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NasiDe - November 7, 2011 10:30 PM (GMT)
Comprised of two halls taking up the full length of the mansion and the east wing's second floor, the east wing hall has three mid-sized bedrooms connecting to the south side of the halls. On the north end of the second hall is a master bedroom, and just to the left of the door leading to the bedroom is a stairway leading upward into the shadows where a trapdoor to the attic lies. On the east side of the second hallway is a door leading to a study, but on the north side of the first hallway is a door leading to the mansion's two-floor library.

Nintendo Mastah - November 7, 2011 10:56 PM (GMT)
*From the Foyer*

Eager to get her hands on the treasure, Lynn somehow arrived first at the scene. While there, she turned to her allies. "Stop, we make halt here, it be time 'ta splice the mainbrace", the pirate said and brought out her bottle of rum again, taking a BIG gulp. As she put the bottle back, she was swaying a little back and forth, obviously starting to get a little drunk. "Aight then, me hearties, let's split up on this floor an' find the treasure, and smartly!", she ordered and headed into the nearest room. It was a beautiful bedroom, with a nice, big mirror in it. She made a short little dance that involved a few twirls, so she could get a good look of her new body in the mirror.

Lynn liked to dance, but not any regular dance, like the one the Hylian sissies were used to. No, the dance pirates normally danced was daring, seductive, and aggresive, the way she loved it! But time for dance was not now, and she decided to search the room for any loot. Finding a nice-looking comb, she put it in her pocket with a quick smile to herself. If anyone from the other team got in here, she'd make sure they would regret it, BIG time.

Dragonheart Legacy - November 8, 2011 01:06 AM (GMT)
*from the Foyer*

Claude came in, stopping when Lynette did. She seemed more rushy, wanting to get to the treasure soon. "Ah, do not concern yourself. Me and mon petit servants shall locate the treasure if it is here." The nobleman then moved out, heading to the door on the north side of the first hall.

He was met with a library. So much information...a lot to browse through indeed. But, he was willing to stay there for a moment. His teammates would probably think he was being lazy if they saw him stand around, so he moved around the room, acting as if he was searching for a specific book.

Marc started to examine the library as well, looking for valuables or objects of interest, or even secret passages.

Sylvie and Louis headed into the second hall and entered the studies, browsing through what could be found there.


Althalos just nodded to Lynette. She truly spoke of the treasure with a lot of conviction. Maybe she was excited to find it. The other man was a bit odd, had a funny accent." The knight headed into the second hallway and entered the master bedroom. Very nicely decorated. But, it wasn't time to notice aesthetics. He started to look for something, but taking care to not break anything or spring up a trap.

NasiDe - November 8, 2011 02:51 AM (GMT)
The room Lynette was in was very pretty. It had a large bed, a desk with drawers containing various lipsticks, makeups, and other beauty products as well. There was a large closet filled with dresses and shoes lining the walls. The dresser in the main room also contained many assortments of clothing. It appeared that it could have belonged to the lord's daughter. Yet, the room did not appear to contain any hints.


The library was filled with shelves upon shelves of books. They were countless. There was 'How to Train a Dragon' by los Dragonheart, 'Pirates of Dagger Rock', and 'Gaebora Kaepora and the Sage's Medallion'. Other books included 'The Chronicles of Subrosia', 'The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy', and 'Hyrule Fantasy'. But so far there was nothing... Still the library was enormous.


Several desks lined the walls of the study. Some had books on them (others with books in them), while others were completely empty. There didn't seem to be much there, but a window on the east wall showed a good view of a small area to the side of the mansion where a small cabin rose. Then beyond the cabin was a far stretching forest that stretched to either side of the building.


The master bedroom was easily one of the largest rooms in the mansion. At the far end of the room, centered along the wall, was a canopy bed large enough to easily fit four adults on it, decorated with red curtains that were held back with golden ropes held by large white diamond ornaments. The sheets of the bed were completely pure white and placed at the head of the mattress were four white pillows that had golden lining and a single red diamond shape decorating each.

At the east end of the room was a single huge window, expanding over the entire width of the chamber, providing an excellent view of the forest beyond. Beside the bed, near the window, was a white dresser decorated with red and gold diamonds.

