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Title: The Third Announcement
Description: And a look at Mr. Danya!

Kaishi - July 27, 2005 10:29 PM (GMT)
blitzkrieg167 has entered the "SOTF Discussion" Chatroom.
Zynny: Yo Blitz!
blitzkrieg167: hi
ChaosInBlood: How you doing man?
TaichiSpirit: Hey there Blitz. :-)
blitzkrieg167: im doing fine, and hi Tai
blitzkrieg167: did you guys see the recent episode of sotf/?
Zynny: I did.
ChaosInBlood: Heh, who hasn't?
TaichiSpirit: I missed it. :-(
thelastbreath: your terrible
TaichiSpirit: My little brother was sick, and I had to drive him to the doctor's. :-/
blitzkrieg167: the episode was greatish
TaichiSpirit: Got a summary?
Zynny: Edward's death was sad...
Palooza89: So was that Mason's death. Ouchies!
TaichiSpirit: Did Uriel and Jacob die?
ChaosInBlood: Nope. They're still kicking, and I believe they're heading back to the School Building.
Zynny: Speaking of the School Building...was I the only one who laughed when Sydney died?
blitzkrieg167: he was boring...
blitzkrieg167: friiiiiends forever111one!1!!!
TaichiSpirit: LOL!!!
ChaosInBlood: Hehh.
thelastbreath: the girlz are dying too fast. gah.
Palooza89: Speaking of the girls, anyone got any favorites?
Zynny: Heather, because she took that pervert down. :-)
ChaosInBlood: Someone told me last night that Heather isn't really a girl...
TaichiSpirit: Isn't she??? :-o
Palooza89: Oh yah. Those character secret book things are going to go in-depth with a lot of the SOTF teens. Like, there's a lot of secrets we don't know.
Zynny: I'm planning on writing a Amanda/Adam/Hawley fanfic. XD
blitzkrieg167: switch hawleyz name with madelainez and ill read it
ChaosInBlood: hahahahhahaha
blitzkrieg167: :-)
Palooza89: I'm still working on my Jimmy/Chi fanfic. It's gonna be tight.
thelastbreath: like your syd/xian fic... plz spare us
TaichiSpirit: Nothing tops my Xian/Cole fanfic!
Palooza89: Ew...that story freaked me out to no end, because you had him bleeding during all of that!!
TaichiSpirit: So? He was dying that way, so he should bleed all over in the fic.
Zynny: Cillian's scary...
blitzkrieg167: yah i hear ya!! I heard that in the nxt part o the sho, he duz sumtin really craaaazy
TaichiSpirit: Umi's crew might find a way of the island.
TheNotSoGreat: Back.
ChaosInBlood: Welcome back.
TheNotSoGreat: Thx.
TheNotSoGreat: I don'
Zynny: Meh...Umi's crew.
TheNotSoGreat: I don't think anyone will find a way off the island.*
TaichiSpirit: Zynny, what's wrong with Umi's crew?
Zynny: It's the name. "Umi's crew"??? What is up with that?
blitzkrieg167: n who said she was the leader anyway lol
Palooza89: I found a terrible fanfic lastnight...
Palooza89: Not terrible, terrible, but terrible as in "I might throw up".
blitzkrieg167: wut was it
thelastbreath: probbly stumbled over 1 of his own ficks
blitzkrieg167: lolz
Zynny: Palooza, did it happen to be a Aiden/Daisuke fic by "CIB"?
Palooza89: Yeah! it was nasty...too detailed for me, mmkay
TheNotSoGreat: I think I found that fic, too. I thought it was wonderfully written, and flowed very well.
TheNotSoGreat: Besides, it was believable, too.
ChaosInBlood: ...
TheNotSoGreat: If anyone hasn't read it yet, then you should. Author extends the time at the well before Umi arrives, and then Daisuke and Aiden...well, yeah. *nosebleed*
Palooza89: Yeah, yeah. I guess it was good...
Palooza89: ...If you're into that kind of stuff.
Zynny: Someone better make a David/Madelaine/Amanda fanfic, then. XD
blitzkrieg167: i know i'd read it :-)
TaichiSpirit: Haha.
TaichiSpirit: I might write one and dedicate it to you, Blitz.
blitzkrieg167: why thank you
blitzkrieg167: its good to be appreciated :-)
ChaosInBlood:'s because you seem to have tie-ins with the Administrators of the GREATEST "Survival of the Fittest" fansite. :-/
blitzkrieg167: haha still good to be appreciated, man
thelastbreath: g2g
blitzkrieg167: Bye
TaichiSpirit: Byeeee!1!
thelastbreath has left the Chatroom.
blitzkrieg167: I have to go too, unfortunately :-(
Zynny: Aw...
blitzkrieg167: keep getting nagged to get off the cpu
blitzkrieg167: nag, nag, nag, whine...that's all everyone does to me
TheNotSoGreat: Hehhhh
blitzkrieg167: Bye everyone
Zynny: Bye Blitz! Stay awesome!!
blitzkrieg167: Will do. :-)
blitzkrieg167 has left the Chatroom.

