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Theseus - August 14, 2006 04:27 PM (GMT)
((Continued from Who needs history when you got the present?))

Ian Rico was sitting on a bench in front of the entrance to the amusement park. He could hear the familiar screams and laughter coming from inside that was now synonomous to amusement parks. This was by far his favorite place to hang out with friends and it being closely located to his house made it easy for him to visit. The prices were also very reasonable and that was another plus.

When he got home after school he had thrown his pack back on his bed and grabbed his wallet, and his swimtrunks. Ian didn't like to have to change in and out of his clothes to go swimming or not, so he just changed into his swimtrunks at home. They were knee length black swimtrunks with a white stripe going down the sides of each one. He wore a dark green muscle shirt that had an American eagle on the side and two black stripes going down the side.

Sitting there he waited for Cathalie and Mitch to arrive, and also wondering if Sofie was going to show. He had brought his cell phone with him, and it was in his swimtrunk pocket. He quickly reached in and pulled it out and opened the flip up to see if he had any new voicemails. None. Ian placed the cell phone back in his pocket and continued to wait until his friends arrived.

LadyMakaze - August 16, 2006 05:30 PM (GMT)
((Mitch & Cathalie continued from: Who Needs History When You've Got the Present?))

"Cathalie...lovely Cathalie. How the sunlight strikes the sheen of your hair like the gloss of a raven's wing, and casts the snowy hue of your skin into an angelic glow that pierces the darkness in my heart with all its purity-"

"Yeah, Shakespeare, I get your point already," Cathalie muttered darkly, her pale face turning a bright red in embarrassment at the sight of Mitch extolling her 'beauty' in exaggerated description. This he was doing outloud, as though he were performing before an audience, his bandaged hands moving to and fro in unison to his poetic devices. As he moved in a circle about her as she walked along the promenade, she grumbled irritably as passers-by turned their heads to stare...or otherwise were too embarrassed to look.

Mitch himself had no sense of shame, grinning cheerfully as he obeyed and tamed his elaborate, exaggerated movements to a light skip beside her, from time to time letting his eyes wander about the vastness of his surroundings. Cathalie rolled her eyes, having been used to Mitch's various antics for the better part of her life now. Though this was yet another somewhat embarrassing habit of his...the habit of breaking out into poetic speech and praising her 'matchless beauty', as he would call it.

The very thought of it was enough to make Cathalie sigh. She wasn't beautiful, or even pretty in fact Every day she woke up to the same reflection in the mirror, a plain, surly girl of maybe fifteen or sixteen, wearing a scowl on her face. Her skin was a sickly pale, and her beady eyes were heavy with dark circles. Her nose was as flat as a button, and her chin jutted out of her round face stubbornly. Only under layers and layers of cheap, convenience store make-up did she reach the level of 'cuteness' to some degree. But even then, compared to the well-endowed like Ali Greyston, she was pretty much a dog.

Of course, given Mitch's current state of mind, she could only imagine just exactly what she saw in her.

"Mitch, get back here!" she snapped at him, as the person in question had wandered away to pinch and prod curiously at a purse scaled in sequins, and was rewarded with a shriek and a smack to the face by the said purse for his insolence. He wandered back, rubbing the side of his face, now a smarting red, flashing Cathalie a slight grin of sorts.

"The people here aren't very nice," he remarked with a slight giggle. Cathalie let out a sigh of exasperation, shifting uncomfortably in the t-shirt that she had changed into, one that was second-hand, and much too small for her form. She had returned briefly to the orphanage to shed her leather outfit, donning a one-piece swimsuit that was much too brightly coloured for her taste, the t-shirt, and a pair of torn denim shorts, which she didn't seem to mind much. Likewise, she had Mitch put on a pair of swimming trunks and a t-shirt. Though she had tried to get them both to wear flip-flops, Mitch remained adamant as ever in remaining barefoot.

