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Orgaloth Posted on Mar 21 2006, 07:16 AM
  Here is a breakdown of a City's heirarchy.

The Prince: The head honcho. The vampire in charge. This is usually the toughest, smartest and the biggest badass. Usually. Itís not always so. Sometimes they are just the smartest, or just the toughest, but these Princes donít last long. Princes normally rule their city with absolute power, but some are just figureheads.

The Seneschal: The Princes right hand. When the Prince isnít around, the Seneschal steps in. Heís usually responsible for the night to night running of the city.

The Herald: Very simply the Princes mouthpiece. When the Prince wants to announce something, the Herald will make sure you hear it.

The Primogen: These Kindred speak for the benefit of their Covenant and serve as the Princeís advisors. If united, they can topple Princes, and in some cases they rule from behind the scenes. For the most part a Primogen is an elder.

The Priscus: is the informal head of a specific clan. Generally it just happens to be the one vampire that keeps speaking up on matters for their clan, other times they are forced into the position. It has no actual standing in the court, but most Princes will listen to what a Priscus has to say.

The Whip: This is the 2IC of the Primogen, although they generally wonít be asked to sit on the Primogen council with their Primogen canít make the meeting. Some Priscus have Whips as well.

The Harpy: this is a very powerful position. The Harpy can make or break a vampireís standing in a city. Although a Princeís Harpy has more power then the Primogenís Harpy, you donít want to cross either. They officially represent a whoís in and whoís out, and what positions and opinions are popular this season. A well known Harpy can sway public opinion faster with a biting comment then some Princes can with a solid decree.

The Sheriff: The police investigator, enforcer, and inquisitor, the sheriff is responsible for enforcing the Princes Laws and dictates, for brining outlaws before the Prince for judgement and for carrying out sentences.

The Hound: Simply put, the muscle of the Prince. If the Sheriff is a policeman, the Hound is an assassin or leg-breaker. He doesnít investigate or question, he just punishes. Sometimes the role of Sheriff and Hound are merged into one position.

The Master of Elysium: A combination of Master of Ceremonies and groundskeeper. This fellow maintains the Elysiumís. He is also entrusted in enforcing the law of non-violence on Elysiae, and will work with the Sheriff and hound to help in this endeavour.
Orgaloth Posted on Mar 12 2006, 09:11 PM
  Ok I don't know how I could have forgotten this. Every clan has a favoured Attribute You get a free dot in one of them.

Daeva = Dexterity or Manipulation
Gangrel = Composure or Stamina
Mekhet = Intelligence or Wits
Nosferatu = Composure or Strength
Ventrue = Presence or Resolve
Orgaloth Posted on Mar 12 2006, 08:52 PM
  Speed. Your characters speed is the sum of your size (5) plus your Dexterity plus Strength.

Health is the sum of your Size (5) plus Stamina.

Size is 5, unless you take the Giant merit, then it is 6

Flaws are things to help flesh out your character. You receive nothing for taking them, they are just a roleplaying aide.

Your defense is the lower of either your Wits of Dexterity. Various armours and cover will give you bonuses.
Orgaloth Posted on Mar 12 2006, 05:41 AM
  Humanity. This trait indicates how 'human' your character is. Most humans are at 7, and hence this is what vampire PCs start at. There is an optional rule where you can exchange a point of humanity for 5xp, up to a maxium of 10xp.
Orgaloth Posted on Mar 12 2006, 05:38 AM
  Willpower. This is worked out by adding your Resolve and Composure together. You can never get a willpower higher ten this total, without raising either of these attributes. Willpower can be used for a number of things, but mainly it will be used to add a +3 to a die roll which indicates that your character is concentrating on the action.
Orgaloth Posted on Mar 12 2006, 12:14 AM
  Here is a link to a review of the Vampire The Requiem book. It may give you a little more insight into what I have posted here.
Orgaloth Posted on Mar 12 2006, 12:08 AM
  Theban Sorcery is the (supposedly) holy Discipline taught exclusively to the members of the Lancea Sanctum, and it echoes the angry and vengeful God of the Old Testament. A closely guarded secret among the Sanctified, Theban Sorcery involves a number of miraculous rituals that the sect claims was taught by an avatar of God. Any Kindred who wishes to learn Theban Sorcery must have at least one dot in the Covenant Status (Lancea Sanctum) Merit.

A character has a score for Theban Sorcery, just like any other Discipline, but the score determines the maximum level of rituals instead of granting a specific power. A ritual is gained for free when the character increases her Theban Sorcery score, but they must be purchased with experience points afterward. Rituals always cost a single point of Willpower to cast along with the expenditure of other component materials, called offerings. Each ritual has a unique set of offerings.
Orgaloth Posted on Mar 12 2006, 12:01 AM
  Now the Covenants of the Circle of the Crone, Lancea Sanctum and the Ordo Dracul each have their own special powers, Cruac, Theban sorcery and Coils of the dragon respectively. Now I can't find decent write ups on them. Theban Sorcery is similiar to the old Tremere Thaumaturgy, as is Cruac. The Coils are the Ordo's way of Transcending. They repress the various natural flaws of the Vampire.
Orgaloth Posted on Mar 11 2006, 11:56 PM
  Blood Potency is like generation in the old World of Darkness. The higher your Blood Potency the more powerful the vampire. Here is a breakdown of the Blood Potency table. At the lower levels you can be sustained on Animal/human/vampire blood, but as you raise in Potency, you slowly loose the ability to feed on the lower life forms. So by the time you reach BP 7 you can only feed on Vampire blood.

Blood Potency Attribute/Skill/ Max Vitae/ Max Vitae per Turn Vampires can
Discipline Maximum Feed fromÖ
0 5 0 0
1 5 10 1 Animals
2 5 11 1 Animals
3 5 12 1 Humans
4 5 13 2 Humans
5 5 14 2 Humans
6 6 15 3 Humans
7 7 20 5 Vampire
8 8 30 7 Vampire
9 9 50 10 Vampire
10 10 100 15 Vampire
Orgaloth Posted on Mar 11 2006, 11:45 PM
  Here is a small list of the more common disciplines. At Creation you get to place 3 points in to your CLAN/Covenant disciplines.

Animalism Feral Whispers
Animalism Obedience
Animalism Call of the Wild
Animalism Subsume the Lesser Spirit
Animalism Leashing the Beast

Auspex Heightened Senses
Auspex Aura Perception
Auspex The Spirit's Touch
Auspex Telepathy
Auspex Twilight Projection

Dominate Command
Dominate Mesmerize
Dominate The Forgetful Mind
Dominate Conditioning
Dominate Possession

Majesty Awe
Majesty Revelation
Majesty Entrancement
Majesty Summoning
Majesty Sovereignty

Nightmar Monsterous Countenance
Nightmare Dread
Nightmare Eye of the Beast
Nightmare Shatter the Mind
Nightmare Mortal Fear

Obfuscate Touch of Shadow
Obfuscate Mask of Tranquility
Obfuscate Cloak of Night
Obfuscate The Familiar Stranger
Obfuscate Cloak the Gathering

Protean Aspect of the Predator
Protean Haven of Soil
Protean Claws of the Wild
Protean Shape of the Beast
Protean Body of Spirit

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