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Title: Update

Kaishi - August 9, 2006 12:25 AM (GMT)
Alright, I've just cleaned out all the members with zero posts. If you were one of the sixty two listed below and want your account back, please contact me, or another one of the staff members.

sNooZe, killer7fanatic, Kazuo Kiriyama, kele cheney, RazeHell, mdl59edsel, Smilin_Jack_1313, Oda_Toshinori, evilspirit, Logan024, noxel, Tomie, conzpiracy, cez, MERCUTIO56, Gideon, mystique, Sephy_rules, Yamada Naoki, Kung Foo, kafajo, Zachwell, nick5373, Tobias, Megacocks666, Chad, 13kills, Audious, EbolaJones, CannUDiggIt, Keith_Maverick, shinjifan, Bear, finch, draken, sunsetdisaster, Rebnik, Hatsumi Shibusa, trivium ckk, Gugeno, evansmp, Hoboman, butterflyscream, Baron_S, teddyleevin, kuril, Fishy10.0, Life_Is_A_Game, Slamexo, lordblyron, johnstern, Sephiroth, Celly, PPlayer, Deckster1967, SiLent_KiLLer, Vesta, Victor, Penny Hung, AppleBunny, Axis, shadow

62 members deleted on August 8, 2006... My humble apologies to any new users in the above listing. You must remember, though, that a warning was given out and you were even given an extra day to prepare for this. Thank you.

More updates concerning version two to come!

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