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Title: Nomination Thread for RPD Contest March / April

jamfke - March 7, 2006 01:37 AM (GMT)
Please post your nominations for best post / series of posts here.

AlexGrim - March 24, 2006 02:32 AM (GMT)
I guess I better get this thing movin. I nominate my first dream sequence post in Star Wars D6 Dissention.

All Zaar can think about after strapping himself in quickly, is that he has failed in his mission. Although Josa is a capable pilot and this is a ship he knows well, there is a good chance that his mission will end here. The crash is so hard that he doesn't know what hit him only that there was a white flash and then darkness.

Quickly however, he can see again. He opens his eyes and he is standing alone in a sparcely wooded feild at night, illuminated by a white moon a green moon and a purple moon. He is on Agamoth again, he is surprised and intrigued. He checks his body and he is fine. He wears his suit of blending and has his gauntlet and glave. He switches on his suit and crouches low. He sneaks over to a Grynu tree, a fruit bearing tree with blue apple type fruit. "Is this some sort of Kythol heaven?" he asks himself. He notices he doesn't have the translator anymore, for his voice sounds normal. He scans the area and sees some faint lights over some hills in the distance. He decides to investigate and sneaks from tree to tree, stone to stone and bush to bush until he gets closer to the lights. It seems to be a sleepy, pleasant, decent sized town. He thinks it could even be a small city. It didn't seem to have many lights lit, but from the lay out of what was lighted it had to be of that size.

Zaar continues to creep closer to the town. He puts his hood up and his mask on, fully blending him away. He begins to hear a vehicle in the distance and notices it after a moment moving through the night without lights on. It sounded like some sort of hovertank, but from a long time ago. It approached the town and slowed at it's edge. It must be at some gate, Zaar thinks. He continues to creep up to the populated area. He sees the hovertank or whatever it was move into the small city. Eventually he sees the edge of the city. It is walled and guarded, he sees a road leading up to it, to a gate, but it seems ruined and unusable by ground traffic for sure. He slithers down to the city like a viper over a half hour's time, to make sure he is unseen. Just as he nears it another hovertank can be heard coming in the distance. He stays calm and creeps to a Grynu tree near the road. He climbs it quickly but with the tree's trunk hiding him from the city walls. Finding a limb close to the road he waits at it's base for the tank to pass near. Just at the right time, Zaar runs along the branch and catapults off the end of it. Doing a couple flips he lands as softly as possible on the top of the tank. The hum of the propulsors is louder and he crawls behind the turret on top. With the tank's speed he is at the gate in 30 seconds. As the tank approaches it slows and lands at the gate.

"Thurn, Check that tank real quick!" A older gruff voice shouts in Agamothi.

"Yes Commander!" replies a youthful one. Zaar is able to hear from which side this "Thurn" character is going to round the tank from. He uses this to crawl all over the tank's backend to elude his eyes. Using the tank to sheild him from Thurn's eyes, the youth walks back to the gate. "It is clean".

"Open the gate!" comes the old voice again. The hum of the tank's propulsors rises again and the tank moves forward once more, slowly. Zaar huddles behind the turret as before. He hasn't seen a tank like this in his life, but in old holo scanned photographs. What is it doing here? What is he doing here? Where and when is here? Zaar rides in on the tank and after a few minutes of going through the streets he drops off the tank onto the paved roadway. He instantly goes for the first alley way he sees and finds comfort in it's dark embrace. He hides in the shadows behind some rubbage bins.

"Greets my ffwiend" Comes a sloppy voice from behind the assassin. He notices a being in the shadows with him, sitting on the ground with his back to the wall. "Haves you any strong drinkses?"

"No Friend, I have not." Zaar says friendily.

"Well I's had enoughs meself, I guest you can haves the rest of mine." The obviously drunk individual holds what seems to be a mostly empty bottle up to Zaar.

"No friend, you continue to indulge yourself. I am in the mood for something more like information to wet my appetite." Zaar tries to get some answers.

"Well, I guesses I can give ya dat. Never seen a man likes you in the city, who are ya? and why's it so herd to see yoos?" The drunken man asks.

