled and giggled a little nervously.

"Uhh, thanks." she said quickly as Glenn hurriedly put his shirt back on. "Like I said, first time, so really not a pro or anything..."

She felt her face go red once more as she looked away, desperate for something to do or say to break the awkward silence that was no doubt going to break out between the pair. Her prayers were answered in the form of a voice coming from somewhere nearby. Sitting up, she looked around wildly.

"What was that?" she said, a panicked note in her voice. "There's someone here..."

How could they have been so stupid not to keep a lookout? They had been so wrapped up in each other that they hadn't been paying proper attention, and being out in the open like they were, they were sitting ducks. She made to stand up but her arm, even though it was masterfully patched up by Glenn, couldn't handle being used as leverage and she collapsed back into a sitting position. Escape wasn't an option for her anymore, and she couldn't defend herself with her pitful weapon.

Shooting Glenn an alarmed expression, she spoke to him in a frenzied whisper.

"What are we gonna do??"

MismatchedEyes - December 12, 2005 11:23 PM (GMT)
He couldnt help but give off a laugh at his single word and the tugg on the metal as some sort of warning to the pair but both of them seemed to mostly ignore his warning although the girl did seem to be getting the right idea as she rose to her feet.

Oh no what would the couple do? They did make such a sweet couple and it seemed such a waste for him to ruin their little moment but it seemed to be so easy. He could have drawn the Saber and sank it into the jugular of one and delivered a headshot to the other. The wounded lovers were easy targets that was for sure.

They had a warning but they hadnt tried to run...they were either to weak or tired or brave to run and so gentle laughter would flow from his lips as he would fire off a couple rounds into the ground between them.

When the gunfire finally faded out only to be replaced with his laughter and when that died out three words were given to them "Break it up".

Bloody_Fists - December 13, 2005 12:18 AM (GMT)
Stevan just walked up to the lookout, not following peris stealth lead. He had already gained domiance over the group and so stevan would not have to even try with this one.
He stood over them opposite to peri with his shotgun held loosely in one hand aimed to the floor, He stood and watched as peri did his psycho thing whoch he loved to do so much.

riserugu - December 14, 2005 04:01 AM (GMT)
Pursing his lips he opened his mouth to speak but was cut off as the spray off bullets came forth, lodging into the ground before them. Glenn closing his eyes briefly in order to block the up kicked dirt and dust from blinding him, reopening them after a minute when another voiced spoke out and he slowly, but surely rose up on his feet. Standing partly in front of Mallory as he glanced over the area they where in…

Stupid of him to think they where safe in a place like this… now he’d be the death of both of them, if this person proved to be worse than he figured already. Frowning visibly, he held his spot awaiting sight of the person or persons who where currently upon them, glancing lightly over his shoulder at Mallory with a small frowned, and a mouthed “I’m sorry” leaving his lips.

MismatchedEyes - December 14, 2005 01:04 PM (GMT)
So they had finally noticed him and Stevan had decided to get in on the action aswell, what fun this would be. His voice was gentle as the barrel of his weapon would be turned towards the back of Glenn "You were loud..You were wounded and you werent armed not a good mix is it?" a sigh would be press from between his lips as if in disatisfaction of the students movments. When would they need to understand you had to use youre brain instead of youre heart?

"You two look like a nice pair of kids..the sort of kids who never forget birthdays or fight.You look like a pair of kids who really do care for each other, hm? I tell you what Ill make a deal with you two.." he hissed over to them as his eyes would flick up to meet those of his companions.

Swoosh - December 14, 2005 07:08 PM (GMT)
The bullets once again made her scream out, but luckily they were not intended to kill them both. Still, her heart was pounding so hard it felt like it would burst from her chest. Watching Glenn stand up in front of her, she felt more helpless than she had ever felt in her life; this guy, whoever he was, looked like he was playing the game. She wasn't sure what Glenn hoped to acheive by standing up- surely, unarmed, he'd be more likely to be killed. Perhaps he hoped to reason with the newcomer, either way, he was in danger.

