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Title: Jacmus Prime Update
Description: Fictional World Building

Tina_D - September 16, 2006 05:29 AM (GMT)
At Jacmus Prime, I am interested in pulling together the biggest collection of fictional worlds created on the net and off the net. The purpose of the fictional world is not a pre-requisite. You may have created it for an RPG, Story, Movie or for the pure pleasure of creating a geofiction.

If you have created a fictional world, I'd like to invite you to publish the information about your world at Jacmus Prime using our conworld editor. If you already have a website dedicated to your fictional world and you don't want to have to add all the information, you can just add a summary of your world and its features providing links to your own web site for more information.

If you have a group of friends interested in creating a geofiction together, as members of Jacmus Prime you each receive your own geofiction page which can be edited and updated using the conworld editor. It's easy enough to link your various projects together using the conworld editor or you can request a special "group" page to be created for your world.

If you'd like to create a geofiction but you've never dabbled in it before, by using Jacmus Prime's Fictional World Building Model you can begin creating a geofiction for your own enjoyment and your friends. JP's model is provided as a guide to help start creative thinking.

(If you visited the site in early August, you may have seen it was hacked. We have now transferred all information to a new server, thanks to our daily backups, restored the site and made it more secure than before. Thanks for your patience.)

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