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Title: Irrational thoughts and fragmented dreams...

KASpe_r06 - August 29, 2006 03:18 AM (GMT)
((Coming from: Another Day in Homeroom...))

Taylor's black Jeep Cherokee passed the gates of Kensington Heights and coasted down the suberban streets. The palacial Brennan home was located on Newport Avenue, which ran parallel to Ramsgate Drive, and the home of Ali Grayston. Dr. Brennan had purchased the 7000 square foot mansion for his bride to be as a glorified wedding gift almost four and a half years ago. The estate had come complete with five acres of rolling land, a pool, servants quarters and five car garage amongst other luxuries.

The Brennan's were undoutedly a privelaged family, but they had come from humble beginnings. Before receiving his degree in medicine Dr. Brennan had been studying for his electrical engineering degree. Taylor still faintly remembered the small apartment he and his parents had lived in together before the divorce and before his mother had become unable to care for herself. If there was anyone who thought that because Taylor lived in such a luxurious environment, that his life was easy and lacking of drama, they seriously needed to look closer.

Taylor's trip to the Hobbsborough library had been semi-productive in the sense that he'd managed to learn exactly what Battle Royale was, but not much more . It was a game, if you could call such a barbaric government sponsered event that. The exact details of the Program as it was widely known, varied across the globe and from continent to continent but one constant remained, it was a fight to the death. The name of the game was kill or be killed. High School students were abducted and forced to murder one another until only one student remained alive. It was pure Darwin plain and simple and no matter how you sliced it, the situation was lose-lose. Survival of the Fittest. Undoubtedly, the faux-reality show by the same title had been inspired by the real life Battle Royales taking place in The Republic of Greater East Asia from the mid 1900's to the turn of the centuary.

It was all very disturbing. His dream had felt so real; Taylor had smelled the dead bodies of his classmates, felt the pain of his gunshot wounds and heard the voices of his peers with a clarity second not even to real life. If he had been a superstitious person he might have thought it to be a premonition. Visably distraught he fumbled in his messenger bag for the Motorolla RAZR mobile phone he'd received as a christmas gift. Scrolling though his digital phone book he called the only two people he could think of: the boy he had so clearly seen in his dream, Austin, and his best friend, Maggie Heartgreeder.

KASpe_r06 - August 29, 2006 03:43 AM (GMT)
Austin hadn't answered his phone.

Typical of a homophobic jock, he probably thinks I want to ask him out on a date, thought Taylor crossly, not knowing how wrong about the athlete he was.

He decided to spare himself the monthly lecture from the stepmonster on using up his cell phone minutes during prime time hours and used the home phone line to dial Maggie's mobile.

Luckily Maggie, affectionatly referred to by Taylor as "Marge", had answered her cell on the third ring.

"Maggie hey," Taylor began, "where are you?... Sweet Bay? That's my favorite!... Hey listen I need to talk to you. Yes it's important... Maggie listen to me I know this sounds crazy but I had a psychic premonition and before you ask, no I'm not on drugs... What do I mean?... You saw me flip out in class today Marge... I had a dream about Battle Royale. Yeah I didn't know what it was either! That's the thing..."

As he babbled what any sane person would have diagnosed as mental jibberish to the confused girl on the other end of the line, a red mustang convertable could be audibly heard parking in the driveway. Taylor looked out his window and was surprised to see Austin Spencer walking confidently towards the front door with a bouquet of flowers.

"Oh shit... Maggs, just try to get to my house as soon as you can I think Austin Spencer just pulled into my driveway. Yes that Austin Spencer. What other Austin Spencer do we know... yes the baseball player. Just get here as soon as you can okay? Alright, love ya, bye."

Setting the phone on the receiver Taylor waited several seconds until the doorbell rang. Rising from the confortable armchair in the small den adjacent to the foyer, Taylor hoped the flowers weren't for him.

He may be hot, but God is he a womanizing pig.

