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Title: Bounty Hunter Procedural Information

Kradedis - June 22, 2006 06:24 PM (GMT)
Bounty Hunter’s Guild Procedures

Reporting: You’ll notice on target contracts the “teams assigned” indicator. If that number is anything besides “1”, that means that another team (may be up to four or five) of bounty hunters has been assigned to the same task as your team. Not only will you have to worry about the target you’re all chasing, but you also have to compete in a timeframe with other hunters. Usually the biggest bounty payoffs have more than one team signed up on them, but these are risky. Only one team can collect unless everyone involved agrees to work together and split a bounty amongst the hunting participants. If there is to be no agreement (and most hunters only wish to work with their team), the first team to report a target in sight is the owner of that bounty for one hour. If within one galactic standard hour the target hasn’t been captured or pacified, the bounty will once again open. This measure is kept in place to prevent bounty hunter wars. If false reporting of targets in sight occurs, it could result in loss of license and or fine. It is every license holder’s responsibility to have access to bounty owner signals. Note that owner signals do not indicate your location or the location of the target, only that you have claimed the target and it is up to your team to take down the target. Reporting can be as simple as clicking a switch that will notify your team’s ship pilot, crewman, or droid to file a quick report of “target in sight” to the guild for instant notification of any other teams in the area to back off and notify them that they may be too late to collect if you and your team take the target.

A head or Split: You’ll notice on target contracts the “reward” indicator. A 10,000-credit bounty if listed as (split) means that each member of the team splits 10,000 credits evenly if target is collected. If a 10,000-credit bounty is listed as (a head), it means that each member of the team will receive 10,000 credits for collection of the target. Typically, ‘a head’ bounties are much lower, but it is important that each hunter checks and understands what is up for grabs so there are no surprises.

Team Member Death Investigations: In split reward bounties, the temptation may arise to murder a team member to give oneself (or everyone) a bigger slice of pie. If a team member is reported dead or doesn’t show up at payment, expect an investigation. The guild takes it very seriously.

Cash Wire: If during mission, a team has to bribe people for information, contact information will not be given out if the client wishes to remain discreet. We will forward requests for cash to the client and if they accept, the money will be wired to you and your team. It’s an option, not an automatic one though, and certainly not one to be abused.

Drop Off Point: Once you and your team catch the target or have the target’s body, you’ll need to know where to drop it off and collect your reward. The “Drop Off Point” is located towards the bottom of all target contracts.

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