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jamfke - February 16, 2006 05:32 AM (GMT)
Bond, James Bond.

I'm thinking of starting a James Bond collaborative storyline for any that are interested. The way this will work is someone will get to tell the story of James Bond as 007 himself. I will be M and any other NPC types and will guide the story along. There won't be any character sheets to keep up with, except maybe for equipment and such.

If you want to play another character of your own design, then let me know about it and I'll see how it will fit into the storyline. I haven't really had time to come up with a plot yet, so you'll have to bear with me.

If anyone is interested, sign below!

Darth Windu - February 17, 2006 02:36 AM (GMT)
Is it going to be like storytelling RPG or more like a story that more than one person writes?

jamfke - February 17, 2006 08:01 AM (GMT)
Depends on how many players there will be! Really, I'm hoping to make it a storytelling adventure. With one person in control of Bond, and any others playing his helpers along the way. Whoever RPs Bond will guide the story along by the description of his actions, I'll merely be prodding those actions by describing what the baddies do.

This is an experiment for me as well, so it may not go very far, but I'd like to give it a spin.

There won't be any dice rolls, but I will have final say as to whether a character's post is final or needs to be edited.

An example of what I'd like to see from prospective players is:

James checks his watch, 11:02 PM, eight more minutes till his party favors go off. He picks up his pace and trots towards the parking garage where his Jag awaits. As he rounds the corner, a large white man stands in his way with his massive arms crossed.

Seeing no way around him, James loosens his bow tie and grins, "Not the Valet I presume?"

The big man grins in return and unfurls his muscular limbs, balling one massive hand into a fist and casually smacking it into the other's open palm.

"I didn't think so!" James frowns.

The brute steps towards 007 and grabs him by the collar of his tux, lifting him bodily from the ground. When at eye level, James does a double chop on the hulk's neck attempting to weaken his hold. The man only grins and shakes his head.

"This just isn't my day," James quips.

The man flings 007 to the side like a rag doll. James tucks as best he can before slamming shoulder first into the dense concrete. He slides down the wall and braces himself on the floor. As the big man steps closer to grab him again, James kicks high from his position, catching the bull squarely in the throat. The big fellow stumbles backward into the opposing wall clutching his neck and gasping heavily as he tries to find his breath.

"Easy big fella! Don't want to hyperventilate!"

James springs to his feet and follows up with a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of the man's head causing a gyser of blood and spittle to spatter across the wall. Then he puches hard into his solar plexus in an attempt to keep the fellow gasping.

The big man catches the punch in one massive paw and squeezes, driving James to his knees while turning his wrist backwards.

Having caught his breath, the giant reaches down and grabs 007 by the throat and picks him up once more, squeezing his windpipe shut while holding him against the wall.

James struggles and beats on the man's forearm with his fists to no avail. Through bloody teeth, his tight lips slowly creep upwards in a smirk. He can see his target begining to turn blue from lack of oxygen.

James, his vision getting dim, slides his hand into the inner pocket and grabs the ink pen supplied by Q. He raises it towards the brute's face and as he is about to depress the firing mechanism that would spray the knock-out gas, the man's other massive hand swats it away. The pen clatters across the floor and tinkers down a storm drain.

His eyes bulging, and his world going dark, James remembers the only other device that his old friend Q supplied him with that could possibly save his life. His wrist watch.

James reaches over, tiredly, with his other hand and activates the cutting laser and then swipes the beam across his would be killer's face. The big man howls in pain and drops 007 to the floor. Clutching his face the man staggers back and slumps against the wall, blood pouring from where his eyes used to be.

James deactivates the beam and glances at his watch, three minutes to go.

"Sorry friend, you should know better than to stare into a laser beam, it's bad for your eyes!"

James pushes off from the wall and runs to his Jaguar which starts as he approaches, another interesting option developed by Q branch. He slides into the driver's seat and slams the door. Wrenching the car into gear, he squeals out of his parking space and begins the long spiraling climb out of the garage.

The clock on the dash ticks down the seconds as James rounds the last corner and sees the exit from the garage.

3...2...1...BwaBOOM! In a ball of fire, a Jaguar flies out of the parking garage. The car slams down onto the pavement and squalls down the street speeding away from the scene.

In his rearview, James watches his handiwork shrink rapidly as he speeds away.

"Now that's what I call an explosive performance!"

Or something like that! :rolleyes:

Orgaloth - February 17, 2006 11:18 AM (GMT)
Only thing. Bond drives an Aston Martin Vanquish not a Jag ;)

jamfke - February 17, 2006 10:20 PM (GMT)
Not in my story!!! :ras

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