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Title: That New Guy
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Nealosi - September 27, 2006 10:23 PM (GMT)
((If anything is amiss here PM me. Iíve done a lot of RPing before but if I do something contradictory to SOTF, please, let me know))

Jackie Kovacs stood straight at the front of Mrs. Lanely's eleventh grade homeroom.

He blushed only slightly as Mrs. Lanely introduced him and mentioned that he was a transfer student from Canada. Jackie waved a smooth hand to the rest of the class and tried his best to look 'cool'.

Truth be told he was nervous as hell, but he managed to maintain his laid back demeanour.

"Hey." He announced it as nonchalantly as he could.

Jack took a free seat at the very back of the class, and made note of a few of the other students. He noticed a few of the jock-ish students and began to worry.

ďMan I hope these guys arenít jerk-offs.Ē Jack though to himself as he made scribbled a few side-notes in his journal.

Jack sat through the rest of class impatiently. So far he hadnít embarrassed himself, that was good, and nothing terrible had happened yet. It turned out that everything was going surprisingly well. Jack decided things werenít so bad here after all.

When the bell rang Jackie went out to his old Pontiac, pressed play on the CD player and listened to his new Mars Volta CD as he sat on the hood of the car and smoked a cigarette. He looked around and debated starting a conversation with someone, but he figured someone would approach him sooner or later...

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