Which wasn't much of a bother, it seemed, considering that they were expected to go swimming perhaps. And on the same subject, Cathalie wondered just how that would go. From what experience she had, Cathalie could swim a bit, despite the fact that she'd never had any formal training. As for Mitch, however...she had absolutely no idea. He'd never mentioned anything about swimming experience, and yet seemed particularly ecstatic at the prospect of swimming that day nonetheless. It was a subject of slight worry for Cathalie, who gazed towards the ever attention-deficit Mitch as he scrabbled over the tiled promenade to chase a squirrel making a mad dash for the shrubs at the side.

It was then that she saw Ian, fiddling with his cellphone as he sat at a bench in front of the entrance to the amusement park. She frowned slightly, mostly in disdain for the way he handled his little toy, which was something of a luxury that Cathalie was admittedly envious of Ian for having. Nonetheless, she approached him with a cool regard, crossing her arms slightly over her t-shirt.

She looked much less extravagant now, and more like the lower-class citizen she really was, being an orphan. She had cleaned off her make-up and exchanged her leather skirt and corset for plain garbs, and her embarrassment at this seemed to show. Shrugging at him as a way of a greeting, she muttered slightly, "Well, we're here. Where should we go first?"

There was a pitter-patter of footsteps against the promenade tiling as Mitch bounded over to where Ian sat, immediately assaulting him with a deathhold on his arm and pulling the other boy upwards to his feet with a grin. "C'mon! I wanna see what's behind those gates! Are we gonna have one of those burger thingies soon?"

Cathalie raised her eyebrow lightly at Mitch's enthusiasm compared to her half-hearted attitude over the whole thing. "Well he looks happy to see you..."

Theseus - August 17, 2006 01:27 AM (GMT)
Ian didn't notice Cathalie and Mitch arrive. He looked up to see Cathalie asking him where they should go next. She was wearing something entirely different than what she had worn at school, and Ian didn't ever expect to see her wearing what appeared to be almost normal clothes, but he was impressed. He honestly had no problem with her choicse of style in school, Ian wasn't much one to care for style. But she almost appeared as a different person.

Ian was then pulled up by Mitch who was hyper as usual, and obviously very excited to start the day. Ian smiled and said, "Yeah come on, I already got your tickets." He handed both tickets to Cathalie, knowing that she would probably take Mitch's ticket anyways. In response to Mitch's question Ian said, "Yeah we can get a burger. Come on, let's go in the park and we can grab a bite to eat at the pirate ship. Then we can go swimming, then at dark we can ride the rides."

Ian smiled at the two and said, "Come on lets go!" Ian was actually pretty excited about the day. He loved the park, and couldn't wait to show Mitch his first burger. Heading to the gate Ian handed the gate guard his ticket, and he entered the park. Ian turned around and waited for the other two to join him. Ian thought he felt his cell phone vibrate, and he took it out to see if it was ringing, but it wasn't. He let out a short sigh, hoping that Sofie would get his message. It wouldn't be the same without her, and he wondered why he was wanting to be with her so much. True, she was his best friend, but was there something more? No there couldn't be. Ian couldn't be crushing on her, and he put that thought aside just as quickly as it came to him.

Maybe it was because he really didn't have any interest in her as more than a friend, or maybe it was because he was scared if he did fall for her, she wouldn't feel the same way. Or maybe, if they did go out, it would kill their awesome friendship they had formed. Ian didn't know, and he didn't want to find out, he never had a girlfriend in his life, and he always figured that was how it was going to be until at least college. He was shy around most girls, and besides, he would probably be a horrible boyfriend anyways. Yes, that's right. Ian labeled himself as a bad boyfriend, so that was going to be his rationalization to not consider his interest in Sofie, but what Ian didn't know, was that nobody can truly surpress their true feelings, no matter how hard they try.

LadyMakaze - August 17, 2006 02:28 AM (GMT)
"Ahh, neat," Cathalie remarked, as she extended a black-nailed hand to take the tickets meant for both Mitch and herself. Mitch, who had appeared to have stopped assaulting Ian's arm for the time being, popped his head up next to the hand that took the tickets, tilting his head with a wide-eyed expression as he looked over the two stubs of hard paper curiously.

