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Slayer - July 14, 2006 08:39 AM (GMT)
((Continued from: Onslaught Redux))

Jack had taken quite a while to exit the woods and reach the crash site, which was natural considering the sheer amount of space the woods took up and the fact that Jack had stopped for the occasional break.
Christ, if Danya had declared the woods a Danger Zone I'd be right fuckin' screwed. he had thought, chuckling with dark humor as he walked, batting a branch out of the way with his right hand and the revolver held within. A short time after that, he had heard the screeching of car tires and the thunderous booming sounds of shotgun blasts and hid in a nearby bush, where he stayed for several minutes, starting to come out after hearing the explosions from the direction of the warehouse.
But that's a Danger Zone...who in their right mind would go there? paying that thought no more mind, he continued to walk after picking up his pack and gun. Judging from the gunshots and explosions there, along with the more recent ones, Jack had no doubt the "final ten" was now even further down to the wire. Most likely it was only the males left.
Either that, or just the males and a female or two that's ugly as sin with my luck. Pity about Elsie and Takara, I wouldn't have minded screwing either of them. Well, I haven't heard that French girl's name on the list, the one that fucked a guy to death a few days ago. Ah well... he was quite accurate in that line of thought as he finally cleared the line of trees and walked into a part of the field/crash site that was covered in very tall grass. All of the girls known at Barry Coleson for their attractiveness had died over the course of the game, in fact almost every Barry Coleson student on the island had. Attractive or not.
"Fuckin' cut it out Jack," he muttered to himself as he moved through the grass, shaking his head, "If you want to win, you have to start thinking with your head and your gut, not your dick."
That's right. I've got to win. For myself, for Jill and Martyn, for my team, for everyone that's died thanks to Mr. fucking Danya. There's no way I'll let anyone beat me.

Several minutes later, moving on a mixture of gut instinct, having been at the field before, and the fact that he had seen the helicopter wreck's propeller upon entering the area, Jack managed to clear the tall grass, now literally in front of the crashed helicopter and the rather disturbing sight of several crows eating away at a corpse that looked like it had been bludgeoned to death. The nearest one was tearing a chunk out of what appeared to be the corpse's brain matter, which was leaked out of it's destroyed head. Suppressing the urge to vomit, he raised his revolver, aimed it at the bird, and fired. The bullet smashed into the bird's head, utterly destroying it and sending the avian corpse tumbling off of the humanoid one. The shot got the desired effect, all the remaining birds took off in a frightened cloud, most likely not to return to the feast for a while. Looking at the corpse, he did not recognize it, and was sure he would not even if it was not almost entirely eaten. Of course, he wasn't entirely worried about one of the other nine (or less than) hearing the gunshot and coming, he assumed they were all a good distance away, as he would've undoubtedly attacked him if they had been close enough to make a difference. Nodding in acceptance of this fact, he moved into the cabin door that (unknown to him) was the only way in or out of the wreck unless the person in question had the ability to turn into an insect.

Closing the cabin door behind him, but not locking it in case he had to make a quick escape, Jack dropped his (formerly Jill Gatling's) bag to the floor and sat at one of the surprisingly plush benches that the terrorists and their weapons had sat on during insertion, digging out his bullet box and popping open the cylinder of the revolver, placing three new bullets in the emptied chambers of the Enfield before closing it's cylinder and putting the box away. Placing the gun to his right side, he opened the bag and dug through it, taking out two water bottles and a tin of crackers. He felt absolutely terrible stealing food out of the late Jill Gatling's bag (he had lost his own, presumably destroyed by the grenade that killed Jill and Martyn, though he couldn't go back and check.), but if he ignored his hunger and thirst any longer, dehydration and starvation would probably kill him before anyone else could. Besides, the dead didn't need food or water, whether there was an afterlife or not. Besides, if life after death was real, and Jill was really watching from some other, hopefully better place, she'd understand he couldn't win like she asked him to if he keeled over from starvation and dehydration. Taking off the top of the first bottle, Jack pressed it to his lips and proceeded to drink, experiencing an immediate feeling of cold relief as the liquid moved through his parched throat and down into his stomach. Before he gained some restraint, he had already consumed a third of the bottle.

This setup's perfect. he thought as he opened the tin and ate a cracker. It tasted awful, but he was probably hungry enough to eat anything that would fill his stomach now. The day's still young, so I don't have to worry about danger zones, and I've got the only entrance guarded. All I've got to do is plant my feet, stand my ground and fight...

I just hope I win...

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d0ddi0slave - July 14, 2006 10:59 PM (GMT)
Back to where it all began...for me, at least...

Angelina Kaige strode back into the open field that contained the wreckage of the helicopter, still a little pissed off at the fact that she'd fucked up killing her latest victim. Danya had even poked a little fun at her, and truthfully, it was not something that she was proud of - missing like she did. Well, perhaps that wasn't true - she DID hit him. It just hadn't killed him, and now she had a true enemy on the island.

It's not like it really matters. I'm armed with grenades, pistols, and an assault rifle that has a clip of ammo left. With probably less than ten kids left, I can probably take on any of them, and win. And once I get out...

She left the thought hang in her head, and wandered towards the wreckage. Rifle out, she couldn't see anyone, but that, of course, didn't account for anyone who might be hiding and and amongst the wreckage. Cautiously, she crept towards it, taking note of the bodies strewn along the ground. People had died here since the helicopter had crashed, that much, she was sure of.

