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Title: Parts of RPing
Description: So, what do ya like about it?

asano - December 7, 2005 11:50 PM (GMT)
Just what my title says.

What parts of RPing do you like? I mean, the drama, fighting, simple talking sessions, emotional/physical pain/death, etc.


So, what do you like best about RPing? What do you hope to do when you RP?

For me, there's a bunch. One major thing I love about RPing is RPing someone who's rather pissed. This would count as drama, I think...
I've found that I am actually quite good at the Uber-nice-guy-who's-not-taking-anymore-shit kind of thing. Once that threshold has been crossed for my characters, it tends to take a fight to drop them down from it. The last time Asano really, really snapped, several people remarked that they'd loved the RP. At least two people had their characters come JUST to watch, and upon leaving, one said they'd thought they were reading a soap opera.
...whether that was a compliment or an insult is still unknown to me.

Another thing I enjoy RPing are battles. Asano and his spinoffs get rather angry during fights, and I seem to enjoy RPing angered characters. Still, fights are awesome, but only if your opponent is a good RPer. They needn't be a good fighter, just a good RPer. I can tell fighting the SOTF bunch is gonna be awesome.

Which leads into a part of RPing I tend to get quite a bit of practice at. Physical pain and death. Recently, I set up an RP with someone on the .hack site to use his best skills on Asano, and only then could he do what he planned with Asano.
There was a shitload of pain. XD I cringed writing some of the posts, which is what I ultimately love getting. When I have posts that make people cringe, then I've made a truely awesome post. may remember me talking about it in the AIM chat. 'Asano's being immolated right now.'
Ya, that one.
I die so often on the .hack site, I have quite a bit of practice at it...>>;...I've begun to record my death posts, along with my few kill posts.

...I'm probably forgetting something else...
So, did anyone even read all this?
What do YOU enjoy in RPing?

LadyMakaze - December 8, 2005 12:21 AM (GMT)
We're talking about RP-ing in general right? *thinks* Hmmm...In that case...

Yeah, I've been RP-ing since I was around... *thinks* ...ten or so. Over my various experience, I noticed that what I really find engaging about RP-ing is the way characters interact with eachother.

It's just interesting to see how characters go about their lives and adventures, making friends and enemies left and right, interacting with eachother in various ways. And I think, that it is through interacting with others that characters have the greatest opportunity to develop.

Characters are like real people after all. They might have the unorthodox past, but they think and feel (to some extent) like normal, everyday human beings. Anything can happen in the world of character interaction, and this is what I like about RP-ing.

Of course, drama, gore, storyline, and overall COOLness factor is nice too. :P

Queen Asshat - December 8, 2005 12:26 AM (GMT)
RPing an insane guy has to be the coolest thing ever, especially when they aren't murderous insane... just really freaky insane :lol: . :lol:

asano - December 8, 2005 12:31 AM (GMT)
Hell naw!

The best is RPing a nice dude with a temper. Everybody likes you cause you're not evil, but the second your temper runs out...FUN!

THAT is what I forgot. Odd, too, since it's
That's why I rarely play video games over RPing, aside from rentals. I love the interactivity. It's like writing a book with multiple authors, and you only have to worry about one character.
Makaze, you pwn for reminding me of that. x.X;

d0ddi0slave - December 8, 2005 01:15 AM (GMT)
I love taking a character, and developing him or her tenfold from what they started off doing. Perhaps it's more of the writer in me, but I've never really RPed before SOTF...soooo...yeah. Like I did with Adam. I didn't intend for him to become my main character but as soon as it happened, his personality changed along with the events, and the people that he encountered. Everything that happens to him has an effect on who he will eventually end up being, and that's what really it's all about for me - the telling of HIS story.

Character development, for sure, and I like writing dialogue too.

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