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Title: On my own
Description: I try to hold it all inside

Swoosh - August 11, 2005 11:38 PM (GMT)
((Coming from The Makeshift Hospital-

Angharad had experienced a vaguely enjoyable game so far, if it could ever be called that. But in her defence, she had taken part in no battles, no one had tried to attack her and she had seen no bloodshed or bodies.

Up ahead, she spotted the lookout point. It was up a small hill, but that was ok. Angharad liked hills. She began to climb, thinking as she did.

So this was how she was going to be like. Existing in this game, completely on her own. It wasn't so bad; at least no one would attack her like this, if she kept herself to herself, and no one could stab her in the back (quite literally).

But then again, she was starting to miss the social interaction. She was a popular girl, and not having a friend or two to talk to was killing her.

"Cach..." (shit...) she sighed. Taking her cat claws carefully from out of her trouser legs, she examined them while thinking about the life she'd lost, that she'd left behind. Her mother, her friends, her little pet lamb Ewan, her boyfriend... she missed them all so much.

She sighed again. She was beginning to lose herself in her thoughts when a noise brought her out of them.

What was that?...

riserugu - August 13, 2005 05:38 PM (GMT)
((Continued from: "Though We May Not Survive It..."))

Exiting the area of trees that surrounded the area of the river, Hawley was finally able to get more than a decent look of the lookout point itself. With a light sigh he continued his moving, starting toward the small hill that had to be ascended before they could reach the top…

Glancing back over his shoulder he eyed David lightly just making sure the other hadn’t ran off or again, he still held hardly any trust for the other… but that wasn’t the point now. Pausing briefly as he made his way up, he moved the leg with the injured knee a little. The pain from the wound was hardly there anymore, but it was enough to just be annoying to him now.

Another moment passed before he got up to the top of the hill and onto the point, a clear view of the whole island able to be seen everything from the burnt down coppice, to the woods, and the field… and even the ocean that surrounded the island.

Though that’s also when he was able to take note of the person already at the point, a female that didn’t seem to familiar to him in any way… his hand moved on reflex to the gun in his pocket though stopped when a shot rang through the air.

Turning back to look over his shoulder he glanced to where they had came from the sound certainly did sound like it had came from there, and the loud, and oddly familiar blast that followed only proved more of a point. “Damn it…”

Swoosh - August 13, 2005 08:04 PM (GMT)
Angharad leapt up as if she had been bitten on the ass at the sight of the two guys. How could she have been so incrediably stupid? She'd just let these people just... sneak up on her.

If it wasn't for the sound that had echoed through the area, she would have been dead now. Well, that was a sobering thought. She couldn't afford to zone out like that again. Making up her mind to stay alert for the rest of the game (however long she lasted), Angharad removed the cat claws from her trousers. Ok, so the two boys were distracted for now.

...should she 'play' the game? She would have a certain chance of killing them if she snuck up behind them now... and it would stop them from killing her...

She crept up, cat claws in her hand.

MismatchedEyes - August 13, 2005 09:29 PM (GMT)
((Continued from: Starting Place for B#54))

He hadnt done this much excersise since the prom king had seen him looking at his girlfriend and even then he had nearly passed out from exshaustion and he could feel his body ache and the need for a break being yelled at him.He didnt know how long he had been running for but the trickles of sweat on his forehead told the world how long he had been running.Air would be sucked into his lungs between every couple of steps.

Then he saw it as if his prayers had been answered.The Lookout point,he beant over for a couple of seconds sucking that much needed oxygen into his lungs.The grip on his bag would be adjusted before he would take off running as fast as he could..well as fast as he could at the moment out of the wooded area around the lookout point and up the hill towards the lookout point.

Not the smartest move for the so called genius of his school to sprint out into the open and up a hill towards a building but there was one thing on his mind and that was getting inside of that little building.

riserugu - August 14, 2005 08:10 PM (GMT)
As moments of an pregnant silence pressed down on his he couldn’t help but feeling that panic feeling set in, that feeling that just made the ‘what if’ questions run through his mind in overdrive. That same feeling of panic that was making him sick to his stomach…

They’re probably dead…

Shaking his head he pushed a hand against his forehead, trying to clam whatever was starting to stir up in mind at these moments. “They’re not, they can’t be.” He muttered lightly to himself, briefly shutting his eyes trying to let everything come together. But part of his self was just saying everything he couldn’t…

They are and you know they are and it’s your fault you let yourself walk away from them.