"I am a member of the Kythol, that is all you need know."Zaar says flatly.

"Wow! you don't zay. I neber met a Kythol before. That would explain much, that there one of zem new suits I heard about?" The drunk asks.

"New? They have been around for around 500 years." Zaar replies in surprise.

"Well I guesss your guild is good at keepin secrets." The drunk then says in a hushed voice,"don'ta yooz worry I won't tell how old they really are."

"Right." Zaar smirks under his mask.

"Why do youf sneak around? We just made a pact wif your guild, we were expecting you in two days. I for one am glad to see that help has arrived." the drunk says. He chuggs the rest of the bottle, "Thanks for comin to help us so soon friendz."

"Who is us?" Zaar leans in eager for the answer.

"What? you sound more messed up dan me. You don't knowz where you are? HAhaha, I guess the Kythol is lettin any ole daft bastard in nowzadays." The Drunk cracks up laughing.

"Just tell me." Zaar demands.

"Hey, can I join the Kythol? hahahaa, I think I can match dooz qualifications, hahaaha." the drunk carries on laughing. He then starts choking alittle and pukes all over himself, "Wow! that's goob stoof." he says before passing out in a stupor.

"Damn drunk, all I wanted was a simple answer. Don't pass out on me." Zaar kinda slaps him around but has no success in reviving the man. Zaar did get some answers though, apparently he doesn't need to creep around people here want to see him and treat him as a friend. He doesn't think that the drunk was lying, he walks out of the alley and into the street.

....Zaar turns off his suit and looks for some place that seems to be open. The whole street is dark except for some dimmed lights here and there. Zaar suspects now that they are under black out conditions and that they are at war, which isn't surprising on Agamoth. He takes down his hood and mask revealing himself. He sees a door open to his right as he walks down the paved road with two story buildings lining it. A dim light comes from the opening and a young woman emerges with a Jilk, a type of cat, in her arms. She puts the Jilk outside and then is startled by Zaar's presence.

"Who are you?" she asks.

"I am a member of the Kythol, here to help." He replies.

"Wow! really?" She comes out to get a better look at him. Zaar gets a better look at her too and she is beautiful, with long straight red hair, wearing a white blouse with a black skirt cut at the knees and some black slippers."Wow! never seen a Kythol before, are they um all as um good looking as you?" She says as she bites her pinky finger smiling.

"Well a, I, a, I guess madame. I never looked at my ranks like that." Zaar says alittle taken aback at the comment. He never really saw himself as goodlooking, just deadly.

"So what are you doing in the street here at night, practicing sneaking around or something?" She inquires.

"Well madame, if I was doing that you wouldn't have seen me." Zaar says plainly.

"No, no I guess not. What a shame that would have been." She says stil smiling and with a jilk making passes at her legs.

"Listen madame I would love to chat with you further, but I am in need of help." Zaar states.

"So are we, what a coincidence huh?" She replies.

"So I hear, could you direct me to a command center of some type?" Zaar asks.

"I guess, if that is what you really want?" she says with a touch of disappointment in her voice.

"Yes, I have important business. Otherwise I would like to linger here with you." Zaar says with a touch of disappointment himself.

"Well, if you walk down this road to the statue and then turn left you will hit a guard post." She points as she tells him.

"Thanks madame, It was a pleasure." Zaar slightly bows to her and walks off.

"It could have been more of a pleasure, stop by anytime, don't forget the way." She says as he walks off. He could have asked her more, but he felt alittle nervous around her, she made him feel like he was going to lose focus, when he finds time in the future he will take her up on her offer he thinks. Besides, these guards should have plenty of information and answers to what the devil was going on. He walks down to a fountian statue of a dragon or sea serpent or something like that after 10 minutes. Then he turns left, he sees a couple blocks down a military looking structure three stories high surrounded by hovertanks, razor wire and armed guards.
The guards were wearing helmets much like the shape of the US or UN forces of our world, but with a black and grey color scheme. They had tinted goggles on and black armored vests. They had fatigues on that were a black and grey pattern for urban camoflauge, with black combat boots. They carried light repeating blasters of a old style he had only seen in museums and bandaleers of magazines needed for these old models. As he approached a detachment of three guards ran up with there weapons to bear.

