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Posted by DaZZaBoY - 02-21-15 13:49 - 0 comments
Due to the amount of spoof accounts attempting to gain access to the forum, I have disabled new registrations.

If you would like full access to the forum, email me at the following addy:

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 Forum nFO
Posted by DaZZaBoY - 02-8-14 16:12 - 3 comments
I recently paid to have the annoying forum ads removed again but it doesn't seem to have worked?

A support ticket has been opened and I'm waiting for a resolution.
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Posted by DaZZaBoY - 12-24-13 14:34 - 1 comments
I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish all our members and guests a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and an AWESOME NEW YEAR.

Let's have a cracker!!! read more
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 2013 ... The year of new activity
Posted by DaZZaBoY - 08-14-13 11:10 - 7 comments
I didn't think for one minute that I'd actually be back in here anytime soon and making announcements, but I am and we are back!! Read 358 times - last comment by CoDeMaN   Print email

 Major Overhaul of oSuK
Posted by DaZZaBoY - 11-23-08 13:42 - 1 comments
The regular members and guest visitors on here will no doubt of noticed that things have been a little (well.. a lot!) quiet round here recently and this has been down to various reasons. The main reasons behind the hiatus, have been severe leth more
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 Slow loading GFX
Posted by DaZZaBoY - 09-23-08 05:33 - 0 comments
I've noticed that the forum gfx have been slow to load and over the last few days and not showing on first page load. A quick F5 hit should solve this Read 445 times - make a comment   Print email

 Relaxed viewing restrictions for guests
Posted by sarek2k - 07-4-08 00:38 - 1 comments
The following areas of OSUK have been granted guest viewing (but not posting)

this is due to offsite linking into areas of this site.

OldSkool UK Main Forum
Old Skool / New Skool Demoscene
Gue more
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 Dazza - MIA
Posted by Zetr0 - 07-2-08 17:00 - 22 comments
Hello there my forum chummies,

Speaking with our Sarek2k the t'other day on MSN we figured that we should put out an APB on our missing comrade!

he is medium height, medium build, light / medium colourd hair, likes to more
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Posted by sarek2k - 06-24-08 16:33 - 11 comments
hey guys

backup and running on the WEB took shocky's advice and got mobile pay as you go internet with 3pay.

having a few teething probs on main pc but cooking on regulo 1 on the lappy getting a 3.6mbps connection.

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 Burfday boy!
Posted by sarek2k - 05-5-08 01:13 - 12 comments
Happy birthday dazza!

doubt you'll be getting pissed but i'll raise my vodka glass to u smile.gif