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Title: Play By Post Guidelines
Description: Please Read!

jamfke - September 23, 2005 06:20 AM (GMT)
We would like to inform everyone on the different ways of playing in a Play By Post (PBP) forum.

First, as the name implies, these games are Play By Post. This means that while you may be wishing to post your actions as quickly as possible, to get your character in the action, not everyone has the luxury of posting more than sometimes once or twice a day. Some games may go quickly and be over within a couple of weeks, while others drag along and could take months, even years to finish.

Second, if you are a GM wishing to start your game here, please post your requirements for the game, such as frequency of posting, and number of characters, etc. If the players don't have guidelines, then they'll do pretty much whatever they want.

Third, if you are a player and you are upset with the low frequency of posts in the game you are playing in, join another, faster posting game to fill your needs. Please do not take jabs at your GMs as they may get frustrated and quit altogether. Then the frequency of posts would be zero, and this forum would fold up!

Fourth, and most of all, try and keep it as clean as possible folks. While I realize that most of the people posting here are probably adults, there are also quite a few younger folk among us as well, so keep this in mind before trying to impress us with any sailoresque vocabulary!

These are meant to be guiedlines for GMs and players alike to base their games on. If you have your own way of handling your games, please feel free to follow your own path. Try not to get too cluttered with the threads though. If you feel you need your own space to game in, I can create a sub-forum for you and your players to game in. That way the confusion can be kept at a minimum.

Thank you all, and have fun!

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