KASpe_r06 - August 30, 2006 02:21 AM (GMT)
Austin Spencer was a popular guy. The fact that he was the star athlete on Hobbsborough's soccer and baseball teams, coupled with his charming looks and personality had made ontaining teen royalty status a breeze. The guys idolized him for his grace and skill on the field while the girls worshipped him for his chiseled body and modular looks.

Because of this it was hard to imagine a boy like Austin Spencer being nervous over a date. He had dated countless girls from all over Denton and the surrounding tri-county area. The most beautiful girls around, everyone from Bathurst's resident queen bee Ali Grayston to up and coming Hobbsborough freshman, Erin Anderson... the latter of whom's home he happened to be standing in front of at this very moment. His nervousness however was not attributed to anxiety over the girl he was currently dating, but rather nervousness over a probable encounter with her stepbrother, Taylor Brennan.

Now Taylor was far from an imposing big brother figure. No Austin's nervousness was a result of a deep crush on the sophomore class president. Perhaps unhealthy obsession was the correct phrase in this situation. Austin couldn't explain it, but it had been his first sighting of Taylor that had rocked the foundation of the jock boy's very existance and made him realize he was gay. Yes, the God of Denton high school sports was queer, although it was impossible to tell. He was the epitome of masculinity, he just happened to have a deep seated attraction to other boys.

He had been an eighth grader at the time Taylor had transferred to St. Andrews almost four years prior. Whatever had caused the undying attraction Austin didn't know. Taylor had always been cute, but back in the seventh grade he was nothing in comparrison to the bombshell he was these days. No, it had to have been Brennan's personality. A raw physical attraction must have been there too of course. Austin hadn't learned to jack off to mental images of Pamela Anderson like his buddies. It was blunt, but it was the truth. To this day Austin still couldn't explain it, it had been simply put, love at first sight. In his eyes Taylor was the most beautiful creature on God's green earth... and if God tempted him with such a creation than how could acting on these impulses be wrong? Taylor was a far cry from macho without being in the slightest bit queeny. It was this personality that Austin found himself desiring and Taylor had become the basis for comparrison to all others.

Of course at first he had resented his love. Distancing himself from the younger boy as best he could. Austin had fucked as many girls as humanly possible, he had so desperately wanted to be straight. He knew his father would never approve of his being attracted to boys. So Austin had learned to hide it. Couple that with a strong faith that told him sexual thoughts for the same sex were forbidden and you got one fucked up jock. As Austin stood waiting for his date he prayed his love wouldn't answer the door.

The door swung open and much to the soccer player's dismay, there Taylor stood with a look of mild confusion but still as gorgeous as ever.

"Ach-Ach..." Austin choked, but Taylor sparred him any further humiliation by interceding.

"Hey... I just tried to call you?" Taylor began looking confusedly towards the other boy's bright red convertable

Austin gave a look of sincere confusion and forced himself to speak, "umm... what?"

An awkward silence followed.

"Is Erin here?"

Finally Austin forced the words, refusing to make eye contact with the boy he had fantasized about holding in his arms every night for the past four years. He sounded cold and aloof, and he knew it.

"Oh..." Taylor said looking embarressed, "you're here to pick up my sister!... for a date!... right... hold on I'll see if she's home... ERIN!"

"One minute," the freshman vixen known as Erin Anderson yelled from somewhere in the upper level of the large home.

"She'll be down in a sec," Taylor said awkwardly, "uh... you can come in and wait if you want."

"Uh..." Austin's eyes darted nervously, "kay..."

As he entered the house Taylor disappeared into the kitchen and called to ask if he'd like a drink. Not thinking Austin responded "Uh pretty good... I, shit, I mean NO! No thanks man."

"Kay," Taylor said. Austin waited for him to return to the large nicely furnished foyer but that never happened and minutes later Erin came down the stairs dressed to kill and ready for dinner.

"Oh my God Austin did you hear about Kim Jones-Larame..." she began, but Austin wasn't listening. His thoughts were on Taylor and why the boy of his dreams had called him. Flipping open his cell phone he saw the number he knew by heart but would never dare call. ONE MISSED CALL: Taylor Brennan 756-3498.

