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Title: Seeking roleplayers for intensive, long-term campa

Cat - March 21, 2006 08:15 PM (GMT)
I'm prowling the net for dedicated, mature online roleplayers. We're looking for players who are not only reliable and amicable, but who also like to write AND have the time & enthusiasm for regular play-by-post plus biweekly OpenRPG sessions. (OpenRPG is a free roleplaying software with a chat interface, map, dice roller, & more.) This is a fairly tall order, compared with the commitment required for most online campaigns.

METHOD: OpenRPG + play-by-post.

TIMES: Sessions will be held every other Friday evening, most likely 7:30pm - 1:00am CST (GMT-6). (The reason it is only every other Friday is that the GM puts a ton of effort into his games and needs the time to rest & prepare for each session so he doesn't burn out.) These sessions will be supplemented by continuous play-by-post on the forum in between.

SYSTEM: GURPS 4th edition. The GM is new to this system and will be learning as we go; likewise, players need not have any knowledge of GURPS beforehand. You would, however, be expected to put forth the effort to learn along with us. A nice aspect of the system (besides its realism) is that you can add and remove rules to fit your tastes. We will start off fairly simply, and as we all grow comfortable with the system, possibly incorporate other areas of the rules.

SETTING: Post-apocalyptic earth. The characters have spent their entire lives inside a Vault (fallout shelter) inside a mountain. In fact, their parents spent their entire lives there, too; the Vault has been sealed for 84 years, ever since 2077, when the U.S. and China rained nuclear destruction down on the planet in their conflict over -- what else -- dwindling supplies of oil. The PCs have never seen the sun, felt the wind, or been anywhere without walls; yet they are about to be forced to leave the only world they have ever known and journey Outside. The initial plot and setting are shamelessly stolen from the Fallout computer game. This is just a jumping off point; the storyline will depend on the PCs.

This game is story- and character-driven. It's possible that there will be consecutive sessions without combat. (Combat is realistically lethal in GURPS, especially if guns are involved, and best avoided if you want to live.) If you game for lots of action, this campaign isn't for you. There will be action, of course, but don't count on it in every session.

If this sounds like it's up your alley, visit and take a look around. Then drop me an email, webmaster AT hobbs-end DOT com.


Day and Night have little meaning in the Vault, but Think Machine, known by the citizens of Vault 13 as “TiM,” keeps track of day and night, announcing morning with two computerized chimes and midnight with one.

Tim brags (as much as a computer can brag) about being able to keep the most accurate time on the face of the earth, or what’s left of it. The clock is based on the half-life of the nuclear fuels used to power the thermo-fusion generator deep beneath Vault-13. TiM can tell you the time the Vault has been closed to the nearest nanosecond; for your average Vault 13 citizen, it has been just over 84 years. The Vault was sealed on October 23, 2077, with your ancestors inside, hoping that whatever destruction the Lords of War would rain down upon the Earth this time would be minimal. It wasn’t.

The digital TiM clock reads: December 3rd, 2161, 05:37.056738. Any more digits would be meaningless to humans, TiM claims, since in the time it would take a human mind to process them, the moment would already be past. Although TiM purports (with what seems like strained modesty) to be a simple machine, without any thoughts or feelings, when he speaks about the inefficiency of the human mind, he seems distinctly haughty.

It is just before the shift change. Your “hot-bunk” mate will be returning from second shift soon. It’s not an option to sleep late in Vault 13; it has become so crowded that there are not enough beds to go around. Therefore, the younger citizens share theirs in shifts. One works the day shift, and the other works the night shift. TiM chose hot-bunk mates based on personality traits that were deemed compatible. However, even with that big, efficient, and electronic brain of TiM’s, he definitely doesn’t know everything.

It’s a Saturday: a light work day. The older citizens of the Vault tell you about the days when there were fewer people. Weekends were for reading, lounging, and entertainment. However, ever since it was reported to the Overseer, a year ago, that many of the monitors were aging rapidly, reading for leisure became a thing of the past. All of the monitors in Vault-13 were constructed in the ancient way: with cathode ray tubes. These are much more durable than LCD, plasma, and ion, but replacement parts for these monitors have already been used up.

Everything in Vault 13 seems ancient. The vacuum tubes, vents, electrical wiring, piping systems, and even signs have the din and wear of old age. It has been 84 years, after all. It is hard to imagine what life will be like once the major systems start failing — beyond repair. Right now the Society of Technology does an excellent job of keeping things running; even those things that seem past reclamation, the “Techies,” as they are affectionately called, seem able to rig back to life. That’s how life strikes you nowadays: rigged together. Even though the vault is all you had ever known, and probably all you will ever know, something seems unalive about it.

“….sshhhhhhzzzzt….. Please avoid hall A1 on level two,” the speakers crackle to life in their dysfunctional way. About half of them work at any time. Luckily, there are plenty spaced throughout the halls of Vault 13.

“There is a minor chemical leak that is currently being worked on,” It is Elder Joachim Samuel. Each of the Elders takes turns reading the morning and midnight announcements. Every day. The same thing. Apparently, the Vault Citizens have grown to love their confinement.

“Vault Citizen Blanche Estein has been promoted to Society of Service rank three. If you see her, make sure you congratulate her. Hard work for the Community will get you to where you want to be.

“The bridge players’ tournament scheduled for three o’clock today will be moved back to four to accommodate increased interest.

“TiM is interested in audiobook readers. If you would like to try out to be an audiobook reader, please come to the recreation room on Level three so that TiM can analyze your voice.

“The Society of Growers will need additional help in waste recycling. Will Society of Service Workers levels one and two please report to Thermal sublevel one.

“Additionally, will the following citizens please report to Room 21 on Level Three…”

And then the Elder Joachim Samuel, in his grandfather voice, goes on to read a list of names that includes yours… You aren’t sure you heard it correctly. Level 3, Room 21. That’s the Overseer’s chambers, otherwise known as the Command Center. No one but the Overseer, his personal physician, and invited Elders are allowed there. But then, the Elder speaker repeats the last portion of the message again, “… report to Room 21 on Level Three…” but this time the voice adds something, “…Immediately.”



jamfke - March 21, 2006 10:33 PM (GMT)
Thank you for advertising your game! I'll check it out myself, but I'm going to move this thread to the General Promotion forum as that is where it should be.

Cat - March 22, 2006 03:21 PM (GMT)
Oops, sorry about that!

jamfke - March 22, 2006 10:23 PM (GMT)
No problem! Like the look of your site by the way. I'll sign up when I get a little free time. Maybe this weekend!

Chabit Rane - March 23, 2006 02:07 AM (GMT)
Same here :clp .

Cat - March 23, 2006 04:40 PM (GMT)
Thanks, guys! :) Please feel welcome to register on the forum, and if you are seriously interested in playing, drop me an email.

My husband is the GM, and I run the website and help him find players. (I'm also a player.) The site is still in the beginning stages; much more will be added as we get going and as the GM gets me more content (and other players get me content, like for individual character pages).


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