"What's that?" came the oh-so-inevitable question. Cathalie raised an eyebrow as she cast a sidelong glance towards him, taking a look over the tickets herself.

"Weren't you listening? Jeez," she told him with a slight scowl of exasperation. "They're our tickets, so that we'll be admitted into the premises." At the silently blank expression on Mitch's face, Cathalie took it as a hint of non-understanding and gave another irritable sigh. "You know what? Forget it. Here, just take yours, okay?" She handed the ticket over to Mitch, who carefully took it in both palms and stared over at it as though it were some alien thing to him.

Cathalie raised an eyebrow higher as Mitch continued to examine and prod at the little stub of paper, not giving any hint that he'd noticed or comprehended the fine print that was stamped on the ticket. Then, without any sort of warning at all, he opened his mouth, lifting the ticket stub towards it.


Her claw-like hand flying out, Cathalie immediately snatched away the paper, thankfully not tearing the paper in two, and flinging it away from Mitch's paws just before he managed to pop the thing into his mouth. Startled into utter silence, Mitch blinked and stared at her, a plainly surprised expression coming over his misty-green eyes. Cathalie gave him a look of utter incredulity and shook her head.

"You know what? I think I'll hang onto both of our tickets," she muttered darkly.

As Ian made his suggestion, she frowned in thought when he mentioned waiting until it got dark to visit the amusement park rides, though really she was thinking more about the orphanage curfew. Then again, she'd rather be here with Mitch and Ian, who was not so much a stranger by this point, having some fun in her life for once. And by now, though she wasn't as excited about the trip as Ian and Mitch were, that wasn't at all saying that she wasn't looking forward to the fun this afternoon. Far from it in fact.

Screw the curfew. I'm just gonna be myself today.

"Sure, I could do with a bit of food right about now," Cathalie replied with a casual shrug as she followed Ian. Mitch, meanwhile, had recovered from the initial shock of having Cathalie shout at him in such a manner and quickened his pace into a slight skip to catch up with Ian, straying away from Cathalie for a bit as he wandered about at various intervals to get a closer look at things.

"We're going to see a pirate ship?" he asked Ian excitedly, having caught up with him at the gate. "Are there gonna be real pirates? Is there gonna be mutiny? Are they gonna take us prisoners? I know morse code, so we can send a message to the Coast Guard if they kidnap us!" This he added quite proudly, though his attention drifted when Ian took out his cellphone...a rather shiny, metallic looking object.

His bandaged fingers drifted with itching temptation, as his hungry eyes caught the glint of a shiny before his very nose, lingering well within reach....

Cathalie's hand snapped out and smacked him smartly on the arm just as he was about to snatch the cell away from Ian's hand. He whimpered lightly and pouted, retracting his arm at the punishing blow. He took to sulking moodily in a rather uncharacteristic silence as Cathalie shrugged apologetically towards Ian.

"You okay?" she asked, raising her eyebrow as he let out what seemed to be a wistful sigh. "Maybe she'll met up with us later, let's just go for something to eat for now."

riserugu - August 17, 2006 03:03 AM (GMT)
There was a reason she had never bothered trying out for the track team at school, perhaps the reason being she had never been a good runner, or being the fact she could hardly run that long without losing her breathe. Sofie had always been better at swimming, didn’t require that much legwork; and what was required you where supported by the water.

That and she really disliked running.

Of course, running in sandals wasn’t making the situation any easier either – dodging the groups of people that floated about the sidewalk, the crashing waves of the ocean near here drumming in her ears.

It had been close to an hour and an half since she had left the school after her chat with one with Ali Grayston, which was still burning fresh in her mind. It wasn’t the words the other female had spoken out against her; it was instead what she had said about Ian that bothered her most. What was she planning on proving by trying to get with him, besides the obvious reasons that already have the school knew and believed? Still, one part of her couldn’t help but wish that the other female would fall down a steep set of stairs, though another side of her couldn’t help finding herself agreeing with the girl’s words, all in all though she found it somewhat sickening and annoying at the girl’s views on people – namely those she didn’t know a thing about.

