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Title: Seven13: Cycle of Existence
Description: Promo for the upcoming title from BDS

Christopher Ashe - February 19, 2006 10:46 PM (GMT)
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Seven13: the Cycle of Existence is in the final stages of production and coming to print soon from Broken Doll Studios (formerly Pangea Games for those of you who might remember).

The Cycle of Existence is a role-playing game of modern horror, fantasy, and survival based on the Seven13 generic game engine. It spans from the rural country areas of society into vast city-scapes, bringing the tones and visceral style of King, Lovecraft and other classic horror writers into the backyard of wherever you may roam.

The descriptions of possibilites could go on for pages, so it's best to check out the info for yourself on our website at Chapter One of the book in its entirety is available for download for a limited time.

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