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Title: The Final Four is Determined!

d0ddi0slave - July 8, 2006 03:44 AM (GMT)
Well, folks, it's about that time. And by that time, I mean - it's almost final four time. We're at seven, and things have most definitely slowed down enough that we're gonna have to speed them up again. So the way to go about doing so - is to have another dice roll!

That's right - we're about to eliminate three of the seven people left, and then we shall be left with the final four players of SOTF. So...let's see who the dice came up and picked?

The first roll...rolled a number 3, the number designated to the one, the only, Drew Lynn.

The second roll was the name of the last remaining terrorist - Angelina Kaige.

The final roll was everyone's favourite (or least favourite) resident psychopath - Cody Jenson.

So there you have it, everyone.

Drew Lynn
Angelina Kaige
Cody Jenson

Those are the ones rolled. Thus, our final four consists of:

Sidney Crosby
Jack O'Connor
Adam Dodd

and Clemence Ceilliet de Rousseau

That is all.

LadyMakaze - July 11, 2006 06:00 AM (GMT)

There has been an amendment to the Final Four Lineup of SOTFv1, after discussion and agreement between the admins.

MooCow, currently the handler of Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau, has been inactive since his last activity on Last Activity: Jun 27 2006, 10:27 PM . Due to the fact that he has mention some computer problems, the admins and I have agreed that it is safe to deem him inactive.

However, instead of merely culling Clemence out as an inactive, we have decided to use MooCow's swap card in his absence to switch with the rolled character Cody Jenson, who is controlled by Megami, a currently active member. Cody was selected over Kaige, due to the fact that Dodd already has two characters in the running, and also due to the fact that Kris, handler of Drew Lynn has not been active for while.

The basis for this decision is that we believe that swapping an inactive character for a more active one will make for a more engaging and active endgame to conclude v1, instead of losing yet another character due to MooCow's inactivity.

Thus, the now amended final four lineup is as follows:

Sidney Crosby
Jack O'Connor
Adam Dodd
and Cody Jensen

We hope you understand and thank you for your cooperation.

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