"I'll be a jilk's uncle, he is a Kythol." One says as he lowers his weapon.

"He's right, look at the suit." Another says.

"You're alittle early friend, but I won't complain." The last says.

"Greetings gentlemen, could you be kind enough to show me to your commanding officer?" Zaar says with a nod and a smile.

"Right this way" the first speaker says as he gestures toward the post.

Zaar is led past the other guards and the tanks, he hears all sorts of comments about his early arrival and thanks for coming so soon. He is led up into the front of the post and led through corridors and halls, up lifts and finally is escorted into the High Commander's room. He is a older fellow with no head gear on and a higly decorative grey uniform with black knee high boots. He shows some age on his face, but seems in good health. He has buzzed grey hair and blue eyes. He greets Zaar with a smile and walks over, hand extended.

"You don't know how pleased I am to see the first of you arrive. Why didn't you come in through the gate and get a escort? Probably testing our security huh?" He says happily shaking the assassin's arm in a armshake and putting his other hand on Zaar's shoulder with a pat.

"Ah, yes, yes you guessed it. Your security is alittle low around here I must say." Zaar just plays along with the man.

"Well maybe for a Kythol, but those Veraadi bastards have never breached my security." The man gestures to a chair of fine ornate make."Please have a seat"

"Veraadi?" Zaar is stunned they were destroyed by the Kythol about 500 years ago. He takes a seat as offered.

"Yes, Veraadi, that is why you are here right?" The Commander looks alittle puzzled as he sits.

"Yes, yes of course. So I assume you have a enemy uniform for me, they possess fine armor don't they?" Zaar tries to recall his history lessons.

"Yes, we have managed to scrape together one suit from dead Veraadi bastards. We thought that a Kythol might find a use for it if we won the bid." The Commander says as he pours a drink. He tips the bottle toward Zaar as if to offer but Zaar declines by holding up his hand.

"So which of the Veraadi enemies are you allied with so far, anyone new?" Zaar cloaks his ignorance of his location in another question. They are either Galuth, Jureni or Kloorg from his memory.

"Oh, no one new, the alliance with Galuth and Kloorg still stands the same, plus the Kythol of course." The Commander states as he takes a drink.

"So your Jureni forces are all readied then?" Zaar asks friendily but with another motive.

"Yes, just waiting to coordinate with the Kythol." The commander says as he finishes his drink. Jureni? Zaar thinks, they have a mark in Agamothi history, but what was it? It is Kythol history too. "I'll have that suit brought here for you to examine." The commander buzzes a button on his desk.

"Yes, that would be nice. So how long have you been the commander of this city?" Zaar prods for more information secretly.

"Well I have commanded Kulkall for over ten years." He says proudly.

"Kulkall? here? this is Kulkall?" Zaar is suddenly alarmed.

"I thought they briefed you boys well? Yes this is Kukall." The commander says inquistively. Zaar remembers the story now. About 500 years ago, the Kythol made a pact with the Jureni to protect them and do assassinations for them. Two days before the Kythol could arrive the city of Kulkall was the first city to ever be attacked by chemical warheads. The entire city was massacred, except for a handful of survivors. They died choking on their own blood and their skin fell from their bodies. They were avenged, but they died horribly nonetheless. The attack started before dawn, followed by waves of Veraadi shock troops in their air tight armor.

"Commander, I want you to trust me, I have intelligence you don't. EVACUATE THE CITY NOW!!" Zaar says with intense concern.

"I will do no such thing and even if I did it would be a enormous task." The commander says.

"I am telling you that the city will soon fall under chemical attack, please for the sake of everyone here, start the evacuation." Zaar gets up from the ornate chair.

"What proof do you have? I can't evacuate a city on the word of one Kythol, not yet atleast." The commander says this as the doors open and a guard steps in with blue and grey Veraadi shock armor.

