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Title: The Inquisition
Description: Free RPI Mud seeking Serious RP players!

sid - October 24, 2006 06:54 AM (GMT)

"Nothing good can ever come from a witch."

--Inquisitor Colwynn, right before throwing himself on the pyre of his mother, a mage

With the murder of the royal family, a grieving monarch sets out to eradicate a great evil running rampant through the kingdom of Lithmore, and the accused cause of his pain: magic. His fury and determination would soon destroy political alliances and forge a new empire from the ashes of his enemies. The genocide of all those who practice the dark arts, however, could not be completed in his day alone.

Centuries later, the war for survival still ages between all users of magic and ever-viligant might of the Holy Order. You are invited to immerse yourself in the suspicion and mystery of a land embroiled in holy war.

Will you join in the fight to erase the taint of sorcery from the realm - or will you unlock the dark secrets of the forbidden arts, and rise against oppression?

Original TI Opened in 1999, New TI reopened in 2004 with the permission of Tamara Boileau.

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