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Title: Traveller: The Discussion Thread
Description: Discuss GDW's Sci-Fi Game Here

SBRPG_HakDragon - September 23, 2005 05:37 AM (GMT)
Anyone else remember this one? I'm not sure I played it too much, but the small black books were fun to collect. This is another one of the late-70's, early 80's Sci-Fi RPGs.

One of the strange parts of character generation was a random system that mapped out your character's life path, and you could even get your character killed before you finished spinning him up. Another strange part of the system was the use of 2d hex-paper to map 3d space.

Compared to Star Frontiers, I felt Traveller was a bit less focused. Once you made your guy, you really didn't know what to do. The universe was generic-feeling, the bad guys weren't as well defined, and there was no real motivation. The first game I refereed was my last (the Module Annic Nova). The players found an abandoned starship, blasted the one alien on board with a laser, took the ship, and sold it for 50 million credits (which they split 4 ways). Once they were rich, they asked me, what's next? Umm...let's play Car Wars!

Since then, Traveller's tried to come back in various forms, from Megatraveller, to an alternate universe Traveller, to the GURPS adaptation of classic Traveller. I always perferred the classic game's simple 2d6 system myself.

jamfke - September 23, 2005 05:45 AM (GMT)
Yeah, I didn't get on that wagon either. As I stated before, my selection was limited. I'd seen some stuff about it in Dragon Magazine, but nothing very informative. I have, however, downloaded the free PDF from It's their freeby of the month!

Go check it out. There's a link to the site at the top of this and every other page.

netjedi - September 23, 2005 05:56 AM (GMT)
Yup I go there every few weeks to see what they got for free so's I can gets me a copy. Free RPG stuff is always good :D

jamfke - September 23, 2005 06:00 AM (GMT)

SBRPG_HakDragon - September 23, 2005 06:15 AM (GMT)
I'm game, I'll check it out. Thanks for the info.

Jedi Skyler - September 23, 2005 04:12 PM (GMT)
I think I actually played this one once. Once being the operative term. We just went back to another D&D game after that.

netjedi - September 24, 2005 01:13 AM (GMT)
Never played travellar, but I have heard about it and there are plenty of techy/scienty/geeky/nerds that like to play due to the complexity of space travel. I downloaded the rule book for the basic game so i can check it out in more detail.

Chabit Rane - January 13, 2006 05:23 AM (GMT)
I've played Traveller.It is a generic setting worth the time IMO. It has elements from several sci-fi movies and books. All it really needs is a GM to come up with adventures for it. All in all it is a good start for some people.

Bakkabot - January 25, 2006 09:02 AM (GMT)
Traveller is, IMO, 1st Ed.AD&D in space. The infamous Little Black Books (LBBs) give you the outlines of its universe, and, IMO, wisely steps back to let the GM conjure up whatever worlds he or she can using that as a starting point. Want to play a game based on Firefly, or Dune or The Alien Quadrilogy? The LBBs give you the freedom to do just that.
In our Traveller campaign, like HakDragon's, our characters became incredibly wealthy. In our case, we managed to find a genuine artifact from Earth (namely, a 16th Century Spanish Doubloon) and sold it for enough credits to purchase half the Spinward Marches.
We founded a mercenary army "Worldwreckers, Incorporated", hired one of the Imperium's most notorious hackers, and, slowly but surely, became Emperor Strephon's "Court of Last Resort". A privately-funded "Black Bag" operation answerable only to the Emperor himself (who has us by the short n' curlies because of our lawless backgrounds).
My experiences playing Traveller are some of my fondest memories of my gaming days. We were rich, powerful and given virtual carte-blanche to kick butt in the name of the Imperium.

"If you're not Cop, you're Little People."
- Blade Runner

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