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Description: How to post a recruitment listing.

jamfke - August 4, 2005 04:39 AM (GMT)
Hello! Here is where Game Masters (GMs) will post their game of choice. GMs should title their thread with the name of the game and, if necessary, the system to be used.

< Example > Star Wars D6

In the post itself, give a description of the game you intend to be playing, number of characters desired, frequency of posts desired, and any other general information you want to divulge.

PLAYERS: Peruse the listings for the game you want to play in, if you think you can meet the GMs posting requirements, simply respond to the GMs original message with a character concept. The GM should review the concept and then let you know if it fits his or her game. Hopefully, < GMs READ THIS TOO! >, if it doesn't meet their requirements they will work with you to get it where it needs to be.

If all goes well, then the GM should go to the appropriate genre forum and create an Out of Character (OOC) thread where the players can post their complete character sheets, and converse between In Character postings. Which brings us to the In Character (IC) thread.

In the IC thread, the GM will begin the adventure and the players will describe their character's actions and responses to the GMs Non Player Characters (NPCs). As the name of the thread implies, all posts should be made In Character. If you have to say something Out of Character to let the GM know some pertinent information about your character's actions, then do it in italics or bold or some way to indicate that it is Out of Character. One way is to tag it with OOC-, and maybe in parentheses, like (OOC-yadda yadda yadda).

If you wish to post pictures of your character, either keep them in the OOC or use a smaller version as your avatar. Of course, if you are playing in several games you wouldn't want the same character image for each one.

Most of all, try and keep it as clean as possible folks. While I realize that most of the people posting here are probably adults, there are also quite a few younger folk among us as well, so keep this in mind before trying to impress us with any sailoresque vocabulary!

Thank you, and have fun!

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