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Title: Kousaka troubled
Description: ~Poor guy~

Albel Nox - November 14, 2005 06:27 PM (GMT)
((Continued from: Darkness Falls))

Takeda Kousaka walked up to the look out point and looked around with his silver eyes. Night had strolled in and his goggles were placed on his head. He was still thinking about hsi lost brother. A shiver went over his spine as he heard movement around him. A sense of fear tore at his stomach. This was not like him at all. He clenched his fist around his 'walking stick' and knelt before the structure. His bangs were pushed back thanks to the goggles and his ponytail fell to his side. He was gripping the stick with both hands now and the stick shattered to peices under the pressure. He looked at his hands as they began to bleed. His eyes narrowed and he smirked. He punched the ground leaving a spot of fresh blood in place. Arising from his sitting position, Takeda was surrounded by a small breeze that wipped at his hair. He remembered how well his brother fought and that he would hate it if Kousaka was to show any fear.

The movement around him continued as he began to walk as though he owned everything. His smirk was gone and that stoic expression returned as he thought of how his brother and him played the program at home, pretend wise anyway. He sighed and kicked the structure. He then leaned against it and chewed on a piece of grass. He spat it out in a disgusted manner. "Gross!" He wiped his mouth and looked at the moon as it began to rise in the night sky. The stars also came out and twinkled as his thoughts ran through his mind.

The blood still trickled out of his hands as he picked out the splinters left by the stick. He kinda missed it now. He wished he hadn't have broken it. He cocked an eyebrow and began to wonder if anyone would come to him. He looked through his bag and took the water. He washed his hurt hands and drunk a bit. He winced in the little pain. He didn't have anything to wrap his hands in, so he just applied presure on his black pants, not like blood could stain them visibly. He then zipped up his bag and looked out. "Is anyone out there!!?" He wanted to kill, his bloodlust was rumbling inside adn wanted to be set free, "I will find my brother, dead or alive, if it's the last thing I do!"

After a while and a good night's sleep, Takeda arose to teh bright sun. He quivered and sheilded his eyes. "Dammit." He walked casually towards the stairs of the structure adn went up. He looked about adn shrugged. He left and began walking off, the dried blood, still a little sticky to the touch.

((Continued in: Remembering Rendou))

Albel Nox - November 17, 2005 07:15 PM (GMT)
((moved to the river))

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