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Description: who, how, why, how long

RevolutionJim - May 25, 2007 09:34 PM (GMT)
Broadcasters and most video producers such as Alex Jones/Jack Blood refuse to specifically name the people responsible for this New World Order that has been in the making for hundreds of years. A typical response is

"it's a group of evil people"

DUH! DUH! DUH! These guys then go on to say

"They don't belong to any one group"

Well, who has historically oppressed the world?
Why not talk about the Vatican bank and zionist connections? Instead blaming evil people running businesses and banksters is code for its the JEWS or at least Zionist and that is way too simple to name businessmen, media moguls and bankers because its been going on for hundreds of years. Then to top it off tune into GCN later and there is Jeff Rense claiming the problem is the Zionist, so, that is the message at GCN.

All these fascist were put in power, such as Rockefeller and Rothschilds, Stalin or Hitler and George Bush, not the other way around. Catholic Kings and Queens obey the Pope. Not naming the evil at the top, which Jones and the like must know, is the same as protecting them, for whatever reason. Not only protecting but misdirecting, which is a Vatican tactic.

Today Alex Jones received a phone call (he finally started taking calls again, on his topic of coarse) and was asked about the vatican bankers, with Jack McLamb on line also, Alex became angry. Jack pointed out that he had written a letter to a television preacher Dr.Kennedy to get him to expose this and the reply was that it would cost him too much money.

If Alex Jones was to be outing the Antichrist Beast Papal system as running the NWO he would lose all catholic business and be kicked of most of his radio stations, selling far fewer videos.

These are grave sins. What could be expected from an evolutionist and friend of Mel Gibson.

Alex puts out alot of good info and I tune in to get some truth on police state and legislation matters, BUT for someone who claims to be against the NWO he never talks about it. He never talks about the NWO, defines it, because it would imeadiately turn religious going back to the beginnings covering wars and revolutions down though history.

Is it possible to be putting out police state info and 9-11 truth claiming to be anti-NWO while still allowing a NWO to happen? YES! I see it all the time. The first clue to a phoney is someone who promotes evolution, because, the NWO is to be a world without religion and the NWO is marxist. 9-11 can come out being blamed on the Jews that will even further the middle east agenda, as has been said on CNN a few times, as well as the tirade by Mel Gibson. Multiculturism is another globalist agenda.

RevolutionJim - May 25, 2007 10:37 PM (GMT)
Another thing Jones said today on topic after a phonecall, was that some of the top were protestants too, name some!

George Bush ?

From Alex Jones' own website, so, he's aware. The Bushes went through Skull n Bones where they kiss the toe of the Pope AND are dubed a Knight in the service of the Vatican. No protestant would kiss the toe of the Pope!

"It is perhaps worth noting, in light of George W.'s controversial episode at Bob Jones University and the specter of anti-Catholicism, that at one point in the proceedings every initiate kisses the slippered toe of the "Pope." At last the initiate is formally dubbed a Knight of Eulogia."

It's selective release of info. Why didn't we hear about THAT!?!??

What goes on at Bohemian Grove?

Well, there is a statue of the Club's Patron Saint John of Nepomuk, so, the Bohemian Satanic Club is Catholic!

The statue can also be seen in this video of the Bohemian Grove from an ABC news report blowing the lid off the place in 1981.

Molech? NO, more likely Isis or an alter Lilith often depicted as an owl

RevolutionJim - May 26, 2007 04:46 AM (GMT)
Tony Blair another closet Catholic that NOOOBODY knew about!

Tony Blair will declare himself a Roman Catholic on leaving
May 19, 2007
LONDON — Tony Blair will declare himself a Roman Catholic on leaving Downing Street, according to a priest close to him.

Father Michael Seed, who is known for bringing high-profile politicians and aristocrats into the Catholic fold and who says Mass for the Blairs in Downing Street each week when they are in London, made the prediction to friends at a recent memorial service.

GunStar1 - June 1, 2007 05:48 AM (GMT)
"The truth is that so much which is called 'conspiracy theory', is actually 'conspiracy fact' - not all of it - but enough to show that the people that run the world are not the ones the news media tell us do."