Slayer - July 15, 2006 03:36 AM (GMT)
Jack had been halfway through eating the sixth cracker in the tin when he heard the footsteps outside. With less than ten people alive and the entire area being empty until then, it wasn't hard to miss the sound of someone heading right for his hiding spot.
Shit, they must've heard the shot! he thought in a near panicked state, quickly placing the bottle and tin back in the bag and taking up the revolver. He had screwed up, and he knew it. He should've known scaring off those birds would've attracted attention. Most likely the kind of attention he did not want, since it was logical to believe the only ones who lived up to now were playing.
Calm down, Jack. You've got to keep a cool head. They probably don't even know you're still here, and if they do you have the only way in or out in your sights. You could take them out before they ever saw you if that was necessary. calming down a bit, he looked around. There were no other working doors to where he was, but there were two windows facing where the steps were coming from. The one closest to him was tightly shut and appeared to be in perfect condition besides a small crack, and the one farthest away was completely broken open, just the right size for a grenade to go through. Suppressing the memories of that ambush, he started trying to make his breathing slower and quieter, careful to remain still and not make any noises that would alert the newcomer. Silently shifting his body so it faced the unlocked but closed door, he aimed his pistol at the space just in front of the door where a person's head would appear if entering and waited.
I don't even know who's out there. Going out there right now would be a death sentence. If I don't do anything that'll let them know I'm in here, I should be alright.

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Kris - July 16, 2006 11:07 PM (GMT)
((Continued from: Major Tom))

The dreaded place. The place where his miseries first started. The place where his optimistic and happy nature was melted away in a matter of minutes. Cassie. Cassie was the name of this place. Drew looked nervously around him as he stumbled onto the Helicopter Crash Site. There wasn't really anywhere to go, it was either this or the cliffs where he murdered Tobs. Just passing thorugh there gave him chills, and he looked once again at the mangled body on the rocks all bvecause of his little insecurities.

He would rather have shot Cassie and save Tobs. But he ended up killing them both. His bestfriend, and the girl he vowed to protect. Some guy he was, he didn't have an courage or valor. he was a coward like most people were when tossed into this kind of situation.

Drew looked up, with gun in hand trying to find a refuge, that is until he stopped in his tracks. he saw a young woman nt far from him but a good amount of distance.

No trouble.....Just turn and run...

But his body didn't react. By seeing someone else he immediatly froze. He was scared out of his mind not knowing what to do, of coruse there is only one thing to do. Adam wasn't a threat when he saw him, but that dosn't mean everybody else isn't. He said that if they meet next time it won't be under good circumstances. So he did what any students in his position would do.

Drew raised the gun and fired two shoots toward Angelina Kaige.

d0ddi0slave - July 16, 2006 11:11 PM (GMT)
When the first shot took her in the back of the shoulder, Angelina Kaige instantly knew that something was amiss - at least, for her. She hadn't heard anyone coming, and she'd foolishly left her back turned the entire time, as she walked towards the wreck of the helicopter.

Your parents would be admonishing you right now, calling you a dirty failure...

Through clenched teeth, Angelina dropped and the second shot whizzed harmlessly by her. Rolling into a sitting position, she aimed her rifle and squeezed off three short, controlled bursts at the boy with the gun.

Kris - July 16, 2006 11:22 PM (GMT)
Drew immediatly took off trying to run behind one of the wreckage helicopters. He knew that when she ducked their would be complications in her murder. And so he did the reasonable thing. He ran. The boy ran, passing two bullets however one slammed into his calf. Howling in pain he managed to slump behind the old remains of an old rusted helicopter.

He looked at his wound, it hurt. It really hurt. Drew hadn't been shot like this, unlike Tobs. He felt Tobs pain, of what he did to him. But he was not going to let that stop him. he came to far to give up now. Throught the window of the cockpit Drew came up with his gun and fire a couple more shots at Angelina.

Come on.....I can make it......

d0ddi0slave - July 16, 2006 11:26 PM (GMT)
Quickly jumping to her feet, Kaige was again brought down by a bullet, this time hitting her in the leg. It seemed as though this boy was a bit of a better shot than the ones that she'd killed before, and as she raised her rifle and pounded off a few more shots at the helicopter area, she had an idea. Grabbing two of the fragmentation grenades from her belt, she pulled the pin on both of them, and tossed them to land behind the wreckage. Anyone hiding within would be unharmed due to the metal shielding, but anyone unfortunate enough to get in the way would be seriously injured. Another bullet pierced her arm, and she bit down on her tongue in pain. At the rate that she kept getting hit, she wouldn't last too much longer. Gritting her teeth against the pain, she ran over towards the taller grass, hoping that it would act as a bit of a shield.

Kris - July 16, 2006 11:33 PM (GMT)
When Drew saw Angelina grab two round sphere shaped objects from her belt terror filled his eyes. He crawled dragging his leg out of the way of the wreckage, he managed to move quickly but the pain still coursed thorugh his veins. The grenades surley impacted, the spot where he was sitting seconds before had no become a patch of ash.

The impact of the blow send him rolling over. Drew aimed his gun at Angelina as she ran into the bushes. He fired two shots toward her trying to maintain his focus. Unfortunatly the pain had completley deluded his mind, and now his mentality was focused on this. More illusions entered his logic as he shot at Angelina.

