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Title: Battle of Woodfall

SSB Shadow - November 6, 2011 02:09 PM (GMT)
The air was calm so far. It was still dark, with a slight sun from the morning. The temperature was around 17 degree celsius, a bit chilly, and the weather was cloudy. A weak mist hang along the ground, making it difficult to traverse the ground without stomping on a wet surface.

Lots of slow running was about. Human soldiers, pushed-off infantry who got cut off from their main armies of Holodrum and Labrynna, have joined forces in their retreating march against the demons. Only through a small compromise have they been allowed refuge with the Deku, despite their hostility. In return, they must fight under the banner of the Deku Kingdom.
The scouts had reported of the Darkened Army's advance and they would be at their doorsteps at the morning. Working the whole night, they set up a defense inside and outside the palace, as well as sending the refugees to safety to the east. Only the military (and a few volunteering civilians) remained on the ground.

The united militar consisted mostly of Humans and Hylians, mostly men but a handful of women. The Deku Scrubs were divided onto ground infantry, jungle guerilla troops and air units. At their defense was also a few tamed Octoroks, with a few Giant Octoroks.

The terrain is humid and wet. It's a marschland with a very difficult terrain. It's basically impossible for grounded siege engines to traverse without getting stuck. The water is shallow but sticky, with large lilypads floating on them. Venomous and/or flesh-eating plants shared space with them, attacking anything with flesh (duh).


The battlefield was split in three lines. The first line of defense was mostly forest dwindling into a jungle. It's a heavy vegitation but dry.

The second line of defense was a lot humid, with wetlands and mountain terrain of Woodfall mountain.

The final line of defense was the Palace, with most troops situated and surrounded by water and troopers.

The First Line of Defense

The guerrilla units were lying in hide around the bushes of the jungle forest. Their bark skin and leaves made them excellent camoflaguers. They don't extert any heat so they were untraceable with heat vision.

A handful of Human troopers were lying in wait as well, with swords and spears ready. They were outnumbered so they had to attack with surprises rather than brute strength. Behind them lied archers and bubble-blasting Deku scrubs in wait, readying themselves behind a trench. There were no significant hills here to use, so they had to lay low.

DornKoon - November 6, 2011 06:10 PM (GMT)
*from the Demon Camp*

Ozulath was standing in front of the troops, he was watching the swamp with cold and calculating eyes. This was not something he found to be worrying and he did not believe that the deku kingdom would prove to be much of a threat to the forces of the darkened army. His eyes shifted down to the blades at his side, he doubted anything in this swamp was enough to force him to draw out the second sword, no his normal blade was going to be enough for this kind of battle.

The demon warlord gave some ordered to a few of his officers, he did not plan to move out first...after all he was not a fool and knew that this area was perfect for all kinds of traps. So better to send out the cannon fodder to be sacrificed to any such plans and ideas.

Nintendo Mastah - November 6, 2011 11:14 PM (GMT)
*From the Demon Camp*

A group of very tall, muscular demons entered the demon ranks, carrying a throne, which they put down on a hill far from harm, and if the humans DID get this far, the battle would be lost anyway, so she was pretty safe. She crossed her legs, and put her hands together in a pyramid. "So, Ozulath, I have only heard rumors of your battle prowess, and I have only heard positive things. Now prove to me that the tales of your legendary skills are true, or die a horrible, painful death if you fail". Her voice was extremely calm, and she sounded like she was talking about the most common thing in the world. "I will watch from here, give me a signal if I am needed on the field of battle, and finally, a word of advice: Do not underestimate your enemy, they might be trickier than you think".

SSB Shadow - November 7, 2011 03:00 AM (GMT)
The first wave of the Darkened Army's frontal forces advances unhindered. They met with no resistance and shortly disappeared into the thick vegitation.
But as they got into a safe sensation of security, the resistance struck!

Nets flung up from the leaf-covered ground, bringing the Demon troopers up to the treetop. There, they were munched on by the trees' flesh-eating plants that bit on them mercilessly.
For the other pieces of those demons uncaptured, Hylian archers knelt and began opening fire onto them to draw their attention. During this distraction, the hidden Deku guerilla ambushed! They began firing stunning Deku Nuts to blind their attackers, allowing their human allies to go close into melee. The battle had begun for real now.

Nintendo Mastah - November 7, 2011 11:34 AM (GMT)
Aeshra heard the sound of battle, and brought out her telescope to watch the result. "An interesting maneuver", she said out loud. "Now, Ozulath, show me how you plan to counter that move. Kill ten of them for everyone of us they kill". The demoness turned to a nearby minions. "You there, get me a map of the battlefield", she ordered, and the minion quickly hurried away to complete the task given to him. "I do not wish to take command of this battle away from you, Ozulath, but you better act soon, or I will have to".

