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Title: The Dreaded First Roll
Description: Hm...who does it land on?

Kaishi - June 29, 2005 10:54 PM (GMT)
Before I continue on with the announcement about the dreaded first roll, I have to say that I've made another advertising banner. Sure, it's not much better than the first, but whatever... Again, I strongly suggest one of you to make a banner...I know there has to be a GFX specialist somewhere out there on this forum. ;)

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Atleast it's a small step up from the last one. <_< The last one is in the "Advertising" thread located in the "Announcements" forum. An avatar can be found there, aswell. I didn't make a matching avatar for this signature mainly because...well, it doesn't really need one. I'm trying to improve, but again, I stress that one of you should really make us all a new one, and save us from the horrible advertising banners that I keep on making. :lol: On that note, I think I'll be making a new logo for "Survival of the Fittest". I don't know when that will be exactly, but...yeah. ^_^;; I never felt very comfortable with the current logo, so I hope that the new one will be MUCH better.

So, let's get on with the rolling, shall we? To have this roll fair, I made a list of all the active players on the field at this current time. I didn't want to kill off someone whom didn't get a chance to really start roleplaying yet. Next, I made a roll a la the way that I make rolls for the weaponry. And then, I made the dreaded roll...

Well, I can't say that I'm happy with this roll, because, honestly, I'm not. There was a lot more that could have been shown with this character, but atleast he was able to voice out his backstory before he died. Atleast he'll have 3 IRL days left to live before he has to die, otherwise his collar explodes for an unknown circumstance (muwahaha). I don't really know yet what he'll do in those three days, though...possibly, say goodbye to his newfound friends. Shame he had to die off so soon, though... If you haven't guessed it yet, the roll landed on...
Boy No. 13 - Sydney Morvran.

How unfortunate. Atleast now I'll be able to show you all how a death by a deathroll goes. orangeflamingo and riserugu were gracious enough to preform how a death by permission goes. In fact, I really liked how Helena died.... Very Battle Royale-esque, and very well done. ;) Good job. Hopefully, we'll have more deaths quite like the one displayed by orangeflamingo and riserugu. You can read Helena's death here. ^_^

I believe that Mr. Danya shall make his first announcement either in a couple of days, or the day of Sydney's death. Most likely after B13 dies, though, since it's more fitting to announce more than one death to instill fear into everyone. ;)

Have fun everyone, and keep up the roleplaying!

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