Exiting the house the couple got into Austin's fire engine red mustang and headed towards their dinner destination, Benson's Bar & Grill.

Shit what am I doing?

A familiar hit blarred from the speakers. It was a song that Austin had often thought could have easily referred to his own lyrics.

Everyone knows I'm in over my head over my head with eight seconds left in overtime, he's on my mind he's on my mind...

"I never knew
I never knew that everything was falling through
That everyone I knew was waiting on a queue
To turn and run when all I needed was the truth
But that's how it's got to be
It's coming down to nothing more than apathy
I'd rather run the other way than stay and see
The smoke and who's still standing when it clears'

"Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head
Over my head
With eight seconds left in overtime
She's on your mind
She's on your mind'

"Let's rearrange
I wish you were a stranger I could disengage
Just say that we agree and then never change
Soften a bit until we all just get along
But that's disregard
Find another friend and you discard
As you lose the argument in a cable car
Hanging above as the canyon comes between'

"Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head
Over my head
With eight seconds left in overtime
She's on your mind
She's on your mind'

"Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head
Over my head
With eight seconds left in overtime
She's on your mind
She's on your mind'

"And suddenly I become a part of your past
I'm becoming the part that don't last
I'm losing you and its effortless
Without a sound we lose sight of the ground
In the throw around
Never thought that you wanted to bring it down
I won't let it go down till we torch it ourselves'

"And everyone knows I'm in
Over my head
Over my head
With eight seconds left in overtime
She's on your mind
She's on your mind'

"Everyone knows
She's on your mind
Everyone knows I'm in over my head
I'm in over my head
I'm in over...'

"Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head
Over my head
With eight seconds left in overtime
She's on your mind
She's on your mind"


In the kitchen of the otherwise empty house, Taylor stroked the cat's ear. Jealous the family dog appeared, a tiny long haired chihuahua. He barked to establish his already know presence.

"Arf, Arf!"

"Oh hush you," Taylor hissed, paused, and then proceded to talk to his pets, whom he loved like family, as if they were competant human beings.

"I don't care how handsome he is you two," the blonde boy whispered, "that boy is a chauvenistic ass. He thinks he's so much better than everyone else. Austin Spencer... he probably thinks I have a big gay crush on him... as if, he really shouldn't flatter himself though, not everyone worships the ground he walks on."

Megami - August 30, 2006 03:37 AM (GMT)
((Continued from: The Fiction We Live))

Maggie Heartgreeder had spent the better part of the car ride to Kensington Heights making a futile attempt to explain to her brother the pure gibberish that had spewed from Taylor Brennan's mouth during the frantic telephone conversation between the two back at Sweet Bay. Of course, any attempt whatsoever to explain the situation to Shawn only left him baffled, because truth be told, Maggie herself was completely and utterly confused by Taylor's nonsensical talk of premonitions and predictions. It wasn't like him at all.

And of course, the only thing that Maggie could possibly attribute Taylor's irrational behavior to was his already fragile health.

Her attention turned momentarily toward the red-headed boy sitting in the driver's seat of the red Dodge Ram, and a faint smile passed over her lips. Out of the corner of his eye, Shawn noticed the blonde-headed girl in the passenger seat of the extended cab truck glancing toward him and made an attempt at smiling back.

"Are you okay?"

It was an awkward and forced question, but at least Shawn was showing some sort of semblance of caring. Shrugging her shoulders lightly, Maggie simply nodded. A puzzled look formed on her features, however, when the bright red car that belonged to one, Austin Spencer, sped away from the Brennan household and out of Kensington Heights. Shawn, being polite, waved to his fellow classmate. Maggie, meanwhile, simply looked on in slight confusion. Had he just come from Taylor's?

"... Magg?" Shawn inquired again after receiving little response from the blonde-headed girl sitting next to him.