- David Icke.

"Why are the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and similar groups... why are they so secretive? I have pondered and pondered and pondered on that question, trying to think of alternatives to the conspiracy theorists' usual explanation, they're plotting nothing but unmitigated evil against the rest of us, and I think part of the answer is they are plotting unmitigated evil against the rest of us."

- Robert Anton Wilson.

"Just because you are paranoid, it does not mean that they are not plotting against you."

- 'Conspiracy Files: Paranoia Secrecy Intrigue', by David Southwell & Sean Twist.

"If you talk to God, it's called prayer....... but if God talks back, it's called Paranoid Schizophrenia."

- From distant memory... some TV show, Jo Pantolano (actor) I think.

GunStar1 - June 1, 2007 06:53 PM (GMT)
"We are now in a situation where the hidden is becoming visible. We now have a window of time to throw a spanner in the works, and that means Humanity’s got to open its mind to a much greater possibility of what’s going on than it’s had the ability or the desire to do so far; because if we don’t throw a spanner in the works – and we can – then the New World Order will become physical reality.”

- David Icke

GunStar1 - June 2, 2007 11:51 AM (GMT)

GunStar1 - June 2, 2007 11:58 AM (GMT)

GunStar1 - June 2, 2007 11:59 AM (GMT)

GunStar1 - June 2, 2007 12:15 PM (GMT)

phoenixrises - June 3, 2007 02:35 AM (GMT)
I too have my reservations about Alex Jones. He may be a trojan horse, or at least the main curtain protecting it. I just don't know. One thing is for certain though, despite his great documentaries (except the one about Bohemian Grove's protesters), he's not the best representative of 9/11 truth. He also appears to be friendly with Greg Palast who is a leftwing gatekeeper.

GunStar1 - June 3, 2007 10:15 PM (GMT)
This is awesome you guys, for pics----> possible Avatars!!!!....

GunStar1 - June 16, 2007 11:55 AM (GMT)
It’s not just about the murder of 3,000 people. It’s about Serial Killers in control of the U.S. Government. It’s about “CREATING” the JUSTIFICATION FOR WAR – AGAINST ISLAM. It’s about “SETTING THE STAGE” for WORLD GOVERNMENT – through WORLD WAR. It’s about opening fire upon millions of innocent people in their homes, villages and cities. It’s about the Transference of power from the People to the President, and the police. It’s about HIGH TREASON. It’s about the betrayal of every Nation and every person on Planet Earth. It’s about creating a NEO-NAZI “CASHIST SUPER STATE.” It’s about “the Plan” to reduce the population by 80%. It’s about “KILLING, CONTROLLING OR INCARCERATING” 4 out of 5 people – in the world.

911 – THE GREATEST LIE EVER SOLD is a film about madness, mayhem and mass murder. 911 is about the greatest “Con Job” the world has ever known. It’s about LIES, DECEPTION, CRIME, CORRUPTION, CRUELTY & THEFT as never before known in human history. It’s about Satanic Ceremonial Sacrifice. It’s about Torture. It’s about controlling the supply of Heroin. It’s about Oil. It’s about establishing a Luciferian NEW WORLD ORDER for “A THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT.” This film is about an Alliance of the Legitimate Left & Right coming together – exposing an Evilarchy, who rules from the Center. It’s about hope. Did Bush have prior knowledge about the attack? Yes! The president admitted he was watching television as the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. But it wasn’t on Commercial TV. It was on “Closed Circuit CIA.” Were the Twin Towers imploded? Yes! It wasn’t by Arabs, but rather U.S. Agents who pulled the switch. Our film is about reality in the raw ferocious form.

War has been declared against you, your family, and your friends. War has been declared against the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, India, and all the sovereign and would-like-to-be-independent nations of the world.

The LUCIFERIAN ILLUMINATI, which now controls our government, intends to kill, control, or incarcerate you by the turn of the century. There isn't any thing you have, ever had, or ever hope to have they're not planning to take away. They want it all!

