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Title: The Halloween Party
Description: ~Happy Halloween~

Megami - October 2, 2006 03:34 AM (GMT)
Attend (yes, I DID just use that). In case you didn't figure it out from the title, this is an alternate-reality roleplay featuring the V1 characters in a Halloween party, 'cause well, I'm bored. Ridiculously bored, even. Anyway, there's no point in setting up a backstory to this because it's just completely AU, so... if your characters know one another, awesome. If they don't, fine. It's just something for fun, we don't have to have every little detail laid out. End rant... and begin roleplay!


The last place in the world Jill Gatling expected to spend the notorious All Hallows Eve was at some lame Halloween party with a bunch of people she barely knew or vaguely associated with. Yet somehow, she had let herself be dragged into this place. As her friend Viki had stated flatly, "What's the point in dressing up for Halloween if you're not going anywhere?". Jill had, for whatever reason, opted to dress up as Resident Evil character Jill Valentine, simply for the fact that it wasn't much in the way of costumes to pull off, and for the fact that she hald a somewhat vague resemblence to the character to begin with.

And now she was here, and quickly found herself cast into the humbling role of wallflower as her friends took off in various directions. She couldn't help but admit that the masquerade was quite amusing. People she'd never expected to show up had attended, some of them with the most ridiculous costumes she could possibly imagine. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw one of her fellow Barry Colesoners dressed up as a gigantic chicken, and she couldn't help but ponder to herself who in their right mind would be caught dead in a costume like that.

Crossing her arms over her chest as she leaned against the normally light-tan but now caked ridiculously thick with decorations wall, she continued to scan over the rather large room. Kids from all over the place had shown up -- pumpkins, chickens, princesses, knights, genies -- it was quite the colorful cast. Laughing a bit to herself at the sheer ridiculousness of the thrown-together event that was playing out in front of her eyes, she allowed one hand to fall to the side and began lightly fingering the fake gun situated in the holster on her skirt.


Jill couldn't help but muse the word to herself as she stared out at the sea of people occupying the room. It was one word, a little bitty word, but it seemed to sum up this entire night so very well. She couldn't help but recollect in her mind how she ever wound up coming to this ridiculous thing in the first place, let alone how her friends had all but ditched her for the more enthusiastic of the night's participants no sooner had they walked in the door. Her eyes leisurely scanned over all the people in the room. Perhaps she'd run into someone she knew, and the night wouldn't be a total loss. In all honesty though, she wouldn't be surprised if she remained plastered to the wall underneath the glittery ghost decorations for the remainder of the night.

LadyMakaze - October 2, 2006 05:04 AM (GMT)
Ahhh, of the most commercialized, jaded, and worn down holidays of the year, lumped in along with Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and perhaps even Thanksgiving. Here in the time of what one would call modern society, whatever traditional values the holiday was once associated with had been long since forgotten, replaced by a more decadent version, birthed by consumer society and commercialism. No longer did people gather to pay their respects to the departed, but to gorge in immoderation over candy, partying, costuming, and other such indulgences.

But if indulgence truly was a sin, then one may as well call Chance Burton the devil. For this was the reason he'd taken a break from trotting the globe. Events like these, they only came once a year. Events like these, Chance wouldn't dare miss for the world. After all, when else in the year and where else in the world would he be able to dress up as a Western-style gunslinger and party with his school mates from Barry Coleson High?

Not in Athens, that was for sure.

Chance could feel eyes wandering upon his guised form as he strode his way casually through the room. He couldn't help but smile, half embarrassed, half smirking with some sort of pride as he tried to imagine how he looked right now. The more ignorant ones attending the party would at least figure out that he was wearing a Western gunslinger or cowboy type costume of some sort. Then there were those who would instantly recognize him as the video game character Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy VIII.

Which was fine either way with Chance, for he himself felt pretty good about the way his costume turned out. It was pretty close to being authentic, with a practically genuine set of cowboy hats and boots, a fur lined coat and chaps, and above all, it was just damn classy. He smiled cheerfully and waved a friendly one to those who met his eyes, taking the time to let his eyes wander the place.

Just look at all the people in all that getup... not just your generic witches, vampires or mummies, he thought to himself. Cocking his head to one side, he blinked in slight surprise. He could have sworn that he'd spotted GoGo Yubari, meteor hammer and all.

Everyone's all decked out...everyone and the whole place. It's practically packed in here. His crystal clear green eyes suddenly shifted in a gleam of worry. Wonder how will I be able to find her in a place like this...