Hawley found himself pressing his eyes shut tighter together as he tried to bite back all the comments that he was currently going though, none of it could be true… he couldn’t allow himself to let it be true.

Hrm. What will Adam think, knowing that you walked away from a very special person to him. Wounded, and hardly able to walk. You left her with another wounded person, now yes she had a gun but do you really think she’d be able to pull it… common sense here, two girls like that could be easy kills. And so they ended up being, some friend you turned out to be.

“Shut up.” He found himself muttering a little louder than he wanted still keeping a hand pressed against his forehead, but still his thoughts didn’t let up…

You should have never tied yourself down to a group… if you hadn’t you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone but yourself instead of going on this stupid search for some hockey idiot with no sense of direction. Personally I think you should just dump this good boy act before it gets you killed like those girls…

Hawley was about to protest more when the sound of running feet broke him away, and turning him back to fact the point itself taking note of the girl that had been there was now moving with something in her hand. Hardly even thinking about it, he found himself drawing the Ballester-Molina from his pocket, and aiming it toward the female…

Not at the ground near her feet, or off to the side to fire a warning shot. He aimed right at her, and pulled back on the trigger without a hint of a second thought… just as he had done with Helena.

See doesn’t that feel all the better?

Not bothering to see the result of his shot he turned and begun making his way down the hill of the point, glancing back toward David. “Wait there and make sure she doesn’t follow or anything, I’m going to see about those shots.” He said, continuing down. ‘After all, what’s the point of letting their supplies, and weaponry the killer didn’t take go to waste.’ He found himself musing silently in thought.

There weren't friends in this game, in something like this being friends was just a thing asking to be betrayed... he wasn't going to be shot in the back because he happened to let himself believe he had made some. He never had friends before this, why should that change anyone to wanting it besides the will to live and not be alone.

He wasn't going to let himself be killed because of some silly emotions, having emotions at this point would just be his death in the end...

((<_< Gah. The sadistic bastard makes a come-back…damn those unstable emotions.))

((Continued in: "Though We May Not Survive It..."))

Swoosh - August 14, 2005 09:55 PM (GMT)
((Meh. I still find him hot, sadistic or not.))

Shit! He was shooting at her! Angharad lunged out of the way to avoid it. She felt something warm brush her cheek, was she imagining it, or was that how close her head was to exploding at the hands of this guy?

Her hands automatically reached up to touch her cheek. Sure enough, she felt something warm and runny under her hands. It must have been the lightest of scrapes, but nonetheless it had cut her cheek ever so slightly.

That was close...

Another thing she had rugby to thank for. Her excellent diving skills. Swearing inwardly, she sat up, now looking a proper war victim with blood running down her face. Oh well. Maybe it would make people fear her, she thought with some amusement.

She quickly looked up to see where the shooter was now, cursing herself for not checking sooner, but he appeared to be leaving. She looked up at his companion, who looked like he was going nowhere, and muttered "I don't need a babysitter, you know...I'm a big girl now."

Slayer - August 15, 2005 09:52 PM (GMT)
"Don't follow me, I have to get to the group." without explaining what he meant, David blatantly disobeyed Hawley's order and took off towards the river, cursing himself for leaving the two injured girls alone.

You fucking idiot! They're probably dead because you were too damn stupid to stay with them and stop an attacker. Some fucking protector you turned out to be. such thoughts ran through his head the entire way, as he swore to himself and took out the gun. He had to make sure the others were alright.

OOC: Continued at the river.

Swoosh - August 15, 2005 10:01 PM (GMT)
"Like I was going to anyway...." Angharad muttered as the boy sprinted off. So she was on her own again. Figures.

Standing up, she went to walk further in. Even though she was potentially almost killed, she couldn't deny that she appreciated the company. Sighing, she stretched her arms and looked around... only to see another boy, different from the other two and looking like he was on his own. Angharad's hand automatically shot to grab her cat claws as she watched him pant. Had he seen her?

MismatchedEyes - August 15, 2005 10:10 PM (GMT)
He would move from the muddy floor onto the decking of the lookoutpoint releasing his bag with the sound of metallic items clicking together,he would fall down onto his knees holding his chest and sucking in a couple desperate breaths.He shouldnt have run and he knew he shouldnt have run that far but he had.