"You called commander?" The guard says as he stands at attention.

"Yes, put that down there." The Commander points at a couch much like the chair that Zaar was sitting in.

"Evacuate the city." Zaar says to the trooper desperately.

"Commander?" The trooper thinks he should follow Kythol orders, but his commander hasn't told him to do so yet.

"I protest assassin, you will not undermine my authority. You are dismissed, Fosert." The commander rises from his chair outraged, and tells the guard to leave. Once he is gone he says to Zaar "I am going to speak to your superiors about this."

"Commander, how long till sun up?" Zaar asks getting a time frame.

"It is almost sun up now." The Commander says with attitude.

"NO! damn it, I am too late." Zaar rushes for the veraadi armor and starts to put it on.

"You are early you daft assassin, two days early. I am beginning to wonder if that is a bad thing." The commander says sitting again. "Yes, Yes try it on and then get out of my city as soon as possible." Zaar puts the suit on in about 3 minutes and tests it, it seems to work. He then thinks about getting some transport and saving that girl and leaving this fool to die horribly.

"Not much time" Zaar says after his check.

"Not much is right, if you plan on walking out of here you will need a escort in that uniform." The Commander buzzes the button again.

"I will try one more time, don't ask me how, but I know you are going to get attacked in moments by chemical warheads. EVACUATE! QUICKLY!!" Zaar makes a last attempt to change history.

"If the attack is in moments it can't be done anyway. Go take your crazy notions to the Veraadi." Zaar shakes his head and a guard comes in. "Take our, friend, to supply and give him what he needs and then escort him out of the city."

"Yes Commander" The guard salutes by placing his right fist over his heart with a thud, clicking his heels together and bowing his head a touch. Then he walks out with Zaar still shaking his head.

"I just need a fast transport my friend" Zaar says to the guard.

"Very well sir the vehicle depot is right this way" The guard gestures down a hall to their left and they walk through a maze of halls to a vehicle depot outside. Zaar can see the sky turning bluer where the sunrises. "This is our fastest vehicle sir", he points at a slick tandom seated speeder. It has two guns on the front and a little turret on the back. "This is a special model, made by the head mechanic. I must accompany you to the gates"

"Very Well" Zaar gets in quick and the guard follows, Zaar wasn't the best driver, but it didn't matter right now. "Hold on!" Zaar rips out of the depot and out to the area with the statue. As he starts down towards the girl's home a loud explosion can be heard and then another, followed by two more. Huge clouds of gas form over the city but soon settle in it's streets. Another blast is seen up ahead of Zaar and he puts the speeder to full throttle. Zaar stops in front of the girl's residence.

"WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!" The guard says, "keep going!". Zaar gets out and the guard jumps out after him. "Damn it! get back in the..." Zaar kills the guard with his hands by breaking his neck and doesn't even stay to watch his body drop.

"Fool" Zaar says as he kicks in the door of the girl's home and looks around for her. He can't find her and he starts turning the place over. He can already hear the horrible screams of the city dwellers down the street. He find her under her bed with her hands over her head. Zaar chucks the bed against the wall with gusto and grabs her.

"Veraadi bastard let me go!!" She fights him.

"It is me the Kythol you met earlier there is no time." Zaar reasons with her. She stops and thinks that only they knew about that meeting. "Trust me, come away with me." He holds up his glave. "Remember?" She nods and they run out of the house out into the street. They try to get into the speeder and speed off but the blue gas is upon them and they are engulfed in it. She shrieks as her skin begins to almost smoke and bubble. Then she slowly loses her voice as blood bubbles up from her lungs. "NOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Zaar screams as he watches her fall to the ground writhing in pain. She looks at him in agony before her eyes burst and ocular fluid runs down her face. Zaar falls to his knees in emotional distress. People come out of the surrounding buildings with the same symptoms and soon the whole street is a scene of carnage unimaginable. Her skin falls away bubbling on the street and blood is everywhere. Zaar has failed once again. He sits in the middle of the street of death sobbing, surrounded by the blue death that has consumed the city.

netjedi - March 24, 2006 02:34 AM (GMT)
I second the nomination ;)

and would like to also nominate Trappers holovid sequence as well.

