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Title: Syriana
Description: at the flicks

Tina_D - February 19, 2006 01:19 PM (GMT)
Yup... during the domestic chore of shopping today, we went to the movies and saw Syrianna.

Its not that long a movie - just over two hours, but because its fragmented into scenes with various characters and follows their stories until they all culminate at the end - it can seem that its a long movie.

Definately a thinking movie too... not something that you can just sit back and relax and just let it wack you around a for a few hours.

There is a very good cast, not to mention, George Clooney, William Hurt, Matt Damon and alot of other people (my husband just piped in "that really bad guy that threatened George Clooney".... thanks for the help their hubby!)

The story was also moving... I mumbled beneath my breath (those b'stards) when one of my favourite character's life was ended.... well a couple ended about the same time... and its a rather poignant theme to today's policatal and religious problems.

But what it all came down to... was greed. It also made you think that the world's worst terrorists are politicians and wealthy businesmen.

If you like movies that make you think - go see it.

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