Not bothering to let needless worry ruin his mood, he casually sauntered about the room, holding the replicate shotgun against his shoulder in an almost careless manner, typical of the character he was dressed up as. Well, what use was there to worry? Here, he had plenty of time. And now that he was here he may as well meet up with some of the people here.

Though the place was filled to the brim with people of all walks, of all sorts, with costumes of staggering variety, sea-green eyes scanned the room for a person of apparent interest. It wasn't long until someone caught his discerning eye.

He blinked, and suddenly chuckled aloud.

Hey, I know you.

Calmly, without being threatening, he went right up to Jill Gatling, whom he'd recognized instantly not by who she actually was but rather who she was dressed up as.

"Taking a break from slinging down the undead?" he asked lightly with a friendly smile, tapping the shotgun against his shoulder and tipping the brim of his hat slightly to get a better look at her costume. "Jill Valentine, isn't it? I always thought you looked a bit like her. Man, I loved that game."

He shook his head and chuckled lightly, as though with some sort of incredulity of the whole matter, and gazed curiously towards her again. Looking around, he sat at an empty seat of the nearby couc. Next to him was a small, boyish figure, dressed in a rather elaborate samurai costume sans armor, donning kimono and hakama pants and all, with a sword that looked almost too exquisite to be fake. Chance's eyes wandered curiously over the form of the rather petite samurai, who appeared to have dozed off in a light nap. He looked back towards Jill again.

"You don't look like you're enjoying yourself too much," he noted in an honest tone, attempting to strike a bit of conversation with Jill Valentine/Gatling. "Partying not your kind of thing? Or are you like me and just here for the free candy?"

Lien - October 2, 2006 06:14 AM (GMT)
Most days and nights people put on a persona to get by, to survive whatever social endeavours they had to deal with, or to make some friends and get popular. But Halloween, Halloween was the time that it could be tossed out the window. It didn't have to be your true identity or anything, god no, no one wants to give that away just yet. Halloween was a time to just run with off the wall ideas, try those, "What would happen if I did this?" Only way for that to truly work, however, was to make sure that no one could see through your costume.

After so many years as the same damned thing, Umi took this theory to heart.

Everything about her costume that night was an attempt to be the polar opposite of her, from her hair down to the delicate flats she wore on her stocking feet. She doned a shimmery red strapless dress that reached mid-thigh on her, with a teardrop petticoat to give the outfit some dimension. She traded grease paint for glitter, and lots of it, her arms doused with a goldish-red sheen. The unfortunate part of her garb happened to be her wings, which used the straps on the shoulders to keep them on her back. A little unsightly at first, but she decided that not everything could be perfect.

Most important to Umi, either way, had been her face. She wanted to make sure that no one would recognize her tonight, not even if they stared hard. Her lips were caked with lipstick and gloss, and she had blush brushed onto her cheekbones. Umi's older cousin, who helped her in just about every aspect of the costume, even drew a beautiful design (resembling a soft flame) on her eyes with red, orange, and gold. She made sure that she wasn't left with the same old boring ponytail either, and opted for a half-up and half-down curled style, letting a few bangs hang on the sides of her face.

She almost felt terrible that she covered up the upper portion of her face with a masquerade mask, as she thought the makeup was done beautifully. But even then, she felt that she could be recognized without it.

The whole ordeal made her a little late, but she strolled in quickly and took a look around. She wasn't expecting a prom-sized turnout, with the room getting fuller by the minute, and she gazed at all the people in costume floating around across the floor. Something she hadn't thought of suddenly hit her as she made it to the middle of the room, passing by the classic bedsheet ghost costume: who was she going to be?

She certainly felt like a different person tonight, she'd even tossed the gun for a little wand, but she hadn't thought out what personality she was going to for as the night went on. Did she want to be shy and innocent, maybe bold and unabashedly flirty... Umi couldn't decide with the choices she had.

So she made her way to a chair, and sat back while she considered her possibilities. Either way, she would have something soon, or someone would approach her and she would have no choice but to wing it. With a night like Halloween, it wouldn't be predictable.

Megami - October 2, 2006 11:34 PM (GMT)
Jill was lost deep in thought, staring aimlessly into the vast sea of people slowly filtering into the Barry Coleson gymnasium. She really hadn't expected this many people to show up, and it was almost a testament to the lack of things to do in suburban New York. Still lost somewhere in a daydream, the voice that echoed out in front of her caught her by surprise, and her line of vision darted from the entryway to the plastic-gun totting figure standing before her.