"Never thought that this kiddy stuff would actually be fun." Mr. Danya thought allowed with a small laugh and a puff of his big, fat cigar. His trademark cigar that he had even employed people to make specially for him. Of course, it was illegal to force people to make such a vile thing, but Mr. Danya didn't care. He had already done his fair share of illegal activites basically unscached. Including SOTF. "I don't know why it is. Basically the fans, I guess." He smirked, looking over at his "attendant".

Skinny, tall, and long armed, and often ridiculed by Mr. Danya. He put up with it. He had to. Who knew what Mr. Danya would do if Dorian spoke against him? Throw a collar on him and shove him in the game? Dorian shuddered against the thought. Besides, other than his fear of Mr. Danya keeping him from speaking against him and putting up with the insults, Dorian got paid very well. He had a sick mother...he had to do this stuff, all the while secretly sending her money under the alias of "Jett". Dorian sighed a little. He wasn't the only one putting up with Mr. Danya. Just here alone in this secret location there were ten people officially working for Mr. Danya (Dorian himself included), and forty soldiers patrolling the area and making sure that the US hadn't found them just yet.

"How're the fan websites coming along, Dorian?"
"Good, Sir. McLocke is still working furiously on the Hawley one, Rice is working on the "deceased" fan website for all the dead and lesser known players..." Dorian paused, trying to remember the name of one of his coworkers. "Er, um...Kaige made an Andrew Klock fansite yesterday. Not the greatest, but it's a start." Dorian laughed nervously.
"Good, good." Mr. Danya pulled the cigar out of his mouth with a small sigh. "What about the main website itself? You know, the one that all the fans are practically glued to...?"
Dorian smiled. It had been his job to work on the main website, with help here and there from Garnet. But, he didn't credit Garnet for anything, really. All Garnet was there for was to proofread, and fix any errors in the coding. "It's going great, Sir! I recently fixed a few bugs in the coding of the chatroom" - actually, Garnet had, but Dorian decided to take the credit to look better in Mr. Danya's eyes - "and now I'm trying to encode a forum to the website, so people can post up what they want to say and everything. The chatroom can only hold so many people at this current time...only around seven at the most, otherwise it crashes. So, I've decided to --"

"Fine." Mr. Danya said, the annoyance apparent. He hated it when people started to babble. He placed the cigar back in his mouth taking long puffs of it as if to hint that he was trying to remember something. "Funny how the government hardly has made much of a hubbub about all of this." He took a long puff from his cigar, blowing it all out in a poofy, ring of smoke. Mr. Danya chuckled, more to himself than Dorian. "I'm guessing they don't really want people knowing what danger everyone is in. McLocke told me that they're trying to play the whole thing off as a terrible reality show, forcing families to keep quiet about their child being in it. In fact --" He broke out into a coughing fit, causing Dorian to rush over to his boss in an effort to pat his back. Anything to ensure he wouldn't die.

