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Posted by: NEW KID Mar 5 2006, 02:51 PM
My favorite parts of the Star Wars movie are the dogfights, the thrill of an XWing roaring thru space, blasting other ships into bits. I thought it might be a good idea to start a competitive ladder with Star Wars RPG. All the kills you get will account for points, and more points get you qualification for better ships to fly. There won't be much missions, just vaping ships to your leisure pretty much.

But you will still get thrust into missions, some might even be ground based, so don't rely on flying skills too much. Squadrons will also form later.

For character creation, make a character with basic rules, 7 bonus skill dice and all that jazz applies. You can only put a max of 2D bonus into a skill though. Start out as human balance things out

Some of the skills you might be needing are starfighter piloting, gunnery, sensor, shields...etc...

Everyone starts out with 0 points, and gets a point for every kill.

There are two kinds of missions: Simulators and Real Life

In Simulator missions, everything you do is...well...sims...not real, so if your character gets vaped your still alive.
Each kill in the sims will earn you 1/2 a point.
If you get vaped you lose 10 points.

In real life missions, if you get hurt its for real.
Each kill is 1 points
If you get vaped, your either dead, or if you don't die you lose 20 points.

Ship Qualification: You need points to pilot each kind of ships.
5 or less: TIE Fighters. TIE Interceptors. Headhunters
5-10: YWings. AWings.
10-20: XWings. BWings. TIE Advance
20-40: EWings. TIE Defenders

There will be other crafts available as well but this is the basic starting ones. Subject to change of course.

If you have questions head over to the question thread

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