A light grin passed across the brunette's features as her gaze started with the cowboy boots and chaps, slowly meandered its way up, and eventually noticed the cowboy hat and smiling face of Chance Burton. Jill's features curved into a half-hearted smile as her newfound companion commented on her choice of costume and its origins. As Chance noted the similarities between her own appearance and the character's, Jill grinned lightly.

"It's the haircut, right?" she chimed in amusement, "I should sue, they obviously copied her from me."

Jill laughed at the absurd comment. There was some vague resemblance between herself and the character, she supposed. Not like Chance's resemblance to a certain video game character he happened to be portraying. She couldn't help but think that the cowboy get-up that Chance Burton happened to adorn didn't suit the blonde-headed boy very well. He was so cultured and refined that him portraying a gunslinger seemed odd, to say the least. Then again, Halloween was meant to be a step out of the norm.

As Chance pointed out the almost obvious fact that Jill looked absolutely bored out of her mind given the night's current events, she couldn't help but crack a slight grin. Bored wasn't even the right word for it. Despite all the foolishness going on around her, Jill just couldn't seem to get into the Halloween spirit. The entire event seemed almost campy, from the Samurai sitting next to her to the fool who kept stumbling around in the chicken suit, and although it provided some sort of mild amusement, socializing with the nearby genie or the turban-wielding paladin seemed almost laughable.

"The candy's a plus," Jill mused lightly, "But surely you didn't come to this thing just for candy, did you? You could've just raided your parents' candy dish if that had been the case."

Jill laughed lightly and shook her head a bit. From what she knew of Chance Burton, he was never big on social events -- or maybe it was just because he was almost constantly doing some sort of exchange program or was halfway across the world at the time. Him coming to this event for candy was comical, but hardly the truth, she imagined. Of course, she didn't want to pry, it was certainly none of her business. For all she knew, Chance had just come to Barry Coleson's Halloween Ball just because he was actually home at the time and wanted to socialize with those people he called classmates.

Her eyes turned toward the door as a mess of glitter walked through. Jill had to blink a few times to fight back the damage the overall glitteriness of the girl had inflicted. She couldn't place the face hidden descretely behind a mask, nor could she imagine who would possibly have the self-confidence to show up in the outfit the girl adorned. She looked like a prom queen... or maybe an angel... or maybe a bit of both. After all, judging by some of the costumed participants roaming about the gymnasium "dead cheerleader" had been an ongoing theme as well. Her eyes squinted lightly as she attempted to figure out who the girl was, but to no avail. She could only imagine it was probably one of the cheerleaders or something, begging for attention.

"Who is that?" she inquired to her blonde-headed companion, the curiosity overwhelming her.

Cycokiller - October 3, 2006 12:30 AM (GMT)
"Happy Halloween, everyfuckers--cckkkchh!"

Andrew Swainson and Nich Finlayson let the door swing shut behind them; Swainson had just thrown his meagre weight against it causing it to swing open abruptly...but somewhat pathetically, considering the amount of effort involved. He was trying to make a grand entrance, but had pretty much missed the mark entirely. Nobody cared. Whatever. Neither did he; he was quite inebriated. He and Nich had shared a nice 40 oz. of Ballantine's finest Scotch liquooor, huh...grfffch bfft...and a couple of blunts too. Ehhhh! Swainson was quite enjoying himself; he was a lightweight and proud of it. He figured everyone who required a higher percentage of narcotics in their system to feel their ill effects was just jealous. Like Nich. That b-bastard. Andrew snickered. 'I'm just kidding,' he thought to himself, his eyes squinting nearly shut from his perpetual grin. 'Nich's my DOG! My DAWWWG! Urp.' He turned to Nich. "Nich, you're my dawg!" he belched, enjoying the pleasant flavor the whiskey left in the back of his throat.

