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Title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Hellcat - July 9, 2006 03:24 AM (GMT)
Captain Jack Sparrow is back, only this time he's looking to save his soul rather than reclaim his beloved Black Pearl.

The second movie in the series picks up some months after Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl left off. Will and Elizabeth are due to be married, but sadly their plans are called off when both are arrested by the head of the East Indian Company, Lord Cutler Beckett, under the charges of helping Jack to escape his fate. However, Beckett makes a deal with Will to set himself and Elizabeth free. All he has to do is bring him something of Jack's.

And just what is Jack up to? Looking for a key to the dead man's chest, which contains an item of great importance to the lord of the seas and master of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones. It would seem Jack made a deal with the devil, or in this case Davy Jones, to offer up his soul for a hundred years of servitude aboard the Dutchman in exchange for being made captain of the Black Pearl for thirteen years. And now those thirteen years are up, now it's time for Jack to uphold his end of the bargain. Only he want's out of the deal, thus he needs what's in the dead man's chest.

Intrestingly, Beckett isn't really after something Jack possess. The East Indian Company is becomeing the most powerful force in the world. Already all legitimate ports in the Caribbean are coming under the company's authority, making it virtually impossible for anyone who is not in the company's employ to do legitimate buisness. Only pirate ports are left free. But Beckett would like to see all seas under the grip of the East Indian Company, and the dead man's chest will give him that power. And this item is important enought that Beckett then makes a deal with Elizabeth to retrieve the same item from Jack as he wanted Will to get.

With Will among the missing, Elizabeth seeks Jack out as she expects he can lead her to him. He reveals that poor Will is now a part of the crew of the Flying Dutchman, telling her that if she help's him find the dead man's chest they can save Will. What he fails to tell her is that he made a new deal with Davy Jones, provide him with a hundred souls in three days and he will no longer have to serve aboard the Dutchman. The very first soul being Will's. Believing it's the only way to save Will, Elizabeth willingly joins the crew of the Black Pearl, finally giving Jack the ability to find the dead man's chest.

Meanwhile, aboard the Dutchman, Will has been reunited with his long lost father. Bootstrap Bill had made a deal with Davy Jones, and it's beginning to show as he is taking on more and more of an aquatic appearance. Apparently the longer someone serves aboard the Dutchman, the more they look like they belong to the sea. And eventually they become a part of the ship itself. Will manages to con Davy Jones in to showing him the location of the key that will open the dead man's chest, the very item Jack convinced Will he need to recover so as to set both himself and Elizabeth free. One of the oldest members of the Dutchman's crew, already a part of the ship's itself, reveals to the Turner's that what is inside the chest could put an end to Davy Jones once and for all. With his father's help, Will manages to get the key and temporarily escape the Dutchman, promising him that he'll set him free with what's in the chest.

But Davy Jones learns the real reason Will was aboard the Dutchman and seeks to recapture him and Jack. Will is forced to reboard the Dutchman, though staying out of sight of it's crew. Without the key, and knowing Jack is after his chest, Davy Jones orders the Dutchman to sail for the island where it is buried before the Pearl can get there. Unfortunately for all, the Pearl arrives first. While Will is reunited with Elizabeth, their happiness is short lived as Will opens the chest to destroy what's inside. Only Jack won't have it destroyed as he plans to use it to bargain with Davy Jones for his soul's freedom. To add a third wrinkle, ex-Commodore Norrington, who has lost his commission thanks to his failure to capture Jack in the months between the two movies and has been forced to join the crew of the Pearl, wants to turn it over to Beckett and regain his honor. The three men fight a three way duel, leaving Elizabeth to try and guard the chest.

In the end, Davy Jones regains the chest, but Norrington has made off with it's contents. In a battle with Davy Jones' ultimate weapon, the kraken, Jack takes one of the long boats, when he learns Norrington stole the item in the chest, in order to escape, leaving all onboard to die in his fate. Will valiantly leads the pirates in a battle against the kraken, but it proves futile as there is no chance for them to escape. That is until Jack's concious gets the better of him and he returns. What remains of the crew is able to escape the Pearl, but thank's to Elizabeth, Jack is not with them. He's forced to face the kraken on his own.

Norrington bring's what was inside the dead man's chest to Beckett, the still beating heart of Davy Jones himself. Seems he cut it out long ago all because he fail in love and the woman broke it in the end. He'll be willing to do anything to get it back, and that's just what Beckett wants. Meanwhile, the crew of the Pearl learn there may yet be a way to save Jack. Unfortunately, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ends right there, Beckett with the heart and the crew of the Pearl preparing to go after Jack under the command of the original movies main villian. Barbarossa appears at the very end, mysteriously brought back to life. And Elizabeth is left trying to decide whether or not the feelings she appears to have developed for Jack are real, or if her problem is that she has betrayed him because she's just like him.

The movie was certainly rather enjoyable to watch, and humorous at times. My biggest problem with it was the running duel between Jack, Will, and Norrington at the end. Not really the duel itself, but rather the fact that they eventually end up with Will and Norrington fighting on top of a waterwheel the gets loose and goes starts running down the island to the sea. It still seems like half twelve or fifteen minutes was devoted to them fighting on the damn waterwheel without even paying attention to the fact that their moving. Early in this fight you had all three men moving from one locale to another, with the fight seemingly never staying in or on one spot for more that five or six minutes. But obviously the director or the write thought it would be funny for them to fight on a waterwheel suddenly set free and rolling off to some new destination. And at first it was. But after a few minutes it would have been nice to seee them grab some vines or something and get off the stupid wheel.

The way the movie ends in a cliffhanger sets things up for next years Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (see IMDb for details), in which we must assume all the loose ends of this movie will finally be tied up. One thing I'd kinda like to see in it is the return of the two women from the first movie who slapped Jack. They returned in this one while Will was looking for Jack and slapped him, telling him to pass it on to Jack when he sees him. Since Jack, Will, and Elizabeth are the three main characters in all three movies, I'm expecting Elizabeth to be the one they slap in the next movie, only she'll probably slap them back.

Was this movie worth seeing? In my opinion, yes. But then my opinion is not the same as everyone elses. If you liked the first movie, then you'll most likely like this one. As for a rating, I'd have to say **** out of 5. The waterwheel gag and a few other elements (anyone remember Jack the monkey? How can he still turn to a skeleton in the moonlight when that curse is over with? More importantly, the first movie made it pretty clear he should have been underwater when the curse wore off so how can he still be alive?) prevent me from giving it five stars.

Orgaloth - July 9, 2006 11:35 AM (GMT)
I just saw this, and like the first one, stay till the end of the credits. In the first one it explains how the monkey is still undead (it stole a coin, and it was only knocked into the water, monkeys can swim).

I agree that there are some scences that needed revising, but overall a very good and enjoyable film. Davey Jones crew are very cool, as are the fight scences.

netjedi - July 10, 2006 05:59 AM (GMT)
Great Movie. I loved the first one and I thought this one was even better. You get to see more of the characters develop in this one and the action as well as some of the lines are over the top but not by too much. If you enjoyed the first one you will enjoy the second one too. Cheers me matey!!

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