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Posted by: jamfke Mar 9 2006, 05:00 PM
Post your character here using the following code.


A character post should look like this when you've done it successfully (This will be my character by the way):

Name: Makus Vence
Race: Human

Appearance: Makus stand at 1.77 meters in height and weighs approximately 88 kgs. His dark complexion stems from having worked long hours in the fields of Chandrilla. He wears his long black hair in a stylish braid that hangs over his left shoulder at all times. He wears earthtoned trousers tucked neatly into his dark brown leather boots, and light grey to dirty white tunics.

Occupation: Farmer turned resistance operative.

Strengths: High endurance, determination.
Weaknesses: His family is the most precious thing in the galaxy to him, if they are threatened, he might falter in his determination to defeat the Empire.

Equipment: Blastech DL 44 heavy blaster pistol, comlink, battered Z-95 Headhunter Mk II, 2500 credits

Background: Makus was born and raised on the mid-sized farm his family still owns and operates on his homeworld of Chandrilla. He had always looked up to their world's representative to the Galactic Senate, Mon Mothma, and when news of her being labled a traitor and a fugitive had reached him, he was infuriated. Imperial troops arrived not long after the declaration, and martial law was soon instituted. His father and brothers felt compelled to go along with the constant "inspections" being performed by the Imperial Governor's troops so that their farm would remain in their possession, but Makus only grew angrier with each encounter.

He began hearing talk that a form of resistance was brewing all over the galaxy and that Mon Mothma herself was attempting to bring them together against the Empire. He wanted to do whatever he could to rid his world of the Imperial pressence and found his way into the ranks of the "Chandrillan Home Watch", an underground resistance organization that was to see their Lady home again.

The Imperials got wind of the secret organization and within months had hunted down most of the founding members, siezing the lands of all that were related to them. Makus decided that in order to protect his familie's interests, he should leave his homeworld and try to bring down the Empire from another angle. He hopped a known smuggler's vessel bound for Coruscant and upon arriving, sought work at a small horticulturalists shop, doing menial tasks for meager pay. He quickly found new friends that began teaching him how to pilot smaller starships and then sending him on missions of disruption.

Posted by: Darth Windu Mar 9 2006, 07:01 PM
Name: Osiris Thane
Race: Human

Appearance: Osiris has dark red, spiky hair. His eyes are violet and his build is lean and strong, like a runner's. He dresses in black leather armour, with a long, hooded cloak flowing from his shouders.

Occupation: Former Dark Jedi, Neutral Force-User

Strengths: Force-Sensitivity, Athletic
Weaknesses: He is in danger of falling back to the darkside.

Equipment: Lightsaber (Red Blade), Blaster Pistol, TIE Interceptor

Background: Born on Corascant, it was not long until one of the Emperor's Hands sensed the boy's strong force ability. When Osiris was two, Darth Vader himself killed the toddler's parents and took him to the Emperor. He was trained by the Emperor's various Dark Jedi to use the Dark Side of the Force, and to wield a lightsaber. The Emperor's Guards taught him to use blasters and more common weapons. The Emperor sent him on missions of reconnaissance, espionage and sometimes as a field commander for the Imperial forces. A crucial event in his life came when Osiris was leading stormtroopers in an invasion. The overconfident army and navy were decimated by the natives, and many Imperials died. The navy pulled out, leaving Osiris and a handful of stormtroopers planet side. The stormtroopers were quickly killed, but Osiris escaped in his Interceptor. He tried to make contact with the Emperor, but the Sith Lord shunned Osiris for his failure. He was devasted by the Emperor's betrayal, but he did not join the Rebel Alliance. He ran away to a backwater world and promised himself to never return to common civiliazation.

Posted by: Teradoxx Mar 10 2006, 05:22 PM
Name: Qua'Bai Lim

Race: Clawdite

Appearance: Qua'Bai usually travels in human form. When in this form he has black short hair, pale skin and a scar on the cheek. The human form looks muscular and the muscles are easily seen.
In his normal Clawdite form he has pale brown skin and is also quite muscular.
Qua'Bai has a black muscle shirt on and has a long black leather jacket over. He also has black leather gloves on and a loose belt hanging from his waist. If one looks closer the belt is made of pure cloth and is dark-grey.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, currently under the Empire.

Strengths: Good aim and thinks fast.

Weaknesses: He has an exaggarated fear of death and therefore dose'nt engange in hand-to-hand combat.

Equipment: Two Heavy Blaster Pistols, blast vest, a black Clawcraft (The Stinger)

Background: Qua'Bai was born on Nar Shaddaa, into a poor Clawdite family who owed a local Hutt gangster lord alot of money. On his fifth birthday, seven of the Hutt's lackeys invaded his home and killed his whole family. They had'nt payed soon enough. There after Qua'Bai caught a ride of the planet and went to Tatooine where he practiced his blaster skills with a local hunter. He soon became an accomplished ranger and wanted to put his skills to good use. So he joined the bounty hunters league. Fortunately for him, his first assignment was to kill the Hutt lord that had killed his family. So he went to Nar Shaddaa, found out hwere he was living and ordered a formal meeting with him. Just after entering the room, Qua'Bai pulled out his twin blasters and nailed down all the guard and the big Hutt. He then gunned his way out of the giant compund.
Now Qua'Bai is almost as wanted as a bounty hunter, as Boba Fett . . .

Posted by: netjedi Mar 13 2006, 02:49 PM
Name: Tarloss Ren

Race: Duro

Appearance: Tarloss is short for the average Duro. He stands a commanding 1.6 Meters tall. His skin is a very pale blue and he has a scar running down his right cheek. He is normally seen with a tabacc stick in his mouth. He dresses in typical spacer/mercenary garb, jumpsuits and blast vests. He tends to favor browns and tans for his garb. He carries a pair of custom blasters low slung off of his hips and a pair of really beefy boots that he refers to as his scurrier stompers. Also in the small of his back you can see a pair of vibro-daggers.

Occupation: Rebel Operative/Mercenary

Strengths: Willpower, battle hardened, great pilot

Weaknesses: addiction to tabacc sticks, knows there is no salvation for his soul, considers himself expendable

Equipment: combat clothing, blast vest, encrypted comlink, military issue macro binoculars, custom blasters with quick draw holsters, vibro-daggers, heavy duster, weapons permits, ID, pilots license, survival kit, vac suit, datapad, Severance Package a lightly modified Revan Class Military Courier, 5000 credits

Background: Tarloss worked in the corporate sector for a very long time. He was one of a special breed, a gun fighter. He worked security and also as a body guard for many executives. He worked his gig until he lost his edge in a gun fight with Gallandro. Gallandro did not kill him though; he left him for dead and failed to realize Tarlossí strength and resolve. It took Tarloss almost a year to recuperate from his injuries. Tarloss set out to find Gallandro, only to find out that someone else had knocked him off of the block. His employer not confidant in his ability as a body guard any longer cut him a severance package. He used this money to purchase a ship and leave the corporate sector. After hiring himself out as a mercenary and bounty hunter for many Imperial dignitaries, he was approached by the Alliance. He tossed in his lot with them and works as an operative since his connections in the Empire allow him some liberties with his movement.

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