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jamfke - March 2, 2006 12:25 AM (GMT)
Ewan steps out of M's office and grabs his bowler on the way into the hall. He walks casually down the corridor and comes to an elevator. After waiting a moment for it to arrive, he steps in and rides it to the sub-sub basement. The doors open just as an explosion happens across the room.

A fountain of smoke fills the room and several techs charge blindly into it with extinguishers. Q steps out of the smoke with a handkerchief over his mouth and nose.

"Ah, there you are 0011. M said you'd be down in a moment."

He folds his hanky and tucks it into the breast pocket of his sports coat.

"Follow me, and don't touch anything!"

As they pass the area of the explosion, the smoke is dissapating and the techs have just extinguished a small fire. Ewan sees a few of them standing around a rather regal looking chair at the head of a banquet table. The padding is smoldering and an occasional flare up returns only to be spritzed with another blast from an extinguisher.

"A new quick response device to protect a target from assassination. It's supposed to surround the person sitting in the chair with a heavy fog so that he or she may be whisked away by a bodyguard at the first sign of a killer's intentions. Unfortunately, we have a small problem with the pyrotechnical aspects of the device. As you can see, it catches the bloody thing on fire."

He continues towards the back of the laboratory where he stops at a table laiden with several gadgets and trinkets. Q looks like a little boy in a candy shop as he picks up the first piece of equipment, a rather plain looking ball point pen.

"Right, here we have the Mono Stroke 2. A normal pen by all means, yet with a hidden attraction."

He unscrews the barrel of the pen and pulls it apart, holding it at the threads as he does so. Three metal spines pop out as he pulls the top off and form a small grappling hook. Dangling from within the barrel is a very thin, almost invisible string connecting the top half with the bottom.

"The grapnel is made of a titanium based alloy that can sustain a maximum load of six hundred pounds. The line you see here," he holds up the pen and lets the line dangle between them, "is a high tension monofilament material with a maximum tensile strength of up to four hundred and fifty pounds. There's twenty feet of the stuff coiled up inside the barrel. It can be used to scale walls and such. If you don't totally unscrew the top off, leaving it sitting at a half turn," he folds the tines back into the cap and replaces it on the barrel, "then you can click the pen's activator switch," he points the pen towards a dummy wearing a flak jacket, "and voila!"

The grapnel flies off the barrel of the pen with a cough and strikes the dummy hard, knocking it over at the annoyance of the tech who was about to test out the jacket.

"Sorry Jim, thought you were out to lunch!"

He clicks the button again and the line begins reeling in slowly back into the pen. He then returns it to the table and picks up a pair of sun glasses.

"Here we have the finest x-ray spectacles on the market, well they would be if they really were on the market. The lenses will allow you to see through up to three feet of concrete and the right leg of the frames contains a mini digital camera that will allow you to photo what is found behind closed doors, as it were, or regular snaps without the see through lenses activated. The other leg holds a mini sound bud that will project radio transmissions directly into your ear. No more messy coils attached to a radio under your jacket!"

He places the sunglasses on the table and picks up a pair of white gentlemen's gloves.

"Ah, I made these especially for you 0011. I knew you were a gentlemen's gentlemen and would appreciate this. The right glove acts as a stun gun. Merely place at least two fingers on an opponent and depress this button, and you'll send fifty thousand volts of electricity through the fellow's body. Should take care of almost any assailant. The left glove will assist you in the detection of poisons either in the air, or in food or drink. A small corner of the material acts like litmus paper, and it will turn a yellowish color in a stain-like pattern on the heel of the hand at the base of your thumb. If it is airborn, you can stretch the glove and fasten it around your mouth and nose, and it will block all but the most microbial of pollutants."

Darth Windu - March 2, 2006 02:23 AM (GMT)
"You are a genius, Q." Ewan says, picking up the gloves and slowly sliding them on.

jamfke - March 2, 2006 04:22 AM (GMT)
"Ah, be extra careful with those. You don't want to knock yourself unconscious! Oh, and your car will be ready for you in the morning."

Darth Windu - March 2, 2006 01:23 PM (GMT)
Ewan thanks Q and leaves wih his new equipment.

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