AlexGrim - March 24, 2006 02:48 AM (GMT)
I second the holovid sequence and nominate the Selmak dream sequence. :ras

Hellcat - March 27, 2006 06:44 AM (GMT)
I humbly refuse to accept the nomination.

jamfke - March 27, 2006 06:45 AM (GMT)
I humbly refuse to accept your refusal to accept the nomination! :chk

Hellcat - March 27, 2006 06:51 AM (GMT)
I humbly refuse to accept your refusal to accept my refusal of the nomination. :emp :emp :emp :emp :emp

netjedi - March 27, 2006 06:57 AM (GMT)

AlexGrim - March 27, 2006 07:08 AM (GMT)
If there is no other nominee it's seems weird to win anything. Atleast I nominated Selmak's dream.

jamfke - March 27, 2006 07:21 AM (GMT)
I'm nominating one of net's series of posts from the Narrative Star Wars thread.
The Wheel

Three posts. Good stuff here!

Hellcat - March 28, 2006 02:46 AM (GMT)
Well, how about we nominate Skyler's latest post in the SW:Dissention thread?

Chabit Rane - March 28, 2006 05:04 AM (GMT)
How about we nominate Jamfke this time. He deserves the award for all the hard work he's done here.

Jedi Skyler - March 28, 2006 05:37 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Hellcat @ Mar 27 2006, 10:46 PM)
Well, how about we nominate Skyler's latest post in the SW:Dissention thread?

Why, thank you, HC! I appreciate the vote!

I'm just really glad that people liked it. It feels like I've had that kind of a post stewing inside for a while now, and it was really good to finally have a good spot to make one.

jamfke - March 29, 2006 02:56 AM (GMT)
I'll second Skylers!

And while I thank you for the plug Chabbit, I can't be nominated, cause I'm the one sponsorin this here puppy! :D

Chabit Rane - March 29, 2006 07:31 AM (GMT)
LOL> Your well J. So instead I'll have third Skyler's vote too.

Darth Windu - March 29, 2006 12:45 PM (GMT)
Fourth Skyler!

AlexGrim - April 11, 2006 03:30 AM (GMT)
I also nominate my second Zaar dream sequence.

Zaar awakens with a start to the sound of clatter some thuds. The room is dark the lights dimmed. He looks over to his left and sees Aya looking through some medical supply boxes. Aya looks over quickly.

"I am sorry Zaar, just getting some supplies before we leave." The clone says still hunched over a med box. Zaar looks around and sees only empty beds. He looks down for his glave to be sure he is armed and ready for another attack. He sees his gauntlet on and the glave resting on his right side. Aya notices Zaar's search, "I thought you'd feel safer with your armament." he comments to the assassin.

Zaar relaxes on his bed in relief, "Thanks, trooper, you are keen on what a fighting man needs for peace of mind."

"I know I would want my weapons as well, with the situation we're in." Aya agrees with Zaar, then he approaches the assassin's bed almost like a doctor.

Zaar turns his head to his left on the pillow to look up at Aya, "Where is everybody?"

"We're pulling out to another location, Selmak, Josa and Haim have already left. Trapper is coming to help me with moving you." Aya informs his wounded team mate. Zaar turns his head to center again and closes his eyes in relief and reflection. "Are you in any pain Zaar? You need to sleep longer." Aya turns toward one of the boxes. "Here I have something here that might help." Just as Zaar was going to respond he hears the burst of a lightsaber and a red glow flash in the room. As the noise and light appear the next instant two sabers are coming down on him as the clone whirls into a attack. Only Zaar's lightning reflexes save him as he rolls to the right fast falling off the bed to the floor. The sabers were so fast though that he was still lightly wounded on the left arm. The bed explodes into bedding and sparks and it is cut in the middle down to the floor.

"I knew it!" Zaar exclaims as he lights up his purple glowing glave.

