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Title: You Can Do It!
Description: Ganbare...

Kaishi - October 1, 2005 12:54 AM (GMT)
It took me four times to actually muster up the courage to come back here.

I'm not going to make any excuses. All I'm going to say is that I apologize for being selfish. In an effort to get more freetime, I axed many sites I was on. Among the sites axed was SOTF, my own site. And where did this leave you all? Wondering, worrying, pondering, confused...right now, it's irrelevant.

I'm back, whether you all like it or not. And I'm going to make SOTF work this time. I'm not going to take off without notice anymore. I'm going to stay here as long as I can, and do my best to visit this place everyday. Nothing's guaranteed, but I'll try to be here from now on.

Changes are going to be made; things will be fixed. Such as the inactivity that I'm seeing. What brought that upon, eh? Anywho, among said changes will be the staff, the rules, the storyline...the site in its entirety, really.

I came into this believing that managing a site is a one person job. When it comes down to it, it isn't. I'm going to need all of you guys help to make this work. Whether you're a newbie that I've never heard of, a person lurking in the shadows, or a diehard roleplayer...I'm going to need your input. From new rules to a brand new storyline, I'm going to need it all.

There's one big question for everyone, though. And that is: what will we do with the current plot? Should the terrorists arrive, and we finish things even with the site's inactivity? Or, shall we begin a new, and act as if this SOTF never happened? Maybe, even a sequel plot of sorts? We could easily do the last questions...I've got ideas in that department.

So, what say, my friends?

Slayer - October 1, 2005 01:28 AM (GMT)
Well, personally I'm against starting all over again, but I agree that the terrorists going on the island thing might not really work. Maybe have the next announcement include Danya changing his mind and simply executing them? As for the inactive characters, I personally think they all have to be killed off to reduce clutter, but that's only my opinion.

riserugu - October 1, 2005 01:57 AM (GMT)

First thing, first.


I have to agree with Slayer on the terms of not axing this current game, but we do need to do something about the current inactive characters. Though it seems that one of us just calling the character and killing them seems to have worked... *shrug*

As for the terrorists... I really don't know about that.

d0ddi0slave - October 1, 2005 02:06 AM (GMT)
Great to have you back, Kai. I completely understand, for I've basically had the same issue - I've tried to reduce my online time to create a real life for myself. But fuck that, I work 40 hours a week anyways, where's time for a life? :P

I'm all for continuing the current plotline, but I agree with Slayer that a lot of the inactive characters SHOULD be just sorta toasted as far as just reducing clutter. If we ever want to get back into it, we need to finish the game as it's going now, mainly because - hell, we've put so much effort into it, we all want to see a sole survivor, right? :)

I'd like to offer my services as much as I can. As it stands now, my evenings are generally free, and until I really work up the cajones to ask out a certain girl, there really isn't much I'm doing, so I can be on the site quite a bit during the evenings (generally when I work, I end at 8:30ish EST).

As far as the terrorists can see how it could work, but it might be best to just kill them off before they even begin - or we could use them as a device to kill off a whole bunch of the inactive characters, then die themselves without really even getting onto the island. When it all comes down to it though, I think that we NEED to finish the current SOTF edition, and then start a brand new one, with fresh faces, and a fresh new storyline. I have so many ideas, it's...well, it's ridiculous. :)

I think the main thing that everyone's been concerned about is - that you're okay. I remember that the last time we all saw you, you vanished due to some stomach problems and whatnot, and then we never heard from you again, leaving most of us thinking the worst.

SO I think I speak for everyone when I say welcome back, no hard feelings, and let's get this show on the road! :)

asano - October 1, 2005 02:07 AM (GMT)
Seriously, I don't blame you at all.
Whatever you did, I don't quite care.
Okay, that sounds really cold.
What I mean is that I'm incredibly happy you came back.
This happens quite a bit on the other site I go to. The admin leaves, comes back, leaves...x.x;;...

Here's a suggestion for the inactive people. Considering post count means almost nothing here, it's not too bad.
Send out a MASS PM. Anyone who doesn't reply within, say, a few months, gets deleted. Their characters just die however ...someone wants them too, if they have any.
See? Sorta mean, but plenty of time.

Myself, I like the rules. It's a hard switch going from being killed without permission to giving permission to die. [/sarcasm]
It's a welcome change. I don't die so much.

Thank you. SO MUCH. For coming back.
I can't wait to read Danya's next announcements ^^

LadyMakaze - October 1, 2005 02:44 AM (GMT)
Welcome back!! Was wondering when you'd show up again, but truth to say, I was a bit worried about you back there. Well I'm relieved now. Hope everything's doing alright on your end.