Nich shook his head and snickered, brushing his long hair out of his eyes. He still had some of his wits about him, although he could admit he was feeling pretty good himself. He was far more accustomed to the harder stuff, to which Swainson was still a novice. He looked around at the room full of various buttholes he'd never met before. They had been putzing around outside for the longest time, and really had no idea what had drawn them to the crowded room. He glanced down at himself. He was dressed normally (for him): black army boots, ripped jeans, a Koffin Kats t-shirt and a black bandanna around his neck. He'd applied what could only be described as an fuckload of fake blood to himself and Swainson, and was sure to draw dark circles under each of their eyes with black face paint; if anyone asked, they were zombies. Nich had been a zombie for halloween every year since he was a kid. He was obsessed with them. Swainson didn't care, and he liked the idea of being covered with blood without actually being injured, so he'd requested a healthy dose of 'zombifying' as well. They would have been undistinguishable from the walking dead featured in any zombie movie circa 1982 or before. What were they doing here? It was halloween! Someone had to go around dressed as ghouls for no reason. And that's just what the duo had been doing all night. Now it was time to check out some babes dressed as different shit. Maybe there would be some kind of new undiscovered fetish about. The two made their way inside and immediately began making themselves at home, Nich eyeing the odd chick in the process.

LadyMakaze - October 3, 2006 12:43 AM (GMT)
Chance returned Jill's remark with a laugh of his own, adjusting his hat for a moment before lounging back against the couch, taking good care not to jostle the sleeping samurai as he adjusted his hat a bit, tilting his head towards Jill with ever the good-natured smile. Smirking knowingly to Jill's remark about the possibility of raiding the candy dish, he told her smoothly, "Been there, done that, actually, and it's hardly enough just yet."

His expression changed into a somewhat thoughtful one, though still light-hearted by nature. "Though you have a point there, y'know. Then again, I might be asking you the same question, seeing how you seem kinda disinterested with the whole Halloween Spirit going round. Though that's just by face-value for me, I just thought I'd catch up on everything I've missed you know? After being away for months at a time, I thought that I'd least get to know everyone's names. And yeah, free candy's always a plus, but..."

He laughed lightly, and shrugged it off a bit, gazing back towards the mass of witches, knights, vampires, and video game characters that was practically seething throughout the room. "I dunno, just these kinda events, you know? Breaks the monotony of things, kinda reminds you that life doesn't have to always be so predictable, and that there's always something new to discover every day. But that's just me..."

He shook his head, smiling awkwardly towards Jill, not at all expecting her to understand exactly what he was talking about. It was just that taking part in an event like this was all Chance needed to be reassured of the fact that life didn't always have to be so ordinary, and generic. No matter how repetitive things seemed to get, at least there would be those scarce times of the year where you'd get to dress up as your favourite video game character among friends and associates. Wasn't it just the perfect way to break the endless cycle of normality for once?

Not that he would say all of this in front of Jill of course... but that was how Chance saw it. Either way, he was glad just for the opportunity to meet the people he'd never met before and be able to become familiar with those he only barely knew. And of course, there were all the different costumes. The entire place was like a museum of living exhibits. One may call it a freak show of sorts, but in a costume party like this, there was no such thing as predictability.

And indeed, it was something out of the ordinary, even as something as unpredictable as a Halloween party, that caught both Chance's and Jill's eyes as the sparkly, glittery mass made its way into the room, catching the attention and eye of many the attendee as she carefully made her way through crowd, looking somewhat lost. At the sheer glitteryness of it all, Chance's eyes momentarily filled with sunspots and he blinked.

"Now that's flashy..." Chance mused with a sort of weak pun, unable to come up with anything else at the sheer incredulity of it all. At Jill's inquiry, he shook her head, having know idea who the heck the newcomer was or what she was supposed to be dressed up as. He had to admit though, the form was quite a site for weary eyes. Elaborately designed, and stunning in several ways, flashiness aside, Chance couldn't help but raised an impressed eyebrow at the costume.

"I somehow doubt it, but..." he suddenly stood up, his green eyes coming alight all of a sudden. "Well...maybe. Maybe it's Madelaine. I'll go and check."

The plastic shotgun clicked slightly as he picked it up again and rose from the couch, making his way towards the glittery newcomer. He called out to her, "Oy, Madelaine, is that you?" As he approached her, Chance looked her over with a scrutinizing eye. "It's you isn't it, huh? That's some costume." He grinned at her cheerfully, looking triumphant at the same time. "I can't believe you listened to me, you dressed up in something so great and stunning like this. How long did it take for you to make this?"

Meanwhile, just as Chance disappeared into the crowd, the samurai that had been immersed in a light slumber finally roused. The samurai's face, decorated with a distinct, made up scar below the left eye, lifted slightly as the form stirred slightly, disturbed from by Chance's voice. Brown eyes opened, were rubbed by finger-cut gloves, and blinked blearily towards Jill as the brunette in the samurai costume swayed lightly with a rather disoriented look upon her face.

"Ah...I must have dozed off. ...Did someone just call my name?"