Sighing, and pushing the thoughts out of her mind she pushed her into a slightly faster pace – feet thudding against the concrete of the walking path as the large Ferris wheel and wooden rollercoaster came into view. In the time since she had left the school, she had returned home to find her cell phone – which she had forgotten to take with her that morning – ringing a cheerful tone on her bedside table. The blonde-haired girl shooting it a questioning look as she moved over to it, picking it up and noting the voicemails currently on there. She blinking again, as she mashed a few buttons and lifted the phone to her ear listening to the voices left there by Ian, listening to each with a bit of interest. Though once see remembered just how far the seaside was from her home, she found herself in a bit of a panic inwardly.

Change of clothes later into a gray and rose colored skirt, and rose-colored top – changing out of the school’s swim team issued into something more comfortable and that she preferred under the outfit. She had rushed out of her house, and began her run toward the seaside amusement park. Moving her hand into the purse that currently hung about her shoulder, removing her cell phone and checking the time – we wondered lightly as too how long the others’ might have been waiting – or if they where even there yet. Ian hadn’t actually told her a time, so she could either be really early, or perhaps quite late. Coming up to the entrance of the seaside amusement park, she turned her attention about the general area – looking about for her friend. Reaching into the purse again, she removed the cell phone, dialing the familiar number and raising it too her ear.

Though as the ringing began on the other line, she caught something out the corner or her eye – Sofie turning her attention too the sight of two familiar classmates of hers. Cathalie and Mitch, Mitch seeming to have done something that Cathalie didn’t agree on and had smartly smacked the other on the arm. She blinking a bit at the sight, but that meant if these two where around ---

And sure enough, she allowed herself to drift off a short distance, and sure enough there was Ian standing there watching the two if not a bit of amused. She quickly shutting her cell phone, replacing it in her purse and raising one arm up in a wave toward the others. “Ian!”

Theseus - August 17, 2006 03:40 AM (GMT)
Ian nodded to Cathalie and Mitch, intending for their first stop to be at the pirate ship which doubled as a restuarant. Ian laughed at Mitch's comments about real pirates, and his knowledge of morse code. Ian just said, "You sure know a lot don't you? More than me, that's for sure." Ian smiled and his smile broadened as Mitch reached for his cell phone and Cathalie hit him. Ian thought about letting Mitch see his phone when Cathalie saw something wrong with him.

Ian smiled and said, "Yeah I'm ok." He was about to hand his cell phone for Mitch to see when he heard his name being called. Quickly scanning the crowd he matched the voice with the face. It was Sofie. He smiled and ran towards her, saying to Mitch and Cathalie, "Hey guys, Sofie's here! Let's get her before we eat."

Running to Sofie he stopped when he reached her and smiled and said, "Hey, I didn't think you would show up." He turned around to look at Mitch and Cathalie too and said, "We were just about to go eat at the pirate ship. You hungry?" Ian didn't realize that he still had a big smile on his face.

LadyMakaze - August 17, 2006 04:55 AM (GMT)
Cathalie's attention was averted by the sound of Ian's name being called out over the ambience of excited screams, laughter, and music coming from the direction of the amusement park. Looking towards the source of the voice, she raised her eyebrows lightly to see the form of Sofie waving towards them. And before she knew it, Ian was already taking off towards her excitedly, leaving herself and Mitch in the dust.

"H-hey, wait up, won't you?" she called after him irritably, breaking into a run, though this was with much difficulty due to the fact that her flip-flops were unaccomodated for running. When she saw that Mitch had only blinked, and stared after Ian running for Sofie as though in a daze, she grunted in exasperation and came trotting back to where Mitch stood. She grabbed him round the arm and practically dragged him over to where Ian stood with Sofie, though after being dragged off his feet several steps across the promenade, Mitch finally caught the hint and likewise broke into a small run along with Cathalie.

"See? Told you she would make it here," Cathalie remarked as she arrived to stand by both Ian and Sofie, with Mitch well in tow, who was for now continuing to remain in a somewhat moody silence as he hung at Cathalie's shoulder. Not thinking much of this, Cathalie nodded towards Sofie in a curt greeting, blinking at Ian as his head turned to look towards them, mentioning the four of them all grabbing a bite to eat together.