And the apology he had given her struck her rather ominously as a goodbye.

"Glenn..." Mallory looked between the two boys with wide eyes. She wasn't sure what the gun-handler was talking about, but she didn't like the sound of it. Apart from the fact that he had just shot at them, this boy seemed somewhat sadistic. Insane. Cradling her wounded arm, furious that it was stopping her from being more of a help, she looked at the boy nervously.

"W-what kind of deal?"

((I'm assuming we haven't seen Stevan yet))

MismatchedEyes - December 14, 2005 08:02 PM (GMT)
Sadistic? Insane? Why because he was covered in blood and wielding a automatic weapon? He was simply accepting what was thrown at him and for once in his life he had decided to compete and the result had been a few less competitors for him to fight against. For a moment lets look on the inside of the students head, here we see a dog doing constant flips.

Back to the events at hand

"A Deal..Im trying to be merciful here you dont have to look so tearful..Its not like youre going to die well not unless thats what you want? If so all you need to do is give me the correct word" he said with a smirk. Wouldnt be too horrible for him to plant a round in the back of her head and she would be saved from this terrible game and its horrors.

"The deal is of you, you girl..You look like a good sort of clean living person.Someone with a good heart that shows through in all she does? Likes to walk her dog and attend pep rallys" a shake of his head would focus him oncemore "You girl, You pick if you die or youre boyfriend dies.Who dies? The survivor will be allowed to walk away freely unless of course they get some ideas and then they can join their recently deceased lover..You dont have the option of No,Girl" he said his voice taking on the menacing tint near the end as he would snarl at her.

riserugu - December 18, 2005 07:18 AM (GMT)
Watching as the attacker came into the open, commenting on their actions he didn’t say a word and instead watched quietly, keeping himself between the other male and Mallory. Hurt or not, he could still do something… anything… though the fact the other was wielding a gun in his hands while he only had his 2x4 and the knife in his pocket.

But when he didn’t fire, and instead focused on offering what seemed to be deal… Glenn frowning at this, bloody bastard was having fun with this. He be damned if let anything happen to Mallory, his well-being was already dropping as the pain from the wounds continued to throb through his body, threatening to send him against the ground at any moment.

And as the new figure questioned Mallory, Glenn once again found himself glancing toward the said girl. How could he possible get her out of here with her out of here without them both being killed in the process?

Swoosh - December 18, 2005 02:40 PM (GMT)
Mallory stared blankly at Peri as he finished talking.

"You... you're asking me to choose?" she repeated. The words still hadn't really hit her yet. "You're asking me to choose who lives?"

Her initial reaction told her to laugh; this boy couldn't be serious. This was the sort of thing you'd see in movies... but then again, the situation that she was in was nothing short of surreal.

I'm not choosing. No WAY am I choosing. He can't seriously expect me to decide between my life and Glenn's... I don't want EITHER of us to die. This guy's fucked up...but that gives me all the more reason to take him seriously... oh shit, Glenn, what shall I do?

She looked frantically between Glenn and Peri. Was there anyway she could distract the boy so they could escape? It didn't look likely, and any attempts to do so could end up in Glenn getting a bullet through his stomach. She ran her fingers through her hair, her expression distressed.

"I can't... I can't!" she muttered wildly to herself. But she knew that wasn't an option- she had to choose.

...I can't just stand by and watch Glenn get killed. I just can't. Besides, it's not like I have that much to go home to... Glenn has friends and family. He'll be missed more than I will.

Stepping out next to Glenn, she smiled at him briefly.

"Run, OK? Don't see if I'm OK. Just run. This guy doesn't seem the type to keep promises." She paused, before finally saying "Thanks."

She leaned over and kissed him quickly on the cheek, not looking to see his reaction. Before he could react or protest at her descision, she stepped away from him to the right.