More Rights & Freedoms have been lost in the last 120 days through Executive Orders & our cowardly Congress than were lost in the past 200 years. Illuminazi 9-11 tells it all in clear, precise terms. This is the beginning of World War III. Make no mistake about it." --Gary Richard Arnold, Forum Republican, Congressional Candidate

GunStar1 - June 16, 2007 12:05 PM (GMT)

GunStar1 - June 16, 2007 12:13 PM (GMT)
user posted image

GunStar1 - June 16, 2007 12:16 PM (GMT)
Who benefits from this atrocity? Islam? Israel? Or is it those who wish to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER on the smoldering ashes of American Sovereignty? There's been a greater assault on our Bill of Rights in the past 120 days than in the past 200 years. Who'll call for a police state? Who'll call for martial law? Who'll call for national ID cards to give us "security?" It won't be Bin Laden. Are we watching the Nazi-ization of our true nation? In this 86 - minute volcanic video, former FBI chief...

GunStar1 - June 16, 2007 12:22 PM (GMT)
Saturday, 12 May 2007


UPDATED MAY 12th 2007

For those who know the background, please scroll down to 'update'.

For the last year David Icke and his family have been trying to regain control of his books and works and keep them in circulation in the face of actions by an American called Royal Adams in Missouri.

Without David's knowledge, Adams incorporated David's books in his own name with David completely excluded and stopped his income that is vital for the work to continue, as well as his family's livelihood. Imagine that. You have worked for 17 years against all the odds, and in the face of enormous abuse and ridicule, to create unique cutting edge material to alert people to their plight and some guy just puts it all under his own name and tells you he is in control of everything. Gutted is not the word.

David researched and wrote the books; arranged for them to be designed, proof-read and indexed; arranged for the art work and the production of the disk for printing; and paid for all these things to be done. But when he took steps to have his life's work returned to his control this man stopped him getting any income from the sales of his OWN books and indicated that he would only consider restoring the income - David and his family's livelihood - if David signed over rights to all his future works to him.

It gave David only two choices: To accept this extraordinary and callous injustice or take legal action to recover control of what was his and restore the income on which his entire work depends to survive and continue. In simple terms, the system means that even if someone does something utterly outrageous like this it costs you enormous amounts of money in legal fees to put it right and recover what was yours in the first place.

David won an interim order stopping Adams selling his books and keeping the money, which is now held in an independent account pending the legal outcome. The judge ordered accounts and print disks to be handed over to David, but Adams has produced no such accounts, only random checks that include confirmation that he used income from David's books for household and garden improvements, paying his personal bills and even buying a Harley-Davidson motorbike. All this was revealed in a public court at a second hearing of the case in December.

Update: After a long delay of several months, David has won the verdict on the second hearing and we are now able to distribute books in the United States for the first time in a year. Adams and his 'evidence' were demolished in the judge's verdict and he was ordered to go back before the judge to explain why he should not be dealt with for contempt of court. He is due to appear before the judge for a second time soon with regard to this.

In any just and sane situation in which even an ounce of decency was involved, the case would now be over and we could all get on with what really matters - alerting people to the Orwellian nightmare. But as soon as the judge announced his verdict, Adams issued a counter-claim against David based on all the 'evidence' that had just been dismissed by the judge. He also attempted to have David charged with contempt of court based on no evidence whatsoever and eventually had to apologise for doing so.

However, what all this means is that the crippling legal bills that David has had to meet for a year now continue. The victory in the second hearing was crucial and David is now in an extremely strong position legally, but every month another bill arrives and we would appreciate your support to help us with this.

One thing is for sure: without the generosity of those who support what David is doing, his work would by over by now and he and his family would have lost everything. Thank-you so much.

Why does all this matter and why does David deserve our help?

Here is one view:

I can't believe what is happening to this man

People have no idea what David's life is like and what it takes to do what he does. Most perceptions are way off the mark. Being a well known author and campaigner for freedom and justice does not make for happiness, wellbeing and living in riches. Far, far from it.

That is not the point though. What David is doing is unlike anything else on this planet that I know of. He is so focused and dedicated to this work that his own personal happiness and desires always get pushed aside. His world is not the 'glamorous' one most people think it is.