Sounds of other people caused him to press himself to one of the walls of the lookout.Bag left out in the middle of the lookout,he didnt need it.His legs would be brought up and his arms wrapped around them in a tight hug.Maybe if he stayed quiet they wouldnt know he was here..maybe they would just go away.

This was definetely his luck.He ran from one group of people to another.

Swoosh - August 15, 2005 10:30 PM (GMT)
So it would appear that he hadn't seen her. Angharad smiled. That was some relief.

Turning to leave, however, she was struck down with a thought. She had been on this island for a couple of hours now, and, although she had only run into three people, her cat claws seemed pretty useless against guns and other such weapons. If she was going to survive on this island, she would need to upgrade. She turned back to look at the shelter. Maybe the upgrade she was after was sat inside.

She smiled again, and turned back to walk into the shelter. Putting on a face indicating she was scared and lost, she walked in.

"Helo? Helo??" she called out, speaking in Welsh for added 'little girl lost' effect.

MismatchedEyes - August 16, 2005 04:18 PM (GMT)
He just stayed with his back pressed against the side of the lookout maybe she would leave him alone..No..the voice was getting closer and she wasnt going to back away she was going to come in here and find him and she was going to kill him.His teeth would chew on his bottom lip for a second or two before he would pop up.

"Stay there! Ive got a gun! Dont you dare come any closer or I will shoot you..Youve been warned" he yelled down at her or the best thing he could give at the moment that sort of resembled a yell.He wasnt a threatening guy just by looking at him the human mind slipped into the no threat category.

His brow tied into knots as he would look down at the girl the brow untieing itself very quickly as he would look at her.She looked scared..she looked just as helpless as himself and he couldnt help but release a sigh of releif.

Swoosh - August 16, 2005 04:28 PM (GMT)
Angharad was expecting a reaction similar to this, after all, it wasn't everyday at teenagers armed with weapons could be welcomed wherever they went.

Smiling inwardly, she turned to face the boy. He didn't look much of a threat, but if he had a gun... she decided to keep up the charade for her own safety.

"Pwy wyt ti???" she asked. "Pwy wyt ti???... beth yw'r ots. Mae'n wastraff amser..." (translation- who are you?... what does it matter. What a waste of time...)

She flopped down onto the floor and looked over at the boy. Keep it going, keep it going...

"Angharad dw i. Dych chi siarad Cymraeg?" (I'm Angharad. Do you speak Welsh?)

MismatchedEyes - August 16, 2005 06:01 PM (GMT)
"What?" he couldnt understand a word so they were bringing kids from diffrent counties to this game aswell? This got worse and worse..So she couldnt understand him.He just brought hish ands up and said "Shoo! Go away" a couple of times..What use was a ally he couldnt communicate with? No point in having her around although there was a struggle inside of him.She was still a person even if she was a foreign one..a body if need be to help him out and he sure could use the company.He was used to being alone but in this game he could push himself into tolerating some company.

Swoosh - August 16, 2005 06:12 PM (GMT)
If only she had a camera. This was the thing that Angharad loved best about the English; their way of communicating with foreigners was to talk loudly and wave their arms in wild gestures. She smiled briefly, and went to sit down next to the boy.

Maybe she should drop the Welsh act until she really needed it. This boy didn't seem like much of a threat to her, there was no need to act helpless.

"Ok, I'll drop the cryptic," she said, looking at the boy. "I thought you might be a threat, hence the Welsh.... not that I don't think you're a threat," she said, quickly correcting herself. Had she insulted him? She decided to press on.

"I'm Angharad, and yes, that's a real name," she said.

MismatchedEyes - August 16, 2005 06:28 PM (GMT)
"Well thanks alot for wasting all the time and acting stupid thanks alot" oh had she insulted him? Made him look like a true prick for her sake and now she had considered him not a threat.He just gave off a couple grumbled cursewords and picked up his pack and started off down the hill.

She seemed like the sort of girl he would want to stay with..No she seemed a bit like a user seemed like being alone would be for the best but soon enough his travellings would have him run into one of the more unkind kids he was sure about that.

Swoosh - August 16, 2005 10:55 PM (GMT)
Angharad watched the boy leave with a mixture of bemusement and annoyance. Ok, so that hadn't turned out the way she had wanted... she had hoped to befriend him, earn his trust, and then steal his weapon and continue on her own. Or find someone she could trust. Standing up, she shouted after him angrily "Cer i'r diawl, twllt din!!!" (go to hell, asshole!!)

