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Title: Liney needs some good ol' mates
Description: In that I mean friends you narsty blokes

Kid - August 17, 2006 03:51 AM (GMT)
My character, Liney Suffex needs some enemies, friends, and what not. He is a good natured fellow with no bad past to boot. Except for scraping his knees like we all have. :D He's my attempt at a complete anti-gary stu.

Cycokiller - August 18, 2006 03:37 AM (GMT)
Howsabout Swainson. They're in the same class and he's into the british punk scene so he'd have a reason to bother him.

Kid - August 18, 2006 04:48 AM (GMT)
Alrighty, sounds cool. :D Brit punk scene... weeee!

Vierna Do'Urden - December 31, 2007 01:34 AM (GMT)
How about Phoebe? She's a nerd as well. But she isn't brit punk by any stretch of imagination...

Her profile is here:

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