There are other things he would like to do with his life, but he does what he does because he knows it is 'right'. We live in a world on the brink of a totalitarian global state. David Icke has dedicated his life to alerting people to this for the last nearly 20 years and now he needs YOUR help if he is to continue.

David's world is one of living in pain every day from arthritis ... so much so that when you read the millions of words in his books, his newsletter or on his Website, remember this: all of it was written by typing with two fingers because his hands hurt so much they are the only two fingers he can use. Every time he moves the mouse it is painful and often just turning his head slightly is agony. He doesn't ask or want sympathy for what he daily endures, but at this time he does need your support.

Those who have watched him standing for 7 to 8 hours on stage giving his all for those who have come to hear, remember this: he is in pain and wracked with exhaustion after year after year of pressing on against all the odds. The amount of work and stamina it takes to do all that he does is incomprehensible, yet he makes it look easy and hides it well. Behind the scenes, however, he is constantly on the brink of exhaustion because of his workload and the constant pain that depletes his energy.

Welcome to the real world of David Icke.

It is a world that people like the man involved in this legal case never see or even begin to understand. People like him have no idea who David Icke is, what he does, or what it takes to do what he does. It is stomach turning.

David has been ridiculed beyond measure, his character has been assassinated, he is physically, emotionally, energetically and psychically attacked ... but still he goes on.

He lives a very modest life in a small flat with one bedroom while he sees idiots and manipulators claim that he does his work only for the money and, in one case, that he lives in a mansion!!

His daily workload is fantastic and most of it is done for no financial return. It involves him getting up early every day and sitting in front of a computer for up to ten hours a day to get through all that needs doing - and this is even without dealing with the legal battles, threats and distractions from those trying to pull him down.

Why does he do it? Because he knows it to be 'right'.

I don't know how he does it. His threshold for pain is certainly way beyond mine.

David is someone running straight at 'em. A maverick who is prepared to go where others fear to tread. Many people say they support him, but how many are going to take the chance to do that when he desperately needs help at this time?

At the moment David is sailing in troubled waters and needs your financial support. He is but one man and the situation before us is dedicated to destroying him. We can't let this happen.

There is an attempt to silence him by a vengeful man and I for one won't have it. This is an effort to break him and his family financially. We can't all do what he does on our behalf, but we can make sure he can continue to do it.

We need to come together and support him. I am asking you to do what you can and help contribute to the Legal Defence Fund necessary to keep this boat afloat.

We are in this together and what is happening to David is actually happening to all of us because his efforts give all of us a voice that can be heard. He is the messenger and we cannot allow the message to be silenced. This will not happen if we all stand up and say 'no'.



(you can chose your currency when you donate)

All donations no-matter how small are very gratefully received and will be put to good use fighting this outrageous attack on David and his work.


David Icke Legal Defence Fund,

Office 1,

185a High Street,


Isle of Wight

P033 2PN

United Kingdom

This is real serious and David's work is in imminent danger of ceasing without your help. Donate system now working.

GunStar1 - June 16, 2007 12:50 PM (GMT)
Monday, 14 October 2002
The Government did it

Dear David,

I attended your lecture yesterday in Connecticut. Thank you very much. Here is a copy of an e-mail I sent to everyone on my e-mail list which details my impressions of your show. I hope you enjoy it. Yours truly, Edward Safranski.

Hello Everyone,

I took a day off from work today and drove to Connecticut to hear a lecture given by David Icke (pronounced Ike). It was without a doubt the absolute best lecture I have ever heard, and I've heard lots of 'em from lotsa different people. He is a former British television newscaster and he has achieved a certain amount of notoriety by his books, meant to expose the workings of the Illuminati. His website is at

