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Posted by: Jedi Skyler Sep 22 2006, 11:03 AM
This will be a forum for those of us involved in "Rebel Uprisings," a game moderated by our very own Jamfke over on the Rancor Pit. As several of our members here are also in this game, they are more than welcome to add their own two credits' worth at any time.

My own character, Cal Jeth, is a Jedi Padawan who is from the Outer Rim. He was found at twelve years old by a Jedi Master on his home world, and was kept out there without ever having been trained at the Jedi Temple, which is how he escaped the Purge. Keeping his identity mostly a secret, he survived on his own for several months before winding up as part of the growing Rebellion. Assigned by Garm Bel Iblis to the crew of Du Cass' Dream he continued to keep his Jedi abilities a secret until he was found by a dark Jedi while the crew was on Tatooine. Escaping only through the intervention of his fellow crewmates, Cal and the rest left Tatooine to continue their mission.

The revelation of Cal as a Jedi has led to some interesting group dynamics. We have a Besalisk who is already known to be a Jedi. We have a Wookiee, of a race that has always honored the Jedi. We have a Utai, who watched his homeworld of Utaupau be taken over by Vader and the 101st, and who believes it was the Jedi who perpetrated this monstrosity. The Utai (Toba) and Cal were on the way to becoming friends (at least, as close as Toba would allow) and now Toba's not sure how to react to this. The captain (Qassar) slugged Cal at the first opportunity for not having been honest with him up front.

There are a few other characters, some newer than mine, whose reactions time does not permit me to list at this time. If they are so inclined, they can take up where I've left off. And from time to time I may add updates, especially if something super or hilarious happens to the group.

Just keep the thermite tape away from Toba! rolleyes.gif

Posted by: Hellcat Oct 1 2006, 01:05 AM
Just the thermite tabe? Toba can be pretty dangerous when he wants to be.

Posted by: Jedi Skyler Oct 2 2006, 09:51 AM
Oh, absolutely! The thermite tape was the last thing I actually saw him use to wreak such havoc, so it's what I used as an example.

Personally I'd also be inclined to keep all restraining bolts and owners away from him, as well as plasma cutters and fusion welders... naughty.gif

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