What caught Cathalie slightly off guard was the wide grin on Ian's face, as though he had reason to be especially happy about seeing Sofie. Of course, not that Cathalie would say it to this face, but it sorta make him look a bit goofy, grinning hugely like that. Still, it was something Cathalie had to muse over for a few seconds, that complete change in mood from one of wistfulness to sudden excitement over the arrival of this one girl Sofie. But she dismissed the thought and shrugged lightly, unable to help but return the smile lightly. "Starving. Least we can get going now that you're finally here."

Just as she started to walk once again towards the entrace of the amusement park, she was stopped by the sight of Mitch crouching down slightly to peer at the cellphone still grasped in Ian's hand. Probably due to fear of getting smacked by Cathalie yet again, he made no sign of any attempt to snatch it, but rather continued to examine it curiously in Ian's hand.

"What's this?" he chirped, tilting his head to the side in a look of inquiry towards Ian. He looked towards Sofie as well. "You had one too, you were looking at it earlier. Is it one of those hand-held compu-thingies that let you record your daily schedules and phone numbers and email addresses?"

Cathalie could only sigh at Mitch's question, deciding to spare both Sofie and Ian the trouble of answering the inquisitive Mitch. "It's a cellphone. You can talk to people over long distances. It's like a telephone, except you can carry it anywhere with you." She shook her head in relief as Mitch nodded in understanding. He seemed to understand the concept of the telephone.

"So," he mused, more to himself than anything. "It's like a walkie-talkie. Except....? Made of metal? Shinier? More buttons?" As always, he seemed to be more into the smallest details than the obvious big picture itself. Nevertheless, Cathalie nodded wearily in affirmation towards him.

"Yeah...except more powerful. I mean...I could be on the other side of the world, and could still talk with you as long as we both have a working cellphone, though I would imagine that would cost a hell of a lot of money," she muttered darkly, once again reminded of her impoverished state. Mitch, on the other hand, seemed to like the idea of being able to talk to someone, no matter where the two were in the world. This was judging from the way he tilted his head and stared at Cathalie as she spoke with rapt attention, never letting his eyes wander for a split second.

"That...sounds nice," he murmured lightly, before standing up fully, and finally breaking into a grin. The misty sheen returned to his pale green eyes once again. "A shiny walkie-talkie. I would want that."

Cathalie rolled her eyes at Mitch's remark with ever the recurring incredulity, though she couldn't help but smirk a bit. Looking back towards Sofie and Ian with an apologetic shrug, she said, "Well two probably know where to go better than we do. Guess you'd better lead then?"

Theseus - August 19, 2006 11:52 AM (GMT)
((Sorry because this is probably going to be a crappy post. My life just took an unexpected turn for the worst and I'm still recovering from it, and I will be for a while that's for sure. I won't go into details but it sucks to lose your first love. Especially when you've been with her for over 10 months and she is already flirting with another guy.))

Ian started to follow Cathalie when Mitch stopped. He inquired about Ian's cell phone and Cathalie did her best explaining to him what it was. Ian laughed during some parts of the conversation, and figuring there was no harm in it, he handed his cell phone to Mitch and said, "Here, you can carry it if you want. Just don't lose it or place any calls to China. I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't be too happy then." He smiled and said, "Let's get going guys."

With that he started to lead the group to the old pirate ship. Seeing it in sight he nodded and said, "That's it right over there." He walked more until he reached the entrance and looked at the group he was with and said, "Well Mitch, ready to have your first burger?" Ian opened the door and held it open for the other three to enter.

riserugu - August 20, 2006 09:59 PM (GMT)
Sofie watched the scene before her unfold with a slight amount of interest, allowing a smile to grace her features as Ian came running up. She waving off his comment with an offhanded look, “Yeah, sorry about that – I left my phone at the house today and didn’t see your messages till I got there.” She admitted plainly, flexing her somewhat bandaged leg with a bit of an afterthought. Turning her attention on Mitch and Cathalie as they followed up behind shortly after, Sofie returning the curt nod sent her way with a wave to the two.