"Oh... I'm fine, really," she mused, though the speeding red car couldn't help but hold her attention a moment longer.

Things just seemed to be getting more and more awkward, and fast. Today had already been a ridiculously hectic day, especially after news of Kim Jones-Larame's death had swept Hobbsborough High School. In all honesty, Maggie would've given anything to have been at home resting and recuperating from the momentous events the day had already had to offer. However, she found herself pulling into Taylor's driveway, and let out an audible sigh at what she could only assume was to come.

After parking the car and shutting off the engine, Shawn exited the truck. Taking a moment longer, Maggie sat, contemplating what was sure to follow before inevitably exiting the truck as well. Shawn stood in front of the red vehicle awaiting his sister, and as she approached him he wrapped a comforting arm around her should in some vain effort to comfort her from the disaster that would surely await them inside. Maggie closed her eyes momentarily and attempted to regain herself before ringing the doorbell of the Brennan household.

Taylor... I really hope you're okay.

KASpe_r06 - August 30, 2006 03:38 PM (GMT)
Taylor opened the door, far less excited and anxious than before and ushered his friends inside.

"There's soda in the fridge," he muttered, disappearing once again into the kitchen and waiting for the siblings to follow him.

Opening up a can of 7-up Plus, the kind of soda that he liked because it was good for your teeth, Taylor sat down at the bar and sighed.

"I know I sound crazy right now, and maybe I am, but I had a dream today that I remember with more clarity than yesterday afternoon. You've both heard of Survival of the Fittest right? Well I had a dream that we were all in it. We were in a fucking Battle Royale. I didn't even know what Battle Royale was until this afternoon after I had my nightmare. What if we're next... what if it isn't over once they crown the winner?"

He knew they thought he was crazy but he had to talk to someone... what he had dreamt was real, and although no one could understand Taylor knew somehow that they were all screwed. This wasn't like him at all...

Megami - August 31, 2006 01:21 AM (GMT)
As the door of the sprawling Brennan mansion creaked open, a sympathetic and concerned smile passed over Maggie's features as Taylor came into view. Just as quickly as Taylor opened the door, she and Shawn were both ushered into the household, and Taylor vanished into the kitchen while mumbling something or another about soda being in the refridgerator. Shawn and Maggie exchanged glances before Shawn shrugged somewhat. Even he knew that Taylor's absent-minded and distracted behavior wasn't normal for the Brennan boy. He was usually so much more social, usually excited to see his best friend.

Inevitably, the two slowly trailed behind Taylor into the kitchen, where Shawn decided to partake of Taylor's offering of soda and retrieved a 7-Up Plus from the refridgerator for himself. Raising one up in the air in an offer to Maggie, she simply shook her head and raised her hands up as if to decline. Once again shrugging, Shawn opened the can of soda with a crack and leaned against the bar where Taylor had sat down. Maggie, meanwhile, stood with her arms folded lightly over her chest, her attention focused on Taylor.

As Taylor began his miniature rant of sorts, Shawn's brow furrowed and he scowled visibly. A battle royale, huh? Like, a wrestling match? Who cares if they're wrestling in the middle of the ocean, dude? Have you lost your fucking mind?

"Taylor..." Maggie's soft-spoken voice broke the silence that had filled the room after Taylor's unveiling of his premonition, "Are you talking about that... show?"

"Survival of the Fittest?" Shawn chimed in, his expression lightening visibly, "Dude, that's not real. It's like... Survivor or something, you know? It's all staged, nobody's really out there dying. You think we'd stand for something like that? We're not some third-world country that can't defend themselves, and given our governments general course of action, if it were real, we'd have already nuked the entire area and killed them all in one fell swoop."

"Shawn..." Maggie interrupted, stopping her brother before he could continue his rant on the U.S. government and their horrendous foreign policy.

"Look man, the point is this. That whole thing is a hoax. And besides, even if it were real, why would they take Hobbsborough kids of all people? We're like... the armpit of the United States or something. This is New Jersey. New York, I can see. It's got all kinds of crime and gang violence and immigration going on and what have you. Florida, California. Stuff like that happens out there. Not in New Jersey."

