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Title: Phoebe Cross

Vierna Do'Urden - December 31, 2007 12:48 AM (GMT)
Name:Phoebe Anne Cross

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Grade: 10th

School: Hobbsborough (Southside High)

Extra Curricular Activities: Archery Club, Chess Club.

Description: Phoebe is of average height, with a slim build. She has short, straight brown hair,which she sometimes puts in a headband, and blue eyes. Her skin isn't too pale, but it isn't tanned either. Her distinguishing mark is that she doesn't have any, except for an extremely sweet, bright smile.

She tends to dress somewhat traditionally. She mostly wears sweaters and button down shirts with knee length skirts. In the summer, she lets herself dress a little more casually, solely for comfort reasons. She always wears simple, stud earrings. Her lucky pair is real gold, and she wears them whenever she feels that she might need luck.

As far as personality goes, Phoebe is polite and freindly. However, she sometimes tends to be a bit bookish, and falls clearly into the category of "book smart, not street smart" As a result, she isn't terribly unpopular, but she's not an "it" girl either. When it comes to her closest friends, she's extremely loyal, and will help and support them whenever they need it.

She was one of Southside High's straight A students before the blend with St.Andrews, and she has kept up the good work. She is determined to prove that Southside students can excel just as much as those from St. Andrews. Through a slow, gradual process of hard work and determination, she's managed to gain a small measure of respect from a few of the less elitist St. Andrews students.

She is Christian, but not Catholic. She beleives that the actions of the perpetrators of the recent violence in Hobbsborough are directly against what Jesus taught. She has recently been the target of bullying from some of the St. Andrews students, but nothing serious has happened yet.

Her dream is to become an author. She's tried several times to write a book, but she always seems to leave off halfway through.

Clique: She tends to hang out with the "nerds" and the "bookworms". She sometimes endeavors to get to know some students from other social groups, but it rarely works.

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