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Title: Raccoon City Hospital
Description: The hospital...

wesker99801 - August 11, 2008 02:30 AM (GMT)
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wesker99801 - August 11, 2008 11:32 PM (GMT)
As Dimitri's helicopter flew closer and closer to the hospital, the screams of the citizens down below filled the air. They finally landed. Dimitri and 6 others were deployed. They all carefully made their way to the rooftop elevator. From the roof, Raccoon City was an orange color from all the fires from the city, and the smoke that rose into the sky blackened the once-blue atmosphere. "Hold it, I think I heard something....." said Dimitri as he neared the elevator. A clanging sound came from it. All of the sudden it burst open and Dimitri was thrown back. A greenish monster about 5 feet tall, reptilian, and with huge teeth jumped out. It was a Hunter Type-R. It immediately attacked one of the UBCS mercs, decapitating him. As his headless body fell to the ground, Dimitri and the others used at least a full magazine of ammo on the monster. It finally died. Dimitri reloaded (he now has only 2 extra magazines). He strapped his MP5 on his back and pulled out his survival knife. The elevator was currently on the 3rd floor (the one below them), and he grabbed the line and rode down it to the top of the elevator. The power wasn't working at this building, so he was ok. His men followed him. He then opened the elevator hatch, jumped inside, and left the elevator.

The third floor main hall was very quiet. Paper and fallen medical equipment littered the hallway. A body with a blood trail leading to a corner lay on the ground near the main desk. "All right boys" said Dimitri. "Supervisors want us to get the infected blood samples and clear out. You two..." he pointed at two men. "Go down the hallway and down the stairs to look for the samples. You two go to look for survivors. Don't leave this floor. And you," he pointed at the remaining man, "come with me Daniel."

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