Shaking her head a bit at her brother's less-than-sympathetic response to Taylor's so-called psychic vision, another sympathetic smile passed over Maggie's features as she looked at the boy seated at the bar, "It was just a dream, Taylor. That's all. Don't worry about it, 'kay? Even if that... that thing... is real--"

"It's not real, Magg," Shawn interrupted in an attempt to correct his sister, "They don't make trading cards and video games of terrorist acts. They don't market and publicize things like that, and they wouldn't air it on every big-name television station across the U.S. Nobody'd take to that, it'd insight a damned revolution or something."

As much as she hated to admit it, her red-headed counterpart did have a very valid point. They'd marketted Survival of the Fittest to its fullest potential. Trading cards had been made, DVDs, apparently a video game was in the works, people had written novels, plays, the "students" had published auto-biographies and all sorts of other merchandising propoganda. If it really were happening, well, it just didn't seem right. It wasn't right.

"The point is, you just had a bad dream. Even if it was real, what are the odds that it would be us?"

KASpe_r06 - August 31, 2006 11:10 PM (GMT)
Broken, Taylor Brennan sighed, "yeah I guess you're both right. I got worked up over nothing. This isn't like me you know that."

Brushing a lock of soft wavy bang out of his face Taylor looked at his best friend and her fiery headed brother and did his best to force one of his million dollar smiles.

"You know I'm probably just upset about what happened today," the class president admitted, "I still can't believe Kim's gone. It's so surreal. We weren't even that great of friends with her and I feel like I've lost something inside. I guess we're all just on edge what with the murder and all."

Knowing that this wasn't it Taylor forced himself to believe it anyway.

"I probably have heard of Battle Royale, I just don't remember. it's probably buried somewhere in my subconscious."

Opening the kitchen door to the garage he pushed the button to the middle stall. It creaked closed behind him as Taylor looked to the Heartgreeders and continued.

"Erin's on a date with that Spencer jerk by the way. I swear he's worse than his friend Colt Valero and the rest of those baseball pricks from Franklyn. I guess it could be worse though, Eric Silvestedt could be banging my sister."

Taylor deperately wanted to let his best friend know he was okay now and was thusly doing his best to change the topic. Realizing they had nothing to do but agree with his last statement he continued, breaking the awkward silence.

"So my parents are leaving on a jet plane for Cancun as we speak, are you two gonna help me set up for the party this weekend?"

Megami - September 2, 2006 04:17 AM (GMT)
Nodding sympathetically as Taylor apologized for his irrational and unusual behavior, Maggie sauntered over to her companion and best friend and placed a thoughtful hand on his shoulder. Taylor was obviously going through some emotional issues, and Maggie couldn't help but wonder if perhaps more was going on in Taylor's life than met the eye. She was Taylor Brennan's best friend, she had been since freshman year, but there were some secrets that she figured even she didn't know about Taylor -- there were certainly secrets she'd never told Taylor or anyone else about herself.

"Do you really think it was a murder?" Maggie questioned lightly as the subject travelled from Survival of the Fittest to the death of Kim Jones-Larame. "As far as I know, the cops didn't arrest anyone or anything, so I don't think they're looking at this like a murder case."

"Kim was a fake," Shawn stated simply, his shoulders shrugging as he did so. His reaction caused his sister to cast a rather sharp glare at him over his nonchalance on the matter.

"Shawn, regardless of your opinion of her, there's no need to talk about the deceased like that. It just isn't right. You'd think father would have taught you better than that."

"All I'm saying is that I think Kim faked a lot of things about herself. I don't think she was this two-dimensional, no-brained bimbo that she presented herself to be. I don't think she was really some spoiled rotten little brat who got everything handed to her on a silver platter and whose life was so much better than everyone else's that we all failed by comparison. I think Kim had problems just like everyone else, and maybe Kim had serious problems that no one at school knew about. You ever think of that?"

