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d0ddi0slave - October 10, 2005 09:00 PM (GMT)
Well, we've had an influx of new members as of late, and many of us probably don't know each other. So here's your chance to make your impression on the rest of us. ;) Tell us who you're handling, what you want us all to call you, and a little bit about yourself (not breaching any like, rules you may have about privacy, of course). And then tell us all what character you think you're most like in BR.


Bloody_Fists - October 10, 2005 09:16 PM (GMT)
Most of you know me here, most of all mismatched and elise. I want everyone to call my FREAK! No offense but i find it annoying when people call me bloody or by my real name, so freak it is ok? remember

freak....ok got it into your mind.

and yeah i play stevan hyde, the guy with the spas 12. He was most part based on me, with the exceoption of being a transfer from england thats just about it. i dont think im like any br character but as of late ive slightly reminded myself of niida kasuzumishi or something, crossbow guy. Mainly because ive rp'ed stevan thinking about who is watching the game, How famous he is out there and Does he have nicknames, people betting on him, any group of girls looking him up on the sotf site thinking "Omfg that guy is kool" mostly about the fame. I dunno how that came around, i suppose im just developing my character without thinking.

So thats my story so far....

Swoosh - October 10, 2005 09:17 PM (GMT)
Nifty idea! ^_^

I'll go, methinks. Um, I'm Katie. Although I'm dumb and put my character name as my screen name. I'm considering getting a new account, cause it's really annoying me actually. Um, yeah, anyway. I'm 17 and I'm Welsh. NOT English. But I do live in England, sadly. *le sigh* Y'all can call me Elise, or my other online alias which is Swoosh. (don't ask.)

Oh, and I was Elise, and at the moment I'm Callum (although not for long), Angharad and Mallory. END! ^_^

As for the BR thing, my community thing said I was most like Satomi Noda, although I personally think I'm more like Nobu after my friend put forward a very convincing argument ^_^

d0ddi0slave - October 10, 2005 09:21 PM (GMT)
Well I can't help but add my own bit in.

My name's Adam, I'm 19 years old and I play...Adam. Yes, I ripped myself off to be a character in SOTF. So sue me. I think I've played him pretty well. ;) I'm a Canadian, from just outside of Toronto, so naturally i'm a HUGE Leafs fan, although I'm a fan of hockey as a game, so I'll watch any game that's on, really.

My past characters include Cole, Art, Andrew, and I currently play Adam (who's my main guy), Amanda, and Eddie (although I think his time for the game will be short), and in the future I'm going to be playing Sidney.

The BR_Rating community said I was like Shinji Mimura, so who am I to argue with ten people?

Sephy - October 10, 2005 09:29 PM (GMT)
Konnichiwa! I'm Sephy, my real name is Danielle, but everyone except my parents call me Sephy.

I'm 17, English, a rabid RP, Jrock and yaoi fangirl, I speak English, French (tho my french is a little rusty at the moment :P) and I cna speak simple Japanese, although words with mroe then 5 sylabbles still confused me o.o

I rp as Daisuke, who's part based on Japanese rock band Dir en Grey's guitarist Die, and part my imaginary friend when I was little :P

I'm a cross between novel/manga Kiriyama, i'm the quiet one with all the answers sat at the back of the class, and a stereotypical Japanese school-girl "Ai shiteru Gakuto-san!"

If anyone hangs around the forums, i'm the resident nutter and fangirl-mod Seraphim Princess :P

LadyMakaze - October 10, 2005 09:33 PM (GMT)
Name is Sarah. Age, sweet sixteen. Canadian, like Adam, except I live in along West Coast. Interests include drawing, writing, music, and extreme violence. I have rather violent and abusive tendencies, but I'll be honest: I'm really a nice person. ^__^ Really.

My main character is Madelaine Shirohara, and believe it or not, she is based off of both myself and a fantasy character that I made up and use frequently in fantasy RP's, named Makaze. I really wanted to use her in SOTF, but due to the nature of the RP, I adapted her a bit specifically for SOTF. Just a little fun fact there, peeps.

Other characters include Daphne, the newly registered Chance, and the late Ash and Nanami.