With that said, better get down to business. First of all in case of a 'Kaishi-gone-missing' event recurring anytime soon, might I suggest the addition of another Admin to the team. Or at least someone who can move the approved characters onto the registration board and perhaps roll weapons for them. Yeah, I know its a big responsibility to roll for stuffs like that, though not as big as rolling deaths. Nevertheless, I was thinking of making a more even distribution of GM-ing responsibilities to make things easier on Kaishi and everyone else. And also in case she disappears again. :)

Speaking of distribution of responsibilities, I'd like to apply for Mod. I live in the PST part of the world, and I'm pretty much free all day on weekends. On weekdays, I'm free afternoons to evenings. As for my reasons for applying for Mod, it's all for the good interests of making this RP a fun and engaging one, by sharing responsibilities of the GM, and basically to help it run a little smoother too.

As for the Mass PM thing, I think its a good idea, however due to the fact that some members aren't even logging on anymore, email would be a more effective option.

Cheers! *celebrates the Return of the Kai*

Kaishi - October 1, 2005 03:01 AM (GMT)
Teehee. I'm fine now. No worries at all. :lol:

So, what I've gathered...
1. The terrorists might get into the game. Possibly as a way to kill off the inactive characters.
2. The game isn't going to restart just yet. The game will keep going on and all until a survivor is found.
3. People might be notified via mass PM (or via email...gah) that they need to get active soon or face death.
4. Staff additions, most definitely. ;) I agree on all those points. XD

Anything else of signifigance anyone would like to add? :P

asano - October 1, 2005 03:04 AM (GMT)
Definitely make a place for people to post up reasons/wants for being a staff member.
As I said before, keep it only for a week or so, or else you'll start getting garbage ones.

Definitely get the new characters into the game, maybe make a newb welcome board? Always comforting to have the wiser, crazier players welcoming newbs.
Don't ask why.

d0ddi0slave - October 1, 2005 03:11 AM (GMT)

um, perhaps we could sort of do a little bit of a housecleaning, and get a straight-up list as to who's actually here and who isn't.

I know off the top of my head, LadyMakaze, riserugu, Slayer, myself, Sephy, Mismatched Eyes, Kuze, Bloody Fists, Elise Aversano, are all still around, as well as a complete freaking INFLUX of new people (which fucking rules, asano's like heading up the noob squad, as it may be.)

;) j/k, asano. :P

but yeah. definitely need more LEAST another admin, perhaps a mod or two. Just to be sure.

At this point it's best if we regroup, make sure that we're all still around and everything, do a little housecleaning, catch ourselves up, and resume.

We're going to need an annoncement to cover the last like huge shitload of deaths...basically some research onto who's actually still alive. Ummm...let's see. We're going to need someone to do a number on the Roster forum, move those new people over to it, and update the statuses on those who're already there.

Ahhh...let's see...I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out, but...

asano - October 1, 2005 03:16 AM (GMT)
Oh, THANKS, Doddio.
I feel so loved.

BTW, two of those people are here thanks to meh ^^


Yeah. Who died and who didn't? @@

That's a big one.
Doddio covered everything I can think of.

Remember, Doddio: I'm not a noob. Look at my signature. ha!
Newby not noob. >>;

Kuze - October 1, 2005 06:28 AM (GMT)
First off w00t Kai's back, I was starting to get worried there for a moment that you abandoned SOTF for good.

but anyways maybe only one terrorist (I.E the one you have completed) and let the other two die.

Adding new staff members would be a good idea. because even if you go poof we have another person to fall back on.

Well seeing as the mods live in California, and 2 differnet places in Great Brittan, I would like to apply for a mod position seeing as im one of the few in EST (GMT -5) and im on very often, (I.E I'm an internet Junkie.)

oh and Dodd Thesus is still around.

oh well ill log onto AIM for a bit before i get to bed.


Whiz - October 1, 2005 10:46 AM (GMT)
It's Admin Almighty! Very nice to know you're still alive and that you came back. I'm pretty new here and I haven't exactly seen you around here before, and seeing as though I have nothing of great importance to contribute to the thread, I'll just take the opportunity to say hi

So, um... 'Hi.' and welcome back.

Swoosh - October 1, 2005 11:25 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Kaishi @ Oct 1 2005, 04:01 AM)
2. The game isn't going to restart just yet. The game will keep going on and all until a survivor is found.

I'm glad you're back ^_^ I won't go into what everyone else has said, because, yeah. It's already been said. I did like the idea of the terrorists though.

But regarding the little bit I quoted... how are we going to find a survivor? I mean, this all seems to me a bit like Timesplitters or something; when one of your characters dies, you just make another one, like that. So how is there going to be a winner, when basically, this game could go on forever...?

d0ddi0slave - October 1, 2005 02:08 PM (GMT)
That's easy. :P We'll just put a cap on the number of characters.

Sephy - October 1, 2005 03:50 PM (GMT)
Welcome back Kai! *hugs* we really missed you, I don't blame you for trying to get mroe free time, the internet eats your time away >>

I mostly agree with whats been said, although I think a few months is too long a time for inactive people to be given.
I'm not saying your useless (you rock! woo) but a sort of understudy-admin would be good in case you got sick, or stuck under a ton of work/homework (depending on your age :P)

I think I speak for everyone on this board when I say we're all willing to help with this site, we love it! ^__^

Swoosh - October 1, 2005 06:17 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Sephy @ Oct 1 2005, 04:50 PM)
I think I speak for everyone on this board when I say we're all willing to help with this site, we love it! ^__^

*nod nod* This site is teh shiznit, yo.

