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Title: Pre-Game Suggestions

Megami - July 13, 2006 05:20 PM (GMT)
This question is primarily directed toward the new members, as well as the older members who have become less active as of late. What would you all like to see in the pre-game roleplay? What would spark your interest and make you want to roleplay more? I can't help but notice the recent decrease in activity all around on the site, so I'd like to know what's making everyone disinterested and what could be done to inspire you to roleplay once again. Any suggestions concerning the pre-game are welcome and appreciated. Keep in mind, I'm no admin, so I can't act upon any of these suggestions, but I can and would be more than happy to spread the word on to the administration. Once again, thanks for your cooperation, and your input is always appreciated! Without the members, we couldn't have SOTF!

Sephy - July 13, 2006 06:39 PM (GMT)
Ninjas! :P

ok i'll be serious, I think it might be just that time of the year, I know in England right now, school year's almost up and we have a massive heatwave so it's way too hot to be thinking up RP posts, give everyone a chance and i'm sure it'll pick up ^_^

Minase - July 13, 2006 08:48 PM (GMT)
My activity is governed by the season, as you should all know those who know anything at all about me, with pre-season training just started and me needing to really invest in my team right about now (we went down the table last season and I just got bumped up an age division) my activity is going to suffer somewhat. Thats my explanation.

Slayer - July 13, 2006 10:42 PM (GMT)
Personally, I'm taking a while because I'm trying to make the posts as long as possible. I don't think I can ever get to the SAT essay length posts hanging around here, but I'm just trying to put as much stuff in as possible.

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