DornKoon - November 7, 2011 04:38 PM (GMT)
Ozulath did not even turn away his attention from the battlefield when the demoness talked to him, he did not need any advice to know that understimating an enemy was a bad thing. After all that was why he sent in the weaker forces point in wasting any of the more useful once right away.

"Threats milady is beside the point. I care little for what people say about me, this is a war and that is the enemy to our master, that is all I find useful. Never was one...for talking."

He glanced to one of the commanders, then he made a casual motion with the hand as a sign. The large demon nodded in return, he called out some unknown orders and the second wave of demons quickly followed in on the first one, joining the once the ambushers. From the air also appeared some flying beasts, it looked like bats and on their backs was ridders with range weapons, mostly arrows and some with magic.

"I already have a plan, I had a feeling they would ambush us. It is a wise move and I dare say I might have done the same."

It was possible the first ambush was just a decoy, but he had more troops then these at his command. After all he had not joined the battle himself yet, neither had lady Aeshra. But hopefully the demons would be competent enough to push the enemies back to the castle area before Ozulath himself had to step in. That was the plan anyway.

Nintendo Mastah - November 8, 2011 01:23 AM (GMT)
Aeshra made a slight, almost unnoticable cough when Ozulath spoke, but HE would hear it. It was the kind of cough that said: 'Remember who you're talking to'. Aeshra found Ozulath extremely rude. Despite calling her milady, he was still talking to her as if they were equals!? If he didn't start treating his Dark Regent with proper respect, saying 'yes taskmistress' or atleast bowing every now and then, or ESPECIALLY looking at her when he spoke, he'd be brutally punished after the battle.

DornKoon - November 8, 2011 08:56 AM (GMT)
Ozulath closed his eyes for a faint second, yes he forgot how vain these regents could be when it came to crawling at their feet. "We are at war and she is focused on manners and boot licking? I can see why the lord asked me to lead this attack" he thought to himself, of course being the one he was he did not show his feeling on the outside. Many years of hard training had told him emotions was not good to show on the outside, or that was what his master told him.

The man now turned to look at the taskmistress, his face was like stone and his eyes was cold like always. Whatever this man was, he was nothing like the other bootlicking demons that called themselves warriors. He did not have any hints of fear in his eyes, neither did he show any signs of possible weakness.

"Excuse my rudeness Milady. It was not my intention to seem disrespecful towards your persona. I marely have my focus on the battle, never was one for smalltalk and I beg you to oversee that behavior."

Nintendo Mastah - November 8, 2011 02:30 PM (GMT)
Aeshra was silent at first, but then she nodded. "Hardly enough, but it will do for now", she said as calm as ever. "Now Ozulath, counter their attack at once, I want the temple taken before sundown". The Demon Regent looked through her telescope at the battle ahead. "Not bad for mortals, not bad indeed". The taskmistress hoped the battle would commence for real now. Things were getting boring. She leaned back in her throne, taking a very lazy pose and swept her hand towards the battlefield. "Proceed, Ozulath, show me what you do best".

SSB Shadow - November 8, 2011 02:32 PM (GMT)
While the two regents were busy amongst themselves, the coordination of the Darkened Army swayed themselves for an opening.

At the distance, a Deku Scrub along with a human woman spotter with a binocular giving coordinated fire from a safe distance. The Giant Octorok kept spitting out boulders from its snout.
A huge rock flied across the air, knocking some Bat Riders off from their mounts. The rock then landed within the Demons at the ground.

The Hylian infantry began retreating and lowering their heads, for their next phaze began. Out from the mud and bushes appeared camoflagued archers, who fired a rain of arrows into the jungle at the midst of the Darkened Army. As soon as they launched them, the archers ran backward, taking hide onto dug trenches. Because from above, Deku Scrubs came crashing down with bomb flowers, casting smokescreens within the battlefield. Some of these were taken down by the Bat Riders and they frankly had not much defense from direct attacks.

An eerie falling sound came incoming at the two regents. Right above them was a huge boulder crashing down right towards them!

DornKoon - November 8, 2011 02:41 PM (GMT)
Ozulath reacted quickly, he made a sweaping motion though the air and the large boulder was cleaved in half with the two parts flying in two directions past himself and the regent. Of course it took out a few lesser demons unfortunate enough to be standing to close...but he did not see them as important loos.

"Will do..."

He commented, now holding a katana in his hand. It was not his main weapon, but it was enough for the time being.