Lien - October 3, 2006 01:08 AM (GMT)
Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea, as people started to look her over a bit more closely. Much as attention was flattering, she still didn't know how she would take it. Umi let her hands rest on her knees as she surveyed the two drunkards coming in, makeup and all. She had to say they were definately going to either bring some life to the party, or break the punch bowl. Which actually might be entertaining anyway, so she smiled a little as they blended into the crowd.

"Oy, Madelaine, is that you?"

She turned her head and furrowed her brow at the question, thinking that she missed a part of what the boy had said. Did he just call her Madelaine? That one lanky girl? She was about to shake her head or tell him otherwise, but a shocking reality hit her at that moment. People would be able to recognize her voice, and her illusion of becoming someone else would ultimately end. It was obvious to her that that was not on her list of things to do tonight.

"It's you isn't it, huh? That's some costume...I can't believe you listened to me, you dressed up in something so great and stunning like this. How long did it take for you to make this?"

Umi was a little offset by the boy's assumption, but she tried her best to communicate that she was not the girl he thought by shaking her head vigorously. Hoping he got the point from that, she smiled brightly and gave a little wink. Maybe she'd be able to get him to dance with her, or something. A cowboy and a fairy, how funny would that be? She had obviously missed video games as a young girl out in the shooting range, but luckily she wasn't going to reveal that herself with her silent oath.
Meanwhile, a young boy stepped into the room, making yet another late-comer to the party. His ebony hair was slicked back and held with gel, the tan he had from his old home fading and giving him a lighter caramel complexion. His face, well, half of it, was covered with a white mask, and he doned a black and crimson outfit that had a slight resemblance to a matador. His ensemble was finished off with a full length cape, made with nice material so that it wouldn't rip.

After all, his sister had a good costume, why couldn't he? Kichiro had bribed his sister to pay for some of his costume to leave her alone for the night, and hey, it really paid off for him. Hopefully the outfit would attract some attention. It did for that ugly dude that played the Phantom of the Opera in the movie.

He was a younger guy and new to the school, and hoped it would at least do him some good to mingle at this party. And, as far as his dance skills were concerned, he thought it better to break the ice with some of the more "conservative" attendees (I.E. the ones who didn't dry hump the opposite sex). The first person to catch his attention away from the cheerleader group (he definately thought they could move), was an older student that was dressed as the female Resident Evil title character.

"Look! Tyrant!" he called out, maybe not the smartest thing, but he wanted to direct the girl's attention from the samurai that had approached her. He found an empty chair next to her and took it, giving a sort of sly, close-mouthed smile as her faced her.

"I was only kidding, sorry, but thought it might liven things up a bit...," he tried to shrug with the cape, but it proved to be heavier than he had expected, and the motion was lost in the garb, "What's your name?"

LadyMakaze - October 4, 2006 06:08 AM (GMT)
Chance could barely keep his grin from extending across the entire width of his thin face as he looked the decked out figure that was alit with sheen and glitter before him, nearly dazzling him into blindness. Suddenly a bit more self-conscious, he lightly held the brim of his hat with his thumb and index finger, extended from his black finger cut gloves. Now seemed a good time to sober up from the initial excitement.

He tilted his head in slight inquiry and bemusement as the elaborately guised figure before him shook her head suddenly at his reply without saying a word. Not knowing what to make of the odd answer to his remark, he shrugged and grinned nonetheless, apparently not quite getting the hint that the girl before him, actually Umi, was trying to make.

It did occur to Chance that the Madelaine in such a bedazzling costume was a bit shorter than he had expected. Then again, she was only little above average height for her age and gender, and in any case, perhaps it was the glittery light that tricked his eyes for the moment there.

But Chance just knew. Before him stood Madelaine. He could tell one-hundred percent. Besides, who else knew her this well? Just by a single glance, Chance knew that he had picked out Madelaine from the massive crowd of disguised attendees. And not just by luck either, nor by appearance, nor the sound of her voice, but rather, by his own gut feeling. He knew Madelaine anywhere, and he knew that it just had to be Madelaine standing before him.

And catching the sight of a wink from beneath the elaborate mask only seemed to confirm it. Hardly able to keep from grinning, he looked about the room for a moment, before leaning his face an inch closer and lowering his voice.

"Ohh, I get it, you want to keep your identity a secret. Don't want people to know who you are, right?" he told her with a slight note of triumph in his voice, as though impressed with his own insight. He winked at her brightly. "I won't say a word, we'll just let the people keep guessing. Only you and I will know."