"Your quick assassin, but that only brings more pleasure from this battle for me, just like the pleasure I got from killing your comrades on Agamoth, he hehe he." The sabre weilding trooper says with a chuckle.

"YOU BASTARD!!" Zaar infuriated launches his glave at Aya. The trooper merely parries it with both of his red sabres. Zaar presses another strike around the trooper's back, but Aya parries again with a spinning parry and advances on the assassin.

"DIE!" Aya says as he lunges at Zaar. Zaar does a hand spring to the right and recalls his glave as the trooper moves in for a whirlwind of attacks. Zaar, with his half lit glave parries them off well, but from the skill of the attacks he knows he was just lucky. Zaar knows he can't fight a foe like this in combat this close, he needs some range to fight these sabres. Parrying off a few more attacks he opens the door and leaves walking backwards into the hall. He then runs backwards and turns into a forward run, looking over his shoulder. "There's no escape for you, this time. You said you killed my fleeing brother, now who flees?" Aya says to the fleeing assassin.

"We'll see about that!" Zaar says after a dozen yards, as he turns and hurls his glave. Zaar presses over a dozen attacks, but Aya parries them all in a hail of sparks. The trooper begins to move toward Zaar as he parries attacks from the assassin.

"Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side!" The trooper says with loud conviction.

"You are the real Sith aren't you?" Zaar says as he recalls his glave from it's flurry of attacks around the trooper.

"Yes, pretty cunning don't you think? I got real close to my targets and I have their trust now. I will finish them all posing as their friend. Sound familiar? like something out of your Kythol code? hehh hehe he" The trooper continues to advance. "I have all the players in this little game in my pocket, the Emporer is wise, everything that has transpired has done so according to his design. hehe he" The trooper chuckles with his intelligence triumph.

"Not unless I tell them!" Zaar says as he backs away from Aya the sith.

"Oh, but you won't. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. heh he he he." The trooper hastens his pace and Zaar flees. Zaar rounds a corner and sees Trapper walking up.

"Trapper!" Zaar exclaims as he approaches.

"Zaar! what is it? you should be in bed!" Trapper queries with concern.

"It's Aya, he's a double agent!, he is the real sith. He has been fooling us all along." Zaar informs.

"I knew it!, his scars don't run as deep as mine." Trapper bursts past Zaar and rounds the corner toward Aya.

"Wait!" Zaar runs after Trapper.

"Traitor!" Trapper shouts as he lets loose with some precision blaster fire. If not for the sabres he would have dropped Aya with wounds in the chest and head. Aya deflects the blasts though and one blows the blaster right out of Trapper's hands. Trapper, unarmed charges the sbare weilding Aya. "Zaar run tell the others, aahhhhhh!!" Trapper yells a battlecry after his statement, but Zaar backs him up by running behind him. Trapper dodges a few sabre strikes from Aya and Zaar comes to the rescue. As soon as Zaar arrives, he sees another two red sabres appear in Trapper's hands and swing at him. Zaar barely dodges with a full back flip.

"Damn all you Imperial bastards, none of you can be trusted!" Zaar says holding his glave to the pair of traitorous troopers.

"That was a excellent performance brother." Aya says to Trapper.

Trapper bows slightly, "One worthy of even a Kythol, wouldn't you say?" He replies to Aya.

"Yes, well let us close the final act" Aya syas as he moves for Zaar.

"Yes, let us." Trapper agrees and moves with his brother toward the bewildered Agamothi. Zaar flees at top speed, with the troopers hot on his heels. He runs out into the street and into a crowded street. He looks back and the troopers begin cutting people down that get in their way. People begin running screaming and Zaar runs faster than he ever has. After a few minutes of this carnage trailing chase, Zaar finds a air taxi and gets in.

"Just go now! I'll pay 100 credits!" Zaar shouts closing the door.

"Sure thing mister" The driver says as he pulls off. Zaar stares out the window as Trapper's sabre swing just misses the taxi. Zaar waves with a smile as he flies off. Zaar gets out his comlink and hails Ridge.

"Ridge, Ridge! The troopers are double agents don't trust them! They are Sith even! We have been totally fooled! I escaped in a air taxi." Zaar shouts to Ridge.