It's Cassie......I'm fighting Cassie...

Drew had now an imperative thought that Angelina was truly Cassie reincarnated into another life-form or had moved to a body to inhabit after Drew pumped his bullets into her head. She had definatly come back from the grave to kill him, for revenge.

Slayer - July 17, 2006 06:05 AM (GMT)
The few moments between the newcomer's arrival and the start of the battle were filled with anxiety and fear the likes of which Jack knew of, but had never felt. Every second felt as if it were made of pure terror as he struggled to stay perfectly still, trying to avoid doing anything that would give away his presence. At first, it seemed inevitable that the person would come through the door in Jack's sights, aiming to kill him, but soon after there were two gunshots, after which the steps stopped. Instead of silence, however, a flurry of gunfire and a male voice occasionally screaming tore through the air and to Jack's ears. The sounds soon got very close to the wreck Jack was hiding in, and it became clear the combatants were actually fighting around it, possibly using it as cover. Being unintentionally saved by the battle's chaos, he allowed himself to relax, straightening from his previous position (in which he was nearly folding in on himself) but keeping his upper body slightly crouched and his gun aimed at the door. Immediately after he did this, two deafening explosions sounded out almost directly next to the wreck's cockpit, causing Jack to crouch back into his previous position, temporarily covering his head with his hands.
Wait a minute. Those explosions...they sounded exactly like that of the grenade back in the warehouse...Kaige is out there! he realized, allowing himself to straighten up as the explosions were followed by the sound of running feet and two more gunshots. Quietly slipping off his sneakers, he brought his feet (now bare, he had never liked the feel of socks, too confining and rather uncomfortable) up onto the bench and lifted himself into a crouch. Moving carefully, he was able to silently "walk" over to the intact window and lift himself up slightly to take a look around, hoping to find Kaige. Other than a few spots of blood and the odd shell casing, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary at first, though for an instant he saw a flash of clothing in a nearby batch of tall grass. Alarmed and unsure whether he had been seen, he crouched back down and quickly moved along the bench back to his original position, the soft material on the bench absorbing most of the pressure and causing minimal noise to be made.
I definitely need to be more careful. he thought, slipping the sneakers back on and replacing his aim on the door. I just hope she didn't see me. I'll need to be very careful if I want to take down a terrorist.

6 Contestants Remaining.

d0ddi0slave - July 19, 2006 03:21 AM (GMT)
Diving into the bushes as she heard the gunshots, Kaige's mind began working furiously. She hadn't anticipated that someone would actually be able to take her by surprise, and her stealth advantage was most certainly gone. Dropping her rifle, which - of course, in the worst of times, had run out of ammunition, Kaige removed the two pistols that she'd come onto the island with. After these were done, she'd be essentially weaponless - never a good situation to be in. She heard the two bullets whiz past her, where she'd just been standing, and pointed the pistols at the place that the bullets were coming from, squeezing the trigger of each pistol several times, sending the bullets flying towards the boy...

Kris - July 23, 2006 05:04 AM (GMT)
Drew tried to run yet a bullet slammed into his shoulder, however others flyed past him into whatever stood in thier way. Cassie was beatiing the hell out of him, Drew knew this is the devils work. Her spirit has not yet been rested, she wants revenge...REVENGE!!!

The word ringed inside his head as he continued to shoot a few more bullets toward Cassie hoping to finally vanquish her to hell. He'd come too far to lose now, too far to just be pummeled by a someone whose already dead. Who lost. They lost the game, those were the rules....

The boy's gun ran low on bullets, four more was left inside his gun which wasn't a good sign. A feeling within himself told Drew to run away, but he started to make his way back to the metal where the grenades blasted him. He shot another shot toward Cassie hoping to hit her, but how can you a ghost?


d0ddi0slave - July 23, 2006 05:07 AM (GMT)
Hearing the crack of the guns as they fired, Kaige lept to her left, hoping to avoid the spray of dangerous metal that emerged from the barrel of Drew's pistol. Again firing at the place she thought that he might be, she kept moving, trying to stay clear of the gunshots that would go towards her. This plan was working all well and good, of course, until one of her guns went dry. Ejecting the clip, she saw that she only had one more left, so she grimaced and tossed the gun as hard as she could out towards the boy, hoping to hit him with it. Hopefully, he'd think that it was a grenade and become afraid of it, losing his sense of safety long enough for her to blast him.

This one's most definitely more of a challenge than the others...

Kris - July 23, 2006 05:18 AM (GMT)
At the look of a black thing coming toward him Drew ducked as the empty clip fell by his side. Not feeling an explosion Drew started to breath and try to concentrate on the situation.

That little bitch, I'm glad I killed her.....

Drew felt a little satisfied that he blew off her head but a little pissed when it came to bite him in the ass. How the hell do you kill a ghost? Cal an excorcist? Maybe someone has some holy water or something.Drew quickly emerged and shot one of his third to last bullet at Cassie ducking as quick as he pulled the trigger.


d0ddi0slave - July 23, 2006 05:31 AM (GMT)
Not hearing any sound of exclaimation at a grenade or, frankly, any sound at all except more gunfire, Kaige moved to try and get out of the way of the bullet, but instead ended up walking right into it. As it tore through her chest, her eyes bulged out and she instantly coughed up blood. The internal bleeding was something she felt immediately, and she internally cursed herself for being so stupid. Wincing, she reached around and pulled out two of the grenades she'd been holding on her belt, pulled the pins, and tossed them away. She then lifted her gun and fired back a few more times, hoping to at least catch the boy enough to do him some serious harm.