Welcome all you newcomers! And hello again to the oldies. :P *tosses cheesecubes and confetti into the air*

Toukan - October 10, 2005 10:18 PM (GMT)
Heyo everybody! The name is CJ, but a surprising number of people call me Toukan offline too. I'm seventeen, live in Texas, U.S.A. (just moved here and it is officially horrible), am a senior in high school, love DDR, and completely addicted to anything and everything having to do with BR. I love cosplay, hell I'm even cosplaying to my senior prom (a formal dress version of the FMA military uniform). I draw way too much for my own good and I like to show it off because it boosts my rather low self esteem (I have scans, just ask!). I'm one of the crazies who likes BR2, but it's mainly because of the fanfiction and the camo. This afternoon while riding home I decided "hey, I'm going to see if I can re-write the BR2 novel and make it worth reading". Not that I've ever read the BR2 novel, but I've heard it sucks and my current writings have gone down the hole so it'll give me something to do while bored out of my mind on the bus (or in class). If it gets off of it's feet I'll make sure to type it up and let you guys know.

I'm still waiting for my character, Clare Shephard, to be approved because no one has given any indication that they've looked at it since I did the additions that were requested. If It still isn't sufficient PLEASE let me know. I can't change it unless I know what is wrong.

d0ddi0slave - October 10, 2005 10:22 PM (GMT)
Just to interject, I"m pretty sure that the chaarcter will likely be approved, just keep in mind that we're sort of going through some staff changes at the moment, so...just be patient. ;)

Toukan - October 10, 2005 10:26 PM (GMT)
No problems, thats what I figured. ^_^ I was just having a moment of "HOMG! Must roleplay!", but I'm more patient than that usually.

asano - October 10, 2005 10:52 PM (GMT)
Hi. >>;
I'm Drew, known as Asano on line. ^^
15 years old, live in Michigan [;.;]. I love RPing, and I love BR, so, of course, I already love this site. ^^

Born in CA, barely lived there a year before moving east. Settled in MI before I was 2, I think. ...I wanna live in California so badly...

...Yeah, I'm a sophomore. Not a freshie, Takara. ><

I tend to be very happy and am rarely overly serious....I can have trouble taking school work seriously *cough* >>
My love for RP stems from my love to read, I think, so yay.

Now, enough about me, cause I'm lazy.
I have 3 characters approved and awaiting movement to roster. Ken, Sergey, and Toby.
Toby's my main one [read the siggeh XD], and is close to me, but with some differences. >> Sergey's the guy I've always wanted to RP.
Ken's a mistake I'll kill in some funny, imaginitive way when he starts SOTF...XDD

Yeah, mostly, I'm painfully nice. @@ Sergey's my first ever departure from said niceness.

As I've said a bit, this should REALLY get its own forum area. >>;

riserugu - October 11, 2005 12:21 AM (GMT)
Hi! :lol:
I'm Zilya, Riserugu to the online world.

I'm twenty-years-old, and I currently live in Swansea, Wales with my husband, and the bundle of animals we own. I'm Russian/German, and speak both German and Russian along with English.

Was born in Leningrad, Russia. Though it is now known as St. Petersburg to everyone as Russia was still the USSR at the time I was born. I lived in Leningrad til I was four when my father left and then we all moved to Tiksi, a very cold place in northern Russia where to reach it you have to travel by plane as there are no roads that lead to the town.

But I really wouldn't want to see why anyone would want to visit... quite the boring little port town. And because it was above the artic circle, the sun rise and sun set times where very... odd.

user posted image
Tiksi at two-o-clock in the morning.

I'm in my second-year of medical school, and I'm currently training to become a doctor.

My characters include at the moment Martyn Ferdinand, Glenn and Fredrik Hughes. Fred actually being my husband's character, but as he's too busy with work I've sort of tack him on, and my late characters Hawley Faust, Edward Rommel, and Blaine Eno.

And that's about it for me.... :unsure: Yes.

*hovers away*

Kuze - October 11, 2005 12:54 AM (GMT)
Well I'm Kuze owner of Heather Pendergaset(last name i mispelled), Shinya Motomura, and the Late Kiyoko Asakawa

I started using this moniker late last year when i really got into BR (using the last name of how Toukan put it "Insulin girl")

and thats all your getting out of me

cottage cheese smoke screen away! :ph43r:

Swoosh - February 23, 2006 12:55 PM (GMT)
*bumps this up* Seeing as we've had like, 10 new people in the past week... maybe there should be somewhere to introduce themselves.

