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Title: Contractors, Comrades, Contacts and Criminals
Description: NPC Thread (GM Posts Only Please)

Kradedis - June 1, 2006 01:04 PM (GMT)
This is where you all can get info (in varying degrees) on those you come across during the game. Links to pictures will be provided. Background information, vital statistics and histories...and possibly even game stats will be provided it appropriate. Watch for updates. :)

Kradedis - June 22, 2006 06:24 PM (GMT)
Guild Sponsor: Boggo the Hutt
File Picture
Age: Unknown, likely over 300 standard years
Height: 3.0 meters
Weight: Your guess is as good as mine
Status: Major contributor to the Bounty Hunter's Guild, and team 0368 of the Bounty Hunter's Guild financer and source of bounties.
Drop Off Status: For each drop off and reward collection, Boggo will request a different location on Nar Shadda. Call to confirm location at frequency 89.23569 once reaching Nar Shadda.

Target Name: Retaygo Binool
File Picture
Age: 42 standard years
Height: 1.69 meters
Weight: unknown
Known Violations: Theft, Illegal Spice Possession,
Wanted For: Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder, Arson, Theft, Rape?, Murder?, Surgery without a license?
Reward: 15,000 Alive, 10,000 Dead (split)
Target Location: Rodia, Equator City, Razor Roadhouse Club
Client: Confidential
Teams Assigned: 1
Wanted Circumstances Brief: Confidential client has posted a bounty on Retaygo Binool for what appears to have been attempts to eliminate competition between rival clubs. Unfortunately for Retaygo who is owner and manager of his club, confidential client is a wealthy uncle of owner of one of the three clubs that Retaygo admitted to firebombing. No one was killed in the bombings, but damages have topped 3 million credits in structural damage, as well as thousands of credits lost in exotic drinks and artwork. Retaygo has also been charged on Nar Shadda with theft of culinary programming modules, but wasn’t pursued offworld. Besides the crimes of conspiracy to commit mass murder, arson, and theft, he is thought to be responsible for crimes including rape, murder, and surgery without a license. Contact on Rodia has more information on those charges as well as location information that may aide in target’s capture or pacification. If proof of target’s involvement or orchestration of rape, murder, and unlicensed surgery, additional reward payment may be negotiated.
Drop Off Point: Docking Pylon 3, Dock 6, Section 5, Merchant Port, Nar Shadda. Payment upon delivery.
Prepared By: Hunting Coordinator #9210

Target Location: Razor Roadhouse Club
Mission Facts: Client has already considered carpet-bombing the Razor Roadhouse Club, but doesn’t wish innocents, and potential patrons for his nephew to be in harm’s way. In addition to these concerns, client feels that destroying the club may not kill Retaygo even if he is in proximity. Retaygo is rumored to be very private and have an underground complex where he resides. Contact on Rodia has information on that as well.
Prepared By: Hunting Coordinator #9210

Contact Name: Genta Doshka
File Picture
Age: 21 standard years
Height: 1.53 meters
Weight: Ask her and see if she slaps you.
Involvement: This young dancer was an employee of Retaygo at his club until she started noticing that human and near-human dancers began disappearing after private dance sessions in Retaygo’s underground, an area where only Retaygo and a few of his “cool group” could venture. Bodies of these dancers would show up on the other side of town, at times with the appearance that someone had desecrated them in ways that were not disclosed to the public. Doshka felt strongly that Retaygo was involved but too scared to talk to anyone but the client…who is the uncle of her new employer. It should be made clear that Doshka hasn’t seen rapes, assaults, murders, or anything overtly illegal. As of this point, Retaygo is only under suspicion of these crimes by her, the client, and by us.
Prepared By: Hunting Coordinator #9210

Summary: Team is to arrive at Equator City, Rodia and make contact with Genta at her mother’s condo. She will provide details about Retaygo’s goons, the layout of his place, and insight on Retaygo’s personality beyond what has been provided. With the right questions, she may even be able to help more than she already has.

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