In the corner of the room opposite the door was a tall case with a stand inside it. Upon the stand was a black sabre with a ruby near its hilt. However, if it was approached, red, gold, and white diamonds would rise from the floor as an effective barrier. Resting on a small table by the window was a four tipped coat of a complex design with two white gloves, bearing four diamond cutouts along their lengths.

There didn't seem to be much in the room, but it was large enough that it seemed there were definitely enough places to hide something.

Nintendo Mastah - November 8, 2011 08:43 AM (GMT)
Lynn kept searching the room, and 'borrowed' some of the beauty products, especially the lipsticks, before she left the room, and headed into the nearest empty room, hoping to find a clue to the treasure in there.

Dragonheart Legacy - November 9, 2011 11:02 PM (GMT)
Claude wasn't finding anything useful, yet. Although some of the things he read proved entertaining. He kept looking. It was bound to have some information on something somewhere.

Marc, Sylvie and Louis did the same, browsing for clues in their respective places.


This room was truly amazing. But, as he had told himself, he wasn't here to pay heed to aesthetics. So, when he set his eyes upon the blade there, he made his way up to it to take a closer look. But then, magical diamonds blocked him. This room was that important then.

The knight made his way out, standing in the doorframe. "My friends, I believe to have found an important room in here! Magic protects some of its contents."

Nintendo Mastah - November 10, 2011 04:17 PM (GMT)
When Lynn heard Althalos speak, she quickly rushed out of the room and met up with him. "Ye found somethin'? Show me at once!", she demanded. "It might be a clue 'ta the booty!". The pirate was eagerly awaiting to see what was hidden behind the magical protection.

Dragonheart Legacy - November 12, 2011 02:19 PM (GMT)
Althalos motioned for Lynette to see the inside of the master bedroom. "There, that blade. It is protected by magic. Given the size of the room, however, I wonder if we should really be here."

Claude kept looking for something in the library, given the time he was here he'd eventually find something...or at least he'd know each and every book in this place. He started to check as well for secret passages with Marc.

NasiDe - November 12, 2011 08:02 PM (GMT)
As Claude made his way through the library, nothing seemed to show itself. It was full of books. Books on shelves were everywhere! Shelves rising from the floor. Some shelves were seemingly floating, although were attached by their sides to the walls several feet from the ground. Other shelves were even hanging from the ceiling like diamond-shaped chandeliers!

Under some of the raised shelves on the first floor were lowered floors that were down in the ground, accessible by small stone devices big enough for a single person; elevators. These lowered areas had more shelves, but some had hallways leading to the other lowered areas. These halls were empty of shelves and had glowing blue diamonds along their walls, shining to lighten the wooden halls.

As Claude passed along a bookshelf there was a shiny glint from behind it. In front of the glint was a black book with a dark gold upside-down triangle on its spine.

Nintendo Mastah - November 13, 2011 11:20 AM (GMT)
"A blade protected by magical enchantments? Sound like booty 'ta me!". Greed shone in the pirates eyes as she entered the master bedroom. "What'cha waitin' for, ye scurvy dog? Let's go examine it!". As she got closer to the blade, she stopped and looked around. She wondered if there could be any traps if she tried to take it.

NasiDe - November 14, 2011 11:47 PM (GMT)
Immediately, as soon as the knight showed the blade, red, gold, and white diamonds rose from the floor floating all the way up to the ceiling. As those diamonds at the ceiling vanished into thin air, more diamonds continued to stream from the floor, forming a constant barrier.

It was when the pirate tried to approach that the wall solidified, changing from red, white, and gold to white, gray, and black, fully blocking off all view of the sword stand. It was obvious that whoever owned the sword held it under extremely high security.

Dragonheart Legacy - November 15, 2011 03:30 PM (GMT)
"I really don't think it's safe for us to try and break this barrier...maybe we should leave this room be. Greed has ruined many lives, and we should be cautious so it isn't going to end ours, milady." Althalos didn't like the fact the barrier changed color and stepped out of the room. "I'll go look elsewhere." He then headed to the study, where Claude's servants Sylvie and Marc were.

"So, you children found anything?" The knight asked, receiving a head shake as a negative response. "Alright..." He then started browsing through with them for anything useful.


The spymaster was going about, observing the odd room when something caught his attention. It was a black book, standing out from the rest. He picked it up, examining its cover but also using his power to read its contents without actually needing to open it.