Kai, are you going to make a new person introduction forum thing?

Kaishi - February 24, 2006 02:46 AM (GMT)
A little bit before version two begins, since there's no point when most of the new memebers are going to leave anyway. ;)

Slayer - February 24, 2006 01:51 PM (GMT)
Really I don't see the point in people registering since they can't really do anything anymore thanks to the good ol' Character Cap.

ZigZaggerty - February 24, 2006 10:13 PM (GMT)
I'm still here, I'm just biding my time until v2.

I'm fourteen, and the school crazy. Most people are afraid of me >:D
I'm an avid RPer, and I'm Canadian! That's it for me, other than all that I'm not that interesting.

yakusoku92 - February 25, 2006 05:35 AM (GMT)
call me yakusoku or whatever you wish just make sure it isnt anything negative. i'm waiting for v2 i hope v1 ends soon so i can start RPing.

i'm a music fan well i'm into mostly Jpop and Kpop and I'm Canadian too.

d0ddi0slave - February 25, 2006 05:36 AM (GMT)
Canadians = fucking rule.

Just, um, thought I'd pop that in there.

riserugu - February 25, 2006 06:08 AM (GMT)

Goodness, the Canadians are starting to take over the board. Just used to be Maka and Dodd... now look where's it going. ;)

Ah, joking. Love ya'll, even if you did beat Russia in hockey.

Slayer - February 25, 2006 06:12 AM (GMT)
There's still only four of them. I agree though, Canada's great. I might move there if I can get through all that paperwork (even then, I'd need a hell of a lot of research if the Canadian immigration tests are anything like the American ones).

d0ddi0slave - February 25, 2006 06:25 AM (GMT)
Riser = OUCH...;)

I wasn't too affected, like the rest fo the country cuz I didn't see a single damn game.

riserugu - February 25, 2006 06:39 AM (GMT)
*shrug* I watched when I could I saw the women's game where we lost to Canada, and then the men's game where we beat Sweden. That's about it... I enjoy the figure staking more. XD

And let's hope to become a citizen of Canada isn't anything like the one in the US (my friend told me it was hell) then again, the one in the UK isn't that fun to go through, though I don't have to wait as long as someone else because I'm married to a person with UK citizenship; but pretty much have have to hold a indefinite leave to remain in the UK, legally live here for three years, been outside the UK for no more than 90-days in a one year period, take that Life in the United Kingdom test or go to combined English langage and citizenship classes. But because I have no time to go to classes, I'm taking my test in April. And from what I hear they're some random questions like.

-Who is the prime minister?
-How do you pay a phone bill?
-What does it mean to be a good neighbour?
Putting firecrackers in thier mailbox is probably not the answer they're looking for with this question, if I'm asked it.
-How did the United Kingdom come about?
-When was Britain last invaded?
-When was the Act of Union?

Sephy - February 25, 2006 01:51 PM (GMT)
O_O *pets Riser* I'm English and I can only answer the first one of those questions...

How do you pay a phone bill?
What does it mean to be a good neighbour?

When your neighbour pays your phone bill they're a good neighbour :D should be questions like "3 reasons why Chavs are the scum of the earth"
or simply "Do you hate Chavs and think England is the best football team?"
If Yes-you're in!

Bloody_Fists - February 25, 2006 04:03 PM (GMT)
They should give it a bit of a BR theme. If you cant hunt down and kill a chav in the wilderness with nothing but a safety pin.....Your in.

Swoosh - February 25, 2006 04:21 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (riserugu @ Feb 25 2006, 07:39 AM)
the one in the UK isn't that fun to go through

Hahaha, my friend Safa just did that test. (she's from Iraq). Apparently they asked her stuff about what was on Corraination Street. x___X

Some of the questions they asked I didn't have a clue though. When DID we last get invaded? 1940, around that time, ne?

Megami - February 25, 2006 04:23 PM (GMT)
I have a better question: why does it matter? S'not like you're being occupied now or anything, is it? Especially on ours, it asks questions that half of the American population probably doesn't know.