Kris - July 23, 2006 06:15 AM (GMT)
Drew's pain was immense and he tryed his hardest to stay focused. He heard the bullets clattering with the helicopter remains, which was the only barricade from himself and death. He could feel Cassie screaming in pain from her wounds.

Yes I'm wining! I'm winning!

The boy came up again and shot another shot trying to conserve as much ammo as he can in order to find the perfect shot. He winced at the new fresh wound at his shoulder, his leg hurt too as it started to become sore. Blood soaked through his cloths, but Drew ignored how comfertable he was. He ignored all factors within the game except for his show down with Cassie. At the place of her death.


d0ddi0slave - July 24, 2006 10:00 PM (GMT)
((All right, this has gone on WAY too long, and poor Jack, the helicopter is taking a beating, heh))

Hearing more gunshots come her way, Kaige felt yet another one hit her in the leg, wincing in pain as her blood spilled freely all over the grass. Inwardly, she knew that her time on the island was likely coming to an end, because with all of these wounds, she wasn't likely to survive very much longer. Standing up, she made a move to emerge from the grass to shoot at Drew, but fell backwards when another bullet struck her in the arm. Stunned, Kaige lay there, and didn't get back up again.

Maybe...if I try and feign death, he might stop shooting all of his bullets at me...

Shutting her eyes and letting her body relax, Kaige waited for the shooting to stop.

Kris - July 25, 2006 04:34 AM (GMT)
Drew had one bullet left in his gun. He emerged from the piece of metal after what seemed like forever.He didn't hear Cassie move or anything, he stood up and say her blood stained body. A smile crept upon his face as he approced Cassie gun still in hand. Has Drew really disposed of the undead?

He looked at her laid upon the grass. Apperently dead, but something was missing. Something was wrong with this picture. Cassie's head was not blown off. But the boy decided that wasn't the approch he wanted to take the second time around. He didn't want her to haunt him once again during the competition. It gave him such satisfaction that he has beaten the undead, now he was ready for anything.

Looking at her Drew wanted to make sure the vile spirit was dead for sure and so aimed his gun at Cassie's stomach where he launced his last bullet into her. With a smile he turned around and started walking away, he wanted to wash himself off at the Waterfall once again. Drew wanted to be clean and ready for his apperance on television where he'd be announced the winner of SOTF.


d0ddi0slave - July 25, 2006 04:40 AM (GMT)
As the bullet slammed into her stomach, Angelina Kaige used every inch and every ounce of self-control that she had to remain as still as she could, even though the internal bleeding was now all but assuring her of a slow and painful death. Of course, after the requisite ten seconds that she waited before opening her eyes was over, she knew that if she was going to die slowly, she was sure as hell going to go down fighting. Shivering from the massive loss of blood, Kaige pulled herself to her feet, leaving her weapons behind. The boy seemed to have exhausted the last bullet from his gun and was now wandering away aimlessly, towards the path that lead away from the area. don't, you stupid kid...

Going into the game, Kaige had known that if she made it far, and past the other terrorists, she'd probably have a semi-decent shot at making it to the final four. She didn't know how many kids were left, but at the rate that she was bleeding, that was beginning to become a fainter possibility. Using all of the stealth tactics that she could muster with her broken body, she quickly crept up behind her attacker, wrapped her hands around his neck, and with all of the strength that she could afford herself, she twisted to the right.

If nothing else, I can say that I beat the person who was mainly responsible for killing me...

Kris - July 25, 2006 05:04 AM (GMT)
Drew didn't have time to react when he felt cold clammy hands around his neck. It was the hands of death, the hands of Cassie that had touched him. It was over, it was over, over , over. How can Cassie come back? Well she is a spirit, you can't kill whats already dead, yet Drew thought it was over.

The boy's neck was forced right and when he felt the quick pressure erupt within his bones he thought of what had happened to him, to his life. But then he realized that it was his fault, it was he who created his own demise. Drew had sworn to protect Cassie, and he ended up killing her. This was his eternal punishment, losing when he was so far; Drew took it with no feelings of hate or anger. It didn't matter now.....The boy fell, his was twisted and his body continued to soak in his own blood.

"Hi Tobs...Cassie..." Drew felt embarassed as he walked upto Tobs and Cassie standing in on the cliff. They looked at him with a smile and then erupted in laughter. Drew looked at them weirdly, as the laughed but it made him feel comfertable. Soon he joined in on the laughter, and all three of them laughed for what seemed like forever. After the laughter died Tobs put his arm on Drew's shoulder, Cassie just looked with eager eyes and a bright smile. "You ready?" he asked. Tobs, looked behind him, adjusting his glasses; The forest looked the same however the grass was clean. The same cliff where Tobs fell to his death due to Drew's insanity.

Drew looked back at Tobs, a little troubled by the fact that he was nomore, he still held on to some of the insanity that had accumalated through the game. It was so great that even when he met his end a little bit of it still remained. He wasn't completed clensed. Tobs's expression became that of sadness and then looked at Cassie who returned it. "Oh well then I guess its goodbye." he said turning taking Cassie's hand, she took one more glance at Drew still with a meloncholy look. She then turned back toward the edge of the cliff. As the two started walking toward the cliffs edge Drew thougut about it.