“It’s nice to see you both again,” She mused, though blinked at the starving comment made afterwards, nodding. “Getting something to eat does sound nice right about now.”

Closing blue eyes for a moment, as she placed her hand over her stomach, it was true – she hadn’t bothered with lunch today, as if the school ever had decent lunches to begin with. And the confrontation with Ali in the nurses’ office just added onto the hunger pains. That and spending the last ten minutes running and out of breathe, really – she was going to have to train harder if she was going to be of any help on the track team.

Reopening eyes a moment later she cast a smile toward the small group, though couldn’t help with it had a fault as she took note of the grin plastered across Ian’s features; what was that about? Had something happened she missed? Or what… whatever it was he grinning toward her like that was somewhat embarrassing to say the least and the flash of red across her face was proof there of.

Mitch’s question gave her an excuse to focus on something different as she eyed the other male to his question about the cell phones Ian and she carried, she carefully thinking over a quick answer in her head though as she opened her mouth to perhaps explain, that or make herself look stupid, Cathalie began speaking, more or less answering the question with a grace she probably would have messed up on in trying to explain to Mitch.

Though as this finished up, and Cathalie addressed the group stating it probably be best for either Ian or herself to lead to wherever they where eating – Sofie hadn’t the clue having just got her and casted a light look toward Ian as he began walking. Musing a bit as she took a grip on her purse and began to follow along behind in the others’ a slow manner, more or less taking time to take in the sights about and around. Truth be told it had been quite a while since she had last been able to come to the seaside amusement park – least since she had been around ten – so almost six years, not to many things had truly changed thought she noticed.

She found herself blinking again, watching in interest as Ian passed his cell phone off to Mitch – explaining that he could mess around with it as long as certain things weren’t done. Sofie smiling at this, ever the nice one he was, he had always been like that – least for as long as she could remember.

Sofie remembered their first meeting fondly, mostly because he was the first person she ever spoke at the daycare; least in English. She had always been, as her grandmother said, a rather anti-social sort of a child – and going into daycare, surrounded by a bunch of people she didn’t know, retreated into her shell and refused to speak nothing but Dutch for the first two weeks there.

Thoughts where broken when Ian spoke up again, stating they had arrived to where they would be eating. Sofie looking over the ‘pirate ship’ with a light interest, glancing downward toward her friend as he opened the door – ushering them in. “My, my – such the gentlemen aren’t you? But thanks.” She mused, sending the other a smile as she passed into the restaurant.

Theseus - August 23, 2006 07:27 PM (GMT)
Ian smiled at Sofie's comment about him being a gentleman and he said, "Of course I am. Someone has to keep chivalry alive ya know?" He smiled as he let the group enter and he followed behind them. He made his way to the trio's side and looked around at all the tables. The waiter was a young girl, with shoulder lengthed dark hair, who was dressed like a pirate. She smiled warmly and said, "How many?" Ian said, "4." She grabbed four menu's and said, "Right this way."

Moving through the pirate themed resteraunt Ian looked up at the walls that were decorated with pirate memorabilia. Ian hadn't eaten here in a while, even though he likes to visit the park as frequently as he could. He remembered that since this resturaunt was a priate ship, you could request to eat on the top deck, which was always extra fun. So Ian spoke up and said, "Excuse me, can we get a table on top?" She smiled and said, "Of course"

She led them upstairs and showed them their table. Ian, keeping up with his gentleman act, probably more-so since the compliment from Sofie, pulled everyone's chairs out for them, and he sat down. He looked at everyone else around him, all the other customers. He took in the site from atop the pirate ship, and he could see the lake and he enjoyed the view.

LadyMakaze - August 28, 2006 06:00 PM (GMT)
At the sight of the cell phone before his nose, Mitch's green eyes instantly abandoned all moodiness, coming alight as they caught the glint of its metallic sheen. At Ian's unexpected offer, his hands began to shake slightly. He quickly turned to look towards Cathalie, looking as though he were awaiting her approval, or fearing yet another cuff on the shoulder. Cathalie herself was frowning slightly, looking somewhat apprehensive about Mitch's offer.