"I'm fine!!" Mr. Danya yelled. During his coughing fit, he had dropped his cigar. With a frown, he kicked the cigar. "Go fetch me another cigar, Dorian."
"Y-Yes, Danya Sir." Dorian hurriedly answered to his boss's wishes, even lighting the cigar for him. Mr. Danya puffed out another ring of smoke, acting as if his little coughing fit had never happened.
"As I was saying...I believe the American Goverment is even trying to silence people." Mr. Danya fingered his cigar, pausing to idle with his thoughts. "Not kill them, mind you, but keep them quiet elsewise they may face something pretty major." Mr. Danya glared. That was the last thing that he wanted to happen. The Government keeping people quiet. He wanted everyone to scream in terror, he wanted them to see their siblings die right on the TV Screen, he wanted for parents to weep over the death of their son, or daughter. There was so much for them to see. So much for them to get terrified over.

Blip, blip. It came from one of the computer terminals. A worker wearing a rather large (not to mention goofy) headset looked over at Mr. Danya worriedly. He had been practically eavesdropping on the conversation between Dorian and Danya, but he didn't care...he made it look like he was working, anyway.
"Yeah, what is it?" Mr. Danya pointed his cigar at Achlys, an annoyed frown slowly forming on his face. "Are the kids learning to deactive their collars already?"
"No, no!" Achlys hurriedly said, his next words coming out in a loud, blurry slur. "The island,, you know..."
Mr. Danya rushed over to the screen, shoving Achlys out of the way. "What, what is it? I can't see anything!!"
"It's raining, Sir...we've lost the transmission to the cameras. We still have collar access, and all the radio frequencies are basically there...mics are still in good condition, too."
"Darn it. Would've been better if those two kids had burned down the island. But, this!" Mr. Danya held up his hands in frustration. "Recover it, Achlys, recover the whole darned thing."
"I...I can't. The only cameras working right now are the ones in the ravine, caves, warehouse, bathroom facility, and the shore." Why there were cameras in the bathroom facility was basically beyond Achlys. He blinked a little, as if to blink back tears.

"Get it back soon. Don't let any of the kids on. Elsewise, I'm going to throw you onto the island." Mr. Danya's threat was pretty idle. He didn't really plan on throwing Achlys into the island, since he'd probably leak out too many secrets to the students about the whole terrorist faction and everything like that. But, the way that Mr. Danya said that and glared was extremely convincing. Even Dorian himself was a little afraid for Achlys. "The radar map is still up, correct?"
Achlys nodded, tears of fear now falling down his face. Mr. Danya smirked. Achlys was always a coward. A crafty, creative coward, though, whom always got the job done...that was why he was one of Mr. Danya's top workers.
"Good, good. I'm going to make the announcement...the loud speaker system and all that jazz is still working, right?"
Again, Achlys nodded, as if Mr. Danya had taken his voice from him.
"Alright. Dorian, come with me and review the footage. Got to get all the deaths right, y'know?" Mr. Danya smiled, and then walked into the other room made specifically for his grand Announcements. Dorian followed him like a baby duck, trembling ever so slightly at the fact that Mr. Danya was truly all powerful. There truly was no way off the island for the kids, was there?

Oh how I love my job...


"Oh hello kids! Better find some shelter, it's really starting to drizzle." Mr. Danya said grandly. It was always fun announcing random crud to the students and instilling fear into their hearts. The looks on their faces as he read off the deaths of their friends were priceless. He sighed, realizing he couldn't see such a sight now that just about all the cameras were broken. Sure, there were the other locations, but it didn't seem as if anyone was really there doing anything. Must be hiding... "The rain should douse the flames, though, and wash away the blood. This might be the rare time that you'll be able to take a shower, kiddies, so I'd use this moment to my advantage."