"Feel free to join in whenever you feel bored enough Milady. As I said earlier, it might encourage the tropps to see a regent fight for the cause."

With that said he felt it was time to leave, he did not think he could stand being around the woman much longer. Ozulath began to make his way down towards the battlefield. He was ready to kill anything getting in his way, in the name of the Demon King. He reached the other demons moments later and quickly removed the head of a human with a fluid motion of his sword.

NasiDe - November 8, 2011 03:16 PM (GMT)
Quite suddenly, arrows shot out of the trees from all directions aimed at the Deku in the air. In several locations light blue arrows rained down from the trees down at the Labrynnian and Holodrumian forces. Yet not all of the arrows weren't aimed directly at the humans. They struck the damp ground surrounding the trenches, and the water on the ground froze into thick sheets of super slick ice.

From the trees dropped several groups of Gerudo to surround the resisting forces, each wielding dual scimitars. They began to engage the enemy in close combat!

Nintendo Mastah - November 8, 2011 03:39 PM (GMT)
The taskmistress did NOT like to move from her throne hastily, and when she quickly got out of her throne to avoid the boulder, she almost tripped. For the first time somebody had ever seen, Taskmistress Valafar looked angry as she glared at Ozulath.

"How could a flying unit come this far into our ranks? Where are the archers?" Despite her angry-looking face, her voice remained calm and cool. When Ozulath said she could join any moment she felt like it, she actually grinned.

*Plays Aeshra's Theme song*

The Demoness calmly walked straight into the demon ranks, with all demons moving out of her way as she got closer. As she did so, all the nearby demons closed in around her, shielding her from damage, while the rest of the army pressed on forward. Where she now stood, she was visible for the rebels. She began waving her hands slowly, and dark rifts opened where her hands moved. Clouds formed above her head, and as she clutched her hand, the rifts formed to portals. From the portal and the dark clouds, enormous, demonic worms emerged in a vast amount ((see her picture and you'll know what I mean)).

They burrowed down underground, and moved with tremendous speed. Her demonic minions kept coming and suddenly one of them burst up from beneath the ground, in the middle of the rebel ranks, and grabbed a nearby soldier with its giant teeth, effectivly ripping the poor man in two. More worms emerged from the ground, and began spewing deadly, green fire all over the rebels, while some attempted to munch on some more soldiers. Aeshra raised her other hand, and clutched it above her head, and from another portal, blood-sucking bats emerged, beginning to feast on the poor flying units the rebels were using.

Eventually, her summoning ended, but it was hard to tell how many hellish fiends she had spawned. When she was done, she spoke. A soft, sensual voice, almost as if speaking to a lover. "...Charge..", was all she said.

Hell broke loose as the Dark Army let out a deafening roar and charged forward. Now the rebels had unleashed the wrath of Taskmistress Valafar. They would suffer for their insolence. They would be brutally maimed and forced to slavery in the demonic camps, but most of them would never see another dawn again.

Aeshra lowered her arms, and stood there, looking smug as the demonic hordes stormed forwards. Now SHE was in the assault. The mortals stood no chance of victory now.

SSB Shadow - November 13, 2011 11:34 PM (GMT)
The resistance were overwhelmed, and taken by surprise of the sudden enemy reinforcements. The remaining forces were ordered to fall back. A handful were dragged off by the worms, and other shot by ice arrows.

"The first line of defense is breaking", the spy said.
"Spring the trap, and prepare for the second defense", the Commander ordered from atop Woodfall Mountain.

"All troops disengage to the second line! Fall back and stand by for counter-attack!"
The Deku who remained in the air turned around, attempting to get away from there. Not many were lucky. Those who made it descended to the ground and dug themselves into the vegitation, using Deku Flowers, and camoflauging themselves in order to disappear from the battle.
The infantry charged backwards, some hit by arrows on their way back. The Deku Scrub troopers skipped quickly across the water and the humans had to cross the ice. The archers, who were already further back, made it back across the muddy water.
After a few seconds had passed, large catapults from the mountain fired off Mega Deku Nuts toward the frontline.

The Mega Deku Nuts came crashing into the battle, whining loudly from the heaven. To give the infantry cover, these were specially useful for distractions. Upon impact to the vegitation, the nuts burst up and emitted a very strong flash of light, that would blind and stun temporarily those who looked directly at it. In addition to this devious machination, it released a powerful spore cloud that acted like tear gas. It would cause a very irritating rash to the eyes, breathing holes and skin. But none of these effects were deadly or delivered any permanent injuries.