"Me. Kill me." she said, a steely glint in her eye.

Bye, Glenn...


MismatchedEyes - December 18, 2005 06:57 PM (GMT)
He smirked as Mallory would give give Glenn her little pieces of advice to run away, what a sweet goodbye that was too bad it should have been him saying it but it was sweet nontheless.He stood in silence the executioner waiting for his moment as the victim would say their goodbyes and step up towards him.

The weapon that had dealt so many deaths during in this game would be brought up to level at her face. That unfeeling metal levelled towards her head although he was smart enough to make sure that the weapon was out of reach.No accidents were going to happen for sure.

"Ready? Alright Brace youreself...5..4..3..2..1" the weapon was swung over towards Glenn and then burst into a series of spasms as the weapon spat out those tiny rounds into the boys body.The heat of the weapon building as he continued his onslaught of rounds and all the while he stood with a grinn on his pale face.

When he had asked who would die he had meant mentally not physically..What could be more deadly to the mind than knowing the fact that a loved one died because of you? Another day of fun and games on the island.

riserugu - December 18, 2005 09:27 PM (GMT)
The words that spurted at of Mallory where ones he expected, he probably would have been no different in the cause either. Though his thoughts where thrown to the wind as the girl got up onto her feet, and moved toward him… he blinking in confusion at the sight of the smile against her lips.

"Run, OK? Don't see if I'm OK. Just run. This guy doesn't seem the type to keep promises."

Those words quickly sent him into a tailspin of what was about to happen, these words could only add up that Mallory was planning on turning the mad man’s gun against her. And as he opened his mouth to protest, anything, he closed it again as he felt the kiss press against his cheek and she simply walked away from him he not glancing over to where she now stood though her words reaching him.

"Me. Kill me."

Shaking his head, and his thought Glenn quickly turned onto the scene where Mallory stood before Peri, the smirking fool musing in his words as he rose the weapon to meet in line with her head. Fists clenching as he asked her if she was ready to die, and began a countdown, and before he could even think of what he was doing reaching into his pocket and removing the knife from his jeans pocket ready to charge the other male.

But as the countdown ended he instead found that he was not witnessing the Mallory’s death, and instead found himself on the receiving in of a spray of bullets that quickly lodge themselves in both his chest area, and his throat, rupturing organs and vessels as they passed through. A majority of the bullets passing through, and exiting his body, leaving him standing still in the aftermath of the attack, body trembling as the flow of blood from the bullet wounds began to come from the wounds. Seeping through the fabric of his clothes, the blood flow from the wounds in his throat coating the silver of his collar a glossy red.

A choking sound as if he had been thrown underwater admitted from his mouth as his legs gave way sending him falling face forward against the ground. A spew of blood coming from his mouth as his body hit against the ground, the feeling in his arms, legs, and soon his whole body giving away to nothing more than a numbed feeling of both cold, and darkness as the figures and surrounding began to blur.

‘So this is it…’ His muttered to his thoughts acidly, ‘This is how you’re going to go… killed because of your own stupidity. Heh. Damn it… even on my last breathes I can’t do a damn thing to help Mallory. I’ve gone and let a lot of people down, Jeremy and Heather… Mallory most of all… Fred too, he told me to stay alive… I can’t even give my brother that much.

Typical me… I knew what he said that day end up a lie.’



Call me stupid Fred, but I find it really weird that in two years we’ll be graduating and going our separate ways. I just find it hard to picture not having you around 24/7… we have bloody well been through everything together in the past and now. It will just be odd.”

He watched lightly out of the corner of his eye as his brother blinked a bit, trying to figure out the muttered words before a small grin passed over Fred’s features, “That’s what been bothering you this whole time?”

“More or less…” He answered, glancing toward the window now as their home came into view.

“Bloody ‘ell Glenn.” The older mused with a laugh, “If that’s it… I wouldn’t worry about a thing, even if we’re a whole world apart I highly doubt we would be mentally. ‘Ell knowing us, we’ll probably die on the same day too. Watch it happen, and I’m going to laugh in the afterlife when it does.”