"I don't know if that's the best idea..." she muttered slightly, rubbing the back of her head awkwardly. "Likely he'll start tearing it apart the first chance he gets..." At this, Mitch, in a rather uncharacteristic and somewhat comical moment, looked indignant.

"What are you talking about? I'm not going to hurt it," he told her with a slight pout, and before Ian had any time to change his mind, snatched it away while chirping a rather superficial 'thank you'. He began to break away from the group a bit, grasping the small cellphone in both hands as though it were some precious and special treasure.

He carefully opened it, looking as though he were fully ready to take his promise not to do anything to damage the thing completely to heart. Though surprise was what overtook his features as the screen of the cellphone came to life by coming aglow. "Wow! It lights up! That's so cool!"

"I'm sure it does..." Cathalie muttered, rolling her eyes as she turned to follow Ian and Sofie, still looking between the two with a rather curious expression on her face, still remembering the rather comical looking grin on Ian's face that had appeared when Sofie arrived. Truth to be told, she had no idea what that was all about...maybe he was just that happy to see her because they were close friends.

The same way Mitch is always happy to see me. Cathalie thought, reflecting on the matter and looking towards the subject of her thoughts.

Mitch, meanwhile, had somehow come across a game of tetris, on a cellphone of all things. Then again, it was probably one of those 'accessories' that came with such things, like wireless internet, musical ringtones, online games, address books, and the like. Always, rich people had to make a luxury out of the simplest of things, it was a plain and simple fact. At this, Cathalie always frowned, knowing that she would never be able to own such an advanced thing. Not that she would have any need of one...but still, it was depressing at times.

Curiosity overtook her features as she looked over Mitch's progress with the tetris game. His expression was set and determined in intense concentration as his fingers worked swiftly, having mastered the basics of both the controls and concept of the game itself. Thus far, his game was absolutely perfect, working at a pace that was almost too quick to be human, yet consistant and steady. Cathalie gave an impressed whistle as Mitch cleared yet another level upon completing the bottom three rows simultaneously.

"Wow, you're good at that," Cathalie murmured slightly. Mitch, meanwhile, was much too wrapped up in concentration to give any sort of acknowledgement, focused almost entire on his game as he remained near Cathalie, Ian and Sofie. However, his attention from the game finally broke as the group entered the restaurant together. The rather nautical decoration of its interior caught his eyes, and he tilted his head to the side in curiosity.

"'s a real pirate ship!" he exclaimed aloud, catching the odd stare from the occasional passerby as he wandered about with an expression of excitement on his face, peeking over the half walls to the patrons sitting at their tables, trailing after the pirate costumed staff as they moved to avoid him. At the sight of Cathalie's irritated stare, he immediately sobered from his initial curiosity and meekly followed her, still clutching the cellphone tightly.

Though his obedience and meekness could never last as curiosity overtook his features yet again as the group stepped onto the top deck. He immediately proceeded to wander around, leaning over the railings to stare into the lake below, and circling the imitation of the main mast that decorated the top deck. Just as he was about to climb onto the riggings that lead up to a rather parodized, smaller version of the crows nest, Cathalie snapped at him yet again.

"Get back here!"

On cue, Mitch wandered back with the same wide grin on his face, signifying that he was plainly enjoying himself. "When are we going to set sail? Is the crew having lunch break right now? Was there mutiny against the captain? Was he sent off the plank and eaten by sharks?"

"I wouldn't be worried if I were you," Cathalie muttered lightly as she nodded towards Ian, amused by the rather gracious and chivalrous manner he'd adopted, sitting down at the table. Mitch was much less gracious, leaping clear onto the chair where it nearly topped over, wobbling precariously on its legs atop the wooden deck.