The lecture was from 9:00 am till 5:45 pm and was in three parts. The first part detailed the amazing amount of holes in the official version of the September 11 terrorist attacks. It was extremely similar to the video by Alex Jones entitled, 911- The Road To Tyranny, which is available from the website. The government did the terrorist attacks, there cannot be even the slightest doubt of that for anyone who examines the evidence with an open mind. If anyone is offended by that statement, I'm sorry. Not sorry because you are offended, but sorry because you are so blind to reality that you cannot see the light of day. The government did it, the evidence is conclusive and overwhelming. If anyone wants to pretend otherwise, that is their prerogative, and they have my deepest sympathy for their pathetic cowardice. The government denials and fabrications are ludicrous to the point of being hilarious if it wasn't for the extremely serious nature of their crimes. After all, they murdered over 3,000 Americans and at least twice that many Afghan civilians, just in this one drama of the World Trade Center attack and the so-called retaliation. Of course in the last hundred years or so the various governments around the world, including our own, have murdered several hundred million of their own citizens, so why would they care if they murder a few thousand more?

He also explained how the Illuminati control all aspects of our society from the top down and that they take great pains to elevate children of their bloodline into positions of power. They are fanatically obsessed with lineage to the point of much inbreeding and I will explain the reasons for that in a bit. There are an extremely small number of them compared to the six billion of us, so they control mostly by ownership. That is they are at the topmost decision making levels of every realm of society. In that way their executive orders trickle down to exert control in areas which would otherwise be independent. For example the mainstream media is nothing more than a public relations tool for their purposes. As always, the vast majority of the people in the media have little or no idea of the big picture. They think they are covering the news, but the owners make the decisions as to what is considered news to get covered. Anything they want to stress gets major coverage. Anything they want ignored gets little or no coverage. In that way they exert a type of mind control upon the entire population of the world. If people think about what they see and hear in the media that is most definitely a type of control that the media has over the minds of the population. Out of sight, out of mind. In sight, in mind. They also control by ownership and topmost influence; banking, politics, religion, science, medicine, technology and the various militaries of the world.

He gave a quote from George Orwell which I have to paraphrase since I lost the paper upon which I wrote it down...In a society built upon countless lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. By the way, George Orwell's real name was Eric Blair, as in Tony Blair, current criminal prime minister of England. His book, 1984, was based upon knowledge he gained by being in contact with the evil creatures who are intent upon bringing that world into reality. It was not idle speculation which fueled his writing, but solid information obtained from inside sources.

The second part of the lecture dealt with the nature and the motives of the Illuminati. First of all, they call themselves that because they consider themselves to be the illumined ones and the rest of us to be deliberately kept in the dark. There are many organizations under the aegis of that name. Some famous ones are the Masons, the Bilderburgs, Knights Templar, and many, many others. They are illumined in the knowledge of the workings of the universe, and they strive with fanatical diligence to keep that knowledge from the rest of us. That knowledge is that our thoughts create our reality and experience. This world we experience with our five senses is only a tiny portion of the infinite vibrational spectrum. Ralph Kramden, living in The Honeymooners on channel eleven has no perception whatsoever of the characters living in Gunsmoke on channel nine. Similarly we live in the frequency which we call "Reality," but it is only one slice of an infinite pie. The Illuminati have the ability to switch between frequencies and it is their raison d'etre to keep us imprisoned in this one world. In they way we can be manipulated for their pleasure and servitude.

The Illuminati are mainly reptilian in nature and conceal that from us by mostly staying in what we would call the fourth dimension or the astral plane. Just as I gave the example of the different television channels above, there are an infinite number of dimensions which we can inhabit according to our consciousness. In between dimensions there are "crevasses" or "netherworlds" and that is where the demons and devils of mythology reside. The Illuminati are those demons and devils. Every dimension of existence has an energy source. But the crevasses between them don't. That is where we come in. We are the energy source for the pleasures of the Illuminati. Just like the character in the movie, Matrix, said to the protagonist, "This is what you are," as he held up a battery. The greatest source of energy which they can draw from us is generated by the emotion of fear. Which is why they keep us as subdued, dependent and fearful as possible. Another good illustration was provided by the just released children's movie, Monsters Inc. In it, the factory in the next dimension which produces the monster consumer goods needs a constant supply of energy. That is obtained by the monsters who enter dimensional doorways into children's bedrooms. They frighten the children and bottle their screams of terror which they then take back to the factory to keep the engines running. Just a silly children's tale? It is far closer to portraying this reality than anything else which has ever come out of Hollywood!