He didn't wnat to be alone, his insanity told him to stay but he didn't litsen to it and juust stretched out his hand. "Wait!" he cried. Tobs and Cassie stopped in their tracks and turned back to him, their frowns turned into smiled again. They seperate leaving a gap between them; Drew walked up and took a hold of each ones hand. "I'm glad you changed your mind." said Cassie with a blush. Drew blusherd as well letting his glasses drop below his nose. He smiled in reply while Tobs just laughed and gave Drew a nodge. "Come on, let go now." Drew nodded as all three looked at the cliffs edge. "Ready..." Tobs said. "Set..." Cassie said second. "GO!" yelled Drew as the three took off in a sprint toward the cliffs edge, once they got toward the edge, they launched themselves into a jump. The oceans waves splashed onto the rocks, Drew looked at the endless ocean as they were in mid air, gravity about to act upon them. It was beautiful, he turnedh is head toward Tobs and Cassie a little bewildered and scared but they nodded assuringly. The boy then looked out toward the big blue ocean.

Jumping to a better future.


d0ddi0slave - July 25, 2006 05:26 PM (GMT)
The sickening crunch that sounded from Drew Lynn's neck as the last remaining terrorist, Angelina Kaige snapped it to almost a 180 degree angle would have made the stomachs of probably anyone within hearing range crawl at the mere sound. To Kaige, however, it gave her a sense of pleasure, and a sense of pride. She'd always been one who was more susceptible to violence than others, thanks wholly to her brutal and unforgiving upbringing. So to be able to inflict so much needless violence, it was almost a release for her. Especially after the events of the last few days - primarily, getting her vocal chords ripped out. That was something that generally tended to cause one stress. Letting the corpse drop to the ground, Kaige surveyed the site. She was weaponless, heavily injured, and there was nobody in sight. She'd always known that if she could outlast the other terrorists, than she'd be a lock for the final four. And thanks to situations that she (sadly) had nothing to do with, McLocke had killed himself, and Rice had been sliced in half by that Dodd kid.

Feeling the bleeding from her gut, Kaige couldn't help but frown. That was something that irked her. Adam Dodd, the kid that she'd raped in the Woods, should not have still been alive. The gunshot that she'd shot him with had been a sloppy one, and she still regretted it to this day. Adam Dodd had been a mistake, and while a damn good mistake at that, his death was supposed to show her total position of dominance over everyone alive - male and female.

But he'd lived. And now, Kaige could see a potential snag in the plan. If he saw her first, he'd be looking to kill. Which, at this point, wasn't a surprise, but he'd have his own reasons for wanting to do so. Getting shot in the head and raped doesn't do wonders for a relationship. Sighing silently, Kaige looked down at herself. She was bleeding slowly from the many wounds in her body, and silently, she wondered to herself how much time she had left. These wounds would kill her, that she knew, and it was really only a matter of time before she lost so much blood that she would expire. Gut wounds were slow killers, though, painful and slow, and the way that she looked at it, if she went down fighting, then there was honour in that. As such, she'd probably have to find some sort of first aid kit, and there was no better place to look than in the crashed helicopter.

Recalling a secret storage compartment that most of Danya's choppers had was easy, she just hoped that this particular one was the one that had some drugs, alcohol, and a solidly stocked first aid kit within. If she could get to that, she could stop the bleeding and probably drug herself up so that she wouldn't even realize it when she keeled over and died sometime in the near future. Stepping up to the chopper, she grabbed the side cockpit door and pulled it open with the strength that she had left, then squinted as she looked inside.

Slayer - July 26, 2006 08:02 AM (GMT)
Jack had winced at the sickening crunching sound that was Drew Lynn's neck snapping, but that was the only movement he afforded himself as the silence prevailed afterwards. The fight outside was over, but now the footsteps from before-albeit somewhat heavier-were once again sounding, headed towards the wreck. Starting to sweat, he couldn't help but wonder which stranger had won. With the four explosions that had sounded off through the battle ("How many grenades does she fucking have?!", he had muttered), and the sudden cessation of gunfire before the neck snap, Jack thought it likely Kaige had defeated whoever it was that had distracted her from approaching the wreck.
And now she's comin' back. he thought. Clutching the gun even more tightly than before, he prayed Kaige couldn't hear his heavy breathing.


Barry Coleson High's baseball team was rather known for it's strict, almost military-esque practices (come to think about it, the same could be said for it's football team.) thanks to Coach Roberts, and today had been no exception. They had an exhibition game scheduled with New Jersey's Franklyn Senior High for next week, so Roberts had pushed them even harder than normal. By the time they had finished, there had been veritable rivers of sweat coming off of them from the heat and all of the drills, running and everything else their practice entailed ("If anyone thinks baseball's a wimp's sport...they should try being on this team." Scott had once claimed.). Though this may make the team sound out of shape, few can be perfectly energetic after running three miles' worth of laps (especially around the entirety of Barry Coleson High School), performing over two hundred of the same drills over and over again for the bulk of the practice, and being made to perform eighty pushups every time they missed or dropped the ball. Especially in hitting. It was a surprise people like Ian Hargrave and Scott Jameson didn't pass out. Of course, it was this exact kind of practice that, though it nearly lost Coach Roberts his job, was the reason behind the baseball team's large success.