Marc found one of the elevators and activated it, to see what it did.

Nintendo Mastah - November 15, 2011 05:47 PM (GMT)
"Belay that talk, ya motherless knave!", the pirate said. She walked up to the barrier and knocked on it. "Seems solid, but can' be that resistant!". She looked around the room. "Look around, there'll be somethin' we can use 'ta break it, ye'll see!". She'd find a way behind this barrier, oh she would. "Ye can't give up on it, lad! 'Tis the thing he wants! This booty will make us win!"

NasiDe - November 17, 2011 01:26 AM (GMT)
As soon as the pirate knocked on the barrier, the entire wall became pure black. A think layer of black smoke emitted from it. It lightly burned any living thing it touched, but the longer that thing remained in contact with the smoke, the greater the burn grew. It was obviously a bad idea to even try to get access to the sword.


Unfortunately for Claude, he had hardly any time to glean any information from when he picked up the volume before a number of books were knocked off the shelves, likely making the book Claude was holding fall from his hands in the process. Several of the shelves were torn apart as a large Skulltula ripped through the wood towards the spymaster, spraying silk threads at him in an attempt to bind him.


The elevator lowered to a somewhat below floor where Marc would find more shelves lining the walls. But at the far end of the hole in the floor... seemed to be a tunnel made of wood that went under the floorboards. The tunnel was lined with golden spikes that shone brightly to light the area. At the end of the tunnel was another area with lowered shelves.

Nintendo Mastah - November 17, 2011 12:57 PM (GMT)
The pirate quickly withdrew her hand. "Blimey! 'Tis not good! The only thing that really gets on me nerves, is when I cannot get 'ta the booty!". Lynn was furious, and when she saw that..Thing.. who had brought them here again, she'd kill it on sight.

Lynn brought out her pocket bottle and took a big sip, now starting to sway from right to left, clearly getting quite drunk. She turned around and looked at the closest guy, in this case Claude, her anger showing in her eyes, but her face showed she was quite calm."Aight me hearty, sho what do we do now?", the pirate slurred.

Dragonheart Legacy - November 17, 2011 05:37 PM (GMT)
((Mastah, you do realize Lynn is in the Master Bedroom, Althalos is in the Study and Claude is in the Library, being attacked by a giant spider, yes? They're considerably apart from eachother.))

It was a trap. "Sacrebleu!" Claude exclaimed when everything started to fall. He did his best to dodge the falling books and everything. He then started summoning his servants. "Sylvie! Louis! Come here, we have an emergency!"

And to further his concerns, a giant skulltula came by and started shooting webs at him! The nobleman, of course, focused on avoiding the webs rather than attacking. He wouldn't get himself dirty, he couldn't stand the thought of doing so. So, while retreating he started to plan a strategy to deal with this beast.

In the meantime, Louis teleported himself and Sylvie into the room. The boy was in front of the spider, just a little to the left to avoid the silk stream. He used his burst of arcane energy to create a flash and disorient the spider.

Sylvie had her eyes closed when the boy pulled off his move. Once it was over, she opened her eyes and brought out her hammer, attempting then to smack the beast's head with a simple, diagonal strike.


Althalos found odd that the kids suddenly disappeared but heard the nobleman's shout, coming from another room. He went out to the corridor and then ran to the library. "We must help him!" The knight said, while passing through the doors of the master bedroom.

Once at the library, he saw the giant arachnid and started to ponder his next move. He couldn't use fire here, it could burn down helpful information. So, most of his arsenal was unfitting for this situation.

He unsheathed both blades, but only activated the power of Galestrom. The man then dashed into battle, making a high jump, summoning the wind serpent in mid-air, and followed by a landing attack, trying to impale the beast's back with both swords whilst the wind serpent spun around him, protecting him from any silk the spider could throw his way.

Nintendo Mastah - November 18, 2011 04:54 PM (GMT)
Scratching her head in confusion, Lynn could have sworn the funny-talking guy (Claude) had been in the same room as her. She shrugged and headed towards the scream she heard. Entering the room, now chugging another sip from her bottle, the pirate looked at the spider. She moved towards it, raising her arms and got into a pretty dangerous-looking fighting stance, swaying from side to side due to the rum. "Cmon then ya ugly sunnova moblin, I'll beat the crap outta ye with me bare hands!"