"This is fun," he remarked with an almost ridiculously cheerful smile, sitting in something of a kneel atop his chair. Cathalie raised his eyebrows towards him, before casting her eyes over to the view that could be seen beyond the railing of the deck, the lake, the bustling activity of the amusement park, and even the cityscape in the distance.

riserugu - September 24, 2006 07:49 AM (GMT)
[[ Sorry this is so long over-due, this trip to Germany was a sheer pain in the ass, and writing had been thrown far, far out of my mind. But a little Hellogoodbye seemed to help break the writer's block as of now.]]

Sofie allowed a small smile to grace her features as Ian went about keeping up his gentlemen act of sorts. Taking her seat after it had been pulled out, lightly casting a another smile toward her friend before relaxing in her chair, attention switching to glance over and watch Mitch move about the top deck on the pirate ship themed restaurant – looking far more like a energetic six-year-old other than the high school student that he was. Her attention lifted a bit, scanning over the area too her right and the New Jersey city of tall buildings, traffic and far to many people they all decided to call home.

A sigh escaped parted lips as she settled back in the seat, folding hand along her lap as she crossed her legs. Her injured leg jumping a bit as the bandaged areas scraped against the hard wood of the table. Fingers of her left hand quickly moving to curl about the area of stinging, bandaged skin – rubbing a bit at the area in an attempt to perhaps sooth the screaming scraps, though within time the small fire that seemed to have pressed down on her wounds lifted and she found herself sighing again, though this time in relief of the situation.

Perhaps it would have been better to have stayed home and rested like her coach and the school nurse had suggested, but then again – it was more often than not now that see got to actually get out and see Ian beyond the school, and in her mind, a little bit of pain was worth being able to get and do something with him. The last thing she remembered doing with him vividly, besides the paintball experience – that can be long forgotten just like the bruises she got from the experience, was when she went had saw one of this martial arts tournament events. Sofie had found it to be overall exciting, namely when her friend finally came out.

Blinking lighting, in order to remove herself from her thoughts, Sofie casted a light glance over toward Ian. She allowing another grin to play at her features, as she slowly tilted her head in a light manner, “So, Mr. Gentleman, what do you have planned for us after this meal?” She said, musing the question out a bit rubbing at her leg once more.

Course she hadn’t the foggiest as too what had already been planned out, after all, all she knew was from the voice messages Ian had left her because last she heard they had been planning on going to a burger joint to eat and then suddenly it expanded into all this. Not that she minded, after her incident with Ali at the school – this was a refreshing turn for the better, speaking of she would have to remind herself to talk to Ian later about the before mentioned brunette demon-spawn that more-or-less believed she owned the halls of Bathurst just because her daddy had a little money.

Her thoughts were once again taken away as she watched – in a bit of an amused expression – as Mitch pretty much cleared the table in one bound, landing in the chair and more or less kneeling into it. Sofie biting back a bit of laughter as she watched this, though couldn’t help but nod at his spoken words, glancing toward Ian once more.

”This is fun.”

Theseus - October 6, 2006 09:09 PM (GMT)
Ian was rather amused by Mitch's actions, but that wasn't anything new. He watched in interest as Mitch took in everything around him, asking questions about when the ship was going to set sail and if the captain had been thrown overboard. Ian was also surprised by how good Mitch was doing at the game of Tetris on the way up to their seats. Ian was never good at the game, and he wondered how Mitch, a boy who seemed like he had zero patience for anything, was able to successfully pass level after level.

When everyone was seated, well Mitch was just now landing on his seat, Ian looked around the table and answered Sofie’s question. “Well after we eat I thought we could ride some rides and go swimming out at the beach. I don’t really know what order we’d do it in, but either way I just kind of figured we’d all just enjoy the park and the beach.” Ian scanned the park, which he could see pretty well from where he was sitting, and he thought of all the rides he wanted to go on, and even smiled to himself when he thought of what Mitch might say about one of the roller coasters.

Ian had noticed Sofie’s bandaged leg earlier, but he never had time to ask her, so he thought now was the best time to ask. He looked at her and said, “So, what happened to your leg? Swimming accident?” He wasn’t sure exactly how she could hurt her leg in practice, but it seemed like the only reasonable answer.

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