Regardless, the nine "Baseball Boys" of Barry Coleson were currently in the library, waiting for the after school busses to pick them up and take them to their respective homes. Jason Andrews was currently sitting at one of the wood tables in the left-center part of the room, reading A Clockwork Orange, his look as usual one of intense concentration. He looked quite different without the baseball uniform on, and in fact seemed far less resemblant to the basis of his nickname in his green tanktop and red sweatpants. He still wore the cleats though, having bought them specifically for the team. Aaron Redfield was browsing the History section, oddly enough wearing a long sleeved black shirt and beige cargo pants. Michael Suarez and Scott Jameson had disappeared into the part of the library in the northwest (southwest?) end of the library, the main "computer" room near the back, while Brian Forbes was asleep at one of the tables near the shelves, the ugly boy in a plain set of t-shirt and jeans having asked his teammates to wake him up when the busses arrived. Mark Hall had recently left to use the bathroom, but before then he had been near the librarians' desk, watching the clock on the brick wall while using one of the computers on the table to work on an essay for Literature class (said essay was still open on the word document too). Ian Hargrave had also left to turn in a Math paper. Jack O'Connor was also using a computer, a bit behind where Mark was, with one of the PCs near the shelves. Unlike Mark and Ian, his homework had been done and handed in before practice, and he was simply re-editing a Wikipedia article that had been vandalized (ironically enough, it was the Baseball article this time.), now that practice was done he was wearing a black shirt with the New York Mets logo on the left side and blue jeans. Directly behind him, wearing a white wifebeater t-shirt and black windbreaker pants, David Jackson was leaning against the chair he was in (causing it to raise onto it's back two legs), resting his own legs on the table, with his eyes mostly closed (Coach Roberts liked to single him out in practice, since he was arguably the best on the team, so he was usually dog tired after practices). The librarians were relatively easygoing about that sort of thing, they knew the last thing the athletes wanted after a tough practice was to be bugged about how to sit. For a while, silence reigned except for the distant sounds of the other Baseball Boys and nonrelated students and the sound of Jason turning a page or Jack typing, but eventually David spoke up. He was just about always the one who started conversations.

"Hey, Jack..." he said, trying to get the boy's attention.
"'Sup?" Jack asked, not looking up from the edit page. Though he could've just gone back to an earlier revision, copied the code and pasted it over the vandalization, he preferred to challenge himself by trying to start over from scratch, seeing how much he could remember. It was his way of keeping his brain sharp and his hand speed sharper.

"This might sound weird comin' from me, but have you ever liked anyone here?" David quickly replied. Jack knew what David was getting at. Even though, like most jocks, the baseball team slept around quite a bit (in fact, the only one of them that was a virgin as far as Jack knew was Ian, and he wasn't interested anyway. Hell, even the shy Aaron Redfield and the somewhat unattractive Brian Forbes had had their fair share of it.) and it had even gotten them into some trouble in some cases, David seemed to actually like a girl, instead of merely wanting to sleep with them and, knowing that Jack was quite intelligent, wanted to know if he had any advice on the subject.

"Who is it?" Jack asked, getting straight to the point as usual.

"Amanda." David said, seemingly embarrassed on the subject. This didn't help Jack much, there were at least two Amandas in the school.

"Which one, David?" Jack had almost raised his voice, but mellowed down when realizing that David probably wanted to keep quiet (literally) about the whole affair.

"Jones, of course. Why would I like Amanda Gorman? She's a bitch." David had a point there. Amanda Jones was tall, but attractive, and was friends with the girlfriends of some of the baseball players. Michael's (how he had managed to stop sleeping around long enough to get a girlfriend was a mystery, but whatever), and Mark's as far as Jack knew (did Scott have a girlfriend? Jack couldn't quite remember). More importantly, she was the Vice-President's daughter, but seemed to have an eye on Adam Dodd. Pausing in his typing, he decided to address their conversation.

"Oh. Yeah, she's pretty good I guess. I think she's after Adam though, call it a hunch, but how about you talk to her about it? You know the gr-"

"Yeah yeah, I know. 'The greatest risk is not taking one' and all that crap." David interrupted, his voice taking a slightly darker tone. "I guess I could talk to her, but what'd stop her from just laughing me off? I'm a baseball player, not some lovesick twit."

"You never know until you go for it. Who knows? I might be wrong about her and Adam." Jack shrugged and, realizing he wouldn't have time to redo the entire article, started to go back to a previous revision. Of course, as was so common on Wikipedia, when he went back to the current revision it had already been restored. Mildly frustrated, he closed the window.

"You've got a point, as always. I guess I'll talk to her about it sometime. Maybe around that trip everyone's been talking about."

"If you put it off that long, you'll probably forget."

"Yeah, whatever." David chuckled a bit while saying this, something Jack found somewhat odd but shrugged off. "You never answered my question, Jack."

"That I didn't." Jack admitted with a shrug, thinking for a bit. "I don't really know...I guess Katherine Marks is kind of cool. Pretty too. If Takara Asano weren't so frigid I guess I'd like her. I haven't really felt that way about anyone before." Jack had never been the kind of person to socialize much, with all the time spent studying, practicing and his life at home, he hadn't had time to attend to matters like getting a girlfriend. "You really should tell her though. I doubt she'd just laugh it off...I don't really know her but I don't think she's like that."