Slayer - February 25, 2006 04:36 PM (GMT)
Hey, with the current state of things, I don't blame them from trying to keep Americans out.

riserugu - February 25, 2006 04:47 PM (GMT)
Actually abou the invasion question, when I ask one of the teachers about it they said that the last time Britain was invaded was in 1066, although, there was a failed invasion in 1797 in Fishguard by French forces.

I'm just like... right.

Though I've been reading up about this test, and it said some guy had suggested that people from ethnic minorities in Britain should not be considered truly British until they supported the England cricket team, as opposed to the country of their or their ancestors' birth.

Does Russia even have a cricket team? *ponderponder*

Swoosh - February 25, 2006 05:01 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (riserugu @ Feb 25 2006, 05:47 PM)
Actually abou the invasion question, when I ask one of the teachers about it they said that the last time Britain was invaded was in 1066, although, there was a failed invasion in 1797 in Fishguard by French forces.

I'm just like... right.

Though I've been reading up about this test, and it said some guy had suggested that people from ethnic minorities in Britain should not be considered truly British until they supported the England cricket team, as opposed to the country of their or their ancestors' birth.

Does Russia even have a cricket team? *ponderponder*

Hahaha. Wales doesn't have a cricket team. Why should I support a team of filthy foreigners? People'd start thinking I was actually English myself!

Think it's about time that people realised that British =/= English. *growls*

And dude, didn't WW2 count as some sort of invasion? Surely...

Sephy - February 25, 2006 07:46 PM (GMT)
Maybe they meant Succesful invasion o_o

Coranation Street? seriously? XD i'd fail at a UK citizenship test

Britain should not be considered truly British until they supported the England cricket team, as opposed to the country of their or their ancestors' birth.

I don't support the English cricket team, I think the onyl thing you need to do to be british is to be able to make a good cup of tea :P

Bloody_Fists - February 27, 2006 03:58 PM (GMT)
Fuck coronation street, Now hollyoaks, theres a completely different story.

Zero Hakaru - February 28, 2006 03:12 AM (GMT)
Um, hello there everyone. It's a pleasure to meet you all.

I was looking for a good RP to join (as my RPer's itch was driving me insane) though sadly I can't join this one because of the cap.

Ah well, I'll stick around for v2 while taking notes for a BR d20 template I wish to create. =3

Megami - February 28, 2006 03:30 AM (GMT)
Well Zero, welcome to SOTF! You can always make use of the "Other RP" thread to cure you're boredom until Version 1 comes to a close. :-)

Zero Hakaru - February 28, 2006 03:32 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Megami @ Feb 27 2006, 10:30 PM)
Well Zero, welcome to SOTF! You can always make use of the "Other RP" thread to cure you're boredom until Version 1 comes to a close. :-)

I could. ^^

While slipping in subliminal messages of a BR movie series/remake I wish to do. >> << XD

Well, I'll check it out. *moseys on down to Other RP*

Swoosh - February 28, 2006 02:58 PM (GMT)
Hopefully V#1 should end soonish. ^___^

Zero Hakaru - February 28, 2006 07:37 PM (GMT)
Take your time. I was convinced to change my BR movie plans (story really, we're doing a new plot) so I got some work to do, I'll just use Ver #1 for some inspiration. ^_~

d0ddi0slave - March 1, 2006 12:16 AM (GMT)
We definitely have our fair share of memorable characters. :P

Cycokiller - March 4, 2006 08:01 AM (GMT)
OI OI OI! My stupid username is CycoKiller, but you kind folks can call me Cyco. I'm not a big fan of manga, but Battle Royale deeply excited and disturbed me! Then I saw the movie...DEAR GOD. I LOVE BR. From what I've read, this forum has some talented writers. I look forward to v2, and especially to writing/playing a kickass story/RP with you boys/girls.

P.S: I am a total greenhorn when it comes to these RP things, so please bear with me.

d0ddi0slave - March 4, 2006 01:26 PM (GMT)
Welcome to the forum. I'm sure that V1 will likely end soonish, a la end of March/April. So until then, hang around, chat us up on AIM, join into threads in the other RP section, read our official Wiki, and...yeah, just enjoy.


Paperdoll - March 20, 2006 11:50 PM (GMT)
hello *waves* I've just watched Battle Royale a few days ago... and now I'm obsessed :P this is the first time that I've joined a RP site and it's all due to my love for Battle Royale :) I'm really looking forward to be able to join the RP

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