During this distraction, the humans who couldn't traverse the land as nimbly as the Deku Scrubs, they boarded small boats to go efficiently back to retreat.

The Second Line of Defense

user posted image

The area had two entrances, on from the north and the other from the south-west, with high waters running through them and across the place. Standing between these openings was Woodfall Mountain, making it inaccessible to cross right through. There were large mushrooms around the area and a waterfall running down the mountain. The water was deep and very muddy, making it very dangerous to cross without a boat.

The mountain itself was a very large area filled completely with water and fallen, large trees and mushrooms. The temple in the middle had been set up as an information and command post to keep an eye on the battlefield. They were keeping a low-profile, acting only when necessary, such as the distraction.
The mountain was unscalable from the sides, having only one clear cave that was reachable from the back. Unless the Darkened Army would waste lots of time and energy to get their armies up here, they were safe to act.
Also around them, on platforms, were the catapults. On the edges of the mountain were lookouts who kept spying and informing of the area. In case the demons would implement flying units, they resistance employed their only arch-mage to defend the area. No shields were raised up (in order to avoid attentinon) but he had other forms of defense, just in case.

The archers made it back first. They were quickly handed arrows to refill their quivers, and then sent to take up positions up on the mountainside by using ladders.
The remaining infantry shipped the boats and reformed with the other group there. They set up wooden shields and pointed their lances forward, setting a defense at the entrance to the Palace territory.

To enter the area, one had to make it through the entrances by swimming. The resistance had thought on this and prepared a line of archers over them. It would be difficult for the demons to enter unscattared through these. In addition, severaly amphibian creatures lurked under the water...

Nintendo Mastah - November 14, 2011 03:20 AM (GMT)
"Milady! The rebels have retreated further into the jungle!", reported a soldier to the Taskmistress, whom examined the battle. "Yes.. I can see that... Do something about those blinding things they throw at us", said the Taksmistress, destroying a Mega Nut in the air with a well-aimed spell. "They use it to buy time, and we will not let them do so..". Aeshra reinforced her voice by magical means, so that it echoed over the demonic ranks. "Advance, minions..", she yelled. It was quite odd to hear. Such a calm, almost soothing voice, yelling out deafening orders on the battlefield.

As they reached the start of the watery parts, the Taskmistress once again proved why she was a Dark Regent. "Come, my darlings", she ordered, and her demonic worms joined up with her. "One archer and a defender on each of them... The archer will look for enemies, and the defender will protect him from harm.. If you safely reach the other side.. Keep them busy until reinforcements arrive, oh and light the arrows on fire..".

With that said and done, the soldiers got on the demonic worms, whom apparently could move almost as fast in water as they could on land, and due to their size, the soldiers stormed forth in pairs now. If no actions were made, it would not be many minutes before the demonic numbers were high enough to start pushing the rebels back. Looking around, Aeshra ordered a few of her soldiers to remain on the other side. "Soldiers.. I want you to deal with those catapults.. Set fire to them aswell", she ordered, and her order was carried out immideately.

Her spies returned with orders of a mage guarding the perimeters for flying units, and he seemed to pack a punch since he managed to hold back most flying units from the demonic forces. "Show me where he is", ordered Aeshra, and they pointed her in the direction. Flapping her gigantic wings, Aeshra took flight, now protected by flying units until she would reach her destination, the Arch-mage. If he died, their morale would be lowered and they would most likely retreat further, one step closer to their inevitable doom. It was not a question wheter the demons would loose or not, it was question how many enemies the rebels would bring with them before they were crushed.

NasiDe - November 14, 2011 03:34 AM (GMT)
((Shadow, you might want to keep into account the battle that happened on Woodfall in its designated area and the orders Neseige gave to Phantoms, Gerudo, and Demons before the battle here started. That's why the Gerudo had appeared and the top of Woodfall is pretty much down through Demonic Geozard forces that were teleported there through the Demon looming in the sky and led by a Demon Regent (Neseige).))

It was at this point that shouts began to rise among the humans from the back end of their forces on land and in boat. At the far end of the first line of defense was visible smoke rising forth high into the sky. It was dark as the darkest night, and foreshadowed the upcoming dangers. From the direction of the forest area closer to Woodfall Mountain near the second line of defense, one could see that the trees of the forest were beginning to rise in flames, the dry wood of the outer edge of the swamps quickly getting covered in fire. The inferno was spreading northward dangerously.

Marching through the flames were eight hulking suits of armor at least 305 centimeters tall each. Fire covered their enormous blades, and though soldiers from the second line of defense were attacking them, the most the onslaught on the Phantoms did was cause the ethereal creatures to flinch for a moment before turning to strike down their attacker.

