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jamfke - March 13, 2006 03:12 AM (GMT)
Makus stepped out of the air cab and paid the driver. As he walked toward docking bay 1257, he did a visual scan to be sure he wasn't followed. Paranoia was a side effect of his kind of work.

He entered the docking bay and began to head towards berth 13 where his ship was docked. The bay master, a surly type of fellow wearing a slightly snug port security uniform, stopped him.

"I'll need to see an ID sir."

The man's breath smelled of the spicey gundark fried sandwich Makus could see lying on a wrapper in the man's security booth.

"Right, here you go," he handed him his ID and waited.

The big fellow inserted his ID card into his hand scanner and checked the info.

"Says here you live in Bonta Town. How is it a guy livin' in that district has his own spaceship?"

"Luck, perhaps? Or maybe the Force?" he chuckles with the last words, though he fully believed in the Force. Especially after hearing of the triumph the Alliance had won at Yavin. Luke Skywalker was a hero to those who sought freedom from the Emperor's grasp, and public enemy number one to the Empire.

The big man smirked, then snorted, "Yeah, well, just take it easy when you lift off, I don't want to see any fancy tricks or I'll have your license pulled."

Makus nodded, "Don't worry, I just learned how to fly a few months ago."

Leaving the guard with a blank stare, he grinned as he headed towards his ship. The blue and gold Headhunter waited with engines primed. He'd called ahead to the R2 brain embedded in the ship's systems and told it he was coming.

He called to it as he approached, "Everything ready Nix?"

The droid's response twittered back over his comlink. He couldn't know what it said, but the fighter's canopy popped open for him and that usually signalled a thumbs up.

He climbed into the cockpit and began strapping himself in, "Good, do you have those coordinates already worked up?"

The droid's response filed across the message display on his flight console, "Yes, we should arrive at the planet Ryloth in three days, nineteen hours if we remain on schedule."

"Great, well, let's go."

The fighter's hatch sealed and Makus allowed the droid brain to pilot them out of the docking bay and into the traffic stream that was so prevalent on this world at the center of the universe. He never lost the amazement he'd felt when he first arrived at Coruscant. A kid from a farm world suddenly thrust into the heart and soul of the civilized galaxy as it was, he'd only seen holos of the planet back home. He never imagined such a wonder of technological advancement could really exist.

The image was fading on a daily basis, however. With all he was learning about politics and how Palpatine had mislead the Republic into allowing him to install himself as Emperor, he was amazed that he felt the wonder still. It was there nevertheless, and like a child, he sat staring in awe at the ebb and flow of air cars and star ships making their way through their respective lanes.

Nix, NX-R7, boopled a new message, "Entering exit lane. Please insure you're strapped in safely sir."

"I'm in Nix, I'm in. You sound more like my mother every day, you know that?"

The Headhunter, normally an in system fighter, had been retrofitted with a hyperdrive after stripping the ship's concussion missle launching system. The cargo area was smaller too, cut in half to only 25 kilos capacity, but it was well worth the availability of hyper travel.

Nix had been retrofitted as well. Instead of the ten jump limit afforded to his more mobile brethren, he was linked directly to a nav system taken from one of the newer X-wing fighters being utilized by the Alliance. Being more compact, it took up less space than most other nav packages of the day.

Once they were next in the hyper lane queue, Makus took over the controls. He didn't mind letting the droid handle the tedious tasks of docking and jockeying for position in the traffic lanes, but he loved to feel everything as he took his ship into hyperspace. There was a rush that came from jumping in a small fighter that you didn't get aboard a larger vessel. It almost felt as if you were flying through space in nothing more than a vac suit.

He checked the control status board, and when he got the green light, he hit the jump button. The little ship shimmied once and lurched forward and disappeared from the galaxy in the blink of an eye.

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