"Well... no," Maggie confessed quietly.

"For all we know, Kim could've gone into that bathroom and slit her own throat because she was having trouble at home or something. Her family could've gone bankrupt or her dog could've been hit by a train or... we just don't know, you know? Far be it for us to judge somebody when we really know next to nothing about them."

Shawn's verbal tirade concerning the circumstances surrounding Kim's death caused the blonde-headed girl standing near Taylor to revert to silence. Of course, he had a point. Nobody really knew what was going on with Kim, save probably her close friends. The girl could have been seriously depressed and putting on a front and nobody would have ever known. It was plausible, and it was very possible. As Taylor stood and exited the room, Maggie and Shawn followed en suite. At the boy's remark about his sister having left for a date with Austin Spencer, the two's interests piqued.

"Must've been why we passed him on the way here," Maggie mumbled to herself. "You don't like Colt, Taylor?"

Although she didn't know him very well, Colton Valero, more commonly known as Colt to friends and foes alike, was an acquaintance of the younger Heartgreeder sibling and a friend of the older one's. Maggie halfway expected Shawn to reprimand Taylor for calling his friend a jerk, but much to her surprise, Shawn began laughing. Turning her attention to her brother with a questioning look, the red-headed boy simply shrugged his shoulders.

"He's pretty much right on target," Shawn mused, still laughing lightly, "Colt's a prick. At least with Austin, she's less likely to get an STD or something. He dates a lot of girls, but he's not really well known for getting around. Not from what I've heard, anyway. 'Course, I could be wrong. I'm not exactly the end-all, be-all of high school gossip. Believe that kid's in YOUR class."

Taylor was quick to once again change the topic, this time to an upcoming party. Perhaps he wasn't very comfortable with the idea of Austin or anyone else sleeping with his younger sister, and Shawn could sympathize. Maggie, however, was disgusted with the entire conversation. After all, she'd been preached the righteousness of abstinance since she was still in diapers, so the thought of freshmen, students even younger than herself, having sex period really turned her off the subject.

"Party, huh? Sounds fun," Shawn mused before turning toward his baby sister and speaking to her in a teasing tone, "You gonna invite Edward?"

Letting out a bit of an exasperated sigh, Maggie cast him a glare, "For starters, his name's Edgar, and no, I mean... I don't know. Shut up."

The blonde began laughing and Shawn followed en suite. Shaking her head lightly, her attention turned back to her brother momentarily, and all of a sudden, she felt the need to explain, "It's not even like that. He's just a guy in my class. No different from Taylor, except well, not into guys... at least, I don't think so. Then again, the sexual orientation of half my classmates tends to tell me otherwise."

Her attention turned away from her brother and back toward Taylor. Maggie wasn't much for parties. She didn't drink, she didn't do drugs, she was in favor of abstinance until marriage, so all in all, parties seemed pointless to her. Of course, she'd go anyway, because Taylor was her best friend and he'd be the one throwing it. Knowing this, she couldn't help but inquire out of curiosity, "So who all's coming, anyway?"

MooCow - September 11, 2006 08:57 PM (GMT)
Taylor couldn't help but be amused as the two siblings bickered.

"As for Kim, Shawn's right. No one's life is perfect, I'm sure Kim was no exception... I do think it might be murder though... I mean we were under our desks today for a reason. Don't you all think we would have just been let out of class early if she had killed herself? It's just all so surreal right now I mean I keep thinking she's not really dead... when you're young you plan on living forever."

Trying to get away from the morbid topic he addressed Maggie's question about the party, "It's open invite, I figured at first I'd just have a couple people over, but the word is spreading so fast I figure why not go all out? The party of the year. I imagine it'll be a lot of people, and not just people from Hobbsborough... I have some friends at some of the public schools and Gilroy that I think are coming. I'm gonna try and keep everything outside because I really don't want to deal with the mess. Thank God for acreage right? I figure it'll be BYOB, I don't want to deal with getting a keg and shit... Erin tried throwing a kegger at her dad's house and she got busted big time.'
"Anyway Magg if you wanna sleep over you're more than welcome. That way you wont have to be home for curfew right? My uncle is gonna be staying with us but he's totally cool. Shawn you're welcome to stay to, if your buds and you need a place to crash after getting shitfaced. I don't plan on drinking to much but I'm not gonna try and stop people because I know it's inevitable these days."