One of the reasons the Illuminati are so obsessed with maintaining the purity of their bloodlines is because their DNA is slightly corrupted. I think some of them are pure reptilian and some are reptilian-human hybrids. Human beings with the Illuminati-corrupted DNA are more capable of interacting with the devils and demons who reside in the netherworlds between realities. Thus there is the fanatic attention given to keeping the marriages within their own families. It is essential to their otherworldly preoccupations. That is why they are so obsessed with occultism, Satanism, symbols and ritual. Even modern science recognizes that there are two levels to the human brain, the mammalian and the reptilian. The reptilian brain is most at home in the world of ritual, symbolism and cold-blooded, emotionless activity. Since the Illuminati are reptilian by nature, that is what they are most attracted to.

In the third part of the lecture, David Icke, told us how to escape from prison and how to deal with reality and the Illuminati. He said that "David Icke does not exist. David Icke is just the experience that the infinity which I am is having." Each of us is an expression of the infinite God of the universe. And each of us is having an experience which we call Edward Safranski or John Smith or Sally Jones.

The same is true of George Bush, Tony Blair and the rest of the Illuminati. But they have chosen to use their power to enslave us. One reason they are so fanatical about keeping us ignorant is because of the extreme difficulty of imprisoning an infinite being. It is like keeping a basketball on the bottom of the pool.

You have to hold it there twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As soon as you let go, it rockets to the top of the pool and floats on the water, which is its' natural state. Similarly it is our natural state to be absolutely free and living in Paradise. To keep us in prison takes a lot of effort on the part of our jailers. The only reason they can succeed at all is because we have totally thrown away our power. That power is to cultivate within ourselves unconditional love. Not the love that I may feel for the tits and ass of a girl at Hooters, but the love that is based upon non-judgmental perception of reality.

We can totally love George Bush, and Dick Cheney and all the ruthless, bloodthirsty sadists, criminals and murderers who are the leaders of this world. We do not love their crimes, but we can love them as beings because they are also infinite expressions of the Divine Infinity that is reality.

There are four steps to that level of expressing infinite love.

One. Cease to fear what other people think of us. "What you think of me is none of my business."

Two. Cease to be a sheep, following the will of the masses. Also cease to obey and fear the attack dogs and sheepdogs who have been trained to herd us.

Three. Respect the will of others to live their lives the way they see fit. Everyone is unique. Everyone is an infinite, divine, free being who all have the right to express their divinity in any way they choose. In other words, refuse to be a sheepdog or an attack dog carrying out the will of the Illuminati by enforcing conformity.

Four. Make decisions based upon what you think is absolutely right, not based upon what you think is right for you at the moment. As an example, I've been doing that myself without even being aware of it. I've been distributing copies of the Alex Jones video, 911 - The Road To Tyranny, because I feel it is the right thing to do. In fact I was so compelled to do it that I could not stop. That is true even though I feel there is a small chance that I may be executed or imprisoned for doing so. It is a video which exposes the Illuminati. They are absolutely ruthless in their suppression of the truth. So I gave out, and still give out, copies of that video whenever and where ever I can. That is an example of what David Icke describes as the fourth step to attaining the ability to unconditional love.

When we do all that, we free ourselves. That is my perception of the lecture I attended today. What do you think?

Yours truly, Edward.

Zulfiqar - June 16, 2007 10:47 PM (GMT)
I think Alex aviods specifications on purpose. Otherwise, his well being might be in danger. You can only say so much, till "they" realize that you are pose a threat.

Lin Kuei - June 19, 2007 04:45 PM (GMT)
Gunstar1, please don't post so many consecutive posts. This is spam. There is an edit button on your post where you can add information rather than double, triple or quadruple post. Thanks dude.

GunStar1 - June 20, 2007 02:49 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Lin Kuei @ Jun 20 2007, 02:45 AM)
Gunstar1, please don't post so many consecutive posts. This is spam. There is an edit button on your post where you can add information rather than double, triple or quadruple post. Thanks dude.


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