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Title: A No-man Is How We Get Our Rights Back

888LetsRoll - January 18, 2008 06:44 PM (GMT)
I was wondering how can we change our society in a positive way to get our rights back... And just like that the answer hit me... Rolling Citizen Boycotts.... it works and as near as I can tell it's illegal....

A NO-MAN ... he wears a white TSHIRT -- with NO-MAN on front and back..
we have signs that tell the citizens what NO-Man is... a rolling boycott on Huge Corporations who support these politicians who are taking our rights away. We refuse to pay for our own demise ..

We stand outside fortune 500 companies selling to citizens otherwise known as franchises... for a whole one month - We No-Man walk on publically owned property and back and forth telling people "the People of America are Boycotting" business who support politicians taking our rights away...

well is it illegal or is it legal.... ... and if they arrest someone -- another takes his place and so on...

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