NasiDe - November 19, 2011 09:53 PM (GMT)
Webs flew against the walls, floor, and door of the library just moments after the pirate passed into the room, binding them in the large room.

The Skulltula hissed and screeched as light filled the row between the shelves. It flailed, blinded in the flash, and flew against another shelf upon being struck by the hammer. The shelf toppled over into the wall, a black liquid running from three of creature's many eyes onto the spines of the books. It righted itself, climbing the wall and turning to face its opponent, seeing two- no four- others join its target!

It hissed as Althalos dug his blade into the floorboards in front of Sylvie where the spider had been moments before. This time it sprayed webs not only at its main prey, but also at the children, knight, and the princess, although the webs bounced of the wind barrier Althalos had summoned about himself and flew onto the ceiling instead.

Nintendo Mastah - November 20, 2011 09:55 PM (GMT)
Lynnette, seemingly drunk to boot, reacted with amazing speed for a drunk person. She backflipped away from the string shots, and landed perfectly on her feet. She charged towards the location of the spider. Using the shelves and whatnot around that hed not yet been knocked to the floor, Lynn used her great climbing skills to quickly get on the same level as the spider. When she was close enough, she delivered a perfect roundhouse kick towards the spider, aiming for its big, ugly head.

Dragonheart Legacy - November 21, 2011 01:56 AM (GMT)
Claude kept on the move, dodging the spider webs. He wouldn't stop doing so and risk getting all dirty. Only when he was sure that that thing could no longer use its webs to spread terror that he would join actively the combat.

Louis teleported away and tried to avoid the webs, until he would get another chance to stun the spider. Clearly, he was going to use whatever cover he could along with his size to stay away from combat.

Sylvie, being headstrong stayed in the combat zone, and she ended up with her right leg and hammer caught in a web. She started to tug on it, trying to break free from the web.

Marc kept looking for something useful in the underground tunnels. He was aware of the fight above and was even surprised by two swords cutting through the floor, but he couldn't do much in combat anyway, so his best bet was to find something here.


Althalos missed his attack, but his strategy protected himself from the spider's attack. It would be wise to keep it up then, But, he saw a little girl in armor who was less fortunate. He released a bit of Pyreforge's power, just about enough to make the blade very hot, but not actually burning, and so he freed Sylvie with a few quick and precise slashes.

Then, the knight turned his attention to the spider and did a backflip, hurling himself to a wall, then quickly using his legs to spring himself towards the ceiling. Once there, he increased the momentum he already had even further, using the jump enchantment one last time to fly towards the spider at a very fast rate. He aimed once again to do an impaling motion, using both blades, now each touching the tip of the other, making an arrow shape as Althalos flew towards his target.

NasiDe - November 21, 2011 03:57 AM (GMT)
Upon seeing the child get caught in its web, the Skulltula focused the rest of its web spray on the little human creature. It wouldn't provide much flesh, but it would be one assaulter out of the way.

Suddenly, a movement in one of its eyes attracted its attention! The arachnid ended its spray to find a foot slamming into its head, taking out another eye. Black goo spurted from the Skulltula's head as the fourth eye 'popped' from the pure speed of the kick.

It just barely recovered from the slam to the side of its head when it noticed the armored form flying towards it with his two swords. It hissed, subconsciously realizing it had no time to move away from the knight. With that, the two blade tips thrust through two more eyes.

Eye Chart
Black-Destroyed Eye -.:~:.- White-Good Eye

With only two eyes left, the creature looked slowly at its assailants, in pain. Quite suddenly, it righted itself with both the pirate and knight right in front of it there would be little to no time to react to the spray of silk webbing flying from its maw.


Suddenly, there was another tunnel branching off from the main passages that didn't seem to lead to any other shelves. The tunnel lead downwards, guided by carefully crafted marble steps. It seemed to lead into an underground chamber made of marble that was slightly bigger than the lowered shelf areas.

Nintendo Mastah - November 21, 2011 11:53 AM (GMT)
After Lynn hit the spider with her kick, she was about to follow up with a series of punches, but as the spider shot its strings of web at her, she had to focus on ducking. She almost succeded, but her hand was hit by the web and she flew backwards from the sheer force, slamming into the nearest wall and her hand was stuck to the wall.