"How do you know?" Ridge replies.

"They attacked me in the hospital, with dual red sabres. Aya layed out the whole plot, it was all the Emporer's handy work." Zaar states.

"I would be. Ok Zaar come to pad 347 we have a new ship there. I assume you will need fare for the taxi, tell the driver we will have it." Ridge assures.

"Thanks Ridge, I am sure he heard you, I am sorry this happened I wish it hadn't" Zaar responds.

"It's alright Zaar, we'll trust to the force to protect us." Ridge comforts the assassin.

"We'll need it, over and out." Zaar puts the com away. Soon the taxi appears at the pad indicated. There is a strange ship there and Selmak is waiting outside. The taxi sets down and Selmak approaches, Zaar gets out.

"You look terrible Doolin!" Selmak says with his feline smile. He leans and pays the fare nad the taxi takes off. They walk toward the new ship.

"Where's Ridge, my friend?"Zaar asks the catlike alien.

"He's in engineering, we are fixing something." Selmak declares.

"Is it a problem?" Zaar asks the mechanic with concern.

"Nothing I can't handle" Selmak replies with a proud toothy smile. They walk up into the ship and Selmak leads Zaar into the Engineering area. Tubes and hoses and components are everywhere and a hatch seems to be open where someone has been working.

"So where is Ridge?" Zaar glances around.

"He must have stepped out. So I here you have a problem?" Selmak queries.

"We have a problem, the troopers are really Sith and we have been had." Zaar blurts out.

"Well you know me, I am great at fixing problems. Here hand me that hydro spanner." Selmak states before he requests assistance.

"Sure." Zaar says as he looks at the spanners. He detects Selmak moving close and actually dodges away as two red sabres fire up and attack behind him.

"I'll fix your problem bub." Selmak says with yellow glowing eyes now. Zaar just runs back out of engineering after a dodge and a parry. He can hear Selmak roar with laughter behind him. Zaar reaches the ramp as Ridge and Javi appear.

"Zaar, what's wrong?" Ridge asks concern showing on his face.

"Selmak is a Sith too!" Zaar yells.

"That's nonesense Zaar let's go see him." Javi says.

"No! you go see him, I am leaving." Zaar says as he starts down the ramp.

"Zaar be reasonable, come back." Ridge requests nicely.

"I, I can't Ridge, please understand." Zaar states as he walks down the ramp.

"Oh, I understand, you don't!" Ridge says as the pair of Jedi light up their sabres, but they are red, and their eyes begin to glow yellow. Selmak steps out with his sabres as well. They all laugh evilly as Zaar flees once again. Zaar runs toward one side of the pad and sees Aya and Trapper round a corner sabres blazing.

"Fancy meeting you here, hehehe he" Trapper jokes. Zaar runs the other way and around the new ship, he sees some stairs down from the ramp and runs to them. He sees Josa and Haim trying to intercept, with red sabres in their hands.

"Hey goodlookin, wanna hott date? haha aha haa" Haim says with glow yellow eyes. Zaar makes it to the stairs first and hops the railings so that he doesn't have to run down the flights he jumps from flight to flight. Loosing them he feels he has to get somewhere safe, but where? He reaches a enclosed lift and hits the down button. He can hear them in pursuit as he waits for the doors to open.

"Hey boy, hey boy, I got somethin I wanna say to you!" He hears Josa call out from a few flights up. The doors open and Zaar enters quickly, hitting the ground floor button. Zaar slightly relaxes as he desends. He just wishes he was safe, but where can he escape these sith? The lift stops and doors open, he looks out and doesn't see cloud city, he sees the Kythol temple on Agamoth as it looked before he was born. It seemed to glow with a golden light around it. He had seen holo scanned photos of the temple before it was destroyed by nuclear weapons. He stepped out in disbelief. The doors closed and disappeared behind him.
He walked through the gardens around the immense structure and over the bridge that led to the steps. It was beautiful to him. The colors and sounds were so vibrant and alive in the midday sun. He walked up the long set of steps and entered. He could hear Kythol chants in the distance as some assassin mediated. He followed the sound into the darkened corridors, until he entered the main hall. In the center sat one man chanting , sitting crosslegged on the floor. A bright beam of sunlight came down from the ceiling on top of him. He had a golden aura about him and Zaar approached. As he neared he noticed it was grand master Yarran, but he was dead for centuries?