Sighing, she brushed her knees off from where they had gotten muddy from the kneeling. She watched him go. Should she follow him?

She might as well. He was company, after all, albeit dorky, but she could live with that. Sighing, she ran after him.

"Hey! HEY! Wait up!"

MismatchedEyes - August 17, 2005 05:16 PM (GMT)
Slowely and very reluctantly he would turn to face the girl who had suddenly found an english tongue lying around and had taken to it very well."Why should I? So you can act innocent even more cept this time you might end up killing me..I know how the game works and I know how people like you work and it isnt very safe to hang around with them!" he said before giving a "humph" and starting off down the hill.

Sliding a couple of steps before he regained and started walking again.One hand holding onto the strap of his bag while the other held his glasses on his face "Stay away or Ill use my weapon on you..I Dont want to but its neccesary.I Dont intend to play this game unless neccessary!"

Swoosh - August 17, 2005 06:12 PM (GMT)
Raising her eyebrows, Angharad watched the boy from the top of the Lookout Point.

Would she play the game? Well, one thing was certain, she didn't want to die on this island. She was only 16, she had so much stuff to do before she died. And she especially didn't want to die at the hands of some rednecks that she didn't even know. And if killing other people ensured her survival...

... but could she? Could she just mindlessly kill another person? I could kill that guy in a heartbeat, she thought bitterly. He's really pissing me off.

She gripped her cat claws tightly. This guy hadn't reacted how she had wanted at all, and that really pissed her off. She had wanted to use him, and she had ended up with nothing.

"What makes you think I'm not playing this game? What makes you think I won't pull out a gun and shoot you where you are right the hell now?" she shouted after his quickly vanishing form. "What makes you think that I won't fucking kill you where you stand???" She was getting more and more angry as he got further and further away, but she knew he could hear her, even if he was a while away.

MismatchedEyes - August 17, 2005 06:46 PM (GMT)
He just let out a laugh as he would look over his shoulder at her "If you were going to pull a gun out and shoot me you would have and you will..If youre playing then you will attack me but till you dont mak ea move to show me youre playing then I wont belive you and my opinion doesnt count for much.If youre going to kill me you will do that wether I belive youre playing or not.Fair?" He said before looking back to his path and crouching down as he put his hands on a nearby Rock so he would not loose his grip and slide the rest of the way down from the lookout.

Swoosh - August 17, 2005 08:52 PM (GMT)
She balled up her fists. This guy was really pissing her off... she was threatening him and all he could do was laugh?

Well, if he had a weapon that was any better than hers, she surely deserved to have it. And she wanted it. It's not like he would put up much of a fight, by the looks of things.

"Well maybe I am playing!!" she shouted, and ran down the hill in hot pursuit of him, her cat claws out in full splendour. It was tough going running down the hill, she stumbled a bit and lost her balance occasionally, but she wasn't just going to be disregarded like that.

MismatchedEyes - August 17, 2005 08:59 PM (GMT)
( Its like Chigusa and Niida without the attempted Rape..Unless thats why she is chasing him! :blink: )

So she was chasing him with a weapon wow had great things were he simply burst into a run down the hill since he was mostly out of the area he was just enternig the brush when he heard her yell and then those cat claws came into view.

Eyes widened beneath the black rimmed spectacles of his as he would pick up his pace moving from a light jogg into a full out run."Shit Shit Shit" he repeated the word several tiems as he would run and once again the pain in his chest built up as he was put under strain.

"Leave me alone!" were the words he released very loudly as he tore into the brush around the lookout.

((Continued in: Dude! FORTIFIED! Pt. 2))

Swoosh - August 17, 2005 09:17 PM (GMT)
((Haha, you WISH :P))

Shit, he was getting away! In one last ditch attempt, she lunged at him, hoping to perhaps tackle him, but it was too late, he'd gone.

Muttering incoherently, she got up, and once again dusted her legs free of any dirt they may have accumulated in the dive. Should she go after him? That would use up a lot of her energy just to chase some scrawny coward... no. She'd let him go.

She looked around the open space she found herself in. All that chaos would have probably gotten someone's attention. That's all she needed now... her to be tired, and some psycho killer to show up, and bang, hilarity ensues.

Sighing angrily, she darted off into the bushes, cat claws safely hidden.

((Continued in Open Field- Stand Up, Boy #53))

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