A bark came from the doorway, as the little mexican chihuahua the Brennan family so adored came scuttering into the kitchen in full attack mode.

"Arf! Arf!"

"Carly!" Taylor yelled as the dog, not much larger than Shawn's shoe, attempted to snap viciously at the boys foot.

He thinks he's bigger than he is... like he could do any damage in an actual crisis situation.

He'd said these words so many times he didn't even need to reclarify for the Heartgreeders, who by now were used to the little mexican bitch's antics.

Picking the dog up in one fell swoop of his left arm he scolded her.

"You say sorry to Shawn, Shawn is our friend."


Carly growled under her breath.

"I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do with her Saturday. I don't who's in more danger, her or the drunks."

Laughing he pet her long stringy hair, scratching Carly's neck underneath the pink spiked collar.

"So anyway yeah, Satuday is gonna be awesome!"

Megami - September 15, 2006 02:55 AM (GMT)
((Sorry pumpkin, I haven't been motivated to write lately.))

The blonde-headed girl only listened half-heartedly as Taylor spoke of the deceased Kim Jones-Larame. Taylor seemed to be thinking far too deeply about their classmate's death, speculating it as a murder and not a suicide based on the fact that the school was sent into lockdown after her body was recovered from the women's restroom. Then again, what were they supposed to do? After all, the entire school was the scene of a crime, and the investigators were trying to preserve evidence. After all, they couldn't very well have students loitering about the hallways, skipping school, and meandering into the bathroom turned crime scene, now could they?

At least, that was how Maggie had thought of it. In all honesty, she'd never really sat down and thought about twisted tails of murder and betrayal in their own high school, nor did she want to. The Heartgreeder girl had always tried to see the good in all people, and she couldn't even begin to fathom how someone she saw every day could defile the sanctity of another human being and end their life. It was simply incomprehensible, and Maggie absolutely refused to believe that any of her peers were capable of such a cold-blooded and ruthless action.

Shaking thoughts of murderous intentions from her mind, Maggie focused her attention on Taylor and his explanation of what he claimed would be the party of the year. Taylor Brennan of all people should have known that Maggie wasn't much when it came to parties. She didn't drink, she didn't smoke. She was a good girl, a righteous girl. Even still, Taylor always threw fantastic parties, and it was sure to be the Hobbsborough social event of the year. Maybe it would even take everyone's minds off the fact that Miss Jones-Larame wouldn't be attending this year's party.

Sighing a bit at the thought, her attention immediately turned back to the intricate details and specifics of Taylor's party as she attempted to completely shut Kim from her mind. It just didn't feel right. It didn't feel right to be planning out the biggest party of the year when less than twenty-four hours prior a classmate of theirs -- someone they had gone to school with for what seemed like ever -- someone they had associated with for what seemed like ages -- had died a presumably messy and gorey death in the bathrooms of Hobbsborough High School. Nothing seemed right about it at all.

Maggie couldn't help but jump at the shrill, high-pitched barking that echoed from the hallway. As the Brennan's chihuahua throttled into the kitchen in full-on assault mode and began rampantly attacking her brother's shoe, Maggie couldn't help but stifle her laughter. Shawn, meanwhile, looked on at the chocolate colored dog in mild amusement. As Taylor scooped her up, Shawn's somewhat befuddled look turned into a grin and he shook his head.

"Quite the little attack dog, isn't she? You can always sic her on the police if they bust this place."

"Or, you know, Austin, if he decides to show up," Maggie chimed.