Slayer - October 1, 2005 11:04 PM (GMT)
Anyone know what "Ganbare" means? All I know is it's either Italian or Spanish.

LadyMakaze - October 2, 2005 01:02 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Slayer @ Oct 1 2005, 04:04 PM)
Anyone know what "Ganbare" means? All I know is it's either Italian or Spanish.

....Actually it's Japanese. ^^;; Basically words of encouragement, like 'go for it!' or 'do your best!', but can be directed towards oneself as well. This is what Shuya's dad wrote on the toilet paper after hanging himself, and what Kitano said to Noriko before Shuya pumped his guts full of lead with the 9mm machine gun.

Slayer - October 2, 2005 01:37 AM (GMT)
Actually, he said "Shoot me or I'll shoot you." before getting shot.[/nitpick]

LadyMakaze - October 2, 2005 01:51 AM (GMT)
Yes yes, that what he says RIGHT before Nanahara blasts him a new one. Before that, a while after revealing his lovely painting, he was saying "Nakagawa, ganbare." Which meant, "Noriko, you can do it."

Theseus - October 2, 2005 02:48 AM (GMT)
well that's cool your back. We were all geting a little worried <_< but anyways I'm always here and I'm not planning on going inactive anytime soon, so yeah, so far what everyone said has been pretty good as to what should happen on SOFT as of now.

Kaishi - October 3, 2005 02:36 AM (GMT)
Alrighty. I've compiled a list of things that I need to complete, or at the very least start (XD) by the 9th (AKA Sunday...I think).

1. Create the new Mod and Admin applications. I'll probably look for two to three more mods (it really depends) and one Admin. :ph43r:
2. Look over all the current applications, move people that need to be moved, and officially make the character cap announcement.
3. Make a Danya announcement.
4. Finish those stinking terrorists and get them on the island.

That's about it for now, right? :P
Glad to see that you guys managed to stick around with the forums for this long, and that you all still seem happy (more or less) about everything here. :lol:

d0ddi0slave - October 3, 2005 03:03 AM (GMT)
*giggle* teehee. theseus called it SOFT. hehehehe.

and oh, um, sounds like an idea.

Sephy - October 3, 2005 11:19 AM (GMT)
umm...a few Death rolls would be good...people need to get dyin' again (now i've said that Dai'll probably get rolled :P)

d0ddi0slave - October 3, 2005 04:47 PM (GMT)
Death rolls're a good idea...HOWEVER...I believe that we should DEFINITELY dispose of all the inatcive characters first before killing off the active ones.

Slayer - October 3, 2005 07:19 PM (GMT)
I agree, and I think we should fill in some of the gaps between character numbers just to make the student roster more "complete".

MooCow - October 3, 2005 09:20 PM (GMT)
Mine are all to be considered active!

Kuze - October 3, 2005 09:46 PM (GMT)
Not exactly Tayli, not exactly...

Slayer - October 4, 2005 01:24 AM (GMT)
Kuze's right. You need to post for them to be considered active.

d0ddi0slave - October 4, 2005 03:03 AM (GMT)
Agree with slayer...there shouldn't be like number 45832383 or whatever.

Should be 1-100.

That's it.

Slayer - October 4, 2005 03:11 AM (GMT)
There have been people who've registered numbers over one hundred (I swear I saw a boy#362 or something). Maybe we should make all new members choos a number between one and one hundred and change the numbers above that?

MooCow - October 4, 2005 08:54 PM (GMT)
Well I can't post for Clemence until Kai puts Rice on the island... and I'm still waiting for Dodd with Miranda. Aiden's not a problem.

Sephy - October 4, 2005 09:04 PM (GMT)
well then why aren't you posting for him? _

Friendly Ghost - October 4, 2005 11:04 PM (GMT)
Good to meet you, Kaishi; running something like this must be a pig at times, so no sweat about anything.

guitarjack87 - October 13, 2005 02:03 PM (GMT)
I'm not going to lie, I thought this site was dead. I just happened to come back here to look, and I noticed the discussion about a replacement moderator and such, but I still did not believe that could be pulled off. Now that Kashi is back though, I am willing to jump back on the proverbial bandwagon and get back into RP'ing. I am on pritty much all the time now, I was just devoting time to different stuff. So I am sorry, Elise, I will try to get cody back on track, and Marcus...well, I have not decided what I am going to do with him yet, seing as he has a closed head wound. I will figure it out though, I promise you.

Swoosh - October 13, 2005 05:05 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (guitarjack87 @ Oct 13 2005, 03:03 PM)
So I am sorry, Elise, I will try to get cody back on track

Too late, Mallory's outta there; I got bored ^_^

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