He laughed lightly before moving his face away again, looking well assured of himself. After a moment of looking over her costume again with a casual expression on his face, he spoke, extending a gracious, gloved hand towards her.

"So, now that we're here, might as well partake in the fun for a dance?"

~ ~ ~

Demurely folding her hands so that they were hidden inside the huge expanse of her sleeves, Madelaine sat at the couch that rested against the wall, looking about at all the activity that surged and seethed around her within the compact area, wearing a look that expressed some curiosity, some disinterest at the event that was well underway.

Partying at events such as these were in all honesty, never truly were her sort of thing. Just the crowdedness of the area, the amount of activity in such a cramped, stuffy space was enough to overwhelm her. Neither was the excess amount of socializing, nor the presence of strangers and unfamiliars scattered around her. But then again, here she was, partaking in an event of the very nature she had come to dislike. It was strange how the way things would often turn out sometimes.

She remembered, after much deliberation and debating on her part, finally being persuaded by Chance to attend the Halloween party despite all that she disliked about such events. She remembered quite vividly being begged and pestered by a plaintive Chance, who was entirely set on going, though not without Madelaine herself. In the end, reasoning that at least she would have Chance with her and would also be able to possibly meet others that she knew at the party, she relented.

But though she disliked parties in general, Madelaine had absolutely nothing to hold against the Halloween itself. Far from it, in fact. Costuming, as well as costume designing and creation, was a skill that had been honed over several years celebrating the holiday. Cosplay, the Japanese term for 'costume play', came more simply and easily to her than most things, and though she'd never admit this for the life of her, it had become something of a hobby to her. She'd quickly gotten into the enthusiasm of coming up with a costume, and after scrapping several ideas that just didn't seem to appear the most to her, she finally came up with the samurai costume she wore now. A shinsengumi warrior, to be precise.

And so, pulling off an all-nighter dedicated to designing and constructing the costume, and working on a budget of a scant $60, Madelaine had completed her hand made costume.

Now, she felt a completely different person in the garbs of a loyal swordsman from the Meiji Restoration. The sky blue haori-himo robe that she wore over a kimono, along with the dark hakama that flowed loosely from her waist were comfortably full and voluminous on her thin form, giving her an almost fierce, yet noble and elegant appearance. The robes themselves concealed the shape of her figure, which gave her a sense of security at least, and they were quite comfortable for wearing. The headband wrapped about her head with two long tails hanging down the back was also comfortable, keeping her bangs away from her forehead, where her hair was combed back into a high ponytail, which looked uncharacteristically roguish for the normally demure appearance Madelaine usually kept.

The sword itself, along with the sheath was a painted wooden model that Madelaine had actually spent a bit of money on. Though it was a wooden replicate, and no match for the real thing, Madelaine had been surprised to discover that it was quite sturdy, with a good amount of weight on it. Enough perhaps to bruise or fracture a poorly positioned limb. Not that Madelaine had such an intention, just the fact that a model would be capable of doing such intrigued her slightly.

Either way, just possessing it seemed to give her a sense of security as she looked about her unfamiliar surroundings. She remembered arriving early at the party, still having lost sleep from a night spent refining the costume itself, when she settled at a couch and dozed off for a good half hour or so waiting for Chance. And now here she was, in a room that was more packed and crowded with more people than when she was last awake, surrounded by people both familiar and stranger.

Sleepy eyes wandered about her as she observed the happenings of the party from where she was now. Chance was nowhere to be seen, though Madelaine could have sworn she could have heard him call out her name just as she had been waking up from her light nap. A multitude of different guises and characters surrounded her, from the random movie character to the generic cowboy, pirate, and.... Madelaine blinked. Was that a giant chicken costume she just saw?

She lifted a large, voluminous, white-jagged rimmed sleeve to her eye to wipe away the sleep, when the sight of the Phantom himself, black cape, mask and all, cried out Tyrant and approached Jill Gatling sitting next to herself. Watching him approach, she tilted her head thoughtfully and remarked, "I always liked that musical, haven't seen it in a while though."

Her dark eyes wandered about the area, looking somewhat anxious as her gloved hands gripped the hilt of the wooden sword(The thought suddenly occured to her that like this, she probably looked remarkably like the classic brooding hero figure of Shinsengumi romanticism.). Chance was still yet nowhere to be found, and Madelaine was starting to lose hope that someone more familiar to her could be found in a place like this.

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