Zaar kneels "Master, I seek your protection" Zaar says humbly.

"You already have it, young Zaar." Comes the old voice of the long white haired man.

"Master, I am confused" Zaar admits.

"Well, we can't have that, confusion isn't good for the mind and the mind is our most dangerous weapon." Yarran states as he gets up with a sudden springing action.

"Yes master, your words are wise" Zaar replies respectfully.

"Rise Zaar, there is something I must discuss with you." Yarran commands. Zaar rises and stands at attention in front of him. "Zaar, you are special, you have found yourself in a great position. Yes, it came from great tragedy, but we must make the best of all situations."

"I don't understand master." Zaar states bluntly.

"I am not surprised. Zaar your anger has unbalanced you, this Emporer is already clouding your vision through his actions. See your anger stems from your lust for revenge, you are forgetting the code. You are losing your focus. It is understandable, you are young, but you can't afford to be unbalanced right now." Yarran explains.

"Yes master, I have been careless, I am hot headed and vengeful. I apologize." Zaar bows is head begging for forgiveness.

"Save your apologies Zaar, just regain your focus. Can't you see? You have made it off world and found valuble friends that can help in many ways. Maltu still lives and therefore the Kythol still lives. You know his location. These Jedi that you have found possess the knowledge of the Universal energy that binds us together, in love and hate, from world to world, and in life and death. Death is only a transition to another blissful existance. I have found so much peace here that it was your plight only that has distracted me. it would seem a few centuries on our world, but since I passed by the hand of Vramm, it seems like only a few days. A blissful few days at that. These Jedi, can teach you what I could not. Then you could teach the rest of the Kythol. The Jedi and the Kythol must merge, enough of the mercenary thinking of the past. Fight for peace in the galaxy and all of good heart will honor you, like the Jedi. It should be our duty to no longer need to use violence. I have seen the truth Zaar, from my passing, here all can be known. The code needs to be ammended don't forget, join the Jedi, share our secrets and fight for peace." Yarran pauses.

"Master what of the Sith, what is going on?" Zaar pleads for answers.

"Zaar, you are dreaming, the sith you killed is plaguing your dreams. These are illusions, he has no real power. One can learn to enter the world of the living from the world of the dead. I have not and I feel he has not. My studies were cut short, but I might eventually, this bliss is intoxicating. You cannot feel it, you aren't fully passed out of the world of the living, the physical world. Your friends are true, trust them, they are what makes you special. Even the trooper turncoats, these are valuble friends. The troopers can accompany you into the heart of the enemy, they are priceless. Make peace with them, remember how you were just confused when you entered, they were confused as well. You cannot damn them for being confused, if anything you should respect them for seeing the light. How many of their kind still haven't? These are special troopers you have befriended. You must let go Zaar, the Knowledge of the universe is at your fingertips, if you just let go and become one with it. These Jedi do that, and they can help you to. You are the key to a bright future for the Kythol, for our people and for the Universe. Don't throw it away on hate." Yarran shakes his head at Zaar, with these last words.

"Master, will I see you often, when will I see you again?" Zaar asks.

Yarran smiles "You will see me soon enough Zaar. I will always be with you, maybe not like this, but if you trust to your heart and listen, I will answer. As will any that have passed." Yarran sweeps his hands around the main hall and the lights go up a bit, revealing a mulitude of masters and friends now dead, but standing there as if they were in the best of health. "Zaar, know no fear, for there is nothing really to fear, but fear."

"Master, how will I remember this, I might forget this dream?" Zaar seems concerned he will forget this once in a lifetime moment.

"You will remember!" Yarran states with conviction as he raises his index finger to Zaar."Now wake, there is much to be done."

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