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Title: James Bond 007
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jamfke - February 25, 2006 07:08 AM (GMT)
The moonless night was the perfect cover for an operation like the one taking place in the blacked out city streets of Tehran, Iran. Military trucks rolled like thunder through the narrow streets and entered an old warehouse complex near the city's bazaar and the Shah Mosque. Police officers throughout the city are enforcing a strict curfew, shooting anyone found in the streets, no questions, no warnings.

Good thing agent Simons wasn't walking the streets. The British secret agent had picked his spot on the roof of Golestan Palace earlier in the day while on a site seeing tour of the city.

His night vision scope zoomed in tightly on one of the trucks that had broken down and was having its contents moved to one of the others that had already dropped off its payload. He tabbed the zoom again as two soldiers began carrying a crate marked 'radioactive' in Arabic and snapped a couple of photos. He got a few more as they transferred more of the hazardous cargo between the vehicles.

Well, that should be enough to prove our case. he thought. Simons tucked the scope into his vest pocket and slipped back under the cover of the minaret he'd holed up beneath. He'd wait till morning and join another group to get away. Now was time for some much needed rest.

He hadn't sleapt well in the last few days. The mission had kept him hopping from day one. This was his first major mission for MI6 and he wanted to be certain that he didn't mess anything up. He could feel himslef dozing, and soon fell asleep.

He awoke feeling groggy, as if someone had drugged him. His body was aching too, like he'd had too much to drink and ended up in a brawl or something. Then he realized that he couldn't move freely. It felt as if he were buried up to his neck in sand like he was on his last holiday with his family at the beach.

Agent Simons' vision slowly came into focus and his last vision was that of several deadly, angry snakes being dumped on the ground around his head. The poison they introduced in his face moved quickly to his heart and froze his lungs.

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