Several of these beings were struck by Big Octo boulders and the Bomb Flowers before the earlier attack was finished, severely damaging their armor and putting them out of commission, although they still appeared to be trying to move. When the Great Deku Flashes filled the forests, however, the monstrosities didn't even seem to acknowledge their presence!

Many of the Gerudo on the ground were stunned for several minutes at least, but once they recovered could see several of the forces still retreating, but did nothing for the time being as their part of the attack was over for now. In this time, the Gerudo began to take the effects of the spores and were delayed from being able to efficiently attack either way.

*From Woodfall Crater*

When the human forces reached the sides of the mountain and began rise up its sides, they were confronted by Demonic forces that had already taken the crater at the center of the mountain. Zoras corrupted into Demons by the Darkness, Geozards, followed their chief, unleashing fireballs from their mouths down upon human creatures in the boats and escaping from the Demon's second attack further north.

Suddenly the light began to fade from the summit. From the edge of the crater flew five maroon spheres of deadly magical energy that homed on the arriving archers mercilessly. Arriving at the main part of the battle was a second Demon Regent, that of the Dark Realm.
Magic Returned to 17 Base


Back at the center of the Demonic forces, the Torch Phantoms were joined by several more aquatic Geozards that were arriving from the Demon Camp. The malevolent forces began to head in the direction of the second line of defense as the third wave in the present attack.

SSB Shadow - November 14, 2011 07:27 AM (GMT)
((By the way, they are NOT rebels. Per definition, a rebel is a person who fights against a sovereign government. The Demons haven't conquered and established a control on Hyrule yet so it's still a resistance and not a rebellion. If anything, they are defenders. Of heck deserters, seeing how they are far from southern territory.))

Since the place was overflooded and humid, fire attacks were not-so-surprisingly not effective to lit anything on fire.
For convenience sake, this author is now talking about another mountain since the other one didn't exist anymore. With the whole place drastically changed by a sudden, late arrival of information, this author's pre-battle preperations has been completely scrapped, and has no idea what to do anymore.

Apparantly, Nesige has already Besiege'd Woodfall without Ozulath's or Aeshra's aid, making this battle: completely pointless!

The resistance made a massive retreat, fleeing off scattered through the swamp. Some went northward to Termina and others tried to hide in Labrynna. Others kept retreating east, towards Faron Woods.
In either case, only those slow were left behind, killed or enslaved. Most Deku died, being stubborn and prideful creatures, and only the civilians escaped.
Oh, and the arch-mage used a teleport spell to take him and the others of the commander's troops away from the battlefield, to an unknown destination.

The Darkened Army has won the battle! Anti-climax FTW.

DornKoon - November 15, 2011 05:06 PM (GMT)
Ozulath had to admitt, this battle was short and it would seem they won already. He did not even get to kill much, he took out a few of them with his sword. Not much to talk about, the nuts did not blind him either because of his demonic eyes he could see though blasts of light and even in darkness. But somehow he was feeling a little dissappointed, it had to easy...would he never find an opponent on enemy side wort fighting with his true powers?

His eyes glanced once more to the unused katana at his side, then he sighed softly and returned the blade he was holding to the belt. Why did the regent even send him here if he did not even need his assistance at all?


He turned around and walked away across the battlefield, this was not the end.

*Ozulath to the archive*

Nintendo Mastah - November 17, 2011 12:47 PM (GMT)
Aeshra landed on the ground, utterly dissapointed. "I had expected more from these mortals...", she said. "I had expected a little more fight". The Taskmistress de-summoned her minions and turned to the demons. "Capture anyone you can. We need more slaves".

NasiDe - November 17, 2011 03:27 PM (GMT)
The Dark Realm's Demon Regent looked down upon the swamp from the peak upon which he stood. It appeared that the enemy was in full retreat and another Demon Regent was present. This didn't particularly make Neseige gleeful. Surely not. But alas, it was not the time to worry over such things.

He looked skyward towards the red and blue vortex in the sky, the Demon that would send the lands here to their doom... Smiling widely, he sheathed his sword and rose his hand high over his head. A stream of Darkness rose forth towards the sky Demon. It was time to bring this area deep into the Realm of Darkness.

At the center of the swirling beast appeared two shapes like the hands of a clock facing opposing directions. The creature had entered its most fragile stage. One of the hands began to slowly turn. Black waves of energy began to emit from the sky over the land relentlessly. There were cracks as the land began to shudder from the increasing pressure.

