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Title: The Second Announcement
Description: And The New Staff

Kaishi - July 16, 2005 08:26 PM (GMT)
Before I begin Mr. Danya's announcement, I'd like to congratulate the members of this site. 7 deaths (give or take one, or two) already. And it hasn't even been a complete month yet! But...unfortunately, 7th deaths isn't exactly good enough. In fact, maybe I should keep that in mind and roll the dice more often? I don't know, you guys decide for me. :o Meh, still, somebody's got to die. Hey, let's make it two people dying this time! Kill with a gusto!!



"Sir, Mr. Danya, sir...8 deaths, already! Isn't that profound?"
"Darn it, why won't you ever just be quiet when I start an announcement?" Mr. Danya paused for a dramatic effect, and then laughed his hideous laugh. "8 deaths indeed. And when did that all happen? Day one...and the day isn't even done, yet!"
This caused another laugh from Mr. Danyah. It was his schtick to laugh a lot, afterall, and talk about luck and all that jazz. That's what made him crazy. That's what made him who he was...Mr. Danya, insane conductor of all what was going on.

"Ah, as I was saying...I'm gonna read off the deaths in order of their happening. Soon after my first announcement, both Niniko Kishinawa and Tayli Vreeland died via collar explosion like the fools they are. Remember I told you about that one guy's death last time? That...that...Syd guy. Yep, she freaking tripped and fell like an idiot and killed him. Niniko, well, there's nothing sad to tell about him." He sighed, obviously dissapointed in the way that Niniko had died. "He fell asleep, and must've slept through the announcement. Shame, shame. He would've been a contender, and cool for marketting." At this, he began to snicker himself into a laughing fit.

"Alright, alright..." Mr. Danya wheezed. "Next deaths...Gabrielle Minase, killed by Daisuke Andou. No, the fight wasn't cool at all, nothing great, really. Just a lot of talking. Minase should've known he was going to die, though. I, he was up against three, or four people. Shoulda figured he was going to die like a fool." He coughed into the mic, hoping to call more attention to his words incase anyone was asleep. "Next to die was that Morgana something or another girl. Um...Vendvmagli, yeah, that's it. You might know her better as Anya, though. Had quite a struggle with Jacob, if I do say so myself." Again, Mr. Danya coughed into the mic.

"And then, in the Lighthouse, it was August Masbeth's turn to die after a great fight against Hawley Faust. For a while there, I was hoping that she'd win. You know, she was fighting to avenge Helena. Yep, that girl that was killed by Faust last announcement. After she died, it was Terry's turn to bite the bullet and die. Boo hoo, boo hoo, I guess." He said the last sentences in a mocking tone, acting as if he was truly sad about their deaths. He wasn't. Not one bit sad. Dissapointed, maybe, but not sad, or remorseful at the fact that he and many others were orchestrating this dreadful program. "Now, finally, it's time to announce the Danger Zones. Danger Zones have been lifted from the Bamboo Coppice, and the School Building, meaning now you can travel freely. The new Danger Zones are The Lighthouse and The Waterfall.

"Erm, that is all for today! Remember to keep up the killings, and fight to survive, play to win!"


Alright now. You may be seeing new places soon, including, but not limited to...a ravine. :o Yep, that's all I'll be spoiling for you all now. Since the roleplay is growing so quickly, I'll definately need to add new areas, don't you think? :lol:
Oh yeah...almost forgot! :P The new staff...ah, yes. Took a while to do this...mod thing.
NEW STAFF MEMBERS!! Please do NOT do anything just yet! Atleast not until you see the new special board for Mods, and when you get your rank officially! At the moment, you are only Mods...unofficially. :o

The new Mods are riserugu, ebonydear, and Sephy. We might be needing more Mods later down the line, but I'm sure having 4 staffmembers will suffice (in fact, it might be more than enough). Congrats, new staff...don't let the power go to your heads. ;)

Kaishi - July 17, 2005 12:52 AM (GMT)
zOMG! The Admin hath double posted!111one!11 :o
Jokingness aside, my apologies, but I forgot to put the rolls into that post. So...I'm going to reroll (heh, I forgot whom they were, anyhow, so booyah ;) ). unfortunate these rolls are. To think that one of them is a staffmember, too. And they had just gotten a kill, too!
Daisuke Andou is the first roll. Good luck with writing your death! Remember to make it nice and gory so the viewers have something great to watch and comment on. ;)
And the second roll is rather unfortunate, aswell... Then again, he did team up with a killer, so I have a feeling that he might be killed by Faust himself. But, who really knows? It's up to the roleplayer to decide their own character's fate.
Adam Dodd is the second roll, if you haven't figured it out by now.

Well, good luck with getting yourselves killed! Don't forget about the little rules about getting yourself all should really know them by now. :o If you haven't already, you could always swap out your designated character with another character of your own.
But...if there's someone out there who wants to... Post here, and state whom you'd like to die in the place of. The roleplayer you are swapping with HAS to agree. Don't forget that doing that removes the person's chance of swapping Character A with Character B if Character A was chosen to die (and vice versa)!

As always...have fun.

d0ddi0slave - July 17, 2005 12:54 AM (GMT)
Blar. Well, Adam's still got some story in him, so I'm going to take the cheapy way out and swap him for poor ol' butchered up Cole Hudson.

Sephy - July 17, 2005 08:38 AM (GMT)
Noooooo! Daisukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *clings*

Lien - July 18, 2005 05:25 PM (GMT)
My character, Venka Rapler is going to die in place of Daisuke. She's scheduled to die today.

So there's my character substitution.

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