Smirking to himself, Glenn quickly hopped out of the car as it pulled and stopped in their driveway. Pulling his bookbag on his shoulders as he glanced back over the hood of the car at the other with a shake of his head, “You say some silly stuff, though oddly enough I hope you’re right about this one… and it doesn’t end up a lie.”

“And when have I ever lied to you?” Fred protested, grabbing his own stuff and following along after his younger brother as they trudge toward the front door of their home.

Laughing lightly, Glenn shook his head once more, opening the door as he glanced back at the other. “Do you really want me to break out the list of how many times it’s happened? Like that time you said my fish had ran away when you really had flushed it down the toilet, or the that time with the baby powder in mum’s hair dyer. And how it had gotten all on me when I turned it on, and you said Kaine had done it, or how about…”

“Alright, I get it. I’m not a Saint, but I really do mean it this time oright? I can keep this one as long as you promise to keep it too.”

“… Fine then, I promise too.”


“Sorry…” He muttered out softly, hardly above a whisper, “I’m sorry I lied.” He choked out, trying hard to lift his head toward Mallory and Peri. "Mallory..." And with that, as his form, already pale from the blood loss, stopped moving all together. Eyes staring blankly toward where the sun was setting in the distance, casting an haunting orange glow over the scene as his breathes finally halted, and everything was engulfed in black.

B35 – Glenn Hughes – Dead

Albel Nox - December 18, 2005 10:14 PM (GMT)
((Coming from: Back to the Scene of the Crime...))

Kousaka came holding his neck into the area. His goggles were on his head and he was breathing hard. He began to frantically look for something like a stick or something. He went up to the lookout point.

"Back to square one... I started around here........ somewhere." He sat but leaned his back against the wall. "Someone, help me..... Rendou...."

He closed his eyes and fell asleep, he was too tired to even think. Was his brother even around anymore? Or did he just end up someplace else?

Swoosh - December 18, 2005 10:55 PM (GMT)
((I got all teared up just reading that))

She closed her eyes tightly as Peri counted down, bracing herself for the impact of the bullets.


I know we haven't really spent that much time together, Glenn, but you've come to mean a lot to me. I'm just sorry that it had to end so soon...


I meant what I said- make sure you get out of here. Promise me? Be safe. I couldn't bear it if anything happens to you. And hey, if there is a heaven and I go to it, I'll look down at you. I'll be your Guardian Angel. I'll make sure you get off this island alive.


...I guess I'll see you then... good luck.

She squeezed her eyes even tighter and waited for the pain. The shots rang out around the clearing... but there was no pain. What was going on. She opened her eyes and saw Glenn lying on the floor and blood was trickling out from under him.

No... Glenn... what's happening...


Why... why had Peri shot him instead? She crashed to her knees, numb with shock.

He's OK. A couple of bullets, he'll be OK. He'll be OK... he'll be OK...

On her hands and knees (and ignoring the immeausrable pain in her shin) she clumsily crawled over to where Glenn was lying, bleeding heavily. Reaching out a hand, she shook his back lightly.

"Glenn? Are you OK?" she asked.

He'll be OK...

She heard him say something distant. Sorry? Was it sorry? He was speaking so quietly that it was hard to tell.

"What? What did you say?" she asked, still shaking his shoulder.

But she got no answer. Laughing nervously, she shook him harder.

"Come on Glenn..." she muttered anxiously, casting a sidewards glance at where Peri was stood. "We gotta go... you gotta get up..."

At his lack of response, she grabbed his shoulder with her undamaged arm, and using all the strength she had left in her pulled him over so he was facing upwards. At the sight she could now see, her heart stopped.

Glenn- who was walking, talking, laughing, helping her out and everything else not 2 minutes ago- was covered in blood, his throat particularly messy. His expression was blank and lifeless and he wasn't moving. Mallory stared down at him blankly for a few seconds.

