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Title: Mos Eisley Cantina

Teradoxx - March 12, 2006 09:34 AM (GMT)
Qua'Bai sat in the shady cantina, in the farthest corner. He sat in wait. For someone or something.

A small man came over to his table. ''Sorry mister. This table has been reserved for someone else.''

Qua'Bai answered, ''I know.'' The small waiter seemed nervous, ''But that m.. means you ca.. can't sit here, s.. sir.'' Qua'Bai stared at the waiter, ''Do you even know who I am?''

''N.. no?'', the waiter answered.

''You remember the Hutt Cleansing on Nar Shaddaa by the Empire? I did it.'' Qua'Bai leaned over the table and looked inot the waiter's eyes. ''So I sit here as long I want.''

''Y.. yes, s.. sir.'' The waiter ran off.

Now Qua'Bai sat alone again. Alone with his thoughts. It's good to have respect, he thought. Great.
But now he neede to focus on the mission. An officer had defected from the Navy. He had to be killed. Qua'Bai did'nt know more. He could figure that the officer had leaked some information to the Rebels, but it was'nt his job to think. He was a man of action.

Furthermore Qua'Bai did'nt care much for this war. He was needed even if the Rebels won. The galaxy had always needed bounty hunters. They were the prime - without bounty hunters where would the galaxy be today?

As a cloak man entered the Cantina, Qua'Bai snapped out of his thoughts. He looked at his datapad. What a fool, Qua'Bai thought. YOu could clearly see his face. He was'nt even trying to hide it. It was him. The officer.

I just hope he dose'nt hav a good aim, Qua'Bai thought as he stood up and slowly began following the man ...

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