The hit knocked the air out of her lungs, and she grunted in pain. "I'll get ya fer that, ya bilge-sucking dog!", the pirate muttered as soon as she could breathe again, and started working with the cobweb that held her in place.

Dragonheart Legacy - November 23, 2011 05:27 PM (GMT)
Sylvie had barely been released from the webs when another spray came by, this time fully trapping the girl. She did still try to free herself from her sticky prison.

Louis remained in hiding.

Marc headed towards this new path that seemed to differentiate itself from the rest, in look for clues.

Claude, being given an opening now that he no longer needed to run from the spider's webs, prepared to attack. Within moments, the nobleman had an entire fan of knives in his hand. He flung them forwards, and started manipulating them with magic. They were all attached to the nobleman by very thin, nearly unnoticeable strings. He didn't directly attack the spider, but instead made use of the webs and gaps between shelves to draw a pattern with the strings...a web of his own, being weaved on one of the corners of the room. And the best part was how it would be hard to sight.

"Mes amis, we can defeat this beast more quickly if you throw it in that direction." He said, pointing towards the corner where he had made the web of strings. "Be careful, however, or you might end up hurt as well!" The nobleman then did like Louis and used one of the bookshelves to cover himself from an immediate web attack.


Althalos still had the wind serpent protecting him, but its power wasn't enough to deflect it all at point blank range. The knight got tangled up in his lower body area, the lower body being safe from the spray given he was still firmly on the spider's head with his two swords impaling its eyes. Well, now was time to end this.

He used the webs stickiness to glue himself to the spider with his lower body, then released Pyreforge's power. Now the spider had a flaming blade inside its eye socket. To further that effect, Althalos started to slowly twist the weapon as he used it to cast a fire spell, still inside the spider's eye. In this compressed space, the heat and the fire would certainly cause some nasty damage to the beast.

The knight knew that there would be problems if the beast died like this, given that its full weight could fall over him, but it was a risk he was willing to take. He had disregarded the nobleman's suggestion, given how the fight could end with his move.

NasiDe - November 25, 2011 06:21 AM (GMT)
With the sword in one of its last remaining eyes, it was now almost completely blind, and the final remains of its sight vanished as flames spread across its body, burning its outer body. The creature fell still as the flames licked over its form. The creature fell still.

Yet... It did not fall. Its outer skin began to crack and fall to pieces. The exoskeleton fell apart and the front of its body fell with it, revealing a brilliant gold sheen underneath along with numerous spikes. It did not appear that the flames had harmed the metallic body of the spider that had been protected by its outer covering. Purple 'teeth' tapped each other in the now visible mouth where the spider's head once was. It was a Gold Skulltula.

The blind arachnid swiftly leapt from the wall straight at Althalos. It began to bend its legs, preparing to wrap them around the knight and begin feasting upon him.


On the marble wall, Marc would find some text inscribed in it along with three shaped holes: a heart, a diamond, and a circle hanging from three branches of what looked like a tree. The words read:

Shapes of three make up a tree. Gather this tree and you shall find your first key.

Dragonheart Legacy - November 26, 2011 05:44 PM (GMT)
With the burst of fire and the shattering of the exoskeleton, Althalos became free from his sticky grasp, and was launched backwards into the floor. He was going to hit it hard, but his wind serpent dampened the fall impact.

Not long afterwards, the golden skulltula was heading in his direction, prepared to attack him. The knight activated his jump enchant to send himself flying backwards as a reflex, but given the time of his hasty decision, he didn't calculate it so well and hit his back on a shelf, making him groan in pain. It hurt considerably, but it was better than being eaten alive by the blinded beast.


Seemed the knight disregarded his advice. Not that it would have made a difference. Their enemy was metallic, his strings and knives could do nothing against it. His only hope was Sylvie. He threw knives her way, to cut the webs constraining. Given his control over them, he managed to free her without causing any harm to the girl.

Sylvie, now free, waited for the spider to land then headed its way, trying to his one of its legs with the full force of her hammer.


Marc took out a piece of paper and started to write down the information he witnessed, as well as making a drawing of the shapes on the wall.

Nintendo Mastah - December 8, 2011 09:01 PM (GMT)
Lynn finally managed to break free from the cobweb. She brought out her bottle and took a quick sip, feeling the world start spinning, she smiled for herself and charge forward, delivering a perfectly executed dropkick to the spider's back. "Die!"

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