I wonder if David ever did tell Amanda... he thought as the footsteps got even louder, and he could hear the door starting to open. It was remembering that day that made Jack realize both David and Amanda had died on Day 7. Danya didn't announce the killers or causes that time, so he had no way of knowing how they died. For all he knew...they had killed each other.
No, I doubt that happened. The announcement on Day Four said he killed Andrew Klock to protect her. I never did like that Klock kid, too paranoid, but that's not the point. That meant he met up with her He wouldn't have killed her, and why would she kill him if he was helping her? his thoughts were interrupted as the door was flung open and, just like he had planned, the head of Angelina Kaige appeared where his gun was aimed, looking around. Before her eyes could meet his, he let out a shout and fired his gun, a loud bang and a flare extending from the muzzle as the brass shell flew out towards her skull. He was no longer thinking on morality or conscience, her sudden appearance and the knowledge of who she was had startled him, kickstarting him into the paranoia and mindset he'd already started to have. He knew that if he didn't kill her, she'd find and kill him. The same applied to everyone else remaining, or at least in his mind.

5 Contestants Remaining.

d0ddi0slave - July 27, 2006 12:49 AM (GMT)
It all happened so fast that Angelina Kaige didn't even have time to blink. Pushing aside the steel door, she looked right into the barrel of a pistol, and time seemed to stand still.

Kaige hadn't really ever thought much about her own mortality. It just seemed like since a trivial concept. People died all the time, she saw more of it than most people, and maybe she was desensitized. She most definitely wasn't afraid to die, and given her more recent cirumstances, it only made sense that she'd probably go down fighting, not resting until her body finally gave up on her. Of course, at this point, she wouldn't even get that final solace that she'd hoped for. She'd go out as quickly and as painlessly as a lot of the students had gone out. In fact, she'd end up going out rather similarly to the way that Amanda Jones had died. However, aside from Amanda, who'd caught a stray bullet in the face, Kaige had the gun staring her right in the eyes, and in the instant she looked down the barrel, she didn't even have time to register a thought.

The bullet that Jack squeezed off travelled down the length of the barrel and exploded outwards with the usual amount of force that bullets generally exude when they leave the end of a gun. Because of the fact that Kaige's face was mere inches away from the gun, the bullet then travelled into her forehead, carving a small hole in the center of her head. The bullet then wreaked havoc through her brain, and exploded out the back of her head, blood, bone fragments, and brain matter landing on the grass behind her.

Angelina Kaige died instantly, and for somebody who'd taken the game so seriously, who'd played as hard as she could, somebody who'd killed eleven people - the amount which would likely prove to be one of the most on the island, she went out awfully quietly.

Kaige's body collapsed to the ground, a pool of blood forming around her, leaving an almost macabre monument to one of the greatest killers that Survival of the Fittest had ever seen; and undoubtedly, the one terrorist who probably had the best chance to win it all.


Slayer - August 4, 2006 07:02 PM (GMT)
A mere second before Jack pulled the trigger, Kaige had turned to look at him, and he'd ended up staring her right in the eyes as the shot took her in the forehead and knocked her out of the doorway, splattering her brains all over the immediate area (if one were into morbid humor they might chuckle at the knowledge that this once again scared off the birds from before, one of them flying away covered in Kaige's brain matter). For a few seconds, as the sound and smoke died down, Jack merely sat in his position, shocked.

Oh God, I...I just KILLED someone! Oh my God... he thought, his gun arm shaking. He felt sickened as he remembered the strongly moralistic anti-killing sentiments he had had for most of the game, and the look in Kaige's eyes for that brief instant before Jack shot her. Of course, the fact was that if Jack had not killed her, she likely would've killed him, and he had done what he promised to do only hours earlier in avenging Jill, Martyn, Michael and Scott, who had been killed by the terrorist. But Jack wasn't registering facts right now, as he stood up shakily and went out the doorway, looking down on the corpse of Angelina Kaige (T-BLUE). As he saw her destroyed head and smelt the fresh blood, he could no longer hold it in, he dropped his gun, knelt over and vomited. He felt like he was throwing up everything he had eaten in the last ten days (not much, admittedly. He'd been one of the ones smart enough to ration the limited food and water supply, and unlike the players he did not have the supplies of the dead to back his up.), the disgusting sights and smells in the Program coupled with the murder he had just committed (true, it was in hot blood, a mixture of panic and self preservation, but it was still murder. Any jury in the world would've convicted him for it.) causing him to lose control and sick up. He did not know how long he was vomiting (roughly half a minute, by the way), but he eventually managed to stop retching and stand up, wiping off the remains of vomit on his mouth with his sleeve, trying to spit out the foul taste it left. Looking back down, he noticed with grim irony that he had puked all over Kaige's shirt. He was still shocked at what he had done, but despite the haunted feeling he had and his shaking he was able to think rationally again as he picked up his gun, realizing he had likely fulfilled his promise of revenge already.
If that's the case...then her corpse being covered in puke seems rather fitting. Though I must say it felt rather anticlimactic. he thought, looking over the site of the battle and seeing the corpse of the boy who'd fought her not too far off. There were also quite a few guns, including an assault rifle. Looking back down at Kaige, he saw that she was wearing a belt of sorts, with several pouches on it (presumably for storing things) and two holsters. Also on it, attached to clips, were two fragmentation grenades and about four concussion grenades. He now had his answer to his earlier question: she had twelve grenades, eight frag and four concussion (judging from the one grenade blast before the warehouse incident, the grenade thrown then, and the four blasts that had gone off just recently, along with the two on the belt). Taking off the belt, he saw several ammunition boxes and clips in the pouches as he wrapped it around his own waist, having returned the revolver to his pocket earlier.
Well, I suppose I should collect the spoils. he thought again, returning his eyes to the guns strewn across the battle area. The dead boy's gun, still in his hand, was closer, so he moved towards him first. Rigormortis had not yet set in, so the pistol was easily removed from the carcass. Checking the clip, he saw it was empty, and rummaging through the corpse's pockets yielded no extra ammo.
"Damn. It's useless." he muttered, tossing it away in disgust. Again noticing the powerful assault rifle and pistols near it, he moved towards them, taking the rifle first and checking the clip again. It too was out of ammo, and there were no clips or extra bullets for it among the three groups of ammunition in the belt pouches. Mindful of the grenades on his person, he tossed the rifle away too, moving to the two pistols. Fortunately, their clips were both mostly full, most likely the guns that used some of the ammo in the pouches. Grinning at the find, he placed both in the holsters.
Finally, some working ordinance. he found himself thinking as he moved back to the wreck, determined to let the others come to him, so he could ambush them and fight on his terms. There weren't many competitors left, and he was surely the only one unscathed so far (physically, at least). Victory was assured. Grinning as he thought this, he moved back into the helicopter wreck, returning to the meager meal of crackers and water.