Neseige lowered his arm, turning abruptly. To the south beyond Woodfall Mountain deep within the swamps came the sound of instruments. He frowned in disgust. The sound of Deku Pipes flowed over the swamps. Six notes in all rang throughout the swamp lands.

Middle. Low. Lowest. Low. Middle. Highest.

Suddenly the waves of Darkness stopped. An enormous figure rose forth from within the mountain's crater, its arm rising high into the sky placing its hand about the turning hand, struggling to keep it in place. With its other hand, it reached down and grabbed one of the fallen slabs of the side of the mountain, and threw it at the main site of the Demons. The Demon Regent snarled at the sight of the giant's arrival.

Nintendo Mastah - November 18, 2011 03:37 AM (GMT)
Aeshra had returned to her throne, which her bodyguards had brought forth to her. Assuming the battle was over, she turned away from the battlefield when suddenly she heard her master call. "Our king has spoken... I will heed your call, oh Great One, as soon as this battle is done I shall join your side", she mumbled half to herself, and half as a response to her master's call.

Then the music came. Ordering her bodyguards to turn the throne around, Aeshra witnessed as the giant appeared from the crater. Raising an eyebrow in surprise, she then turned it into a smug smile. "Those naughty little mortals, having a trick up their sleeves". The taskmistress wasted no additional time. Seeing the giant fling a part of the mountainside at the demons, she quickly turned into a cloud of bats and dissapeared, reappaering safely out of reach, but her throne and a few of her bodyguards was destroyed, which annoyed Aeshra a little.

"Regroup and engage", the demoness commanded, and her order was carried out immediately. "Get those giants down, now". Horns sounded, carrying the Dark Regent's orders, and the demons regrouped and began to march towards the new enemy.

"Send a small force to deal with the surviving mortals, do not let them regroup", ordered the Taskmistress, and a division of her troops turned, heading towards the temple.

NasiDe - November 19, 2011 08:51 PM (GMT)
Neseige gazed at the giant, unsure what to think. Not quite in horror, not quite in anger, but most surely not in glee. Did this beetle think it could rise forth and stop the Demons alone? No, it could not. They were the ultimate power, and all would fall before them. Even this monstrous entity.

This monstrous entity picked up another slab of the fallen mountain, and launched it towards the Demon forces remaining at the first line of defense, for now ignoring the Demons and Geozards approaching the second line of defense to take out the human and amphibious creatures there. The stone crashed through the trees, slamming into several of the Phantom Knights, crumpling them like balls of paper as they unleashed screeches as if in pain, and into numerous Demons.

Neseige growled, baring his teeth. This was no good. That giant was halting the absorption of this land, and using the very parts of it that were already damaged to attack the army. He would not have this! The Demon Regent leapt from the slab upon which he stood as the giant reached with its long arms to pick up the stone wall. He was not going to wait for the other members of the Darkened Army. If he had to take down this 'deity' alone, he would!
*To Woodfall ~Woodfall Crater~*


There was a puff of orange smoke near Aeshra and two twin Demons appeared. They almost looked human, but their wide red and gold eyes gave away their loyalties. They glanced towards the Light Realm's Demon Regent for a moment, before looking up into the sky, noticing the giant halting the Demon's power.

One of the twin's was normally rather pale, but at the moment both were desperately pale and shivering somewhat as though they had been frightened witless. However, the sight of the giant halting the sky Demon's powers, brought some color back to their skins. They each grasped the hilts of their sheathed swords and unsheathed them as if somewhat angry.

By now, mischievous smiles were playing across their faces. "What has happened to our colorful masterpiece, Jachlyn?" "It almost looks like someone mixed up mud into sticks and threw it over it, Jinka!" The two turned their gazes back to Aeshra, pushing on each other's backs, forcing the other to bow to the Demoness at the same time. The one called Jinka said, "Perhaps we can assist this gorgeous woman?"

Jachlyn spoke too, still bowing, "It would be wonderful to us if we could provide our summoning services to help get rid of the base creature yonder and sacrifice it in the glory of Her Mistress and His Majesty, who has sent us here to-" Before Jachlyn could finish, Jinka hit his twin on the side of his head with the flat side of his sword's blade.

Nintendo Mastah - November 20, 2011 12:15 PM (GMT)
Aeshra turned to the twins. "Certainly, deal with them in any way you wish, as long as they die a horrible, painful death". The Taskmistress gave another order to the officers of her army, which they would carry on to the others. "Attack them full force, use fire arrows, use chains to try to pull them down, send in our flying units, which I will personally join, I want them dead within the hour or you will suffer, commander".

Knowing perfectly well that if Aeshra wanted, her torture could be worse than death, the commander hurried to carry out orders, and hoped that the giants would die within the hour, or he'd be in trouble.

