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Title: Mr. Danya's First Announcement
Description: And Mod Applications

Kaishi - July 6, 2005 04:57 AM (GMT)
Before I begin Danya's First Announcement, I'd like to apologize for a few things. I haven't been on very much recently, and that's because my life has recently hit a very busy moment. Before, I was able to stay on almost all the I don't stay on as much, coming on only at night. My apologies, hopefully I can resolve things pretty soon. I'm, honestly, quite dissapointed in myself for that, and especially for the fact that I'm approving characters at a MUCH slower pace than before. And those are the reasons why I've decided to hold Mod applications. I'm looking for a dedicated staff that can help around the site, and I'm looking for people who won't abuse their powers. Please fill out these forums in a presentable manner, and post it in this topic.

Reason For Applying:
Goal For Applying:
Hours That One Can Get Online:

Of course, the application is small, only because there is a test coupled with it. I shall PM the applier with a test of my own...a character profile. You will have to judge two character profiles. The profiles are all different, so don't even try to talk to someone else to figure out what the errors in the profiles were, if they were any at all.

If you get the job, please note that you yourself won't be posting in the "Roster" forum. You will NOT approve your OWN character, or a character of a close friend. More information to follow if and when you get the job. I will be electing around four people to the staff.

Hope you do good on the application process!



"Mr. Danya, sir...don't you think it's time for the ---"
"Hush, darn you. The speaker's on." Mr. Danya paused to clear his throat with a loud ahem. "Hello lucky duckies. Having fun with the game? I know that Boy 22 certainly had fun killing off G06...shotgun fun, eh?" He laughed, remembering the scene perfectly. The struggle, the girl's will to live even when she got shot, the cutting of B22 with her pitiful hacksaw. Mr. Danya laughed once more, that hideous, sick laugh. It sounded exactly as it did on the airplane...only, this time it was all the more twisted.
"Alright, alright, enough of that. I'm dissapointed in all of you, though.... Only two kills! Do better!!" He sounded angry now, how different from his light-hearted, mocking voice. "I'm angry now, so I am going to state some Danger Zones. The School Building, and the Bamboo Coppice." He laughed into the mic once more. "I hope you all read the Handbook. Danger Zones are dangerous. Linger there too long, and we shall gladly transmit those awful radio transmissions to your collars and..." He paused for a dramatic effect.
"KABOOM!" This sent him into a roar of continuous laughter. "Anyways..." His laughter died down quickly. "Here's the list of your dead friends. Shame that there were only two...
G06 - Helena Van Garret. Her fight to live was nice and all...I didn't really expect her to live for that long. B22 made quick work of her, indeed. Don't you just love bittersweet endings? The second death was B13 - Sydney Morvran. Darn was this guy annoying. I have no clue how he survived the last SOTF ACT...oh yeah, hiding away with his so-called friends like a little sissy coward. I was really tired of his little hippy friend talk. Whatever..." He sighed. "I'm sure that both of their deaths messed things up for some people. G06's death will have a heavy effect on what's her face, and B13's death...well, I think their whole group is pretty messed up. Shame that one girl had to mess everything up so badly. Yeah, you know who you are..."
Mr. Danya laughed once more. "This is Mr. Danya. Over and out, kiddies!"


Here are the Danger Zone rules to make sure that people remember what's what...
When in a Danger Zone, you have 2 RL days to get the heck out of there! Otherwise, you're a goner, for sure.

I hope the roleplay experience continues to be good and eventful for you all.

Oh yes, forgot to add this in. I'd like to get to know my members far better, since you guys aren't making use of the "General Discussions" board very much. ;) So, I'm holding an AIM Chat Session. The chat shall be started on Saturday, the 9th at 7:30PM EST on the nose. There's a possibility of it starting sooner, but just get there before 7:30. ;)
The chat shall be called SOTF Killfest Chat (don't ask...had to make an odd name ;) ). If you don't know how to get into the chat by inviting yourself into the CR, then please IM HarmonialSilence (that's me).
You can get AIM here at its official site.

Slayer - July 6, 2005 05:03 AM (GMT)
I think I'll apply.

Username: Slayer
Reason For Applying: To help the admin, what else?
Goal For Applying: to assist in making the SOTF experience the best it can while aiding the admin (Kaishi) in the typical ways.
Hours That One Can Get Online: I'm on almost all day usually, maybe around 8-10 hours.

Lien - July 6, 2005 05:09 AM (GMT)
Username: Ebony Dear
Reason For Applying: Helping out the RP, and picking up the pace just a bit.
Goal For Applying: Just to help out with whatever needs to be done, I've run an RP before.
Hours That One Can Get Online: It alternates, but I am available for~


Then it alternates every day to~


This is Pacific Time (-3 Hours from ET)

So, basically, a lot of the time I am able to get on, especially since it's summer.

riserugu - July 6, 2005 06:17 AM (GMT)
Username: Riserugu
Reason For Applying: Helping the admin, and the site itself.
Goal For Applying: To help whenever you yourself are not available, and to help the site and I've had experience running a site before.
Hours That One Can Get Online: I work inside the home, so I'm always on. So whenever I get bored (which is a lot), I'll be able to get on.

Sephy - July 6, 2005 08:53 AM (GMT)
Username: Sephy
Reason For Applying: To help out ^_^
Goal For Applying: to help the RP out, can't exactly expect 1 admin to keep a decent-sized RP going on his own
Hours That One Can Get Online: umm, well I live in the UK so I'm in a different time zone then the US people, but i'm on most of the day when i'm awake

(PS: is EST the time zone in America? cos if so I won't be able to come to the AIM chat as it'll be 12:30 at night for me, sleepy time )

Minase - July 6, 2005 10:46 AM (GMT)
Reason For Applying:To help speed up the rping and get people playing.
Goal For Applying:To co-manage a large and popular RP forum to the best of my abilities.
Hours That One Can Get Online:(out of school and work so potentially any day and any hours though obviously i do go out sometimes;)

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