Mr. Danya paused, reading over the long list of deaths. Some had been tragic, some had been a surprise, while others were just downright creepy. "Alright, I'm sure you all are looking forward to hearing the deaths of your friends, so I'll just get right to it. Selene stayed in a Danger Zone for too long...collar exploded, and that's that. ...Cole Hudson got cut up like a turkey by that Andrew guy, getting Xian's weapon jammed into a major artery during their rather bloody fight." Mr. Danya paused to puff out several rings of smoke before continuing on. "Simply put, Xian pulled the corkscrew out of Cole's arm, severing an artery in the process and basically spelled out the end for him. Rather messy death, too. Sprayed blood everywhere. You hear that, Xian? It was your fault." Mr. Danya laughed. Of course, he was just messing with her head.

"Next to die was Venka Rapler. Got in the way of a gunfight...her death was practically inevitable. Alan soon died next...idiot took on a guy with a gun when he only had brass knuckles." Mr. Danya shrugged, and paused for dramatic effect like he always liked to do. "Andrew Klock got shot down by that David know to protect Amanda, or something. Really, she's only the vice president's daughter. Stupid American patriots..." Mr. Danya pulled his cigar out of his mouth, looking down the list again, and trying to figure out something neat to say. "Kichiro Taka died looking for his sister at the Bamboo Coppice. Fire overwhelmed him, to say the least. Such a shame that he had already found Umi Martin - his sister - afterall. Pretty tragic story, if you ask me." Mr. Danya sighed, acting as if he felt sad for Kichiro, when in truth he didn't at all. The marketting was good, and besides, the fans love sad tradegies like the whole thing involving Kichiro and Umi.

"Edward Rommel died from his wounds, with Garrett by his side all the while. Take good care of that jacket, alright, Garrett? It's pretty nice, if I do say so myself." Marketting for that jacket would be great...Mr. Danya glanced over at Dorian with a small yawn. "The next death was pretty darn shocking, if I do say so myself. Cillian certainly had...erm, fun with Jon Tognetti. Really hacked that guy apart. Lots and lots of gore." Danya chuckled into the microphone. "Mason Lucien died a horrid death. It was...painful to watch, to say the least. Heather kinda did a little overkill, but whatever, Mason deserved it for humiliating me during our game of Internet Craps. I think he used some hacking programs...I'm sure of it.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot..." Mr. Danya grinned. "You guys are getting famous. Fan sites, fan fiction, fan art. Chatrooms discussing the SOTF ACT, too, and forums. I'm glad you guys are being so noteworthy...becoming so famous. Your parents are probably proud. Do you guys want to know some of the fanfics being written? Xian/Cole fanfics, Xian/Syd fanfics, Aiden/Daisuke, there's even a couple of Uriel/Jacob fanfics." Mr. Danya smirked. He wanted to make them feel outraged and angry. "Got a Kichiro/Umi fanfic. Ew...never was into that whole brother/sister romance stuff. Very nasty, even in my country... Some guy I know is working on this Jimmy/Chi fanfic. Care to hear more?" Mr. Danya didn't care if they didn't want to, he just kept going on about the fanfics.

"There's also a Amanda/Adam/Hawley fanfic, too. Doesn't that make you all proud of yourselves? Fanart, fanfiction, everything. You guys are all becoming famous!" His twisted smile broadened. "There might even be a Trading Card Game, too...I'm contemplating it. Look good for the cameras, kiddies. But, it's Danger Zone time. The Woods and The Dirtpath. All other dangerzones are wiped...those two are the only dangerzones for now.
"So, everyone, remember to stay out of the rain! Find shelter, and be wary of mud and everything!!"

Decided to show Mr. Danya more, and those other terrorists, too. Who knows if Dorian might eventually snap under Mr. Danya's rule and save everyone? Perhaps a terrorist will be thrown on the island, even? ...To tell the truth, none of that'll happen, most likely. We'll see, we'll see...
New locations (Told you I'd add more!):
- Bathroom Facility
- The Shore
- The Ravine
- The Warehouse
- The Caves

(Of course, those aren't their definite names, since the names are a little boring. Sigh...) Expect them all to be up in the next couple of hours, or so. ;)

The Dice Rolls are River Garrety (aw...plastic hammer power :( :P ) and Andrew Lipson. Good luck getting killed off! :o Have fun with it. :P

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