Once more, Aeshra's wings began to flap, and she took off, again being protected by some of the flying demons.

As soon as she was airborne, she used her demonic forte ability to summon massive fireballs, and bombarded the giants with them. They would die today, there was no doubt about that, and her master would be utterly pleased.

NasiDe - November 21, 2011 03:12 PM (GMT)
/Defeat the Southern Giant\
1. Survive the fight against the Giant of the Southern Swamps.
2. Defeat the Giant.

Bonus Objectives
1. Protect Demonic Summoning Twins: Jinka and Jachlyn for 14 posts as they prepare to summon a powerful Demon. If they are interrupted, the count resets.

1. With the Stratling Demon's power locked in place teleportation has grown limited. One can teleport him/herself along with others away from a location, but teleporting others from another location to one's own location is now inaccessible unless they can teleport themselves there without the need of a Stratling Demon. Reinforcements are blocked.

"Our pleasure." the twins cooed simultaneously. With that they snapped their fingers and vanished in a puff of smoke. A few moments later, there was a small orange flash at the center of the vortex Demon in the sky and an eerie glow began to gather there.

A painful roar echoed through the swamps as the flames bathed the giant. It did not appear to be visibly harmed, but it had certainly reacted to being hit by the flames. At this point, stopped grabbing for the mountain walls, and began to swat at the flying Demons as though they were mosquitoes.

Summon Charge One

Nintendo Mastah - December 6, 2011 11:09 PM (GMT)
Aeshra began to gather strenght, and charged up her power into a giant bolt of darkness that she fired at the southern giant. Their size did not scare her, as it was their only advantage. She got a brilliant idea how to torture the giant.

She ordered her flying units to fall back to base, and there they commanded, following Aeshra's orders, to drape the boulders used in the catapults with cloth. They set the cloth on fire, and launched it towards the giant.

Combined with that, Aeshra charged up a giant fireball of her own and launched it at the giant.

NasiDe - December 7, 2011 10:36 PM (GMT)
The giant did not seem to mind the boulders much at first. The first few it defended against, swatting those that got close to striking away with its massive hands. A good number struck the deity's legs and Aeshra's fireball made a direct hit to its face, making it stumble as burns rose forth across the being's body.

Not only did the attack hit the giant though, it struck a change in the battle pace. The giant rose its hand to its face, blocking the air from feeding the flames and the fires were put out. Then it lowered its arm, and looked in the direction of the Demon Regent, smoke from the Demon Army's attacks still rising from the giant.

Still holding on tightly to the gaping center of the Stratling Demon, the southern giant stepped from within the crater of Woodfall out into the swamp surrounding the mountain with disregard to the Geozard Demons hiding underneath the waters. The Demon hovering in the sky, in its weakest state, held no strength to resist, and was pulled through the sky, the red and blue vortex following the giant overhead like some strange balloon. With its free hand, the giant began to swat at the flying Demons, and it began to kick at Demons on the ground below as it headed in Aeshra's direction.

Summon Charge Two

Nintendo Mastah - December 8, 2011 03:42 AM (GMT)
As the giant moved, Aeshra grinned. "Fall back..", she ordered a commander, and he blew the horn for retreat. Aeshra slapped the commander over his head. "Not retreat you moron.. fall back.", and the commander let another signal sound over the battlefield. A few quick orders later and most of the demons were on dry parts of the swamp. Aeshra raised her hand, and all archer fired simultaneously. It most likely wouldn't cause TOO much damage, but then she ordered her catapults to fire. Meanwhile, she had some more flying demons with chains sent forth, that would attempt to bind the giants legs together to trip it.

And finally, she had one more trick up her sleeve. She began to charge another massive fireball, while ordering the catapults to spread out so they'd attack the giant from the left and right flank. That way the giant would be forced to take one of the three projectile attacks, since it most likely wouldn't be able to defend itself on three sides at the same time. That combined with flying demons trying to trip it and ground demons trying to climb it.

If only it fell, then the battle would have been won. Just to be on the safe side, she disptached two of her elite guard to guard the twins summoning. Not that she needed the demon they were summoning, but she knew how whiny they'd get if they got hurt.

NasiDe - December 8, 2011 03:52 PM (GMT)
The giant slammed its fist into another boulder when it was launched, sending it in the direction of the fire-wielding Demon. Though it could do little to stop the second catapult's assault, it would do what it could to bring down the Demon Regent. The second boulder crashed into the southern giant just as the chains wrapped around the giant's legs.