She could picture it even now, Austin completely plastered and passed out in the front yard with Carly gnawing feverishly on his jeans. Even if she didn't drink, she had to admit, the night could definitely turn into an interesting one. Smiling vaguely at the thought, she was interrupted as another question passed from her brother's lips.

"Should be cool," he mused, "But what happens if this place gets busted? You think your neighbors are gonna be cool with a bunch of underage high school kids drinking and puking all over the front lawn?"

"Lovely wording," Maggie mused.

"I'm not in English class," Shawn answered casually, "I don't have to be poetic in front of Taylor. Was I supposed to phrase it as, but alas, young master, what if thine festival is perpetrated by the unholiest of swine and we're forced to... get the hell out of dodge?"

Stifling a giggle at her brother's idiocity, Maggie simply shook her head. Despite the joking nature of which the question was brought up, it still remained. In all honesty, though, with the city going on such high budgetting costs as of late, Maggie seriously doubted that a party at the Brennan household was in danger of being busted anytime soon. One of the girls who lived down the street on... Ramsgate, perhaps, threw parties all the time and never seemed to have a problem with the local authorities. Odds are, the police officers on duty, who were in short supply already, would be policing the mall parking lot or Tilles Court before they ever crossed over into this region of town.

"So what do you have planned, Taylor?" she inquired casually, a bit disappointed that she wasn't given a sneak preview of the guest list.

MooCow - September 22, 2006 08:56 PM (GMT)
"Well I know you aren't into the drinking scene Maggs but I don't see anyway to keep people who are gonna sneak alcohol in from coming. I figure why even bother you know? It'll all be outside so maybe a bonfire behind the clearing would be fun. My uncle is best friends with the deputy on duty that night so I wouldn't be surprised if he stops by himself for a beer. There are gonna be people I don't even know. Erin and my uncle are inviting people to. Uncle Pat's awesome and the police are the least of my worries. I'm gonna be super pissed off though if people are getting shitfaced and breaking stuff. Of course there's the indoor pool so I guess we can use that... or the outdoor one. Plus the gameroom. I mean the basement is pretty much essential but I'm not gonna have people fucking in my parents bedroom, so basically the main house is off limits except for us after the bulk of the party people leave. Tell your friends to come Shawn, I'm sure Erin will have her precious Austin over to stay. As for me Craig Tanner, yes the masculine gay lacrosse player from Peyton Community College, is coming with some of his buds to see muah. It should be a very interesting night indeed. Anyway I think it would be fun to set up together what do you guys think?"

Noticing the cat, affectionately known as Norma Jean, sulk into the kitchen Taylor picked her up and cuddled her as he waited to hear what the siblings would say next. The dog looked with a jealous growl as Norma Jean purred contently in Taylor's arms.

Megami - October 2, 2006 03:19 AM (GMT)
"Not into the drinking scene is an understatement," Maggie muttered almost inaudibly.

It seemed like Taylor pretty much had all possible scenarios covered. The party wasn't likely to get busted by cops, it seemed like the parental units capable of turning the night into a complete disaster had already been notified beforehand and were alright with it, in truth, everything seemed to be relatively in order. Maggie couldn't help but remain skeptical about the entire ordeal though. The simple fact remained that it really just wasn't her scene. Shawn, however, seemed quite interested, and was listening intently to what the Brennan boy had to say.

Taylor's words concerning the events that would inevitably occur at the party made Maggie shake her head lightly. She knew judging people wasn't right, but the whole ordeal just seemed a bit disgusting... or maybe she was just being ridiculously uptight about it for no given reason whatsoever. It wouldn't be the first time. Maggie's overly religious nature often deprived her of having fun like a regular teenager. After all, not many teenagers stop to think that most of the acts they engage in are considered living in sin and debauchery.

Pushing the thoughts out of her mind, her attention turned back to Taylor, and she nodded and attempted a vain smile of sorts, "It should be fun, I guess," she mused. She really needed to loosen up, and although she was really trying to get into this whole party-scene, it just wasn't working out for her. No point in ruining the night for the boys, though.

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