He's not... I mean, he can't be...

"He said he'd kill me," Mallory whispered down at the corpse. "I t-told him to kill me... you're not... you can't be.."

Feeling numb with shock, she turned to look at Peri, still kneeling down next to what was once Glenn.

"...why?" Her voice was barely above a whisper.

((ok, HOW much is Mallory suddenly Yoshimi in this scene? Oh well.))

Albel Nox - December 18, 2005 11:06 PM (GMT)
Kousaka heard the gunshots and his eyes widened.

"What the hell?" He looked upp and stood up fatt. "GUNSHOTS! Man that was a bad awakening. he ran up to the top of the lookout point. "What the fuck!?"

MismatchedEyes - December 18, 2005 11:10 PM (GMT)
This was beautiful! Truly beautiful! The boy would die but instead of catchinga bullet to the temple he had taken a round to the throat and now lay on the floor blood covered.This was beautiful, he couldnt have planned this better.

That long grinn painted on the fools face as he would watch the boys blood taint the floor in those thick spurts that were forced from the bullethole in his throat.Maybe he should have killed the girl..maybe he shouldnt have killed either..Maybe he should have let Umi kill him before anymore of this start..Maybe he should have stayed in England and never been caught up in this game..There was no more time to think of the past only the present.

The kneeling Mallory would turn to him and whisper something although it missed his ears he would lipread the single word and finally those red lips of his were parted as he spoke.

"Because this is fun.Now take youre own advice and run..Run far away" he said as the Ingram would be lowered to his side.He had no intention of killing her even if she tempted him, oh no.She would be forced to suffer.She would not have her release well not at least at his hands.

Swoosh - December 18, 2005 11:48 PM (GMT)
((Daemonic_Wulf, can we lay off the 'WTF's please? Not being snarky or nowt, but this is RPing, it's nice to have correct spelling and grammar and not text talk... ^____^))

Mallory looked down at Glenn. Her heart felt like it had turned cold and hard as she looked at his lifeless face. She knew she should run, she could escape... but she couldn't. Even if he was...dead... she couldn't just leave him.

He shouldn't be alone...

She continued to kneel there, looking down at Glenn, with that broken expression on her face.

He's dead. He's dead because of me. It's all my fault. I killed him. He's dead because I killed him!!

She felt like crying. She felt like screaming and kicking and fighting- anything to get rid of the heaviness she felt inside. Heavy but hollow at the same time. But it wouldn't go away. No amounts of kicking and screaming would lessen it.

Ignoring Peri, she just sat and looked at Glenn.

((pretty shoddy, but I'm pretty Mal-ed out for tonight... reached my Mal quota for the day, methinks))

Albel Nox - December 19, 2005 07:18 PM (GMT)
((sorry swoosh... didn'y mean to.. i'll edit it.))

Kousaka fell to his knees. "So many dead bodies. Now is not the time to act all mean and cold. but ever since Rendou left, I don't think there is any other way to act." He crawled over to a crner, hoping no one would see him.

Kuze - December 20, 2005 06:50 PM (GMT)
(continued from School house ((Start for Girls 99))(yes thats what it translates to)

Eh-Sun wandered through the brush after getting lost on her way to the small house, she wandered apon a boy, near the lookout point, huddled in a corner looking like he crapped himself.

Tucking her USP into her Jeans and pulled the Bayonette out of her bag, Eh-Sun walked up to the boy into the fetal position.

Albel Nox - December 20, 2005 06:53 PM (GMT)
Kousaka turned to see her. His eyes narrowed as he looked her over. 'What's the matter?" He looked a little confused.

Kuze - December 20, 2005 07:06 PM (GMT)
Eh-Sun Smiled Evilly as she got up to the boy raising the Bayonette as she walked. After she got to him, she spoke in a moderate whisper.