The deity staggered, the ground shaking, and nearly fell to the ground. But something prevented it from falling. Gripping the Demon in the sky, the giant regained its balance and began to swipe at the Demons around its legs. The vortex in the sky grew closer to the ground momentarily and a part of the Stratling Demon was pulled below the clouds for several seconds. What appeared to be a blood-red ocean perpendicular to the ground hanging in the sky was visible for several moments before it returned above the black clouds.

Summon Charge 4

Nintendo Mastah - December 8, 2011 08:57 PM (GMT)
Aeshra grinned. Maybe it was able to hold onto the Stratling demon for balance, but that would mean that from now on, it could only defend itself from ONE direction, since it had one hand free, or be tripped. She kept ordering her demons to avoid the swiping as good as possible and to trip the demon, while she turned into her cloud of bats and dissapeared as the giant knocked her attack back at her. Reappering a little to the right, the demoness chuckled. "Ballistas forward", she commanded, and alongside the catapults, ballists were brought forth. Most likely they wouldn't do THAT much damage to the giant, but if they made it bleed, the better.

Ordering a combined fire once more, this time Aeshra fired a ball of lightning simultaneously as the catapults and ballistas fired, all from three different angels. To the right of the giant, to the left of it, and a frontal assault.

Aeshra smiled. This whole repeated tactic was just to weaken it. As soon as she had launched her lightningball, she began to charge for another attack, for she had an idea.

NasiDe - December 11, 2011 06:51 AM (GMT)
The effect of the present attack had a similar affect to the previous strike, although with the ballistae, long but thin gashes appeared along the skin of the giant. The deity pulled itself to its feet a second time, this time upon the Demon Regent. It raised its arm to strike her down from the air...

Suddenly, immense Darkness filled the air. The air was charged with it. It was strong enough for those in tune with it to feel as though the magic energy was pressuring the entire area, from the land to the air itself. It was the power of His Majesty, Demon King Malladus. "As much as I enjoy waiting for you to finish this battle, I grow impatient." The dull orange hue that had gathered at the center of the Demon in the sky grew vibrant as the power of the Demon King entered the Demon summoners.

A brilliant orange sphere glowed at the center of the vortex in the sky. At the heart of it glowed a pair of red orange eyes glaring down into the swamps. The creature roared at the sight before its eyes. Silver flames erupted from the sky, flowing over the entirety of the land below and running over the Darkened Army like a spring, filling the swamps. The shine from the sky faded soon. The giant no longer wads visible.

With this, the red and blue of the Stratling Demon grew vibrant, filling the sky and covering the land. The clock hand completed its rotation, waves of Darkness flowing over the surface. With this, the red and blue 'face' of the sky Demon faded, revealing the blood-red ocean that had hidden behind it, stretching through the sky as far as the eye could see.

As the last of the waves of Darkness ran over the land, it was visible in the surface of the ocean... A pure black vortex. But no, it wasn't in the sky. It was reflected in the surface of the ocean. Looking across the land, and waters, and plants that covered the swamps... Everything had grown pale gray and translucent. A mere shadow of what it had once been...

Starting slowly, but with increasing speed, the land began to descend, falling away from the world and losing touch with the Light Realm until soon... the swamps vanished into the shadowy depths of the vortex, fading away into nothingness with the red ocean descending after it. And as the land descended into the depths of the Dark Realm, the lands of the Light Realm began to stretch and distort.

The mountains of the south grew ever larger, raising up to meet the forests of Hyrule that stretched from one end of the continent to the other... The fields of Termina grew ever larger, reaching to the very point where the mountains, forests, and sea met. Yet, the land too grew smaller... The seas began to stretch inwards from the west, up to the very edges of the forests, the waters rising into the lands.

The Southern Swamps have fallen to the Darkened Army.

Nintendo Mastah - December 16, 2011 03:30 AM (GMT)
As Malladus stepped in and finished the fight, Aeshra bowed her head in respect and placed a hand on her chest as a form of salute. "A thousand apologies for making you wait, your royal highness", Aeshra said, but with the Swamp absorbed, her work was done and she was to meet with her beloved king. She swore to herself that she would finish the next mission with such excellence that Malladus would finally see her for real. She wished to become his queen, and as Demon Queen, all those worlds would be theirs to rule for eternity! She split into a cloud of bats, and dissapeared.

*To the Faron Woods entrance*
*From the Faron Woods Entrance*

Aeshra appeared in her trademark cloud of bats, and turned to one of her commanders. "Commander, bring the demons to the desert camp. Now". That was all she said before she flung open a portal, entered it, and dissapeared.

*to the Desert camp*

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