A few minutes later, as he was finishing the last of his water, he heard the hidden loudspeakers that were everywhere on the island but oddly impossible to locate flaring to life as Danya's announcement started. Noting that it wasn't morning, he was confused, but let it roll over him. Walking outside the helicopter again, he was able to hear the announcement better, in time to hear Danya announcing the deaths of the boy (So his name was Drew. The guy who killed his best friend and a girl named Cassie...he was playing the game., he'd thought) and Kaige, making light of his murder and referring to her as Adam Dodd's "fuckbuddy", whatever that meant. He'd thought he was with Amanda back in school, but it wasn't important.
119 dead...and we're at the final four. It's almost over. he thought yet again, as Danya listed the final four, taunting Jack and his dead team when he got to him. Biting back a vitriol filled comeback as Danya designated the river (What part of the river though? The thing divided the island cleanly in half, one could find it almost anywhere, and Danya didn't say where. Perhaps he just meant anywhere along the river?) and stated the time, saying they had an hour and a half to get to the final zone. Seeing as he had until 6:09 to get there, Jack took time to reflect. The final four were Adam Dodd, Sidney Crosby, Cody Jenson and himself. Murderers all. Criminals all. He supposed the common experience of murder and bloodshed made them brothers of a morbid sort as well. Brothers destined to re-enact the story of Cain and Abel. Of the four madmen, the only one he had no ill will towards was Cody Jenson. Sidney had tried to blackmail him, and had likely been planning to kill him and his group when they were still alive, and Adam had murdered one of his friends. Himself...he had become just like them. Filth, a monster. No matter who won, justice would not be served.
If any of us win, it'll be unjust. The only justice is death, we all deserve to die. Neither of us can win if justice is to exist. For justice to win...all four of us must lose, meet our ends here. I must fulfill that duty. For everyone. it seemed perfectly logical. Murder in and of itself was a criminal act, the worst offense someone could commit. All four of them were murderers, and thus all were outlaws, the worst of the worst. Scum on the bottom of Adolph Hitler's shoe. None of them deserved to live. Thus, it was Jack's duty as a sane, if criminal, human to ensure justice prevailed. The best way to do this was to win, and then kill himself. Then, none of the four criminals would escape justice, they would meet retribution for their sins.
I should get going. I will not be needing anything from my pack, but I need to get to the battleground in time to enforce justice. Good intentions are not enough without actions. he thought, staring at the birds that were starting to congregate again.
Go ahead, you fucking vermin, eat your fill! without a word, but with a frustrated scream, he grabbed some of Kaige’s brain matter and threw it at the birds, standing up as they yet again scattered.

"Sorry Jill, I won't be repaying Danya for you. Don't you see? I'm no better than him, punishing him for his actions would make me a hypocrite. And if there is one thing I am not, it is a hypocrite." he said aloud, seemingly ranting at nothing as he started to walk away, towards the tall grass. Ever since he was young, he'd walked the fine line between genius and insanity. His mind had been the site of a war between intelligence and psychopathy as long as he could remember. And now...insanity had won. He would do whatever it took to ensure that SOTF Program No.3 ended with no survivors.

He had not made it far, only about five meters, when he tripped over something oddly metallic and boxlike, falling flat on his face with a grunt. Getting up and adjusting his glasses, he turned to see what it was he'd tripped over. Unknown to him, the Ingram had been dropped here in the grass by Angelina Kaige as she'd made her way to the helicopter, and thus had not been used in the battle with Drew. Beaming as he beheld the glorious firearm not dissimilar to Jason Andrews' (and now Adam Dodd's) Uzi, he bent over and picked it up, checking the clip. It was full, and seemed to be the gun using the third group of ammunition in the pouched belt, the one directly at the front. With such a powerful weapon, along with the pistols and grenades, justice was sure to have the day. Slinging the gun over his shoulder, he kept a firm grip on it as he headed to the river, with no more distractions.

4 Contestants Remaining.
OOC: Continued in Endgame.

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