"time for you to die"

After she spoke she swung the Bayonette down towards the boy.

Albel Nox - December 20, 2005 07:10 PM (GMT)
His eyes widened. "Wait a minute!" He backed off farther into the corner. "Please! Spare me! i have no weapon!"

He held up his hands, lucky for him, he dodged that one.

Kuze - December 20, 2005 07:20 PM (GMT)
Eh-Sun gritted her teeth as the Bayonette missed the boy. Raising the Bayonette again.

"Hold still and ill make it painless!"

Eh-Sun yelled as she swung the knife down at the Boy's now exposed chest.

Albel Nox - December 20, 2005 07:24 PM (GMT)
He rolled ony to get his side slashed. He tried to push her out of his way so he could move.

"stop it!" He said angrily.

Kuze - December 20, 2005 07:37 PM (GMT)
Eh-Sun grumbled in fustration,she moved the bayonette from her right hand to her left hand, and pulled the USP out of her jeans.

"if you wont hold still i guess I'll have to send a few rounds into your skull."

Eh-Sun said as she stumbled back from the boy's push. In a slight rage she pressed the gun against the boy's head, and pulled the triiger twice.

Albel Nox - December 20, 2005 07:45 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Kuze @ Dec 20 2005, 07:37 PM)
Eh-Sun grumbled in fustration,she moved the bayonette from her right hand to her left hand, and pulled the USP out of her jeans.

"if you wont hold still i guess I'll have to send a few rounds into your skull."

Eh-Sun said as she stumbled back from the boy's push. In a slight rage she pressed the gun against the boy's head, and pulled the triiger twice.

He screamed but was cut off by the pain. His head fell to one side. Teares formed in his eyes and he gasped for air. His brains began to come out. His silver eyes lost their lust.

"All I wanted was to find Rendou........ why? Why do i have to go like this?" He closed his eyes. "Miss...... please...... take my studded collar and give it to the girl with brown hair and strawberry blonde highlights.....She'll understand. "

He took heavy breaths as his eyes closed and his body grew weaker.

Kuze - December 20, 2005 07:58 PM (GMT)
Eh-Sun sighed in fustration, as she reached towards the boy and unhooked the spiked collar and eyed it suspicisusly like it was a bomb, not like she was going to do wat the boy told her to do anyways.

Eh-Sun dropped it at her feet and stomped the collar into the dust, as she let the Bayonette fall back into her bag.

"just die"

Albel Nox - December 20, 2005 08:06 PM (GMT)
the dust fell towards him. Tears l\eft his eyes one last time adn he took his last breath. "Why?" He said as his voice faded.

The mighty Kousaka was now non existant.

Boy #64, Takeda, Kousaka DESEASED

MismatchedEyes - December 22, 2005 08:44 PM (GMT)
Those sharp white teeth of his would be produced as he would wear his grinn as the girl seemd to go off into a trance of her own and he could have stood there watching her in her zombified state for longer if gunshots in the distance didnt pull his attention away from her.

"See you soon,sweetie" he said before waving with his free hand for Stevan to follow him as he would turn and begin moving towards the gunshots in that running crouch he had so quickly taken to.

If he walked whoever had the firearm could be gone but if he sprinted he would have been so heavy so instead he moved in that stealthy crouch as he tore through the brush.

The gunshots reverberated through his head as he would move closer to them with that Ingram raised infront of him. What could one more firearm hurt? One less predator and a firarm to add to his collection.

This day was getting better and better it seemed with his bodycount amassing along with his arsenal.Dirty blonde locks slapped at his face as he moved.

That Ingram would be lowered and his body unfolded to his full height at the sight of the shooter and a little sound of his lips pressing together in dispapproval.Eh-Sun and a corpse at her feet.

"Mercy Kill?" he asked as he would appear from the brush into the clearing of Eh-Sun and her deceased victim.His eyes flickering from the grey matter leaking from the back of the boys open cranium upto Eh-Sun.

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