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Posted by: Darth Windu Mar 11 2006, 04:25 PM
The wind whistled through the emerald grass, making it ripple and roll beneath the Bol's massive feet. Mounted on the creature was a dark clad man. The man muttered, and the Bol halted in front of a white, domed building. Four armored stormtroopers stood at attention in front of the entrance. "Go back to where you came from, civilian! This facility is under the control of the Imperial Army!" One of the guards barked. The mounted man lifted a hand, "Your commander sent me to search the abandoned Rebel outpost." "Our commander sent you to search the Base." The stormtrooper repeated, his reply monotoned and droning. "Very good." the man said, hopping off his mount and striding through the dursteel door.

Posted by: Darth Windu Mar 22 2006, 06:05 PM
On the inside, the Enclave was a mess. The actual buiding was intact, but the most of the furniture was dumped on the floor, obviously searched and scanvenged. Osiris continued to inspect the building, looking for a lead. It had been a hard decision, but he had finally resolved to join the Rebels. But, it was harder than just walking up to the nearest Rebel Alliance office and signing your name on a form. He was looking for some trace of where they had gone or someone he could contact. Osiris knew the Rebel's had recently abandoned their base on Yavin. He had already looked there. The remains were to heavily guarded for him to probe inside. He needed somewhere less fresh. He bent down and placed a hand on a cot in the dormitories. He could still feel the panic. No doubt the main computer had already been searched, but perhaps a personal datapad was hidden in this very room.

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